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    Monday, April 30, 2007

    Um, I got nothing but a list...

    Monday freebie list:
    Sabine has a neat-o template on her blog!
    Mrs. Miles has Judy's Blue glass elements. (And scroll down for yesterday's borders)
    Saab has #3 of her zipper templates up.
    Karen has part 2 of her Mommy and Me kit up.
    Wendy has a bunch of packs of ribbons and bows up for grabs.
    Miss Vivi has part one of Bayadere for you.
    Sylvia has a set of foam brushes.
    Sindiego has her first ever template up, and it's a beaut!
    An has a cute cluster frame.
    Renae has a new template up.
    Angela has some templates on her blog.
    Sausan has a funky little freebie for you.
    Jennifer has a cute grunged frame to match her new kit Gossip Queen.
    Please remember to share the love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    * If you have been paying attention you know my birthday is comming soon. My hubby told me today he had no clue what to get me. I just smiled at him and said, "You can pay for the new clothes I bought last night sweetie." Since I had charged them he'd have had to pay for them anyway. Aren't I a nice wife? LOL!

    Saturday, April 28, 2007

    Sensational Saturday!

    Hello everyone! It's been a busy day today here. It's so beautiful outside. Let's see we went grocery shopping, always an adventure with Emma. Then we met Kristen and Kullan for soem bowling. The 2 kids split a game taking turns a frame each, so they ended with a 65. Not bad for 2 two y/o's- I've had worse games myself. But then they do get to use the bumpers, lucky little tykes. Then we went to McDonald's for lunch and they drug me up into playland, always fun? We came home and a let Emma run around outside until she was ready settle down so we watched a bit of Cars then she went to nap. She now has 6 stuffed animals that she HAS to have sleep with her. 3 are small so no big deal but the 3 big ones are, well- BIG!

    Okay enough about my day, let's get to those freebies!
    Valinda has some cool polaroid frames on her blog.
    Nina has a lovely QP on her blog that Manu made for her and you!
    Mrs. Miles has frames from Judy's Blue kit up.
    Christine has more of her Playful Plaid kit up.
    Ksharonk has a Springshine freebie if you scroll down a bit.
    Jodie and Carla made a lovely collab kit called A Mother's Touch.
    Need a brown paper? Hummie has 20 of them for you.
    Leslie has more of her Midnight Blue kit up.
    Anna has more papers for you, this time with stars all over.
    Lindsay Jane has some cool journalling tags done in brown paper up for grabs.
    Gina has a Goodie Grab Bag full of cute stuff.
    Heather has a pretty May Desktop calendar for you.
    Denise has a lovely kit called Dandelion Wishes up for grabs.
    Traci Sims has a mini kit called Lime Punch on her blog.
    Sherry has her Flowers 'n Funk freebie up.
    Rememebr to share the love.

    Happy scrapping everyone and I'll see you Monday!

    Friday, April 27, 2007

    I've got a Jumpstart, I've got a Jumpstart...

    Hey, guess what? Yep I've got Jumpstart layered tempalte for you for your Friday Freebie! Don't you feel special? Here's what I made with it. It's Emma eating an ice cream cone at my folks house.Credits:
    kit- Amazing Technicolor Dream collection: Loves Me, Loves Me Not & Technicolor Dream kit
    template- Blog 8 (see below)
    fonts- Comic Sans, Courier, Chicken Basket and LPfood

