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    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    On Vacation

    Okay so technically I don't leave until Friday morning but I've spent all of today and probably most of tomorrow trying to get stuff done so I can go on vacation. So I haven't gone hunting or anything today. I did make both of my ADSR LOs so you could go look at the Glitter Goddess blog to see some fabulous LOs made by me. (I'm really proud of the challenge #6 LO!)

    If you need a freebie fix before my return next week, you can pop over to the Ikea Goddess' blog or visit Digi-Free. I like Ikea's better because she picks her favorites, like I do. Digi-Free is nice too but the list is long and you have to search thru it for the real treasures. (Still, very neat for an automated system.)

    I dreamed about a freebie for you all, so we'll see if I can actually achieve it, I'll keep you updated.

    Happy Scrapping!
    P.S. If you don't go look at my cool ADSR LOs I'll be very sad and I might not be able to make my dreamed of freebie. :(

    Comments on "On Vacation"


    Anonymous Daddo said ... (10:03 PM, March 12, 2008) : 

    I went and looked. So at least one person has gone there. Hope you all enjoy the trip west to Tennessee. Give the family a big hug for us.

    Lots of love. Daddo


    Blogger Shelley Munro said ... (3:24 PM, March 13, 2008) : 

    Have a fun vacation, Amy.


    Blogger Kim B said ... (10:18 AM, March 16, 2008) : 

    WOW- that LO is just AWESOME!!!! LOVE the clustering!! GORGEOUS!
    Have a good break Amers- see ya when you get back ;-P


    Anonymous Daddo said ... (10:47 AM, March 20, 2008) : 

    Morning Amers: Did the monkey enjoy the long trip? Did Mom and Dad enjoy the long trip? LOL.

    Talk to you later.

    Lots of Love. Daddo


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