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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    Such a Saturday!

    Hi everyone! I promise I haven't forgotten you but Emma decided that today was the day. She went peepee in the potty, then proceeded to do it again 3 more times now. So today has been lots of fun doing that. Then she decided today was a no nap day and I've been trying to finish up the preview for the July incentive kit for Happy Scrapz. Did you pop over to DigiByDesign to see what kits, besides my Green Alchemy, are 50% off today for Super Saver Saturday? I know Ikea Goddess is gone for the weekend, so as soon as Emma is down for the night I'll come back and post some freebies. Hugs to everyone!

    Hi, I'm back! First off here's a little something that was so yummy looking I decided you could grab it for a buck! So from now to the 31st of July you can get this Lime Popsicle mini kit for just $1!

    Okay, on to the list!
    Leslie has some pretty frames on her blog.
    Krista has a mini kit that's Simply Chic.
    Lindsay Jane has some Sequin Stars that make me want to smile up.
    Natali has a set of different kinds and shapes of messy stitches.
    Pillowgirl has a template for you.
    Karen has a neat Out Of This World add-on.
    Anita has more of her Country Breeze kit up, so pretty.
    Fabella has a Hopeful kit on her blog.
    Sabrina has a template for you.
    Kristy has 3 new overlays on her blog.
    Remember to leave some love.

    It's midnight so I'm off to bed!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Friday, June 29, 2007

    Fun Filled Friday!

    Hi there campers! It's Friday and that means it's freebie time here at Camp Scrap-A-Lot! It's a nice and fun template this week. ( I know we all thought I'd forgotten how to make them.) So here you go!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    I'm back from my freebie hunting and see what beauties I've found!
    Kim B. has a elegant QP from her kit All That Jazz.
    Kris has a couple of freebies up, stitches and a kit sampler.
    Marcee has a cute Rose mini kit for you.
    Lisa has a Ladybug Doodle kit on her blog. (I like the frames.)
    Andrea has a cute template up for grabs.
    Nathie has a cute litte freebie on her blog. (Couple of papers and elements.)
    Valinda made another killer QP with Leslie's butterfly kit. That woman has talent!
    Mrs. Miles has an Oh Canada mini kit on her blog.
    Leslie has some unique shadow boxes for you!
    Lindsay Jane has a scalloped glitter cluster frame on her blog.
    Princess Pam has a cute Laugh QP for you.
    (Scroll down one entry for a great set of family templates.)
    Heather has a cool looking Stone alpha up for grabs.
    Ruthie has a beautiful paper pack called Abundant up.
    Ksharonk has a adorable Bubba Boy mini kit.
    Majula has a sampler of her kits Leonie 1 & 2.
    Fernlili has some neat-o stitched bread tags.
    Amelie has part 3 of her Beautiful Days kit up. (Scroll down fro 1 & 2.)
    Mindy made the cutest Fishy QP!!
    * Kristine is cleaning out her 4share account so grab her freebies before they disappear.
    Please remember to leave some love!

    Oh, and don't forget tomorrow is Super Saver Saturday at DigiByDesign! Lots of goodies for 50% off including my Green Alchemy!

    Don't forget about my Blog Header Contest! You could win all my Jumpstarts!

    Happy Scrapping Campers!

    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Blog Contest!! (Now with Thursday's list.)

    So my blog header is in need of an update from it's spring colors, but with my anti-napping girl I won't be able to do it myself anytime soon. So I'm asking you to have a go at it. In return everyone who submits an entry will get one cool Jumpstart, (I'd show it to you but it's not done yet.) and the one I choose for the blog will get a complete set of all my Jumpstarts! (Let's see there's 15 collections that've been in the shops so far and one that should be there soon. So about 65 templates... more or less... I think.)

    Here's the deal: submit your blog header designs to me by Friday 7/6 to be eligible for the contest. Header should be 990 x 248 pixels and only use my designs (or your own). I don't have other designer's permission so we'll keep it simple. Email them to me at awatson8@nc.rr.com & feel free to email me any questions you might have.


    It's freebie time!
    Valinda has another killer QP with Leslie's Butterfly kit!
    Saab has a set of commercial OK overlays on her blog.
    Seebee's Freebies as part of her CT call has a cute mini kit and a bonus if you apply.
    Misty has another cute wordart up today.
    Kristy has a new overlay up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has a new template on her blog.
    Anita has part 2 of the pretty Country Breeze kit of hers up.
    Alexa has a lovely kit called Grandma's Flowers.
    Leslie (mentioned above) has some B-E-A-U-tiful Floral frames on her blog!!!
    Carol has a set of Twiggy Frames for you.
    Remember to share the love!

    * Quick Tip- Scrapable is having a storewide sale of 35-50% off, ends July 1st.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    What a day!

    Howdy y'all. Sorry but today was a no nap today. I'll let you know of the few freebies I know of but no time to hunt.

    Julie O. has part 5 of Eastern Spice up for grabs.
    Mrs. Miles has a cool baseball set on her blog.
    Misty has some Health wordart. (She's been sick so wish her well while you're there.)
    Heather has a grungy alpha for you.
    Anita (Nana's Attic) started a new kit called Country Breeze.
    Cynthia has some lovely fabric roses.
    Fernlili has some neat-o ripped paper tags.
    Christelle has a killer animal alpha.
    Graziela has a freebie of her new kit Grape.
    Krista has a beautiful mini kit Wildflowers up for grabs.
    Mindy has a totally manly mini kit called Dude, dude!
    Faer has a pretty mini kit Urban Rain for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a pretty set of ripped cardboard tags on her blog.
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping Y'all!

