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    Saturday, May 05, 2007

    Amy's mini font/text tutorial

    Okay, I was giving some advice to a friend today on making the letters of her preview closer together and she was like, "You can do that?" So, I went and made her a mini tutorial. I mentioned it to another friend and she didn't know you could adjust it either so here is a mini tutorial for adjust the space in-between letters for both PSCS2 and PSP10. I assume it'll be the same in similar programs but I have no clue.

    First here's an example of what I'm talking about. The example below is the font Blackjack at the same font size (24pt) but with different kerning/spacing between the letters. It goes 50, 25, 0, -25; from top to bottom.
    Can you see how the word gets a bit scrunched together as I change the spacing? As the kerning number gets higher, the farther apart the letters get and conversely the lower the number, the closer together they get.

    Now we'll start with PSCS2. When using the Text tool make this adjustment either before you type or after with the text highlighted/selected.It the top tool bar on the right hand side is an icon called "Toggle the Paragraph and Character palettes". Click on that and you'll get a drop down menu. 3rd down on the right is how you adjust the spacing/kerning of your text/font. (See my handy red circles below)

    Okay, now for PSP10. Again, when using the Text tool make this adjustment either before you type or after with the text highlighted/selected.In the text tool bar at the top right is the Kerning adjustment. (See handy red circle below)
    Play around with it to get the desired effect on your writing.

    I hope this helps everyone in their scrapping!
    -Amy W.

    Comments on "Amy's mini font/text tutorial"


    Anonymous BettyAlice said ... (10:31 AM, May 06, 2007) : 

    Thanks so much Amy, what a great help, I didn't know you could do this in Photoshop! I played around (PSCS 2)and found that you can type in any number then hit the enter key, so you are not limited by the presets. Thanks again! :)


    Blogger grambie said ... (1:29 PM, May 06, 2007) : 

    It is so nice to read your tutorials. Either I learn something new, or receive a refresher on things I might forget. So either way, I am a winner. Still love your site.

    I visit the other link you mentioned, but prefer the layout of your design. When you are having senior moments, or hours, sometimes there are things you definitely do not need. "SMILE." So, I guess I am hooked on this site & always will be. Remember, I met you @ the RAK & I just can't let go. Again, thanks for the so legible tutorial. Leavin A Little LUV. XOXOXOXO


    Blogger Athena said ... (4:42 PM, May 06, 2007) : 

    Great tutorial Amy! Definitely one I'll bookmark for those moments I blank out when working with text!


    Blogger VJ's Scrap Room said ... (9:36 AM, May 07, 2007) : 

    Good Morning Amy:)
    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I am gonna look on PI and see if it can be done on there too.I am almost positive it can be...just hadn't thought of it before.:)
    Thanks again for all you do for us.
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend:)



    Blogger VJ's Scrap Room said ... (10:28 AM, May 07, 2007) : 

    Me again:)
    Just wanted to let you know that Cintia Z is back in business.She has three freebies on her blog along with the kits she has for sale.She does fantastic work if you haven't seen it before.:)

    Here is the link:http://www.cintiazs.blogger.com.br/


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (12:19 PM, May 07, 2007) : 

    thanks, Amy, for all your helpful tuts - I can count on you to send students to for clear, easy instructions! I hope you had a good weekend - I sorta just took it off - I have to make myself do that now and again! Spring is springing here so it's creating lots of work for me around the property - but I do love it outside. Did you and Emma plant a garden? Have you ever showed her a bean sprouting up the side of a drinking glass? I will catch you tomorrow, *hugs* Barb


    Anonymous Lori said ... (3:41 PM, May 07, 2007) : 

    Amy, I just stumbled upon your site on Saturday and I must say I love what I see. Thank you for this tutorial. I've chosen not to use so many of my fonts because of the spacing. This solves the problem for me. Thank you!!


    Blogger marysevincent said ... (3:45 AM, May 08, 2007) : 

    Thank you for the tip !


    Blogger Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said ... (8:48 PM, June 29, 2007) : 

    great tip! I never knew you could do that at all!!! (i use cs2)....i commented on a couple of the freebies that i found, but just in case you don't read your 4shared ones, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! your stuff is SO gorgeous! and much appreciated :) have a blessed evening!


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