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    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Magical Mondays

    Hi there everyone! Once again I did battle with my little darling and I even won! She's napping once more but I have to watch the time to be sure it's not a long nap or she'll never sleep tonight.

    Oh, and I found last Friday's freebie so that'll be up for you tomorrow. Told you it was a magical day.

    So let's get to the freebies!
    Julie O. has part 4 of Eastern Spice up for grabs.
    Sabine has the next installment of Pansies for Everyone on her blog.
    Acorn Designs has part 5 of Morning Glory here and 2 pretty QPs here.
    Valinda has a beautiful element pack up today!
    Saab has 4, YES 4! free grab bags on her blog.
    What's in them? I don't know but she's awesome so go grab them!
    Seebee's Freebies has a new element pack to add to her Dream trip kit.
    Lindsay Jane has a beautiful mini kit called Pastel Garden up.
    Heather has a cute grunged up Polaroid frame for your pooch!
    Janidee has a cool kit called Snickery-Doo for you.
    (Well parts 1 & 2 are up, still 3-5 to come.)
    Please remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Comments on "Magical Mondays"


    Anonymous lori said ... (7:09 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    Thanks for the links Amy. I'm glad you won the napping battle...hopefully it will last!


    Blogger jburkhart said ... (7:24 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    Hi Amy...finally got the chance to stop in and say a big hello! Just saw that you stopped by my blog, too! Thanks for the comment and glad you like the pics - they will be really fun to scrap!!!!! Glad to hear you got Emma down for a nap...I can totally relate to what you are going through with her - Kori has outgrown her naps pretty much now...but every once in awhile she goes down - defintely need to make sure it isn't a long one or she will be up until midnight....LOL!!!!! Hope you are doing well...me, still getting caught up from being on vacation! TTYL!


    Anonymous Jennymary said ... (8:34 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    Thanks Amy.


    Blogger H.Green said ... (9:49 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    Thanks for picking up on my freebie today Amy :)


    Anonymous mm said ... (11:04 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    So glad Emma could take a nap today. I know mine often think they don't need it but they really do. Thanks for the great list today.


    Anonymous Trisha said ... (11:51 PM, June 25, 2007) : 

    Thank you for another fabulous list!


    Blogger Daniela said ... (5:16 AM, June 26, 2007) : 

    Amy, thanks for the lists, they are great!
    I can relate with your sleep troubles. My little one just turned 2 and once in a while he decides he doesn't need a nap anymore. It drives me crazy for a few days, not having that time for myself, to regroup in the middle of the day. Then all of a sudden he goes back to his napping self and the trouble is watching how much he sleeps, so that he can go to bed at a decent hour at night.

    Sigh... it's never ending, isn't it... But it's so fun when they wake up rested and happy!

    Thanks again for the lists!


    Blogger BelindasScrapz said ... (9:14 AM, June 26, 2007) : 

    Thank you for another great list and for taking time out of your busy day to hunt them down and make them


    Blogger Jessica said ... (10:09 AM, June 26, 2007) : 

    Hi! Thanks for all the links! I found your site through Ikea Goddess. Glad I stopped by - we are fellow CWO members :).


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