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    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    You're all too much!

    I want to thank everyone who's offered stickers for Emma. I was in no way asking for that with my post and that you all are more than willing to send her some tickles me pink. I was more expressing how sad it made me that people didn't want to take part in the original endeavor when they knew that they'd be disappointing small children by not following thru.

    As to missing the original post you might not have missed it but it wasn't a call for stickers it was a chain letter/pyramid scheme kind of thing. Emma got one from her little buddy Kullan. It said to mail one pack of stickers and forward the letter to six more little buddies who'd like stickers. We had to mail our pack of stickers not to Kullan but his little friend who first sent him the letter. SO like I said my six people were supposed to mail their stickers to Kullan and then the 36 that they sent them to were supposed to mail them to Emma. I knew she wouldn't get all 36 because people would forget or not want to take part, but it just made me sad that only 1 had because I had asked for volunteers both on here and on my mommy board or to people with little kids who I knew would have fun with it.

    Oh well, you all have more than made up for it and I thank you even if it wasn't my original intent. It always astounds me how wonderful, giving and generous the digi-scrap community is. I see it time and again thru freebies, RAKs and charity kits. You all are fabulous!

    I'm starting to feel Halloween is drawing near. I've been discussing costumes with Emma and right now it's down to 3. (Mind you all of them could change anytime soon.) And they are Thomas the Tank Engine, Buzz Lightyear and a Pirate. There was a cute farmer one she was interrested in but it's too small for my gi-normous 2 y/o.

    I've also been brainstorming and starting to create some fall & Halloween goodies so I'm ready for my most favoritest holiday to begin!

    Here's a LO I made of last year's costumes using Derek's super cool kit!
    Googleye by Derek M. Designs
    fonts- Bones and Porky's
    ( I turned this LO into a QP, you can grab it off Derek's blog if you'd like!)

    That's all I have for now folks but if I stumble upon and freebies today I'll swing back by and post them. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the Friday Freebie, it's really sweet!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Comments on "You're all too much!"


    Blogger ConnyB said ... (7:14 AM, September 06, 2007) : 

    Hi Amy,

    this is a wonderful LO! I love the customs of you both :)
    I missed the part with the stickers before, sorry! I have many stickers here also and would like to give some to Emma, if you have need for them :) She´s such a cute little girl and shouldn´t be sad!
    Let me know ;)


    Blogger Sierra said ... (1:48 PM, September 06, 2007) : 

    I made a new blog and finaly got it figured out lol. I post LO's from the CT's im creative for I would love to link you and have you link me.


    Sorry Emma only got 1 person to send her stickers not many people take part anymore.



    Anonymous Time for change said ... (3:11 PM, September 06, 2007) : 

    Hello--I just wanted to tell you not to feel bad about the sticker thing. I tried doing it for my kids too, when they were younger, and one child got 1 pkg and the other got 0. I know it's a bummer but remember, it's not a reflection on you. I don't participate in chain letters anymore. Thanks for the freebie list...as always. You're so diligent at making the list available on an almost daily basis. I know you have a life & family so your work here is really appreciated! :) {{Amy}}


    Blogger SAHM said ... (4:36 PM, September 06, 2007) : 

    I left a comment on your LO over at RAKScraps. My son wants to be an AFL Mascot [Blaze - the mascot for the Utah Blaze - who's a "fire puppy" in fire gear] - oh well, better than what he was talking about ... a tank! :-)


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