    And here's the template preview!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Friday's Freebie List:
    Saab has a set of zippers as an add-on for Nina's It's Spring Time kit.
    Michaele has a lovely Mother's day word art overlay.
    Mrs. Miles has the Judy Blue paper pack on her blog.
    Seebee's Feebie's has a Dream Trip- Grily kit bonus, great for thsoe little princesses in our lives.
    Misty has a Paint the Town Stars, glittered star pack up.
    Amanda has some cute flower stickers.
    The other Amanda has a set of swirled paint papers, funky but sool.
    Hilmarose has a new template up.
    9 y/o Kaeleigh made her first ever freebie, they are so cute, go grab her Glitta Doodles!
    Kristy has a pack of ricrac in a rainbow of colors. (good detail)
    Annie has a beaut of a mini kit called Colour of Spring for you.
    Anna has a paper pack polka dotted with hearts, and a little grunged up.
    BrynnMarie has a template up.
    Lindsay Jane has another beautiful mini kit, today's is called Emily's Garden.
    Leslie has part 4 of her Midnight Blue kit up for grabs.
    Angela has a slew of small freebies that coordinate with her various kits on her blog.
    LaWanna has a Spring Sass sampler for you. (Drop a comment on her blog too.)
    Sylvia has an add-on for her Happy Days kit.
    LisaWhitney has some papers that are Spaced Out.
    Acorn Designs has a collection of random blue freebies for you, I'm calling it Blue Bells- you'll see why.
    Remember to leave some love when you download.

    And here's an ad for a good cause, Spectrum of Love.

    Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. EST at the SOTB Chatroom! There are some awesome prizes and games - you won't want to miss this crop! Come to one or come to them all!

    Find out more about this great charity event here.

    Have a Great Weekend
    Happy Scrapping Everyone!
    P.S. Thank you to everyone who's contacted me directly to buy my products!
    Everyone else, contact me if you can't wait for my new shop! awatson8@nc.rr.com
    P.P.S. It's brought to my attention that my title today could be intrupted as a taunt where as I invision it in a more sing-song way.
    I've got a Jumpstart, I've got a Jumpstart.
    I've got a Jumpstart, hey, hey, hey, hey! :D

    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Thursday is garbage day.

    That means Emma hears the truck and goes runnning to the front of the house yelling, "TRUCK!!!" Then she plasters herself to the window to watch. Now mind you we also have the recycling and compost trucks so she does this 3 times thruout the day. It can be fun to watch what she ditches and throws into the air in her mad dash to the window. :D

    Thursday's Freebies:
    Kris has a new mini kit called Grungy Nature- pretty cool.
    Barb has her Jacaranda Kit up for grabs.
    Senati has 2 QPs up for you.
    Mira has a beautiful kit Boquet of Roses on her blog.
    Wendy has TeenyWeenyBud, or small ribbon flower up for grabs.
    AnnaBen has lots of dots, a polka dot paper pack for you.
    Sylvia has a Funky Garden mini kit up.
    Johanna has a set of templates on her blog.
    Mrs. Miles has a Build Your Own Bug element template. It's cute!!
    Saab has a modified version of her 2nd zipper template up.
    BrynnMarie has a template for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a new mini kit Sepia Pink up for grabs.
    Kristy has a new overlay called Twist on her blog.
    Tracy B. has a new template up.
    Jessica has an add-on for her cool kti Austin's Plane.
    Traci Sims has a Sticky Chick sampler on her blog.
    Doris has a beautiful 4x6 brag book QP. (I'm talking pretty here!)
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!
    *Don't forget to stop back for tomorrow'a freebie.... it's a template.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    What a day, Wednesday!

    Hi everyone! Here are some photos taken by my biddy Kristen at her house and then here on Easter. First is the super cute Emma assembling Easter eggs after the hunt.Here's Emma and I playing in Kullan's new sand box.
    This one is from the hunt we had in our back yard.
    My buddy Jessica just got picked up as a new designer at OAKS. She's having a kick-off sale of 50% off all her stuff thru Thursday mignight. (eastern) Head on over and take a look! -Her new kit Austin's Plane is so super cute!!!Okay, I got all the kits out to everyone who helped me name the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection. Here is a LO made by SAHM- she had to borrow a kid to make it, too cute!
    kit- Rasberry Kisses
    Photo- by Renae Richolson (that's her grandbaby Zoey)

