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    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    On vaca!

    Ok campers, we're off to visit my family in Cali for the next week so I'll more than likely be MIA. I was going to make you a little goodie to tide you over then my computer wouldn't start and I spent this morning trying to get it to work. I then gave up and my hubby fixed it in like ten minutes. (Rotten, so and so!) So it'll have to wait until I get back. And while I get back mid next week I'll probably spend the latter half of the week cramming in that week's school assignments as the new session starts Monday. So take care and I'll see you!

    Oh and just to get you in the fall spirit, here's Emma at her Fall Family Night last night at her school.
    That was the ring toss. Pre-schoolers got hula hoops, the bigger kids had to use diving rings on those giant stems. I think the gourd roll was my favorite booth.

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Head over to Kim B.'s blog to get started on the Fall Splendor party! (Very cute stuff!) And Mrs. Miles has a cute overlay on her blog too!

    Comments on "On vaca!"


    Anonymous Daddo said ... (9:32 PM, October 01, 2008) : 

    Emma is flying out to California to give Pawpaw a really big hug. And she gets to sleep on her Uncle Brent's old bunk bed. Way up high!

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone. Daddoo


    Blogger Shelley Munro said ... (10:52 PM, October 01, 2008) : 

    Happy holidays!


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (12:00 AM, October 05, 2008) : 

    Happy Vaca 2 U
    Happy Vaca 2 U
    Happy Hollliiiidayyy dearrrrr Aymeeeeee

    What EVER! you just get yo'sef pampered there girlie girl!

    We all will hold down the fort and we miss you VERY much.



    Blogger Kim B said ... (3:31 PM, October 07, 2008) : 

    Hope you having a good break Amers!!
    Sleep some for me too- lol

    Chat when you get back


    Anonymous Daddoo said ... (11:06 PM, October 08, 2008) : 

    Hi Everyone - Amers and family should be home now. As Amy says, we got up and drove Emma and parents over to Sacramento to catch the flight all the way to Washington, D.C. Their short flight down to Raleigh landed several hours ago.

    It was still dark on my back home, Kim B!

    Emma took Pawpaw on several walks down to the creek and its bridge so we could see all the different color leaves. She saw the wild berry vines that Uncle Brent used to pick blackberries and rasberries from when he was small.

    Emma got to run after small waves on the SF beach called, Ocean Beach. Emma drove over the Golden Gate bridge both ways. Many photos of Emma and Amy were taken with the bridge in the background and some with the SF skyline too.

    Emma showed Pawpaw how to play many of the games on Disney Playhouse. Emma enjoyed doing things with Uncle Brent and helped Aunt Kym make cookies.

    Emma really enjoyed swimming all over the pool while Nana was leading a water exercise class.

    Hope you can all hear more tomorrow once Amy gets a chance to get her feet on the ground at home.



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