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    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    The List

    Here's your list for today!
    Kim B. has some Loveable words for you.
    Lena has a nice mini for you called Sea-Breeze, love the colors!
    Babs has a cute Love QP on her blog.
    Lori has A Gift Of Love add-on/sampler for you.
    Princess Pam has the letter A alphas for the ABC: Run & Skip up! Wonderful work!
    Val made you an Old mini kit.
    PinkuPixie has a adorable Love mini kit.
    Manu Z. has a fabulous add-on for her Lifetime Moments kit!
    Miss Vivi has a lovely QP with her On the Road kit. (And one by Candie HERE!)
    Maun70 has a fabulous set of Beat Up frames.
    Michelle Coleman has a Wild Sorbet kit for you!

    And if you have a chance check out Belle's site. She's Kristy Wiseman's daughter and they need our help. I've listed a lot of Kristy's freebies (especially the overlays) in the past. Please make a small donation for a struggling little girl, who just wants to walk and be without pain.

    Oh and Thursday is the last day to get the subscription to Atomic Cupcake. If you haven't bought it yet here's your last chance!

    And scroll down then comment on how adorable Emma is in her princess photos!

    Later gators!

    It's Magic!

    Hi all! Yes, I'm feeling loads better this week. And I had a lovely day off with the family too! Now then as my month of guest CT-ing over at Sophia Sarducci Shoppe is almost over I figure I'll share a few of my latest LOs with you all! These were all made using Sophia's Magical Vacation goodies. She made them last Oct when she and her family went to Disney World, at the time she sold them as a "grab bag" called the magical suitcase (That's when I bought them) but now you can get each part individually for a couple of bucks. They're fabulous and well worth the money! I'm in love with the page curls myself but I'll get to more soon I'm sure. (Solid papers are free!)

    This first one you can tell is from Halloween, my cute little fairy!
    papers- Magical Vacation Papers (patterns and solids) by Sophia Sarducci
    page curl- Magical Curled Edges by Sophia Sarducci
    glitter overlay- Magical Dust Overlays by Sophia Sarducci
    beads- October: Dime Store Beads by Sophia Sarducci
    wrap- Wound and Bound by Kim B. Designs
    font(s)- Mascara and Black Chancery

    This one is also from Halloween, again it's our pastor in his Harry Potter glory.
    papers- Magical Vacation Papers (patterns and solids) by Sophia Sarducci
    page curl- Magical Curled Edges by Sophia Sarducci
    glitter overlay- Magical Dust Overlays by Sophia Sarducci
    beads- October: Dime Store Beads by Sophia Sarducci
    word art- Magical Word Art by Sophia Sarducci
    font(s)- Mascara

    And then this is Emma in her Princess outfit. I made her a tutu and got a crown and scepter in the dollar section at Target- she was so cute!!! This one is a card I made so I could mail the photos to the relatives. (So Dadoo a hard copy is on it's way!)
    Credits: (Items colorized to match photos- originals pink & blue)
    papers- Magical Vacation Papers (patterns) by Sophia Sarducci
    page curl- Magical Curled Edges by Sophia Sarducci
    beads- October: Dime Store Beads by Sophia Sarducci
    word art- Magical Word Art by Sophia Sarducci

    Because they are adorable I'm going to share the big versions of the photos from yesterday with y'all! First is my princess in her thrown.
    Nest is her lying down and just being adorable.
    This was the first photos we took, can I tell you how hard it was to get her to sit still?
    She was actually growling at us in this photo, being a "lion".
    Emma playing with her pearls, we were lucky to get her standing still.
    This one is my favorite photo of them all. She looks so serious and adorable, I just want to reach in and hug her!
    Okay- that's enough of my cutie for now. I will be back either during quiet/nap time or after she goes to bed tonight with some freebie tips for y'all!

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. For the tutu I used tulle rolls from the wedding section of Walmart, so the whole thing cost me less than $10 and no sewing was involved!

    Monday, January 28, 2008

    You're on your own!

