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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Ever wonder?

    So I should go to sleep but instead I wanted to see what popped up when I Googled my name. But not the site hits but under images. The coolest hing is if you do Amy Watson you see a ton of my designs used in layouts and some neat photos of a ballet dancer- LOL! And under Amy W. you see lots of the previews of my products along with more layouts you wonderful people have made. Just made me smile. Okay, I finished my homework and so now I'm off to bed. I'll catch you all later! :)

    Oh and Emma's party was lovely. I'll post more about it later but we had cute little fairies and pirates running around all over the place! So much fun!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    * Don't forget only 5 days left to get my stuff at 50% off
    before Sophia Sarducci cloese it's doors forever!

    Comments on "Ever wonder?"


    Blogger Amy Lee said ... (1:55 PM, November 11, 2008) : 

    When I google my name a porn star comes up! There's a porn star named Amy Lindsay and that's my name. Nice huh? LOL


    Blogger Mrs. Miles said ... (1:01 AM, November 13, 2008) : 

    night sweetheart.

    I miss ya.


    po' ol me


    Blogger Pillowgirl said ... (12:48 PM, November 13, 2008) : 

    I do this a lot, it's fun, and a real pick me up sometimes!


    Blogger Lvy said ... (11:20 AM, November 14, 2008) : 

    Magnifique site !!!! magnifique freebie !! voilà ma LO faite avec l'alpha Emma Green !! quel dommage que j'ai raté le kit Emma il était fabuleux !!!!!



    Blogger Shelley Munro said ... (3:29 PM, November 15, 2008) : 

    Hi Amy - your daughter's party sounds like it was fun.

    I get loads of writing stuff come up when I google. Oh, and some poor lawyer in Canada has the same name as me. I bet she doesn't like googling herself because she gets me!!

    Have a fun weekend.


    Blogger Manu said ... (2:17 PM, November 16, 2008) : 

    Hi dear!
    I'm sorry to read SSS has closed :(
    Hope you have another place where we can find your stuff? I know you're busy with family and such, but maybe you want to come back to DXD? *lol*

    I'll send you an email for the board link - I haven't been there the last time, since Sylvia was busy moving and Sonia needed a break - all are fine and we'll be back soon ;)

    Big big hugs to you, your hubby and of course Emma (seems like she had a great party!)


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