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    Friday, July 20, 2007

    FANTASTICALLY FRIDAY!!!!! (fixed link)

    Oh what a day, today is! We have the kick off for Christmas in July over at DigiByDesign!

    You should head on over to see all that we're doing this weekend. There's my Christmas Bingo tonight at 7 pm eastern in the DBD chatroom. Make sure you filled out your bingo card before you pop in. We have lots of cool prizes and a neat goodie for just showing up!

    We also have an ornament exchange, trivia and layout challenges going on- all with great freebies you can earn!

    In the shop we have a STOREWIDE 40% off sale! Also each designer made a stocking stuffed full of goodies for you. Take a peek at what's popping out of each one. Lots of never seen before goodies for only $2.50 each. Here's mine:Go grab my stocking that's hung by the chimney with care just for you!

    New in the shop today is a revamped kit called Sweetie! I gave it away last Christmas as a blog freebie but I've learned so much since then. This in the new and improved version, with a few new goodies.There's a bunch of other new kits in the shop, stop by and check out Christmas in July, tis the season for fun!

    Here's a shot from last weekend of Emma and I at the pool. I really like how it turned out.
    And here's a shot of her underwater, what a fish!

    Okay, as many of you know tonight at midnight is the release of Harry Potter 7! I can't get it until tomorrow morning but I can't wait! So in tribute to this fabulous series that has captivated the world I made you a magical kit, Wizardry! Here it is in all it's glory:
    (See, I told you it's not a mini kit anymore.)
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Let's go find some freebies:
    Kris has a frame freebie on her blog.
    Candee has a cute kit called Purple Passion for you.
    Lisa has a sampler of her new kit Heatwave up for grabs.
    Lori has a template up.
    Anita has part 2 of Foofaraw on her blog. (I love the name and the kit!)
    Valinda has an elegant new QP up and scroll down for her killer green and black elements.
    Today is Sabine's birthday and she has a paper pack for you! And a second one on her Race Blog. (Go wish her a happy one!)
    Michaele has a new brag book QP on her blog.
    Mrs. Miles has a Sassy Sunflower mini kit for you.
    Seebee's Freebies has a beaded wire word art for the Dream Trip kit.
    Jessica has a pretty Fantasy Label on her blog.
    Misty has a set of Letter frames up.
    Acorn Designs has a soft and lovely QP for you. (Click on the last preview.)
    Kristy has an overlay named Daisy-Doo up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has Just Pink part 2 up.
    Heather has a curled filmstrip for you, it's really neat! (Must go thru shop.)
    Ksharonk has a Fancy Free mini kit on her blog.
    Verena has an add-on for her My First Flowers kit up for grabs.
    Kathy has a fun collection of Love word arts for you!
    Lisa H. has a fabulous Nature paper pack on her blog!
    Isyndra has a Summer Love mini kit up.
    Cinda has another wonderful paper pack- these are of the water.
    Nicole has a cute Lil' Cowgirl mini for you.
    Princess Pam has a neat add-on alpha for her Brady kit, but scroll down for more goodies if you haven't stopped by in a few days. (She's been busy!)
    Jassie has an awesome set of Gurngy papers on her blog.
    Natali has a set of funny/messy stitches up for grabs.
    DigitalScrapbookingFreebies has a Rasberry Mocha Chocolate mini for you.
    Kara has a set of Cardboard buttons up.
    Please remember to share the love!
    (Especially since it's Christmas!)

    Happy Scrapping
    Merry Christmas!

    Comments on "FANTASTICALLY FRIDAY!!!!! (fixed link)"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:03 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Very nice kit, got part 2, but part 1 didn`t have a valid link, or that`s what was on 4shared. Anyway thanks for sharing!!


    Blogger sweetheaven said ... (12:34 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    I am having the same trouble
    this is what I get when I click the link
    The file link that you requested is not valid. Please contact link publisher or
    use our search engine to find a file or folder
    thanks for all your shares. the kit looks awesome


    Blogger RosieB said ... (1:19 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Just downloading both files, now. great kit, thanks so much :)


    Blogger Hummie said ... (1:20 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Oh, it's nice to put a face with a name! That is a nice pool shot of you.

    Ugg...I don't want to think Christmas!

    Hey, I've got a new blogroll code on my blog for everyone's use!


    Blogger Erin said ... (1:39 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Wow, Amy, so cool!! Thank you!


    Blogger Kim Broedelet said ... (1:40 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Well at least the snow fits our weather at the moment- LOL, COLD! We have christmas in the middle of summer when it's steaming hot! Love that underwater photo of Emma! and oh yes Harry Potter arrives today- will have to wait! boo hoo! Great job on the wizardry kit!!
    Have a great weekend!


    Blogger katg1006 said ... (2:08 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Hi Amy!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ;-) So Cute!! I love all the stockings! Thanks so much for the cute kit!! We love Harry Potter here and cannot wait for the new book! (((hugs))) We you get time stop over to LS and visit! We miss you!


    Anonymous Charlotte said ... (2:10 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Thanks so much! My kids and I are definitely excited about the new book!