    I am finally feeling better, not 100%, but better. My hubby has the day off so we're having a family day. I know you all understand. I just popped on here to let you all know while Emma naps. Ok- I'm off to play with my hubby! TTYL!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    Freebie List

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back but I'm just not shaking whatever this is that's kicking my tushy. and of course the doctor is like wait until you finish the pills then come back. UGH! I just want to be vertical and not feel all woosy. So once again Barb has come to my rescue. She can't handle me not having freebies listed so when I'm not fast enough she goes looking for me... my hero!!! (Either that or I've turned her into a closet freebie hunter-lol!)

    Barb has some glitter hearts for you.
    Valinda has some great Valentine QPs up, scroll on down and take a peek.
    Malou has a Doodle Maniac kit up for grabs.
    missScrap has some glitter swirlies up.
    Gina has some templates for you HERE and HERE.
    Babs has a lovely Valentine QP on her blog.
    Princess Pam has more of her ABC kits up. (Scroll down to grab them all.)
    Jenni has some Doodle Love for you.
    Bonnie has a sampler of her new kit Down at the Bottom of the Garden...
    Carol has a Glitter Mess alpha up for grabs.
    Diana has a small Snow Day element pack.
    Kris has a Star Dust Trails add-on on her blog.
    Kim B. has a CT made add-on for her Forgotten Not kit.
    Misty has some Glitter Kraft Shapes for you.

    And here's the latest for my shop. I made some more Lovely Lace but this batch is Commercial Use OK. You can find Lovely Lace-CU now in my DBD shop! My fav is the layered PSD file that you can color the ribbon threaded thru the scalloped lace any color you want!
    And of course you can grab it for personal use too if you want. Two of the pieces are in yesterday's post for a personal use freebie!

    Happy scrapping and have a great weekend!

    Friday, January 25, 2008

    Lovely Lace

    Ok, for today's Friday freebie I tried my hand at making some digital scalloped lace. I hope you all like it! Here's some Lovely Lace for you to embellish those Valentine LOs and such you're all making!
    download Lovely Lace

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. I'll try to be back later with Freebies if Emma takes a nap.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    I forgot the freebie...

    My head is definitely muddled. I made you all a cute little blog freebie add-on to Love Letters to go with tonight's chat. Doh! Well here's the freebie and don't forget to swing by chat at 9 pm est tonight in the DBD chat room!

    download Love Letters Blog add-on

    Happy Scrapping!

    Chat tonight!

    Just a quick reminder about the Love Letters chat tonight in the DBD chat room at 9pm eastern. Cool attendance and posting gifties for y'all and the kit is on sale all day today too for 50% off!!! I hope to see you all there, I don't know if I'll be there for the whole chat.

    While my 'head cold' ends up being, to quote my doctor, "You've got a right nasty upper respiratory infection there young lady." He's giving me some lovely drugs but being vertical still makes me cough, which in turn makes my head explode in pain and bright flashing lights. Then to top it all off Emma tried really hard to break my nose with the back side of her head while dancing on my lap. My poor head just can't take much more.

    Here are a few tips for today but I'm just not up for much yet:
    Amy F. has some neat Love Promises chocolate wrappers. They're really just too cool.
    Inked Edges has a fun paper pack called Fun Times. (Must go thru shop.)
    Princess Pam has more of her ABC Run and Skip kits up. (Scroll down to find them all) She also has listed some of the add-ons others have made.
    Amsen has an add-on paper pack for PP's ABC Run.
    Krista has a neat new kit called Tattered.
    Kim B. has made a beautiful memorial kit called Forgotten Not and is sharing a sampler with you. (And a gorgeous Feb desktop with the kit HERE.)
    Please remember to leave some love people!

    Happy Scrapping and I'll see you tonight!

    Monday, January 21, 2008


    Ok, I have a serious head cold that's kicking my tushy. SO I'm going to be quick. I combined all the minis from the MMM and put Love Letters into the shop. I'll also be featured in a chat on Wednesday at 9 pm est in the DBD chat room. I made 2 great add-ons for Love Letters and the kit will be on sale that day to boot! Hope to see everyone there!

