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    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Fall Catch Up! And a CU freebie!

    Whew, life has been busy this fall! First some scrapping catch up:

    New mini kit at Nuthouse Scraps, Pots 'n' Pans, Jelly 'n' Jams.

    It's part of a store mega kit but the super neat vegatbles I made are fun to play with!

    Stop by the nuthouse to check it out!

    While you're there check out the Nutcracker Clearance section. All items in there are on sale at 65% off and ready to retire. So grab some goodies before they are gone forever!

    I also have a little Freebie for you! It's my Thanksgiving present to y'all. It's actually part of a larger CU pack I haven't finished extracting yet but I figured y'all would enjoy it! So here's your gift, Aw Nuts!

    Download- Aw Nuts!


    Now, for some Emma catch up time!

    We had a wonderful Halloween! Emma was Perry the Playtpus from Disney's Phineas & Ferb, which means mommy got to dress up as Phineas:

    Next here's a shot of Emma in the skirt I made her for Halloween, it has candy corn on it. She's in our back yard playing in the fall leaves.
    Now on to her 6th birthday!

    First off here's the balloon wreath I made for our front door. We've packed him up to pull out for future birthdays.

    Got the idea for the Balloon Wreath from Missy on her blog.

    You could probably guess we had a Phineas & Ferb birthday party as well. First up is the lawn gnome Perry we made for the Ring-Around the Perry game.

    Next, is the Perry the Platypus cake I made for her.

    Super easy instructions on Dabbled! Perry prep work here, and assembly here.

    I'm now in love with Marshmello fondant as it's smooth and easy to use like regular fondant, only it actually tastes good!

    Here's one of our friends visiting with one of the huge PNF cutouts I made for decorations:

    Here's my favorite cutout of the big sister Candace peeking out, trying to BUST her brothers!
    Here's Emma & Daddy working on creating their own Inator, like the Evil Doctor Doofenshmirtz.

    And here's Emma with her new favorite toy LEGOS!

    She actually got two of these small starter boxes, one pink & one blue. But now she wants lots more for Christmas. A BIG starter box and any kits she can get. LOL!
    Well, that's all I've got in this catch up. Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving!

    Happy Scrapping!