    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    So my buddy Julie O. is having a QP call for her kits. I made her one last night and it was really fun! I have no clue what she plans to do with all the QPs she'll get but it was a fun way to say thank you to her for all the cool freebie kits she shares with us.

    And as I promised yesterday here's the QP from my latest kit Perfectly Poppies that one of my CTM Michaele made for you all. (There were supposed to be two QPs but I still can't find the one Silke made. I think I lost my mind last week. Has anyone seen it?)
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Tuesday Freebies:
    Miss Vivi has part one of her new kit Home Sweet Home up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has a template on her blog.
    Michelle has a beautiful paper pack called Shabby Blue for you!
    Alexa has a lovely floral paper pack called grandma's Flowers on her blog.
    Valinda made the best QP from her buddy Leslie's kit!
    Michaele has a new travel word art up.
    Kristy has a pretty new overlay called Lace Collar.
    Kris has a couple of new goodies for you on her blog.
    Heather has a template up for grabs.
    Lisa has a July Desktop Calendar template for you.
    Jan has a sampler of her new kit Free Spirit on her blog.
    Christina has the Go Camping elements up for grabs.
    Jaana has a new template up.
    Remember to share the love!

    Happy scrapping y'all!

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Magical Mondays

    Hi there everyone! Once again I did battle with my little darling and I even won! She's napping once more but I have to watch the time to be sure it's not a long nap or she'll never sleep tonight.

    Oh, and I found last Friday's freebie so that'll be up for you tomorrow. Told you it was a magical day.

    So let's get to the freebies!
    Julie O. has part 4 of Eastern Spice up for grabs.
    Sabine has the next installment of Pansies for Everyone on her blog.
    Acorn Designs has part 5 of Morning Glory here and 2 pretty QPs here.
    Valinda has a beautiful element pack up today!
    Saab has 4, YES 4! free grab bags on her blog.
    What's in them? I don't know but she's awesome so go grab them!
    Seebee's Freebies has a new element pack to add to her Dream trip kit.
    Lindsay Jane has a beautiful mini kit called Pastel Garden up.
    Heather has a cute grunged up Polaroid frame for your pooch!
    Janidee has a cool kit called Snickery-Doo for you.
    (Well parts 1 & 2 are up, still 3-5 to come.)
    Please remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Woo-hoo, she's napping!

    Emma is napping as I type. She napped yesterday for a whopping 34 minutes and was an even worse grump for it, let's hope today is longer. Thank you everyone for the kind wishes and thoughts on my little monster. I know it'll all work out but until we get a new schedule going I just can't promise to be reliable, and I miss my computer so much!!!

    Now, totally off topic but, does your local McDonald's have the minty ice cream goodness that mine does? They have a minty mudslide shake and a minty something-or-another McFlurry that both taste like grasshopper pie, or mint chip ice cream with a fudge ribbon. (I can't decide which but it's a close call.) And since I was craving some mint chip this was a good substitute. We don't have a Baskin Robbins here anymore, we only have a Cold Stone. And while the incredible tasty treats you can make at CS are good nothing will ever top BR in my mind. I used to get a mint chip ice cream cake every year for my b-day if I could swing it. I miss those. Or the clown cones were so neat and yummy!
    I made a pineapple upside down cake the other day for the BBQ and I must say I love those suckers too. I forgot how easy and delicious they are.

    Okay, let's get caught up on some freebie hunting:
    Valinda has some great soft colored papers on her blog. (Scroll down to grab them all.)
    Rikki made some pretty papers for you.
    has a cute little vacation word art on her blog.
    Saab has a great DPS template up for grabs.
    Nina has a beautiful piece of word art on her blog.
    Sweet Made has an ad-on for her Blu kit.
    Jennilyn has a Super template up.
    Kristy has 3 new overlays for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a great template up.
    Rachel has some cute polka dot bows.
    Heather has 2 templates on her blog. (One is from yesterday so scroll down.)
    Traci has a very lovely embellished tag up for grabs. (Aka- tag cluster)
    Pillowgirl has a great set of neutral papers on her blog.
    Janidee has some neat QPs to kick off her new kit Camo, Lace and Bling. (I also seemed to have missed posting her You've got Male kit, but the links are still up so scroll down & grab it!)
    The other Amy W. has a killer pinned & tagged alpha for you.
    Krista has a lovely mini kit called Wildflowers.
    Mary Anne has a cute Add-On for her Lilies and Daisies kit.
    Rose Made Designs has a cute mini kit called Sunstripe.
    Please remember to share the love!

    Misty has a new way of doing a grab bag. Go read how cool she in on her blog!

    Maria asked ever so nicely to use one of my templates to make a killer Qp and I said she could. Grab it here off her blog.

    * Manu is having a guest CT call. Head over to her blog and read all about how you can be cool like me and join her CT!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    We're experienceing technical difficulties... stay tuned.

    Okay, here's the deal. Emma has decided that she doesn't need naps anymore. This has not only thrown our schedule for a loop but also made her extremely grumpy and clingy. I hope this is a short phase of her either adjusting to no naps or going back to taking them. Since I usually blog and go on freebie hunts during her naptime I'm at a loss currently as to when I'll be able to fit it all in. I'll get it worked out soon and stop in when I can to post freebies I know of in the meantime. I don't have a Friday freebie for you all because I can't find the file, I know it's on my computer somewhere but but the little bugger is hiding. I need a vacation or a backrub, I'm willing to pay big time for either at this point. Or even a pint of Baskin Robbins mint chip would work. You can scroll down and grab the add-on to Perfectly Poppies that I posted yesterday. Sorry, to be such a slacker but Emma is more than I can handle right now and with hubby on 12 hour shifts this week he's no help at all since he's not around.