    Okay I wasn't up for freebie hunting because my head is about to fall off, so the wonderful Mrs. Miles (aka- Barb) helped me, or rather she did it for me. But first I must tell you about our mutual friend Olivia, she has some great new Valentine goodies in her Sophia Sarducci Shoppe. And she has two great freebies, one being hosted on Barb's blog and the other on the SSS blog. Swing by and grab them.

    I need to go lay down so I'm sorry to say I'm not linking these freebies she sent me, just posting the list. You'll have to copy and paste them. If that's too much work, go check out Ikea Goddess blog for freebies. (<---- Link in left side bar.) Here you go:


    cute angel here: http://www.blauebeere.blogspot.com/


    nice brush set here: http://scrapstewsue.blogspot.com/


    freebie mini here called Dragonfly: http://ptitesouris106.blogspot.com/

    faded Valentine freebie: http://chiggerlanedesigns.blogspot.com/

    Lily Valentine kit here: http://louclark.blogspot.com/

    I really like this mini! http://www.happy-scrap.com/

    fairies! http://www.mydigistyle.com/?p=242

    Thanks a million Barb!
    Hugs to all and happy scrapping!

    Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Suddenly Saturday

    I don't know where yesterday went but I never got back on the computer. Between hubby and Emma there was no computer for me to use anyway, so here I am. Don't forget tomorrow is the last day for the MMM sale at DBD and I'm sure there's some great kits in today's Super Saver Saturday for 50% off, if you want to take a peek while you're there.
    (Find my MMM minis here: Love Letters collection (papers, elements, stationary & alpha), Jumpstarts Hearts 2 collection, Honeybees, Crazy Daisy and Lil' Boys mini kits)

    No, I haven't sent out this week's newsletter yet. But I did get the baby blanket finished for the baby shower tomorrow!

    Ok, here's the freebie tip list:
    Chantri has a Sugar and Spice kit for you.
    Cristiana has a nice mini kit called Pistache & Cremily.
    Susan has Scouts Honor part 1 & part 2 on her blog.
    (Excellent man/boy/camping kit even if they're not a Boy Scout.)
    Princess Pam has the papers for her ABC- Skip kit up (scroll down for the patterned) in addition to a pretty sampler of her Vintage Valentine kit. (Scroll down further to grab her ABC- Run kit papers.)
    LouCee has two neat beaded charms on her blog.
    Aneczka has a cute Friendly Dog kit up.
    Bren has put her Lightroom presets back on her blog. Great way to add some pizazz to your photos.
    Melanie has some great new word arts up.
    Tracy (the newest DBD designer) has a great template for you!
    Maryse has a neat QP from her new kit Forever Yours.
    Trish has a template on her blog.
    Peta has a Blue Bliss mini kit.
    Tina has a great Faith Based QP for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Lorri has a great template on her blog.
    Dawn has 2 new beautiful QPs up for grabs.
    ScrappyBlueStones has a freebie to go with her Love Letters kit! (Wonderful!)
    Digital Scrap Spirit has a collab freebie for you called Smell The Flowers.
    AmelieScrap has a Fresh add-on on her blog.
    Michelle has a gorgeous Floral Butterfly paper!
    Kim B. has an add-on for her African Sunset kit up for grabs. (Great word art HERE too.)
    Lindsay Jane has a neat Valentine template up.
    Shauna has a pertty, but un-named, mini kit for you.
    Ksharonk has a beautiful Art QP on her blog.
    Sylvia has a great qp/template, some elements are given but you need to add your own papers.
    Amy F. has a set of Valentine greeting card templates up.
    Michelle has part 1 of Home Sweet Home up.
    Please remember to leave some love when snagging the freebies!
    -And scroll down to grab my template from yesterday!

    Xashee posted about some neat facts in Iraq. Take a peek, they're eye openers.

    Happy scrapping and have a great weekend!
    * Big thanks to Barb for helping me freebie hunt!*

    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Friday Freebie Time!

