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    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Um, hello and stuff.

    Okay, my allergies are kicking my butt today so this is going to be short.

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Grand Opening of DigiByDesign this weekend! I hope you all stopped in and grabbed some freebies (I told you there'd be lots!). If you missed it the scavenger hunt is still up. It's a series of 13 mini kits that all coordinate, so go grab some freebies and check out the site!

    Emma is still asking to go use the potty a few times a day but still not actually going. I'm okay with this, we'll get there sometime. Hubby is excited because he knows once she's potty trained I'm willing to try for another kid. So, he's ready to start trying- silly man.

    Here's the few freebies I know about today. I didn't really go looking, so pop over to Ikea's blog if you need a bigger fix! (She's got some great templates on her list today.)

    Mary Anne has a beautiful Painted Rose alpha, it matches her new kit.
    Jill has a free sample of her new Charm Template set, it's interesting.
    Jessica has a cute little freebie from her Ellyse kit.
    Seebee's Freebies has a set of circle stitches for you.
    Sabine has the last part of her Flowers For My Mother kit up.
    Lindsay Jane has a Rich Swirls mini kit for you.
    Amy T. has a pretty one called Sun Porch up for grabs.
    Bob has a cool knotted ribbon set.
    Shandy made some bright and fun doodle frames.
    Corina has a lovely mini kit she named Be Kind.
    Melissa has a beautiful butterfly frame.
    Sophia has a cluster frame that matches her kit Life is good on her blog.
    Kim B. has a Stitch in Time mini kit for you.
    Please remember to share the love when you download.

    * I'm almost done with my next set of Jumpstarts and I really like them!!! I'll be sharing them with you all in the next day or two. (If my sinuses let me stay on the computer long enough.)

    Happy Scrapping!

    Comments on "Um, hello and stuff."


    Blogger Shandy said ... (9:35 PM, May 21, 2007) : 

    EEEKS! ALLERGIES S.T.I.N.K.!!! so sorry to hear yours are bothering you :(

    thanks for the list :) and double thanks for the hookup :) I was just going to say I clicked on Corina's and... it went to my blog (not that I'm complaining that double the peeps will be re-directed to mine - LOL) just thought I'd let ya know ;)

    thanks again for the list, Amy!


    Anonymous lupuswontwin@gmail.com said ... (11:12 PM, May 21, 2007) : 

    I hope you get better my daughter is in bad shape withit, thank god school is out soon.
    I have been tring to get on the forum all day but all I get is Server not found. I had no proble yesterday but no success today at all.


    Blogger VJ's Scrap Room said ... (8:19 AM, May 22, 2007) : 

    Good Morning Amy:)
    Thank you so much for the freebie list again.:)
    Sure hope you get better with those allergies.I can't remember having problems with them until the last couple of years.Caught up to me I guess.At least they aren't as bad as some I have seen.Take care and get better soon.:)
    Thanks for stopping by last night.I LOVE your visits.:)


    Anonymous mm said ... (10:30 AM, May 22, 2007) : 

    Get to feeling better. Thanks for the list.


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (11:21 AM, May 22, 2007) : 

    Hi Amers - glad your opening went well... sorry I've not paid attention, been busy with visiting the In-Laws. (they're here for 5 more days) Will stop by again soon. Have a wonderful day!

    *hugs* Barb


    Blogger jburkhart said ... (1:08 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

    Good morning, Amy! How are things going for you - hope your allergies are better today! That's really great that Emma wants to sit on the potty and at least try - that is half the battle right there! I remember when Kori was first starting out, she refused to go and try to sit on the potty....it her stubborn personality where she will only do things when she feel like it - lol! Hope she continues to make good progress so you can start on #2!
    I got to see your new Jumpstart collection and it is a wonderful set that I know everyone will like and have fun with!
    Have a wonderful day!


    Blogger BMagsGirl said ... (1:32 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

    Thank you for your wonderful list today!!


    Blogger IkeaGoddess said ... (2:29 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

    Tell hubby he shouldn't get his hopes up to fast;-) Since Christmas Damien has been siting on the potty almost every evening and sometimes during the day when he wants to. And what happens? - nothing, not one drop. He just sits there, reads, wipes himself with the toilet paper and then washes his hands. He even has a whole collection of potty books that we read, but still nothing.
    Maybe you have more luck.


    Blogger Judgirl said ... (4:42 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

    thanks Amy for all the tips and where to go sites ...love it ..have a great week


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