    Maty Anne has a alph to match her new kit Lilies and Daisies for you.
    (She also has a cool PSP script for making buttons up for grabs here.)
    Mrs. Miles has some neat veggie elements on her blog.
    Misty has some transportation stickers.
    Lindsay Jane has a Melon mini kit.
    Heather has a cool template for you.
    Ksharonk has an add-on for her new kit Boy Stuff.
    Christine has a cool new kit called Go Camping grab the papers here and the alpha here.
    Kim B. has a beautiful new set of Vintage overlays in her shop and a free one for you!
    Julie O. has part 3 of Eastern Spice up for grabs.
    Angela has 2 Star-Spangled QPs for you.
    Remember to leave some love y'all!

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Poppies are popping up everywhere!

    Today was the last day of swim lessons for Emma. I think I'll see if there's another session next week because while we're doing better she still has a lot to learn. I'll share the photos we took today once I get them developed but I had to use an underwater camera so they need to go into the lab.

    Here are a few LOs done by my fabulous CT with my new kit Perfectly Poppies:
    This one is by Silke and it's adorable!
    This next one Michaele made of her little cutie!

    And here it is Perfectly Poppies! Now in the DigiByDesign shop!

    And just for you all a cute little add-on for Perfectly Poppies, enjoy!Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    P.S. Emma & I have a BBQ to go to tonight and I need to make my dessert during Emma's nap. So I'll be back while it's baking and we'll see what freebies we can find, but my time will be limited.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Camp Scrap-A-Lot

    Hidey-ho there campers! It's another b-e-a-u-tiful day here at camp Scrap-A-Lot! We have some fun activities planned for you today! We're going to start off by looking at a faboo layout done y one of my wonderful CT members! Then we're going to move along to a sneak peek of my up comming kit. And finally we'll wrap up the day with our journey into the world of freebies!

    But first a few announcements and reminders:
    - Sorry about yesterday folks but Emma and I were having such a good old time that I never got back on the computer and crashed with her.
    - I want to thank everyone who's been leaving me thank yous for my (almost) daily freebie list. It take a good deal of time to hunt thru sites and see what goodies are out there and to make a list of them.
    -And as always I want to remind you to share some love with these freebie designers. They are sharing their hard work and time spent with you for nothing other than a thank you. (Leaving comments on what you like specifically about the freebie will earn you bonus points!)

    Now then here's a LO by my wonderful CTM Ria. Doesn't she do fabulous work? And such a cute subject to work with too!
    Loves Me, Loves Me Not & Technicolor Dream Kit
    Template- Jumpstarts Collection 10 by Amy Watson available at DigiByDesign.

    Okay, here's your sneak peek at my new kit Perfectly Poppies. I'm uploading it to the shop as I type so hopefully it'll be in the shop super-de-duper soon for you all!
    (And yes I have some coordinating freebies for y'all too!)

    Gather around everyone it's time for the Camp-Scrap-A-Lot freebie hunt!
    Mrs. Miles has a new set of tapes with a U.S. Military theme today.
    Kat has a new DPS template on her blog.
    Saab has more of her Rusty Days kit up for you.
    Seebee's Freebies has a cool page date marker stamp/overlay that looks cool.
    Misty has a pair of soft feminine papers up for grabs.
    Kristy has a New Day overlay up.
    Lindsay Jane has a cool new template on her blog.
    Traci has QP from her Shabby Linens kit. (I love that kit!).
    ScraperDesign has a few cool element packs called Spring Puff.
    Lena has a Cheerful Goodbye kit up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    Kim B. has some cool messy Stitching on her blog. (Scroll down for yesterday's cluster too!)
    Retro Diva has some cool stuff starting with the Cherries Jubilee papers.
    Jolie has a neat Beach Frame up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    Cyn is on a food theme for her alphas and now it's Cheese!
    (Remember the cookie and pizza ones? She's so creative!)
    I Made This has a cool set of doodles on her blog.
    The June RAK Scraps MK is looking awesome! (Must be a RAK Scraps memeber.)
    Tracy has some Retirement word art and a cool template on her blog.
    Tracy B. has another template for y'all.
    * Leave some love when you download.

    Happy scrapping y'all and we hope to see you back at Camp Scrap-A-Lot real soon!

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    Hi everyone! It's a scorcher outside today. Here's a photo I got from the VBS people of Emma's class during song time. Aren't they cute?
    See I used one of Katie Hatfield's arrows to point out the back of Emma's head. She does all the dances in the car now when I play the CD.

    I'm off to a MOM event with Emma and was cleaning house earlier so no freebie list I think today. Unless Emma goes to sleep early tonight. ( don't hold your breath, I'm not.) If you need a freebie fix pop over to the Ikea Goddess' blog. She always has a lovely list!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, June 18, 2007

    A little moxie on Monday

    Do you know what I did yesterday? NOTHING! and it was so nice. Well at least I did nothing on the computer except check my email. For Father's Day hubby wanted pizza so my life was easy. Plus he and Emma slept in so I went to church by myself and that was nice and relaxing.

    If you missed my sale yesterday it seems it ran thru today so you still have a few hours to pop over to DBD and grab everything in my shop for 30% off. That includes the collab kits I made with Jessica for Happy Scrapz!

    For all you designers out there there's a new shop, DigiShopResources, that's completely commercial use OK! It's aimed for scrapbook designers and has some great stuff in there. Manu is selling and has her Lacy Ribbons and Delicate Petals for sale. There's a bunch of other cool design tools there for you too!

