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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Sick-o's in the house

    So sorry, but hubby and Emma are both sick. If I can get Emma down for a nap I'll come back and do the list but right now she only wants mommy. If you need a fix right now the IkeaGoddess has a list up that only a few of which were on my own list yesterday so there's plenty to keep you busy. If I can't get her down I'll catch you tomorrow... I hope.

    Comments on "Sick-o's in the house"


    Blogger sweetheaven said ... (3:05 PM, February 13, 2007) : 

    so sorry to hear hubby and Emma are not feeling well. I hope they get better soon


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:44 PM, February 13, 2007) : 

    Sure hope everyone is well soon! - Brooke

    Don't know which is worse having hubby sick or the little one! :) Sorry just had to inject a small amount of humor! - Brooke


    Blogger SAHM said ... (4:00 PM, February 13, 2007) : 

    Hope everyone feels better soon. Take it easy on yourself too!


    Blogger Selena said ... (9:44 AM, February 14, 2007) : 

    so sorry they are poorly hun.
    hope they get well soon x

    hugs - selena


    Blogger jburkhart said ... (10:45 PM, February 14, 2007) : 

    :( Sorry to hear that Emma and your dh are sick now! Hope they get better real soon! My oldest started coughing the other day and has been driving me crazy! LOL!



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