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    Thursday, July 03, 2008

    Independence Day!

    I'm a few hours early but Happy 4th of July! I'm off to bed but here's a little deal for you all this weekend in celebration of American Independence.
    Get my new kit America the Beautiful for 10% off with the code: USAbeauty10
    (Case sensitive, so best to just copy and paste.)

    And you can still grab your sampler off the Sophia Blog too!

    Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!
    Happy Scrapping!

    Comments on "Independence Day!"


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (1:02 AM, July 04, 2008) : 

    ur kit looks AMAZING!!!

    I still misses u

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    Blogger Passion & Diva said ... (6:18 AM, July 05, 2008) : 

    Just stopped by to say "You've Been Tagged"

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