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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    It's a new year & a new start...

    Welcome to 2010! Sorry I've not been around but last month was crazy! A trip out to California to visit my family, Christmas, a visit from my In Laws, New Years... Whew! Now I'm in the final stretch of school, just two more classes then, hopefully, in March I'll be done. So not only are the classes super hard right now but I'm also working on getting my resume together but trying to figure out day care options for the munchkin this summer and if I'm lucky find a JOB! Oh and did I mention scrapping? Cause I'm close to closing up a few projects I've been working of forever it seems. Well, new Mixed Nuts will be here on the 1st of Feb if nothing else and I'm also working on a new set of templates for Summer! (Yes, it's taken me that long to get things planned out and completed.) So keep your eyes peeled for those goodies!

    On a totally different note I made some great purchases at our local Hallmark store today! They have all their Fall & Winter holiday goodies on sale for 70% off (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years) OR you can fill a gift bag for $10, whichever is the better deal. So, what did I do? I jam packed that little bag with a ton of stuff! 8 Hallmark Keepsakes ornaments, 4 sets of 6 make your own Christmas cards & 2 chocolate turkeys. Grand total was $130 retail, at 70% off it'd have been $39 but I only paid $10!! Yes, that's 92.3% off! Whoo-hoo! They also had a ton of paper plates and napkins I contemplated getting but the rectangular boxes of the ornaments and the flatness of the card packs helped me really pack that bag up better, the lady had difficulty getting them out to scan them out of inventory- LOL! Sorry, just had to brag about my retail success, hubby just sighed and was thankful it only cost $10. I mean I got a $10 Keepsake ornament for 80 cents!!!! MEN! They sometimes just don't get it.

    Okay, enough from the peanut gallery. Hubby and I got each other a treadmill for our Christmas present this year. It's supposed to get here in the next week or so (It was on back order.) To help me get motivated to utilizing this machine I've enrolled in our Chick-fil-a Biggest Moo-ser challenge. Yep, just like those boys on the Grey Team from back home, I'm going to attempt to shed a few pounds and get into better shape. I'm just glad Chick-fil-a added that new strawberry yogurt parfait to the menu so I may actually get through this thing.

    Hope you all had a great holiday season! Happy Scrapping!