    Okay let's get to the freebies:
    Retrodiva has a Newsprint Alpha for you.
    Sabine has part 2 of her Des Pensees Pour Tous kit up for grabs.
    Mrs. Miles has a cool Brown Daisy, and scroll down for yesterday's killer hot air balloon!
    Saab has more papers for her Rusty Days kit. (I love these colors!)
    Misty has a tag for you that coordinates with her new kit Allegiance.
    Acorn Designs has part 5 of Morning Glory up for grabs.
    Julie O. has part 2 of her Eastern Spice kit up.
    Lindsay Jane has a cute mini kit called Summer Breeze on her blog.
    (Scroll down one post for a cool template!)
    Michelle Swadling and Maria LaFrance have a Melon Sorbet add-on up for grabs.
    Fernlili has some cool cardboard pieces for you.
    Heather has a set of mini grunge frames up.
    Mira has a cute add-on for her Aqua Breeze kit on her blog.
    Jen has a cute Dad day word art.
    Mindy has a cool cluster frame for you.
    Christina Renee has a set of Piled High With Attitude frame clusters on her blog.
    Jennilyn has an awesome 2-page nature template!!!
    Jill has a Glittery Garden Sampler on her blog.
    Please remember to leave some love when you download freebies!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Happy Father's Day!!!

    ( I know I'm a bit early but I won't be on tomorrow.)
    I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts on my being sick. I'm still not 100% but hubby is home so he's helping with the monster know as Emma.

    Here's a layout I made from my dadoo as his Father's Day present. My sister dug up and scanned some old photos of us for me and I made this cool thing for him. It's got everything horsey rides, our trip to Hawaii, the family reunion and my wedding day.
    Luv U Dadoo!
    (See the really cool Polaroid frames of Manu's I used?)
    Messy Polaroids frames by Manu-Scraps (DigiByDesign & DigiScrapShak)
    Words of Admiration by Misty Cato
    Nightfall paper bt Kat
    Grab It- newspaper element by Nina-Scraps
    Assorted Tapes (Father's Day edition) by Mrs Miles
    Tile Alpha by Bob (designing-on-the-edge)
    Inky Edge Notebook Paper Alpha (duct tape) by Amanda Roberts
    Simply Neutral Freebie (staple) by Traci Sims
    JournalingBits(Note Card) by LaWannaDesjardin
    Stitching by Natali
    filmstrip- perfectly poppies Amy W.
    Fonts: Avant Garde,Adore, Bella Donna, Blackjack, Freebooter Script,
    Hipster, Kidsprint & Valintina

    We're having a sale at DigiByDesign tomorrow in honor of all those great dads! It's not quite store wide but a great deal of it and all my products will be 30% off.
    (Also, those 2 great ladies I CT for Manu and Jessica are 30 % off too!)

    I added a few things to the shop this week. This first one is the 2 freebies I made for the Grand Opening of DBD. I combined them for a nice mini kit and dubbed it The Blues.
    This second mini kit was what you got if you bought my Grab Bag for DBD's Grand Opening. I've dubbed it Peachy-keen.
    Grab them both on sale tomorrow in my shop!

    Now here's some freebies I've been pointed to:
    JulieO has part one of her Eastern Spice kit for you.
    Dorothy has some Purple Heaven accessories up, but the other day she has 2 killer QPs too.
    Jenny has a great for those of us with computer geeks in our life. (Cool techno stuff!)
    Valinda has an elegant dusty rose QP up.
    Mrs. Miles has a build your own ice cream cone for you.
    Miss Lindsay Jane has a cool set of cluster frames on her blog.
    Anna has a cute Cherry Blossom element up for grabs.
    Heather has a The Blues mini kit for you.
    Val has some cute Happy Flowers on her blog.
    Doxie has some great cluster frames and some dad word art up.
    Kristy has a cute and summery June freebie for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Doris has some neat word art up for grabs.
    Danielle has a Bungalow mini kit up. (Must go thru shop.)
    Remember to leave some love!

    Misty has a neat PS tutorial for applying drop shadows.

    Happy scrapping everyone!

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    Friday's Freebie list

    Okay so Emma's napping and I'm doped up on meds so I'm feeling smooth right now. Let's see what goodies we can find.

    The Fantastically Free Friday Goodie List:
    Grab some cool Father's Day word art on the Let's Scrap blog. (Sabine made them, she's so cool!)
    Valinda has a beautiful teal QP up for grabs.
    Mrs. Miles has a cute band-aid element on her blog.
    (Scroll down if you missed her Cat or Nature tapes.)
    Saab has a cool kit called Rusty Days for you. (I love the colors and grungy look.)
    Seebee's Freebies has a neat Ticket To Ride stamp up.
    Misty has a Red & Blue alpha with coordinating paper on her blog.
    Kristy made a overlay and a Salty Pea Green Soup paper pack while I was sick.
    Lindsay Jane has a add-on for Kara's Room, a doggie template and a CT call going on.
    (Add-on, must go thru shop.)
    Heather has some Swirl papers and scroll down for a cool grungy star overlay & paper.
    Traci has a killer Green Apple QP.
    Ksharonk has an add-on for her new kit Girl Basics.
    Jill has an add-on for her kit Summer Breeze.
    Karel has some of the cutest bug stickers ever seen called Going Buggy.
    CottageArts has a sampler of the new kit Destinations.
    Natali has some great messy stitches for you.
    Mindy has a fun kit called Summer Neon and a coordinating QP here.
    Kim B. has a ton of freebies up, just keep scrolling down.
    Remember to share the love!

    Scroll down for my Friday Freebie.

    Happy Scrapping!

    I scream, you scream, we scream for ice cream!

