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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Well, I survived another week...I think. I'm glad everyone liked my new kit Fancy-Fancy and hope you enjoyed your free gift(s). I'm starting work on a fall collab kit now so hopefully it'll be just as cool, but we'll see. This week for school has been super harsh, I had group projects in both my classes. While the one has had full team participation we are all perfectionist over achievers so it's taking forever to finish it up, but at least I know we'll get an A. On the other hand my second class only 3 of the 6 members are taking part and well, they aren't over achievers from what I've seen (or not seen) so far. I have a feeling I'll be doing some extra work on that one this weekend. I also need to finish my other 2 papers for those classes this week but I've spent too much time watching the Olympics.

    Speaking of the olympics, tonight is the night to watch too to see if Phelps can make all 8 gold medals (100 fly and 400 medly relay) and see if the amazing 41 y/o mom Torres can win her 50 free event and anchor the woman's 400 medley relay. Oh I'm so excited! It would be super neat if the two US women's beach volleyball teams could meet in the finals as they are in opposite brackets of the Round of 16. And did you see our two gymnists last night? I tried to record it but alas it didn't work, so all I got to watch was their routiens and noby else's online- but boy did they look killer! I am saddened by the Swede who threw down his bronze medal after the awards ceremony for wrestling. I mean it's a Olympic medal for goodness sake! If you have a problem apeal but don't be a bad sport, that defeats the spirit of the games.

    I don't have time for a list today because I promised to take Emma to the pool after nap time, so I need to go finish my homework but I think I can make it back tomorrow for a longer post. And Daddoo is coming for a visit next week so I have to clean house, sigh. At least he knows where I get my pack rat tendencies from. I also have to bake muffins and bread tomorrow for church on Sunday but I should be able to squeeze everything in...I think, we'll see. Ok, off to expolre Natural selection, the circulatory system, delegation and emothional intelligence in managent. Sounds like fun right?

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

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    Blogger VJ's Scrap Room said ... (9:23 AM, August 19, 2008) : 

    Good Morning Amy:)
    I see you have been pretty busy again lately.Do you EVER rest?LOL
    I was curious to see what was happening over here...so stopped by to take a look.:)

    Have a wonderful day!



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