    I'm sorry to say I don't have much time for freebies today as I usually do it during Emma's nap. But guess who didn't nap today... that's right Emma! (aka- Miss Grumpy-Pants) So here's what I do have, if you need more go see the Ikea Goddess or Selena:

    Kris has a lot of cool metal brackets up on her blog, silver and scribbles from yesterday.
    Saab has her second zipper template up.
    Denise has a cool kit called Freah for you.
    Misty has a Blue Glitter alpha.
    Mrs. Miles has a baby rattle on her blog.
    Jennifer has a new paper pcak Spring Shower up, and scroll down for if you missed her Here Comes The Sun pack.
    Pillowgirl has some pretty Jewels and some You Are My Sunshine word art stickers.
    Nana's Attic is hosting Francois' kit Outre-mer, it's a pretty sea life kit.
    Seebee's Freebies has a Mouse Balloon element for the Dream Trip kit.
    Jaana has a killer template on her blog.
    Kristy has a new overly called Tickle up.
    Remember to leave some love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Terrific Tuesday

    Hi everyone My MIL made it of this morning so I have some free time for the computer again. I'm currently working on a few things but nothing I can share yet.

    So we'll just get to the freebies:
    *Yesterday, I shared the wonderful collection In Memory of Miles by Jessica and the Eclectic team. Today we have 2 more collections first is another In Memory of Miles set found on Christina's Blog, and we have the Celebrete Miles collection on Lauren's blog. They are great collections put together by loving and giving scrappers to celebrate the memory of a little angel Miles.

    Xyreena has a set of doodle wings on her blog.
    Chantal has a template for you.
    Valinda has a pertty paper and a QP from yesterday.
    Sabine has a new template up for you.
    Mrs. Miles has a funky orange swirly flower thingy.
    Kat has a pretty DPS template up for grabs.
    Seebee's Freebie's has another paper for your Dream Trip collection.
    JessicaB. has a sample of her new kit Outnumbered Girl.
    Christine has added to her Playful Plaid kit.
    Sue has a new kit Lest We Forget.
    Jaana has a new paper pack Play WIth Me up for grabs. (Must go thru shop)
    Cleo has a cool looking alpha. (looks like water)
    Andrea has a pretty new template up.
    Karla has a Girl Patch freebie on her blog.
    This one is an older post (almost a month) but the link is still good for Carolyn's Eatser kit- great pastels good for lots of stuff.
    Scroll down on Traci's blog to get a sample of her Wild Mulberry kit.
    Nana's Attic has most of her Color Splurge kit up for grabs, so scroll down and grab all the parts.
    Tia Bennett made the April kit for 2Peas, Spring Time fever, go take a look.
    Digital Freebies has a couple of cute bug QPs!
    Please share the love when you download.

    * If you named one of the kits in the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection and haven't gotten your kit yet please shoot me an email at awatson8@nc.rr.com because I can't find yours.
    (There are a few of you out there and you know who you are.) :D

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, April 23, 2007

    Just another Manic Monday.

    Hi everyone! Well first I want to thank everyone for the wonderful wishes and cyber hugs yesterday. My new shop Digi By Design should be up soon- we hope. Keep checking back for updates.
    I also want to thanks you all for being so patient with me in not putting up the freebies while MIL is here, she'll be gone in the morning. I have time to put up a list today but wanted to thank you none the less.

    Now then this little beauty of a LO I did for Manu's CT. See those adorable fuzzy chicks? They are from her Fuzzy Easter pack and are just so cute!!! It also has a few fuzzy alphas, bunnies and some fibers in it. I know this is like my 4th LO from Easter but the photos are just so darn cute.Credits:
    kits- Flowers for you by Sarah Möller,
    Simply Shabby sampler by Traci Sims
    chicks and alpha-Fuzzy Easter by Manu-Scraps (the Daily Scrap)
    eggs- Spring Easter by Kari Q.