    Hi everyone I'm still feeling a bit down but I couldn't let a Friday go by with out your freebie.

    Emma is so cute, we play the VBS music CD in the car and she back there singing and doing the motions.
    I have no clue if I'll be back later with a freebie list either, I'm still not feeling 100%
    So here's a little summer mini kit I made while playing around with Betsy Tuma's Designer's tool box. I figured it was sweet: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Hey y'all. Sorry to do this 2 days in a row but I caught some kind of bug that is whipping my tushy. Emma is fine and running circles around her poor mommy. I just don't have the energy to be online today. We skipped swimming this morning and I'm having a friend take her to VBS tonight. I'll try for tomorrow but we'll have to wait and see.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Done in.

    Hey everyone. Sorry to say but I'm done in for the day. I have zero energy left to freebie hunt. If you need a freebie fix stop by the Ikea Goddess' blog. She has some great templates and other goodies listed for the day.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Is it really only Tuesday? It's been a tiring week so far. Here for you viewing pleasure are some shots of VBS. Mind you they're limited because the only other kid I'm allowed to share is Kullan so you don;t get to see a lot of the cute ones.

    First is Emma waiting for opening. It's a water park theme this year with the motto "Take the Plunge". Lots of water, swimming and fishing references.
    Playing ball while waiting to start still.
    This is where they were trying to get cute shots of the kids for the slide show on the final night but of course my darling had to play. I don't think they ever got a cute shot of her. (Well suitting still at least.)
    Here's story time, Luke 5:1-11. They're fishing, well Emma is paddling out for open water.
    I'll bring my camera again this week and see if I can get anymore good ones.

    Noe I showed you Manu's new element pack yesterday but she also has a faboo new kit!
    You can grab it at DigiByDesign or the DigiScrapShak.

    Okay let's go find some freebies:
    Manu has an add-on mini kit for her new kit Sweetness of Life for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Valinda has a bright and fun birthday QP.
    Mrs. Miles has a set of tapes today that feature dogs, they are almost word art at this point.
    Lindsay Jane has some nice neutral toned Rustic papers on her blog.
    Ilona has a Tiny Turtle Frame freebie for you.
    Heather has a Gunugy set of soild papers up.
    Anna has a bold and bright kit called Picnic Lunch up for grabs.
    Jessica S. has a cute girls toddler kit called- NO! A Toddler Girl's Creed. (Must go thru shop.)
    Sunflower has a cute add-on for her Lena's Day kit.
    Kim B. has a neat mini called My Guy and scroll down for Sweet Belle Swirls mini too.
    Doris (one of my favorite designers) has a Free for all: From Dusk to Dawn mini up.
    Princess Pam has some grunged up papers and some cute name wordarts on her blog.
    Alexa has her Fresh Day kit for you.
    Remember to share the love.

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Monday, June 11, 2007

    Lots of stuff in the shop!

    Happy Monday Everyone! I have lots to share with you all today. the first thing up is just a desktop I made of Emma sleeping in all her creative spots. The top right is a new one from yesterday where she upended the laundry basket then made her bed on top of the clothes- such a silly girl.

    Here are 2 new items from Manu they are so cool I just had to share. (Now if I could find the time to scrap with them too.) First is a set of Messy Polaroid frames:
    You can fine them at the DigiScrapShak and DigiByDesign.

    This next one is a cool set of Delicate Petals, they are commercial OK so you can use them in your LOs or any kits you make.
    You can find them at DigiByDesign or the DigiScrapShak.

    Now onto my new stuff in the shop. First isn't actually new, it my Summer Fun kit. It had been free with any purchase but if you missed out you can get it now in my DigiByDesign shop.
    You can still grab the Summer Fun add-on freebie here too.

    This next one is and add-on for my Amazing Technicolor Dream collection. I took the 2 parts from my chat and put them together. You can grab this mini kit for $2 at DigiByDesign.
    Find the Amazing Technicolor Dream add-on here.

    Now you may know about Jessica Gorny and my fun forum Happy Scrapz. Well if you missed out on getting any of the past challenge bonus kits you can now buy them at DigiByDesign!
    Find Rocket Thru Space and Sweet Friendship here.

    Okay, enough with the products let's get to some freebies!
    Mary Anne has a lovely add-on mini kit Cortinas del Azul for you.
    Sabine has part 1 of4, of her new kit Des Pensees Pour Tous on her blog.
    Mrs. Miles has more tapes for you. (Butterflies and birds)
    Seebee's Freebies has a nice black paper up.
    (Coordinates with her new pack but is great general use too.)
    Misty has a Baby Blues mini kit for you.
    Badcandy has a new sampler for her kit Lovely up for grabs.
    Acorn Designs has part 4 of Morning Glory up.
    Lindsay Jane has a new mini kit Summer for you.
    Heather has some Clipped Papers on her blog.
    Tina has an interesting alpha called Sweet Spot up. (Must go thru shop.)
    Nana's Attic has started a new kit called Little Man,
    papers and elements are up.
    Julie has a beautiful Butterfly sampler for you.
    Ping has a pretty Summer sampler up for grabs.
    Janosch has a Fresh part 2 on her blog.
    (Scroll down if you missed part 1.)
    Jessica S. has a cool kit fro the hot summer, Strawberry Lemonade.
    Maryse has a new mini kit Marelade on her blog.
    Please remember to leave some love when you download.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    What a weekend, and it's only half over!

    Whew, I'm glad the day is over! We had lots of fun last night at the church BBQ. Then today was go, go, go! Emma skipped her nap and was as a result very grumpy all afternoon evening. On the up side it means she went down early and won't be such a pain to get up for services tomorrow. And VBS starts tomorrow night! I don't know if I'm looking forward to it or dreading it. I suppose it'll depend on how Emma handles it since that's where my feelings are centered around. I hope she can handle it, we'll see.