    Hi there y'all! Have you been to yoga today? I have! And guess what? I can touch my toes again! Yea! Okay, enough of that. Here's a little LO I made for mt TAW this week. I will freely admit this song is about me not Emma but I didn't have any photos of me sitting on the pot so I stick her on there instead.
    Bren Boone- Lil Something freebie (paper and corner)
    Pam- Scrapppers Basic Set: Notice it ( graph paper and heart)
    Miss Mint- Playground Pop (frame and star doodles)
    BadCandy- Punk (eyelet ribbon)
    Meredith Fenwick- ASPCA Goodie (corner flourish)
    font- Avant garde

    And remember that the Mid-Month Madness sale is still going on thru Sunday at DigiByDesign! You can find lots of great scrap products but Manu made a bunch of cool Commercial Use minis for you, and at 98 cents they're a steal!
    You can find all her MMM goodies in her DBD shop!

    And here's your goodie for today a new Jumpstart!
    download Jumpstart blog No. 24

    And have some freebie tips for you, but I'll be back with them later we're off to run errands.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    It's Madness I'm telling you!

    Yeppers, Mid-Month Madness is here! Head on over to grab any of the 98 items we have that are all just 98 cents! We have mini kits, templates, commercial use items, paper packs, element packs and alphas galore! All just waiting for you!
    Grab any or all of my Love Letters collection (papers, elements, stationary & alpha), the new Jumpstarts Hearts 2 collection or my super cute Honeybees mini kit. I also brought back my Crazy Daisy and Lil' Boys mini kits from the Fall MMM sale. SO head on over and grab some goodies for a steal.

    Have a wonderful and scrapbooking day!
    (I don't know when/if I'll be back with a freebie list. I'm trying to finish crocheting a baby blanket for a shower this weekend first.)

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    As madness approaches...

    That's right another Mid-Month Madness is almost here! Starting Tuesday and going thru Sunday, DigiByDesign will be holding it's quarterly Mid-Month Madness event! Lots of great goodies all on sale for just 98 cents!
    I actually scrapped this weekend, can you believe it? Here's the 2 LOs I made and they're both about me rather than the munchkin. Who knew I had it in me? So the first one is the long anticipated goals/resolutions page and the second one is the pre-week Lo for the TAW class/group I'm doing. Enjoy!
    kit- Memories of the County Fair by Sophia Sarducci
    font- Kidprint

    Weeds and wildflowers- Discovering You
    Princess Pam- Defining You
    MPO- Ring Around Ribbons
    Mrs. Miles -Old Watch & Air Balloon
    Kim B. Designs- Stacked Journal
    Tayolr Made- Compacted Word Art
    Janna Billman- Monkey freebie
    Natli- Funny Stitches
    Nurse Designs- Yesterday's Wishes
    Scrappy Pony- Grungy Index Cards
    Katie Hadfield- Fabric Flowers
    Natlie Braxton- Birthday Bash
    Cottage Arts- Destinations Sampler
    contract- TAW book

    Okay, let's go find some freebies now!
    Panos FX has some really cool PS actions but my fav so far is the B&Big picture.
    Karah has a neat set of Conversation Hearts up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    The Sophia Sarducci Shoppe is having a designer call and each applicant made a super awesome mini kit for you! Go grab all 7! (Please leave feedback/love for each one since this will effext being chosen.)
    Gina has a wonderful template for you!
    Scrap Stew Sue has a neat set of Valentine PS brushes!
    Design July has a neat kit called Pastel for you.
    Lili has a Hawaiian New Year kit up fr grabs.
    Digiscrap.ch has some cool freebies if you just scroll down. I like the demi-circle stitches!
    Pillowgirl has a cute American Sweet-heart mini kit on her blog.
    Fa Maura has a neat set of frames.
    Kim B. has a fabuolus sampler of her new kit, Close Knit.
    Remember to please leave some love.

    *Atomic Cupcake is changing their pricing structure from a membership download club to a per item shop. That means you only have until the 31 of Jan to grab all her actions and/or kits for one low price! If you haven't done so yet I'd go get a membership and start downloading!! (Existing memberships will continue until expiration but there'll be no renewals.) Makes me sad but good for BriAnna!

    Happy Scrapping.