    Here's Manu's Fuzzy Easter- cute right? (I used them in the LO above) She's so talented, she designed her own brush to make the fuzzy fibers and they turned out great!
    You can find Manu's Fuzzy Easter here.

    Okay, now for today's Freebies!
    I want to start off with a very special freebie. The eclectic team has made a wonderful RAK for a special mom Kellie and her little angel Miles. Go read about it and get the free kit and brag book. But follow the rules: 1.) pay-it-forward 2.) You take a time out to appreciate the little things, and 3.) Leave a little note here for Kellie and her family (she's going to compile something special for Kellie to put in Miles’ memory box, so make a comment!)

    Acorn Designs has a sample of their upcomming kit Rainy Day Bear.
    Scroll down and Jessica has 2 sets of button stitches and a few buttons.
    Tracy has a DPS template if you scroll down a bit- it's killer. And a Stitched Stars sampler here.
    Valinda has another set of Funky Frames for you.
    Michaele has a Definition word art up- Exuberant!
    Mrs. Miles has a Confetti String up for grabs.
    Julia has a cute QP called Peek-a-boo!
    Saab has a neat Zipper template on her blog.
    Misty has a set of Leather Flowers up for grabs.
    The Ikea Goddess has a template for you. (It's in her Saturday post.)
    Lindsay Jane has 4 new freebies since my last list and they are all killer! She's so awesome!!
    Hummie has a set of 4 metal papers.
    Weeds and Wildflowers has a Going West sampler on their blog.
    Pillowgirl has some word art Big Fat Loser for her diet. LOL!
    Krista has a Shade Garden paper pack for you.
    Antje has a lovely set of Beautiful Butterflies on her blog.
    Bob made some beautiful little Angels accents! (2 sets- scroll down)
    Kristy has a new overlay Guinness- swirly fun!
    DIP Divas have akiller new template!
    Karen has a pretty mini Moommy and Me part one up for grabs.
    Robin has paper pack called Bring It On!
    Don't forget to leave some love!

    *Not exactly a freebie but Chris has uploded her sketches into a gallery so lots of LO inspiration to be found here.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    P.S. It's not my birthday, that's still 23 days away. But I am working on a goodie for you all. :D

    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    A bit of news & a freebie

    Okay everyone here's the thing. I've left the Daily Scrap. Yes, it was abrupt and yes, it was my choice. So I will be in a new shop- it's not open yet (sorry). SO if you want to buy any of my products you can email me at awatson8@nc.rr.com and I can work it out with you. Or if you know the price and product the same email address is my paypal one- just note the kit/collection in the subject line.

    I will be getting the kits of the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection to those who named them- but not until next week when my MIL is gone. This does mean I won't be hosting chats on Monday and Tuesday. It does mean I can share some freebies with everyone even those who wouldn't have been able to make the chats.

    So here's one that was supposed to be for the chat tomorrow:
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Thanks for understanding everyone and I'll be back tomorrow(I think- MIL is still here) with a freebie list.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, April 21, 2007

    Super Busy Saturday

    Okay, I'm sneeking on here while everyone else is busy. Sorry about no list yesterday- time got away from me. I'll try to get one up today but I still have company in town, so go see Selena or Ikea Goddess (the other freebie hunters) if you need your fix right now.

    I picked names for the red and purple kits and have completed the preview for the Technicolor kit. (They aren't in my shop yet but I figured you'd want to know/see.)

    SAHM named the red kit- Rasberry Kisses.
    And Tricia O. named the purple kit- Amethyst Arrows!
    Here's the preview for the Technicolor Dream kit! Lots of goodies in there- it's 4 zips.
    Okay, I'll hopefully be back later, but I wanted to share with you all.
    *Also 4share is doing maintence today, so most freebies aren't availble anyway right now. Hopefully if/when I come back it'll be up again. :D

    **Don't forget my chats this week: Monday at 1:30 pm eastern, for Jumpstarts No. 8 & Tuesday at 11:30 am eastern for the Technicolor Dream kit. Both are in the TDS chatroom.

