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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    So much to do, so little time.

    My 3 challenge exams are now open so I have to finish my reviewing and take the darn things. These are tests to get out of taking general ed courses in college. I think I can pass them but who knows. The one that worries me is the computers test. It's based on Microsoft Vista and 2007 Office. Sadly I only have XP and 2003. So we'll have to wait and see how I do on it. I'm a bit scared of the Math and English ones as well, I've forgotten so much and hope I don't feel like an idiot when I take them. During my studying the past few weeks I've been boggled by things I'd forgot or didn't know, sometimes I wonder why we have all these rules anyway or where/when I'd use these equations and grammar rules in my field of study. Oh well.

    And I'd like to correct a few thing my Daddoo wrote in the comments on Wed. He has confused his kids a bit you see. Since Wed was my big bros b-day we were chatting on the phone and I read him dad's comments and we agree, he's confused. My big bro is the one who took 3 AP courses. (I was never even asked to take one.) Both my siblings were in the National Honor Society, unlike me, that's what happens when you fail math. I was in the GATE program for one whole whopping year in high school, my frosh year. I only played in band in elementary school, and that was more to get out of class than anything else- LOL! My big sis did play in band through all her high school years. I did letter in 3 sports, including being the varsity mascot for my junior and senior years and was also the yearbook editor senior year. Finally, I was a Navy Nuke. Not a great one but yes, I glow in the dark.

    Tonight is also the church pancake dinner and bake sale. (Yes, I said pancakes for dinner...yummy!) So I've also been trying to squeeze in baking over the past 24 hours. So far I've made banana nut bread, rice crispy treats, chocolate Kahlua cake and strawberry cream tarts. If I get time in the morning I want to also make cheesecake, but we'll have to see how it goes.

    Don't forget to stop by and vote for your wild-card cities that you want to go in the Global Monopoly game!

    I have 2 goodies in the Saturday Super Saver Sale tomorrow for 50% off! My super-de-duper pirate kit- Shiver Me Timbers & my partying fun Jumpstarts Celebration Collection No. 2!

    I've finished my first LO for the ADSR 3 challenge #1! It's so neat! Go take a peek on the Glitter Goddesses blog, it'll bring a smile to your face. And scroll down to see my teammate's killer LO, she's so awesome!

    I have no freebie today. I just didn't have time. Same goes for the newsletter. Sorry guys. I'll see what I can do for you all next week. (Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a slacker.)

    However our good buddy Barb (aka- Mrs. Miles) went on a freebie hunt and sent me a list. I've also stumbled upon some great freebies for you so we do have a good list for you today!
    Angelina has a bunch of goodies on her blog, just keep scrolling down. (I love the ocean paper!)
    Carrie has a lovely set of paint and glitter doodles up.
    Kim B. has a grab bag of goodies for you!!! (Cool glittery fish HERE too.)
    If you need a March Desktop, Shabby Princess has hers up for grabs.
    Andrea has another great template on her blog for you.
    Michaele has a wonderful Spring word art on her blog.
    Newlife Dreams has a funky kit called Just For You!
    Bunch of cool QPs on Manu's blog.
    Dinphy made a DPS QP for you with Pillowgirls's Dream Big kit. (Must go thru shop.)
    Stacy & Britt have a set of funky definition word arts.
    Misty has a gorgeous Tangy Treat QP up.
    Bunch of lovely member made QPs on Anita's blog.
    Tracy has a neat-o Retro template for you.
    Tami has a sample of her FLlwer Power cluster edges for you. (So neat!)
    Melanie has a That Girl Has Spunk mini up.
    Princess Pam has added to her fabulous alphas for the ABC kits.
    Anneli has some great train stamps.
    Remember to share the love when downloading!

    Happy Scrapping!
    The following has absolutely nothing to do with scrapping, but just keep reading!

    My friend Shelly has a new book coming out and it sounds hilarious! Here's a little sneak peek at what you'll find inside her newest erotic romance novel (Don't worry this preview is safe to read in front of small ones, bosses, whomever.):

    He Says, She Says on Inheriting a Condom Company


    The reading of my god-mother’s will shocked me speechless. I assumed I’d inherit money or jewelry. A condom company came way down the bottom of my list of expectations! Who’d have thought? My god-mother offered me a share in a condom company or a small monetary inheritance. My boyfriend, Steven wanted me to take the money and run. Me—I saw possibilities, the answers to making my dreams come true. We fought about it. Embarrassing? Oh, yeah. We were the center of attention and there were quite a few sniggers from the other occupants of the hall.

    I think I stepped into an Alice in Wonderland type rabbit hole on arrival for the reading of the will, not a plain old town hall. I caught sight of this man. Tall, dark and sexy. I dubbed him Mr. Dashing, and spellbound, my attention kept wandering to him. Imagine my blush when I discovered I’d have to work with him at the condom company. Things went downhill from there. Steven left Sloan in a huff because I wouldn’t follow his orders and two weird women accosted me shouting anti-condom slogans. Luckily, they didn’t seem violent but they gave me two business cards, one bearing a clown and the other a dog. Goodness knows what they mean. Life in Sloan looks as if it might be interesting, but I’m a bit wary about condoms. After all, it’s not as if I have experience in that arena…

    JAMES BATES says:

    I can’t believe Alicia expects me to train this girl. And Alicia’s death couldn’t have come at a worse time. Someone is out to sabotage Fancy Free. It’s been one thing after another. Financially, we can’t take much more. I hope the new design goes well because the company sure needs the boost of funds.

    Will Alice and James make a good team? Will she make up with Steven? How do they test the condoms? And who is out to destroy Fancy Free?

    Read Alice and James story in FANCY FREE by Shelley Munro to discover all the answers. Available from Ellora’s Cave on 7 March 2008.

    To read an excerpt visit http://www.shelleymunro.com/coming-soon

    Comments on "So much to do, so little time."


    Blogger Shelley Munro said ... (7:38 PM, February 29, 2008) : 

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for mentioning Fancy Free. I'm really excited about my upcoming release day. :)

    Have fun at the Pancake dinner. I'm sure you will because it sounds like fun. Have a wonderful weekend.


    Anonymous Big Brother 'B' said ... (1:16 AM, March 01, 2008) : 

    FYI, sister dear, only our other sister was in NHS. I was in California Junior Scholarship Federation, the little brother club, but didn't have the time/energy to sell 2x the number of candy bars by being in NHS as well.

    Just setting straight your setting the record straight.

    And thanks for convincing Dad that we teamed up on him the other night :)


    Anonymous Daddo said ... (1:31 AM, March 01, 2008) : 

    Amers - Glad to see that Big Bro is setting straight the setting straight. And why were the two of you picking on me anyway?

    I liked my version and so did several other people. Sometimes 'corrections' detract from the bigger picture.

    Mom and I made it up to Eureka OK. How did the pancake dinner go?

    Lots of Love. Daddo


    Blogger Maria said ... (2:59 AM, March 06, 2008) : 

    This comment has been removed by the author.


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