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    Friday, May 23, 2008

    Quick update

    Hi all!
    Okay, here's my update-
    I'm working on my school assignments for the week, 3 kits, VBS crafts and some freebies. (One for you all & one for my newsletter.) Yes that's all that's on my plate right now, a light load I know. The hardest psrt for me is I had 3 great ideas hit me at once so I'm slowly developing all 3 kits and well that means there'll be a lull followed by a kit explosion from me. Next week is the last of my current class, then I'm off for one week. I plan to devote myself to preparing for VBS crafts the following week and scrapping stuff the whole week so hopefully I can get the kits done by the end of that week. Unfortunately the week of VBS is also the week I start 2 classes at once for school so I'll disappear that week, but be back after VBS... I hope.

    Also I had my post-op appt with my doctor yesterday. So she explained all the loveliness that is my female reproductive organs right now. (Yes, loveliness is sarcastic since they're not in pretty shape at all.) We've set out a plan of drugs and surgery, including mapping out trying for future children, and have been referred to a reproductive specialist for my next round of surgery. I'll update you when I know how the drugs are working.

    Okay, I've been on here way to much today already and I still have more homework to do. I'll try to make a "real post" tomorrow with a little goodie and some freebie tips, if not tomorrow, then Monday at the latest.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Comments on "Quick update"


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (10:00 PM, May 23, 2008) : 

    Hi my bizzy fren. I'm praying for your inner workings! Loves ya!


    Blogger Judgirl said ... (12:37 PM, May 24, 2008) : 

    Amy thanks for all the freebies and the freebie sites ..and you will do awesome in your schooling ..and I pray the Lord will Bless you and your family ...have a great weekend


    Blogger Athena said ... (10:02 PM, May 24, 2008) : 

    Hey my evil twin *hugs* - sorry to hear the innards are giving ya fits (I'm thinking of you!). If you want a little fun distraction, feel free to visit my blog (http://studioincognitodesigns.com/blog) - cause I sorta tagged you :)


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