    Blogger IkeaGoddess said ... (2:35 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    That underwater shot is awesome. I'm surprised Emma has her eyes open underwater - wow.
    I'm waiting for my HP too, it'll be at my doorstep in 12h. I hope Damien takes a long nap tomorrow, so I can start reading.
    Very cool kit, I love the bows, they are fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a fabulous weekend.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:46 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    I'm #183 in a list of about 2,000 at my local Border's Bookstore tonight. I would wait until tomorrow, like I did for book 6 - just walked in and out at 10am, no lines, no problems - but we're leaving for the beach at 7am and I don't want to take the chance that WalMart or wherever will be sold out. I need my beach read!!

    Thanks for a great kit (both links are working well). I'm sure it'll come in real handy. Might even bring my camera tonight to get pics of some of the costume winners.


    Blogger Lisa said ... (3:20 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    What could ROCK more today than this kit? Thanks Bunches!


    Blogger Julie P. aka babyofmine said ... (3:31 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    thank you sooooo much! :D I can hardly breathe, I'm so excited right now! LOL


    Blogger Jan said ... (3:41 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Thank you! I'm taking my boys to the party at the bookstore tonight, and this will be perfect for the pics!


    Blogger Brook said ... (4:16 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    This is such an awesome kit!!!! Great job!


    Anonymous Dadoo said ... (5:55 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Hi Amers - Good Luck with your Bingo tonight. My Referee today is George Chrisian from Bakersfield who remembers you and your sister at Western Zones over in Maui in 1994. And his only Granddaughter is also 2 1/2 years old. George and I are both going to Western Zones in early August.

    Lots of Love. Dadoo


    Blogger Peggie said ... (6:18 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Thank you, I love the ribbons.


    Blogger Scrapcat4914 said ... (7:26 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    TY so very much for this awesome kit & the freebie for it from your newsletter!!!!
    Love the photos!!!!!!!!!!
    TY also for the great list!!!!!!!


    Anonymous 3s_enough said ... (8:15 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Awesome Kit! Thank you very much for the Kit and the wonderfull list of freebies! I don't know where you find the time but thank you again for sharing it with us.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:19 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    thanks for this great kit. so fun.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:48 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Can't wait to get some Potter fix... woo hoo... Thanks for the wizardry freebie. - Lori


    Anonymous Trisha said ... (11:20 PM, July 20, 2007) : 

    Thank you for another fabulous freebies list!


    Blogger olga9999 said ... (3:01 AM, July 21, 2007) : 

    I guess today you will be busy reading the book, and I hope you have a great time with it. :)

    The photos in the swimming pool are great. Thanks so much for sharing them.

    And many thanks for the list and the HP kit. They are fantastic. :)

    Have a great weekend and best wishes. :O)


    Blogger Maria said ... (7:20 AM, July 21, 2007) : 

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebie! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at digifree.blogspot.com


    Blogger Cathy said ... (9:16 AM, July 21, 2007) : 

    thanks for the freebie kit!


    Blogger jbjanso said ... (10:11 AM, July 21, 2007) : 

    thanks so much for the links


    Anonymous mand said ... (11:02 AM, July 21, 2007) : 

    Thankyou for your list, it's great.


    Blogger HeatherB said ... (12:18 PM, July 21, 2007) : 

    Wonderful, thank you (and very timely too!)


    Anonymous lupuswontwin@gmail.com said ... (10:00 PM, July 21, 2007) : 

    Amy Thank you for this AWESOME fun kit


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (4:57 PM, July 22, 2007) : 

    Wow Amers - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pool pics! They would make terrific scrap LO's - you wants me to help you one day w/ that?? hehe. Your Sweetie kit is sugary delightful now, and the wizardry kit is punchy! Thanks so much for sharing! Talk to you sometime this week hopefully!

    hugs and *s'mooooch*



    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:36 PM, July 22, 2007) : 

    thanks so much for the awesome wizardry kit. I'm gonna have tons of pics to scrap from the midnight release party so this will be really handy!


    Anonymous PSharp said ... (7:39 AM, July 23, 2007) : 

    Thank you for the awesome kit.


    Anonymous Lourdes Manners said ... (9:57 AM, July 23, 2007) : 

    Fantastic kit. I am a big Harry Potter fan and this is awesome. TFS!!!!!!!!!


    Blogger twoboyz00 said ... (10:08 PM, July 23, 2007) : 

    Thanks so much for the fun kit!!


    Blogger jburkhart said ... (10:09 PM, July 24, 2007) : 

    Better late than not at all, right!!! :) Love the photos of you and Emma at the pool - great shots! Your new kit is wonderful---thanks so much and being that we have an avid Harry Potter Fan in the house....it will definitely be used!!!! Sorry I missed your chat on Friday...hope it went well - maybe I can catch the next one you have!
    Oh...don't want to forget to tell you thanks for the mention of my brag book - love seeing lots of people stop by and take a look at my goodies ...
    Big Hugs!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:40 AM, July 26, 2007) : 

    Super kit - love the wands! Can't wait to unzip and get a better look at these!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:40 AM, July 26, 2007) : 

    Um, meant also to say THANK YOU for this kit! :p


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