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    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Woo-hoo, she's napping!

    Emma is napping as I type. She napped yesterday for a whopping 34 minutes and was an even worse grump for it, let's hope today is longer. Thank you everyone for the kind wishes and thoughts on my little monster. I know it'll all work out but until we get a new schedule going I just can't promise to be reliable, and I miss my computer so much!!!

    Now, totally off topic but, does your local McDonald's have the minty ice cream goodness that mine does? They have a minty mudslide shake and a minty something-or-another McFlurry that both taste like grasshopper pie, or mint chip ice cream with a fudge ribbon. (I can't decide which but it's a close call.) And since I was craving some mint chip this was a good substitute. We don't have a Baskin Robbins here anymore, we only have a Cold Stone. And while the incredible tasty treats you can make at CS are good nothing will ever top BR in my mind. I used to get a mint chip ice cream cake every year for my b-day if I could swing it. I miss those. Or the clown cones were so neat and yummy!
    I made a pineapple upside down cake the other day for the BBQ and I must say I love those suckers too. I forgot how easy and delicious they are.

    Okay, let's get caught up on some freebie hunting:
    Valinda has some great soft colored papers on her blog. (Scroll down to grab them all.)
    Rikki made some pretty papers for you.
    has a cute little vacation word art on her blog.
    Saab has a great DPS template up for grabs.
    Nina has a beautiful piece of word art on her blog.
    Sweet Made has an ad-on for her Blu kit.
    Jennilyn has a Super template up.
    Kristy has 3 new overlays for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a great template up.
    Rachel has some cute polka dot bows.
    Heather has 2 templates on her blog. (One is from yesterday so scroll down.)
    Traci has a very lovely embellished tag up for grabs. (Aka- tag cluster)
    Pillowgirl has a great set of neutral papers on her blog.
    Janidee has some neat QPs to kick off her new kit Camo, Lace and Bling. (I also seemed to have missed posting her You've got Male kit, but the links are still up so scroll down & grab it!)
    The other Amy W. has a killer pinned & tagged alpha for you.
    Krista has a lovely mini kit called Wildflowers.
    Mary Anne has a cute Add-On for her Lilies and Daisies kit.
    Rose Made Designs has a cute mini kit called Sunstripe.
    Please remember to share the love!

    Misty has a new way of doing a grab bag. Go read how cool she in on her blog!

    Maria asked ever so nicely to use one of my templates to make a killer Qp and I said she could. Grab it here off her blog.

    * Manu is having a guest CT call. Head over to her blog and read all about how you can be cool like me and join her CT!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Comments on "Woo-hoo, she's napping!"


    Blogger Steph said ... (7:21 PM, June 24, 2007) : 

    Thanks for being so generous with your template. It's a great template, and that quickpage is just adorable.


    Anonymous Trisha said ... (10:01 PM, June 24, 2007) : 

    Thank you for the great list Amy!


    Anonymous mm said ... (11:21 PM, June 24, 2007) : 

    Thanks for a great list today. Glad that your little one took a nap today.


    Blogger Acorn Designs said ... (12:52 AM, June 25, 2007) : 

    I'm crying in my beer. Amy knows I put my freebie up on the weekend and she did not list me today. *sob sob* *blub blub*


    Blogger Jenny said ... (7:14 AM, June 25, 2007) : 

    Hi Amy-

    Thank you for using naptime to serve others by posting freebies. Those few minutes of peace are so precious!

    I have a template that you are welcome to list if you like it. It is at:


    Blogger Maria said ... (11:23 AM, June 25, 2007) : 

    Thanks for the list Amy! And thanks for listing me :-)


    Anonymous Shanners said ... (3:18 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    wow, we could be sisters! Sounds like we have the same taste in goodies. :) I also have a daughter who doesn't think she needs naps, and now that big bro is out of school, it's worse! I'm going to go check my McD's later for that mint McFlurry - Thanks for the tip!


    Blogger jburkhart said ... (7:29 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    OMG.....I just had one of those McD's shakes last night - how funny! Yes, they are delicous! I never had Grasshopper pie, so I'd say it tastes like Mint Chip Ice cream with extra chocolate in it! I would so love to have a BR ice cream cake....I haven't had one since by bday in 2001.....now you got me craving one - thanks!!!!!!
    Hope you are able to get Emma on a new schedule that works for both of ya......it's much nicer when the kids get in a good nap and you are able to get some you time, too!
    Big thanks for mentioning my word art on your blog freebie lists - I had lots of visitors yesterday and today--THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    Gotta go....take care and I'll be sending you my preview asap!


    Blogger BelindasScrapz said ... (9:17 AM, June 26, 2007) : 

    Oh goodness you are making my mouth water..no Baskin Robbins here in MO..i miss them..there was one in CA where I am from..insert huge pout here lol..boy there are some things I so miss..our McD's has no such McFlurry and that makes me mad..it sounds so good..ours are boring..but Sonic has some decent flavors i might have to check out. They atleast rotate good stuff often there. There are no ice cream shops at all in this town. It is not very large and you would think someone might open one but the closest we have is a sonic.
    Thanks for yourlists


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