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    Monday, January 05, 2009


    Okay, so maybe I need some help today. I'm supposed to be hosting my church circle at our house tomorrow. But it's a little messy. Okay, so I'm a pack rat (Thanks Daddoo!) and so it's more clustered than messy. So we're doing a purge. Unfortunately that means it gets messier before it gets cleaner and it's just depressing me. Fortunately hubby is off tomorrow and the munchkin goes to school so we should get done... I hope. Sigh. Well if I don't get it all done I'll just blame Emma- LOL! Having a destructive 4 y/o in the house can on occasion be convienient. Emma has been helping me some today, even if she's going behind me and undoing some too. I'll let you know later in the week how it went. Oh and did I mention school started back today? Fun right?

    Okay, so I don't have anything new in the shop yet but I did revamp some old goodies you may not have grabbed. They are either my contribution to past team Mega kits (so check your files to see if you bought the MK) or they were my challenge incentive mini kits. They're all fabulous if I say so myself. The Mr. Fix-It one even comes with 2 Jumpstarts, so check them out in my shop! They are all priced to move (That's $3.50 or less, most are just $2!) so if you haven't got them yet go grab a couple! (My Favorite is the Tickets Please kit, but they're all good.)
    Check them out in my shop!
    And if you're patiently waiting for some new Amy W. stuff be patient. I do have a couple of goodies going into the shop for the upcoming Mid-Month Madness sale. That means they'll be less than a buck starting on the 15th of Jan! So keep your eye out for them, but don't blink because they go up in price on the 21st!

    Here's a little, and I do mean little, something I made for you all.
    download Snowflake Word Art

    And lastly i wanted to show you that I made a button! Yipee! I know they're easy right? Well, Neiner! I couldn't figure them out, then i found a good tut and made one from Emma's Halloween photo, turned out pretty cute too. now I just need to scrap Halloween- LOL!
    I might need to make it a purple background with green and yellow words. We'll see. Still good for my first try.

    Hope you all have a good week and happy scrapping!

    Comments on "Help!"


    Anonymous Daddoo said ... (8:40 PM, January 05, 2009) : 

    Hey, it is not just me. Your mother has lots of stuff cluttering up the place too. And her version of cleaning is too just throw my stuff away while putting her stuff into new stacks or piles. :>P

    Lots of Love anyway. Daddoo


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:04 AM, January 06, 2009) : 

    Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 05 Jan [LA 11:41pm] - 06 Jan [NY 02:41am, UK 07:41am, OZ 06:41pm] ).


    Blogger Pattycakes said ... (7:40 AM, January 06, 2009) : 

    Thanks for the wordart...love it!! :)


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (10:02 PM, January 06, 2009) : 

    Hay Amy!!!

    yay, you're still kicking about!!!

    LOVE your lil word art. Are you EVER on chat anymore, or what? I truly miss you!



    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (10:05 PM, January 06, 2009) : 

    Oh and your button is WAY cute too! Give Emma a big hug for moi!


    Blogger Beth said ... (4:18 AM, January 07, 2009) : 

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the word art!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it.... I have a bazillion snow pics now .(we've been enduring actual SNOW in the Northwest! Ugh!) Fantastic quote, cute button, and thanks thanks thanks.


    Blogger Shelley Munro said ... (4:00 AM, January 11, 2009) : 

    I hope the cleanup went well. Don't worry. There's a lot of us that collect clutter. My hubby is always suggesting that I tidy up or rearrange. I try to change to subject!!


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (12:42 PM, January 11, 2009) : 

    *sniff* I misses u


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