    Also Emma and I have Baby Swim lessons for the next 2 weeks starting on Monday so I'm going to be a busy bee! (Eeeek!)

    Here are some shots from last night. I have a ton more but they all have other people in them and I don't like to bandy photos of others around the net without permission.

    Okay, let's start off with a quality shot of Emma. This is after we ate and mommy (played by me) remembered she had a camera.
    Here's a great one of Emma and Kullan. These 2 are always huggy and lovie. So we were trying to get a on camera kiss since they do those all the time but of course my darling would have none of it. Poor Kullan suffering his first rejection.
    I had to threaten Kristen with flinging the desserts I was standing next to at her in order to get her to turn around for this photo.
    Here's one of my bible study buddies telling the kids it was his turn to play with the bean bag toss.
    Emma discovering the youth minister's doggie.
    Emma and Kullan wheeling it! You'll notice neither has figured out petals yet. (FYI- Emma had her helmet with her but after the fifth time of us putting it on and taking it off it was laid to the side. )
    And lastly for your giggling pleasure one of Emma and me. I wish Kristen had told me my hat was coming off before she shot this rather than afterwards.
    I hope you all stopped by and grabbed some of those cool kits that were part of the Super Saver Saturday sale at DBD today.

    I know I promised to show you Manu's new goodies but it's still 100F out and I'm too hot and sticky to unzip them and find the previews. I'll have them for you on Monday and hopefully in a LO too!

    Now then, let's go freebie hunting:
    Mary Anne has an add-on for her Painted Roses but it's only 24 hrs so go quick!
    Misty has a beautiful QP up for grabs.
    Mrs. Miles has an interresting set of tapes today feturing Tea,
    there's some really neat ones in there today.
    Heather has a Funky Nature overlay for you!
    Tracy has some cool Circle Quote Frames.
    Olive has something for your chocolate chip cookie cravings with a cool alpha to boot!
    Sylvia has an alpha add-on for her Summer Romances kit.
    Bob has a Tile Aphla to match the frames from a few days ago.
    Tina has a For the Boys kit on her blog.
    Graziela has a nice neutral mini kit called Thaty. (Good stuff.)
    Julie has a bright and fun kit called.... Fun in the Sun!
    Metal mama has a Flowtastic sampler and CT call.
    Fernlili has a dual sampler of her 2 new kits Fudge and Sunday.
    Tara has a cute New York wordart up.
    Princess Pamela has a great new DPS template up.
    (She's also had some great single pages since our last visit so scroll down.)
    Please remember to leave some love when you download freebeis!
    (Or even when you just admire them, is nice too.)

    Happy Scrapping and I'll see you Monday... I think.

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Catching up and some wordart

    Hi everyone I missed you yesterday. I was on the run all day except during Emma's nap, but guess what? Yep, the cable & internet were out again!!! They need to stop messing with my access! According to my hubby it went out again later but I was out with the girls. Tonight is the kick off for summer and VBS at church, it's a wheels party & BBQ. So were supposed to bring bikes, skates, boards anything with wheels. Food and fun will be had. Then Sunday starts the week of actual VBS classes, which if you remember I've volunteered for. So, I don't know if or how often I'll be able to post next week. Ugh I can hear the construction going out out back and hope the cable and such stays today but hubby is off so I won't have a lot of time on here anyway.

    Okay, today's Friday Freebie are some cute little wordarts I made to celebrate this official launch of the summer. They're beach wordart, one of them is even a quote for my quote challenge over at DBD. Talk about me making it easy for you to participate this month- LOL!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Friday's Freebie List:
    Valinda has a pretty soft blue QP up for grabs.
    There's a free alpha on the Let's Scrap blog!
    Michaele has a father's day word art for you.
    Mrs. Miles has some musical tapes up.
    (And scroll down if you missed the Father's Day tapes from Thursday.)
    Saab has Rust Flowers up for grabs.
    Seebee's Freebies has some new papers for the Dream Trip mega kit on her blog.
    Ksharonk has a Pink Posy mini kit for you.
    Mindy has a school Days mini kit on her blog.
    Kim B. has parts 1 & 2 of Sweet Belle up for grabs.
    Maddy has a Father's Day kit sampler on her blog.
    Heather has some Strange Bits up. (Funky stitches, pipe cleaners, etc)
    Lindsay Jane has a frame cluster that coordinates with her new kit Andrew's Train for you.
    Julieo has part 2 of Dusted Blossoms up.
    Nana's Attic has new parts of her Country Delight kit waiting for you.
    Janidee has a cute My Dad mini kit and QP on her blog. (Seriously cute here people.)
    Lottchen has some Messy Ribbons (or measure tapes) up.
    Janosch has a Fresh mini kit up for grabs.
    Mary Anne has a add-on for her Dandelion Bouquets kit. (Must go thru shop.)
    Bob has some Srabble tile frames and word art for Father's Day.
    T.K. has a sample of Colourfull Spring Day.
    Jan has a Blueberry Grunge add-on for you.
    Please remember to share the love everyone!

    * My internet keeps coming and going as they work out back so who knows what the future will hold.

    ** My kit Amethyst Arrows is 50% off tomorrow (6/9) for the Super Saver Saturday Sale at DBD.

    *** DigiScrapShak are having a Birthday Bash on Sat 9th of June!!!!! Watch for all the Special boxes: $2.00 surprise boxes from all the designers Chat with owner @ 7PM and you will receive another awesome surprise! Storewide sale 40% all Digi Supplies, this includes Membership to their Member downloads! Watch forums for more surprises to come!