    P.S. Please try to remember our nation in your nightly prayers as we head into this election year. We all need to research our candidates and pray for His guidance when we step into those booths in November. (Or sooner if you're taking part in primary's.) Good leadership starts with an informed decision of it's choosing.

    Friday, January 11, 2008

    Hi everyone!

    Just popping in to leave you a freebie and a few tips! Have a great weekend!

    Tomorrow for the Super Saver Saturday Sale my Holiday Doodads will be 50% off, that's just $1! There's some cool elements int here for year round use in addition to the holiday fun!

    Here's a little hybrid goodie I made from a kit that'll be in the shop next week, for Mid-Month Madness, called Love Letters. So consider this your sneak peek. (I don't have a preview because a little someone was playing with my camera and now I can't get it to upload-grrr.)

    download Love Letters Valentine box

    Here's a few tips for you:
    Trivette Designs has a cool mini called Peachy King for you.
    MGL Scraps has a neat add-on for her Obsession kit.
    Camille has a neat set of Musical elements.
    Kim B. has another darling ricrac-flowered frame for you!
    Shauna has a QP and a CT call going on her blog.
    Karen has a Flutter Friday Freebie up for grabs.
    Anna has a add-on to Impressions and Anticipation.
    Heather has a Think Pink mini kit on her blog.
    Remember to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!
    P.S. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter/yahoo group if you want some more exclusive goodies from me! (Click button in right sidebar---->)

    Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    As I continue to buzz along...

    Today was another busy day. I went to the YMCA this morning for Yoga then came home ate breakfast, showered and we were off again! It was our weekly shopping expedition to all the shops to stock up for the week. Then Hubby was off so we did some family stuff, While Emma napped today (yes, she napped!!) hubby played on here so I read a book and did some housework. Then CPS showed up and woke Emma from her nap and it was cranky little miss for the rest of the day. What fun that was!

    Okay, here's a few freebie tips for y'all but I haven't been on much so I didn't look too hard:
    Taylormade has some wonderful word art for you! (Must be registered to get-Oscraps.)
    The Digital Scrap Shop has parts 1-3 of Dreadfully Happy up. (Part 4 will be tomorrow/Thurs!)
    Misty has a great Pink Glitter alpha!!!
    Susan has 2 paper packs called My Baby Love up, one for boys one for girls!
    Kim has a super cool vintage cluster journaling thingy, and a template HERE.
    Wendy has a darling Valentine-ish QP on her blog. (Thanks Maria, for pointing her out to me!)
    Derek has part 1 & part 2 of Sweet Tooth up for grabs.
    Acorn Designs has been doing a piece-by-piece(daily) download
    at DBD if you want to grab a cool kit!
    Remember to leave some love people!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, January 07, 2008

    "Buzz, buzz" said the busy bee.

    Okay so I never came back. Let me tell you it was go, go, go all weekend. Friday was date night and that was fun, Emma had a blast at Parent's Night Out at the YMCA too! Then Saturday was a double b-day party day plus I had to get ready for being the "hospitality hostess" at church on Sunday. Then Sunday was church and spent some time playing outside with Emma since it was the first warm day in awhile. And somewhere in there I went into Raleigh and shopping with Kristen. Whew it was busy time. So now it's Monday again, and tonight Emma starts gymnastics with Kullan! It should be... interesting.

    Okay let's go find you all some goodies:
    Gina has a lovely net set of papers on her blog.
    Scrapgirls has the Eternal Love kit for you.
    Grandma Pat has a neat QP in both 12x12 and 8.5x11
    Inked Edges had a Lots of Luv mini for you. (Comment HERE, must go thru shop.)
    Conny B. has a great template for you as part of the Retrodiva monthly challenge.
    Mrs. Miles has a cute heart beaded charm thingy, that's adorable!
    Mindy has a lovely set of Verdigris/journal frames.
    Silva has a set of flowers that are pretty cool.
    Shauna made a great QP with her Mother's Love mini.
    Carrie has a fabulous kit called Cinnamon Nutmeg on her blog. (Be quick it'll be done soon.)
    BPAR has a nice plant freebie up.
    Amy B. has a FOr The Love Of Clover add-on for you.
    Ksharonk has a Krafty- Pink freebie on her blog.
    Flerg has a Rough and Tumble add-on up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    Janidee has 2 great QPs as a sampler of her newest kit Working 9-5.
    Andrea has a lovely new template on her blog.
    Lindsay Jane also has a great template for you.
    NBK has the entirety of her Silent Night papers up.
    Mrs. Wresh has a cool template on her blog.
    Adeyeo has a neat glitter & hearts overlay.
    Helly has a cool mini called Peace in Your Arms.
    Please remember to share the love.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, January 04, 2008

