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    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    What a weekend, and it's only half over!

    Whew, I'm glad the day is over! We had lots of fun last night at the church BBQ. Then today was go, go, go! Emma skipped her nap and was as a result very grumpy all afternoon evening. On the up side it means she went down early and won't be such a pain to get up for services tomorrow. And VBS starts tomorrow night! I don't know if I'm looking forward to it or dreading it. I suppose it'll depend on how Emma handles it since that's where my feelings are centered around. I hope she can handle it, we'll see.

    Also Emma and I have Baby Swim lessons for the next 2 weeks starting on Monday so I'm going to be a busy bee! (Eeeek!)

    Here are some shots from last night. I have a ton more but they all have other people in them and I don't like to bandy photos of others around the net without permission.

    Okay, let's start off with a quality shot of Emma. This is after we ate and mommy (played by me) remembered she had a camera.
    Here's a great one of Emma and Kullan. These 2 are always huggy and lovie. So we were trying to get a on camera kiss since they do those all the time but of course my darling would have none of it. Poor Kullan suffering his first rejection.
    I had to threaten Kristen with flinging the desserts I was standing next to at her in order to get her to turn around for this photo.
    Here's one of my bible study buddies telling the kids it was his turn to play with the bean bag toss.
    Emma discovering the youth minister's doggie.
    Emma and Kullan wheeling it! You'll notice neither has figured out petals yet. (FYI- Emma had her helmet with her but after the fifth time of us putting it on and taking it off it was laid to the side. )
    And lastly for your giggling pleasure one of Emma and me. I wish Kristen had told me my hat was coming off before she shot this rather than afterwards.
    I hope you all stopped by and grabbed some of those cool kits that were part of the Super Saver Saturday sale at DBD today.

    I know I promised to show you Manu's new goodies but it's still 100F out and I'm too hot and sticky to unzip them and find the previews. I'll have them for you on Monday and hopefully in a LO too!

    Now then, let's go freebie hunting:
    Mary Anne has an add-on for her Painted Roses but it's only 24 hrs so go quick!
    Misty has a beautiful QP up for grabs.
    Mrs. Miles has an interresting set of tapes today feturing Tea,
    there's some really neat ones in there today.
    Heather has a Funky Nature overlay for you!
    Tracy has some cool Circle Quote Frames.
    Olive has something for your chocolate chip cookie cravings with a cool alpha to boot!
    Sylvia has an alpha add-on for her Summer Romances kit.
    Bob has a Tile Aphla to match the frames from a few days ago.
    Tina has a For the Boys kit on her blog.
    Graziela has a nice neutral mini kit called Thaty. (Good stuff.)
    Julie has a bright and fun kit called.... Fun in the Sun!
    Metal mama has a Flowtastic sampler and CT call.
    Fernlili has a dual sampler of her 2 new kits Fudge and Sunday.
    Tara has a cute New York wordart up.
    Princess Pamela has a great new DPS template up.
    (She's also had some great single pages since our last visit so scroll down.)
    Please remember to leave some love when you download freebeis!
    (Or even when you just admire them, is nice too.)

    Happy Scrapping and I'll see you Monday... I think.

    Comments on "What a weekend, and it's only half over!"


    Anonymous mm said ... (11:09 PM, June 09, 2007) : 

    Thanks for the freebie list. Your pictures were really cute. Enjoy VBS!


    Blogger clg0513 said ... (7:54 AM, June 10, 2007) : 

    we'll forgive the hat since it is a VOLS hat. We are HUGE Vols fans here.... :)


    Blogger Gini aka "MsGini" said ... (10:33 AM, June 10, 2007) : 

    Amy!! Nice pics with the kiddos, and we have the same RF trike (except we have a handle to push ours with) but when B gets big enough we'll take it off. That's when we'll insist on the helmet, but I'm not looking forward to the battle to wear it!
    Thanks for the list - great stuff as always!


    Anonymous Punky's Pixels said ... (7:40 PM, June 10, 2007) : 

    Just had to comment on the VOL attire! I live in Vol Country! Go Big Orange! Thanks for your freebie lists! I enjoy them! I also appreciate you listing my creations, thanks!


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (8:09 PM, June 10, 2007) : 

    Hi Amy! You ARE busy - and brave, heavens, I do nursery at our church once every couple of months and I'm PETRIFIED! LOL! Nice photos - your baby girl is a heart-crusher already (whew, hey?) I will catch up with you soonly!



    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:56 AM, June 11, 2007) : 

    Great photos! Looks like you had lots of fun :)
    Thanks for the list!


    Blogger jburkhart said ... (2:48 PM, June 13, 2007) : 

    VBS sounds like it will be lots of fun for Emma.....sure she will have a great time and learn lots of stuff! The new photos are super cute and a great one of you and Emma together, as well!
    How's swimming lessons going? I need to get Kori some, but no near by place to do it right now! She has been practicing in her little blow up pool - lol!


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