    ~Manu has 3 new items in her DigiScrapShak shop all of which are super cool. I'll have previews and such tomorrow for you but if you want to take a look you can find them here:
    Delicate Petals- Commercial OK
    Messy Polaroids- frames
    Metal Flowers- were on her blog but if you missed them you can grab them still.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    I saw this on Saab's blog and thought it'd be fun:

    My blog is worth $95,407.26.
    How much is your blog worth?

    Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    What a Wednesday!

    Well it's Wednesday again, middle of the week. Tomorrow I have a play date for Emma in the morning and then the evening is Mom's night out so I don't know how much of a chance I'll get to post tomorrow. Today I thought she was going to skip her nap but then she just went down late, and then the alarm clock went off for some reason to wake her up early. Oh well, what's a schedule for anyway?

    Now then there are 3 new grab bags up at DigiByDesign. One is Jessica's and it's an awesome deal for only $2! I know what's in it, but can't tell you. But I will say go buy it NOW!!!!The other two are by Melissa (Miss Pix) and Mary Anne (Curth) and are $2.50 each. I know some of what's in Melissa's and so I can totally say it's worth the money, and while I don't know what's in Mary Anne's she does such awesome work I can't imagine it's not worth the money. So grab them all!!

    Okay, here's today's list of goodies:
    Mrs. Miles has more spots themed tapes up.
    (She says they're sports themed but well I never could spell.)
    Misty has a sampler of the next part in her About A Boy collection years 5-9.
    Kristy has a new overlay called Spritz.
    Julieo has part one of Dusted Blossoms for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a beautiful mini called Think Pink up for grabs.
    Rachel has some cool charms up.
    Heather has a grunge overlay on her blog.
    Traci has a new template up for grabs.
    Janidee has the final installment of her Guardian Angel kit up. (It's so pretty go grab all of it!)
    Digital Diva's Design has their Junk MK, HoneyDewMelon for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Mandy has a fun new kit called Beach Bum, filled with doodles!
    Anne has the June kit from 2Peas, very soft and pretty.
    Andrea has a new template up.
    A different Anne has some cool looking Popcicle elements for you.
    Tonje has an Empty Cave add-on up for grabs.
    Maria has a Give A Dog a Bone freebie up.
    Mindy has a Safari Adventure mini kit on her blog.
    Kim B. has a Doodly Doo mini set for you too.
    Please remember to share the love.

    * 3Scrapteers is having their Summer Mega Crop. Download the MK then show up at the chat to get the password. This is huge!!

    ** Please stop by Oscraps: Friends & family section and buy some kits to support Carla Gibson's family in their time of loss and need. Read her incredible husband George's posts here and here.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    No Internet!!!!

    Okay, here's what happened. As some of you may remember they're building houses behind ours. Well they're connecting up their utilities to the existing ones already in place on our street. Well that means they mess up and I had no internet or cable for 6 hours today!!!!! Now I'm not on here constantly but morning time is my time to be online and cruise around for me, then during Emma's nap I get to look for freebies and post my blog. Well little of either happened today.

    So instead I scrapped a page from my vacation out to California this spring. This is Emma with her Uncle Brent and my hubby's best buddy Scott at the park.
    kit- Mother's Love kit and blog freebie by Jessica Gorny (availible at OAKS)
    template- Jumpstarts blog No. 11
    fonts- Blacjack and Kidprint

    And since I couldn't go freebie searching I made up this little template for you all to enjoy! Yes, it's what I used for the LO above.
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Freebie Tips: (these are ones I got via email or just my daily blog reads)
    Kris has some Rusty Floral frames up.
    Tara has a stamp brush on her blog.
    Jill has a sampler of her Butterfly Garden for you.
    Mrs. Miles has some spot themed Tapes up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has The Blues paper pack up.
    Heather has some cool papers and a killer overlay on her blog.
    Monique has some summer doodles for you.
    Kim B. has an add-on for her Bygone kit, a envelope and tag.
    Saab has a set of colored flowers and templates up for grabs.
    Shandy has a template for you.
    Don't forget to share some love when you download freebies!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, June 04, 2007

    Emma's future career!

    Welcome to a new week. I read a new book today called Very Unusual Bad Boys. It is a sci-fi/romance, how wonderful it is to combine two of my favorite types of books! Anywho I couldn't put it down and Emma sat in my lap reading with me. (She's so cute and got most of her pictures/words right in her flashcard "book".)

    Okay, here are some cute shots of Em chopping up her food set. I used this month's fabulous mega kit, Sizzling Summer, over at DigiByDesign, it's still on sale for only $3.99!
    kit- Sizzling Summer June mega kit at DBD
    template- Jumpstarts collection 8-2 (also at DBD)
    font- AvantGarde

    Now then onto the lists!
    Weeds and Wildflowers has a new sampler of their Coming Home kit.
    Jana has a sampler of her kit My Family.
    Miss Vivi has part 1 and part 2 of her kit Nonces a Maurice up.
    Kim B. has a word art add-on for her Bygone kit. (Scroll down one post for the sampler.)
    Mindy has a Pink Lady mini kit up for grabs.
    (Scroll down if you missed the contrasting mini kit Little Boy Blue.)
    Carol has a tin alpha for you.
    Pillowgirl has some beautiful papers called Berry Lime.
    Michaele has a small add-on for her Creamscicle Mudslide kit and a CT call.
    Mrs. Miles has more tapes today and they're fruit-a-licious!
    Misty has a sample of her new kit Young at Heart up.
    Lindsay Jane has a cute mini kit Adriatic Sun for you.
    Please remember to share the love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Sunday, June 03, 2007

    New Jumpstarts in the shop!

    Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to you! Just wanted to pop on by and share with you my newest collection of Jumpstarts layered templates up now in the DigiByDesign shop!

    This is collection No. 10. It's 4 fun general use templates that go that extra mile with added embellishments such as stitching and/or zippers. I hope you like them!

    Here's a closer look at the details in this collection:
    You can find them here in the DigiByDesign Shop!

    The weekend list:
    Mrs. Miles has even more cool tapes up.
    Michaele has her new template challenge up at Deco pages.
    Seebee's Freebies has a second set of stitches up fro grabs.
    Christine has the final part of her Grungy Athlete kit. (It's cool.)
    Mary Anne has 2 more alphas for you on her blog.
    Julieo has part 3 of the beautiful Butterfly Garden kit up.
    Lindsay Jane has an add-on for her Precious Boy kit.
    That frame crazy girl Heather has still more neat-o frames on her blog.
    Traci has a Split Pea sampler for you.
    Please remember to share the love.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. If you are still having Happy Scrapz problems I apologize. It seems they lost all of them on the whole site and are slowly going back and recovering them. Thank you all for being patient while they get it all back up and running. (Seems to be happening a lot lately to different sites.)

    Saturday, June 02, 2007

    Super Saturday!

    Hi all! A few announcements to start off with.

    I want to apologize about Happy Scrapz site having been down. It was a site hosting problem and is now back. Again sorry for any problems and/or delays.

    For future reference I won't be on much the week of the 10th-15th. that's VBS here and it'll Emma's first time so I'm volunteering to be in the classroom with her. If she does okay I'll help out in other spots but I'll still be there. So I probably won't have time to do many posts or lists that week, but you can always go see the wonderful Ikea Goddess for freebie fixes!

    Okay now, onto better things. I made a new LO for you all to see. It's Emma and myself along with a bunch of little friends over at Kullan's house for a playdate.
    Simplicity by Manu-Scraps (DigiByDesign and DigiScrapShak)
    fonts- Hipnocritic and Kidprint

    And as chance would have it Manu has her Simplicity kit on sale at DigiByDesign today for 50% off. So it's only $2.50!! Use it by itself or mix with colored kits, it's very versatile and a goodie for your scrap arsenal.
    Also part of DigiByDesign's Super Saver Saturday is my collection of Jumpstarts: On The Go. It too is 50% off. That's only $2.00 for these fun templates!
    There are several other great kits all 50% off in the Super Saver Saturday sale at DBD, if you want to take a look. (My personal favorite is School's Out- but I have no big kids to scrap with it.)

    Now then, I'll try to get back later with a list but it's summer here now and I have to work a half shift at the pool tonight and I have a playdate for Emma in a little while so it might not be up until tomorrow. We'll play it by ear.

    The Ikea Goddess has some great templates listed that I missed yesterday if nothing else.
    Mrs. Miles has some really cute sets of assorted Tapes. (They're adorable)
    Nana's Attic has more of her Country Delight kit up.
    Janidee has the ribbons, trims and alpha for her Guardian Angel kit for you.
    Candee(Lvred) has the 3rd and final part of Charlie's World up for grabs.
    Heather still has frames on the mind and another 2 beauties for you.

    Have a great weekend and happy scrapping!

    P.S. Did I mention that I just bought 10 new books to read- oh I'm going to be a busy beaver!

    Friday, June 01, 2007

    Fantastically Friday!!!

    So much today to share!

    It's a new month and so that means new challenges and mega kits! We'll start with the DigiByDesign mega kit for June called Sizzling Summer. This kit is huge and so much fun!
    On sale now for $3.99 in the DigiByDesign shop!

    Here's the posting bonus for taking part in my Quote Challenge this month over at DBD!
    There are many more challenges in the DBD forum with coordinating posting bonuses, go take a look!

    Next up are the challenges over at Happy Scrapz. We have a template, grab bag, font and surprise challenge every month. This month if you complete all 4 challenges you'll get this killer kit Sand, Sea, Sun!

    Here's the preview of the template challenge over at Happy Scrapz!
    (You must be a memeber to get the template.)

    And finally here's my Friday Freebie for you loyal readers of my blog: Jumpstarts Blog No. 10
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Friday's Freebie List:
    Jessica has a new template for you!
    Badcandy has two new samplers up for grabs.
    Kristy has a paper kit called Rosy Apple Ripple up.
    Lindsay Jane has an add-on for her kit Claire's Room. (Must go thru shop.)
    Shandy has a template for you.
    Pamela has a funky template on her blog.
    Tracy has a cool template up for grabs.
    Johanna has a template for you. (And some cool party tips.)
    Kimberly has a neat Strawberry Patch kit! (Part1, Part 2, Part 3)
    Kim J. is celebrating her 2 year designing anniversary with a contest and a freebie.
    Heather R. has a CT call with a free kit Playground. (Scroll down for a June desktop.)
    Kay has a cute Tooth Fairy add-on to her Enchanted kit for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Laura has a 3 Cheers paper pack up for grabs. (Link in middle right sidebar.)
    Ksharonk has a Boys Basics mini kit on her blog.
    Please leave some love when you download freebies!

    * Elemental Scraps is having a Grand Re-Opening this weekend. Big 50% off sale and lots of samplers! (Free or $1 and less)
    ** Jessica is having a 25% off sale for her baby's 1st birthday!
    ( At all 3 stores: DBD, DSD, OAKS)

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    P.S. Tomorrow my Jumpstarts On The Go collection will be 50% off for the Super Saver Saturday at DBD.