    Wait! It's Friday already?

    Tomorrow is the Super Saver Saturday Sale over at DBD! And I'm putting my 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar up for grabs at 50% off! I know it's already 2008 but you can still make a killer calendar for your home!
    Want to see the one I made for my parents, ILs and Granny for Christmas? Some of the months are from the Jumpstarts in my set and some I adapted from LOs I had already made. (Oh and I was a bad scrapper who didn't keep track of all the pieces I used. So if you spot something I don't have labeld and know who it belongs to please let me know.) Well here you go:

    Cover Credits:
    paper- Yesterdays Wishes by NursesDesigns
    flourishes- Swirlie Flourish Brush set by Athena (DigiByDesign)
    flowers- Fabric Flowers by Katie Hadfield
    balloon- Birthday Bash by Natlie Braxton
    corner- Welcome Back by Tracy Collins

    January credits:
    kit- Snowball Fight by Athena and I (DigiByDesign)
    frame & snowflake swirls- Winter Festival by Olivia Dorazio (Sophia Sarducci Shoppe)

    February Credits:
    kit- Emma's Hat by me (DBD)
    frame & brown paper- Build your Frame by Ina (Catharina Oelting)
    swirl- ?

    March Credits:
    kit- Honoring St. Patrick by Misty Cato

    April Credits:
    kit- Sweet Easter by Miss Mint
    template- 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar (DBD)

    May Credits:
    kit- Woodland Violets by me (Challenge kit)
    template- 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar (DBD)

    June Credits:
    papers - Snowball Fight by Athena and I (DBD), Mr. Fix-It DBD Team MK, Superhero by Mrs. Miles
    styles- Glitter and Jelly styles by Manu-Scraps (DBD and DigiScrapShak)
    template- 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar (DBD)

    July Credits:
    kit- Memorial Day, Patriot & 4th of July by me
    elegant style by Manu-Scraps (DBD & DSS)
    template- 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar (DBD)

    August Credits:
    button border- Spring Ditty by Anita (Nana's Attic)
    paper- Spring by Kim B.
    knotted ribbon- Simply Spring by Michelle Coleman
    blue button- Spring is in the Air by Mira Designs
    rosette- A little Spring by Tarci Sims
    eyelet- Welcome Spring by Weeds and Wildflowers
    yellow twisty ricrac- Bunny by Barb Derksen (Mrs. Miles)
    green leaf button by Barb Derksen
    swirlie overlay- Christian Easter by Kris Meyers
    torn paper- Hunny Bunny by Cute Kits
    label & flower button- Easter mini kit by Melany Violette
    polished stone(pink)- Easter Embellies by Kari Q.
    butterfly stickers- Sweet Easter by Miss Mint
    Pink flower- Princess and the pea by Amy Kropp
    leaf button- Green Buttons by Barb Derksen
    paper border w/bows by Corina
    cute as a button word art by Misty Cato
    buttons(pink and blue)- Button It On Up by Cori Gammon
    green button- Jar full of buttons by Kirky's Kreations
    alpha- Spring Breeze by Shabby Princess
    gingham paper- Sweet Child by Denise Liemert
    buttoned button- Button It Up by Betsy Tuma

    September Credits:
    kit- Class Act by me (Challenge kit)
    template- 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar (DBD)

    October Credits:
    kit- Warm Spice by me (Challenge kit)
    template- 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar (DBD)

    November Credits:
    kit- Twinkle by me (DBD)

    December Credits:
    papers- Sweetie by me (DBD)
    snowflake overlay- Winter Festival by Olivia Dorazio (SSS)
    tree- Dec Grab Bag at Happy Scrapz by me
    template- 2008 Jumpstarts Calendar (DBD)

    I had them printed by Shutterfly and they turned out beautifully! Everyone loved them! (And since I used Shutterfly I didn't even need the lower half of the Calendar so these templates are good for many years to come. Plus with Shutterfly you can pick what month to start your calendar on, so It doesn't even have to start this month-lol!

    Here's today's Friday Freebie for you all. It's just a fancy-dancy little cluster/wrapped frame I was fiddling around with.
    (Oh and the drop shadow was just to show detail, it's not on the actual frame.)
    download Fancy Frame

    * We're going out on a date tonight and I'm working on a roll at a new kit so no list right now, maybe tonight when we get back or tomorrow.


    Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, January 03, 2008


    I've decided I'm a nut, in fact I'm a Goober. (That's a chocolate covered peanut if you were wondering.) Sweet on the outside and completely nutty within! Okay, let's get to our list. (I didn't come back last night because I was reading a book, I love books.)

    Tracy has a cool template on her blog. (CT call too!)
    Shabby Princess has a desktop QP Jan calendar if you don't have one yet.
    ACMommy has a sampler of her Strawberry Mocha kit.
    AJ made her first ever freebie, a New Year kit. Some great elements in there!
    Shauna made a darling Mother's Love mini kit for you! (Adorable Cold-n-Cozy mini HERE)
    Majula has a QP to go with her new kit Mother Nature- Winter on her blog.
    Sindiego has an adorable kit Kitty's Christmas and some QPs on her blog.
    Nela has some nice personal use PS brushes.
    Ariadna has a cute Penguin paper add-on to her Little Friends mini.
    Miss Mint has her January kit, After Midnight up for grabs.
    Lynn has New Beginings kit for you.
    Amelie has a lovely kit called Violaine. (Must go thru shop.)
    Amanda has a set of rubberbands for you.
    Carla made you a Happy New Year kit.
    Leora has a Love-ly mini for you.
    Andrea has a fun new template for you.
    Janna has a monkey for you all to go bananas over.
    Valinda has a great Fireworks QP on her blog.
    Megan has a ton of templates on her blog.
    Numb BUM has a great New Year QP. (Grab mini kit in post below.)
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    Happy New Year!

    Hi there everyone and welcome to 2008! Sorry I'm running behind so far this year but I've made some New Year's resolutions that I really want to make a go of but the organization is taking longer than I had anticipated. I'm sure I'll get it all worked out in the end but if I go MIA I apologize. One of my resolutions is to put family first and foremost and with Emma still on winter break I feel like I'm playing catch up with all my scrapping, and sadly my blog and then freebie hunting are at the bottom of my list as to priorities. I'll be scrapping my resolutions this week (In all my free time-lol) so I'll hopefully be sharing them with y'all soon.

    I know a few of you asked about the Scooba from iRobot I got for xmas, just click on the linka dn read all about the handy dandy little guy who'll mop my kitchen for me!

    Okay now then new month means new Mega Kit over at DBD! This month's is a beauty called Toasted Almond! And if you attend tonight's Wacky Wednesday chat (9 pm eastern in the DBD chat room), not only will you get some great goodies that go with the kit for attending you'll get a coupon code for 25% off the already low introductory price of $3.99!

    New month also means new challenges! We have 2 new challenges hosted by me over at DBD this month. The Quote Challenge is all about smiles this month with a cute posting bonus:
    and then the Template Challenge is a wintry wonderland of fun!
    with it's own cool posting bonus:

    And of course we have our four fun challenges this month over at Happy Scrapz. Complete all four and get the January kit!
    Here's the goodies you can get for the template challenge:
    and the grab bag challenge:
    That's all I have for now. I'll try to come back after bedtime tonight for freebie hunting, otherwise it'll be tomorrow morning when the munchkin is at school. (Yea! She goes back tomorrow!)

    Happy Scrapping!