    ***Oh and you still have time to comment to the FDA to save our chocolate! (See my post below.)

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Friday, April 20, 2007

    Amazing freebie!

    Okay here's the situation. MIL is due today so I'm trying to get the Technicolor Dream kit done so I can spend the weekend with the family. So I'll try to come back later with the freebie list, if the house is clean. But not to leave you in the lurch here's today's Friday Freebie! It's a set of photo prongs that coordinate with the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection.Sorry, this is no longer available.

    *I'm still looking for names for the red & purple kits so if you'd like to make a suggestion please leave a comment or email me. Remember to leave your email addy so if I choose your name I can send you the coupon for the free kit. (previews are 2 posts down)

    Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon! Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Don't mess with our chocolate!

    Okay ladies have you heard what they're trying to do in the U.S.? They are trying to mess with our chocolate. Some U.S. maunfacturers have a petition in to the FDA to lower the industry's "chocolate idenity standards" on what can be termed chocolate, so they can make cheaper and lower quality products- by making chocolate without cocoa butter(instead using veg oil and trans fats) and using milk substitutes in "milk chocolate".

    Can I just say ewh? And if it is approved they can label these inferior products as chocolate so you won't be able to tell the difference without reading the ingredients label.

    The FDA will accept comment thru 4/25 so please if you care about your chocolate go let them know! Go to dontmesswithourchocolate.com to read more about it.

    Or read this article on it. Sums it up better than I can: Hands off my chocolate, FDA!

    Here's the FDA petition info: 2007P-0085: Adopt Regulations of General Applicability to All Food Standards that Would Permit, Within Stated Boundaries, Deviations from the Requirements of the Individual Food Standards of Identity
    To submit a comment to the FDA on this click here. *Include the docket number: 2007P-0085
    (For step by step instructions on submitting a comment, with photos, look here- They also have a copy and paste letter that makes commenting so much easier.)

    Come on ladies, you know we need to fight for our chocolate!!!!

    Name for yellow kit, plus red & purple previews!

    Okay, Thank you everyone for the nice comments and shared water heater stories. I'm glad ours was resolved so quickly and that it's outside the house itself so the water was just running into the lawn. For those who asked about my car, the linkage broke between the shifter and the engine, hence it's stick in first. My finger is doing better but still hurts , espically everytime I bang it or Emma grabs it. I managed to gouge it while cleaning up in Emma's room and it got caught in the glider. I'm trying to get the house put together for my MIL's arrival tomorrow, but Emma is just as determined to undo all my cleaning.

    Now then I picked the name for the yellow kit and it just makes perfect sense. Lemon Squares! I want to thank Lisa for suggesting it to me, she'll get her free copy as soon as it's in my TDS shop. Which will hopefully be sometime this today or early tomorrow.Now then I'm almost done with the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection and here are the last two kits that need names. Remember if I pick your suggestion you'll get the kit for free!
    *Please include your email addy so I can send you the coupon.

    The purple kit:
    The red kit:
    Hopefully I'll get the last kit, the Technicolor Dream kit (rainbow) done tonight so I can get it and the entire collection into the shop. (You know buy all 7 in one shot.)
    I need to get it done soon and start work on the add-ons because it's being featured in a chat on Tuesday. (4/24- 11:30 am eastern @TDS) Oh, and I'll also be featured in a chat on Monday for Jumpstarts collection No. 8. (4/24- 11:30 am eastern @TDS) That means those 2 products will be on sale the days of their respective chats and that if you show up you'll get a little goodie from me. You can also earn a goodie by posting a LO using either the featured kit/collection or the attendance gift. I'll have more info later but just wanted to give you all a head's up.

    Now what you're waiting for- freebie list for Thursday!
    Tara has a template for you if you scroll down a bit.
    Kris and her sister Kari have made some pretty oil painted flowers for you.
    Keiela has a Spring Flowers paper pack on her blog.
    Heather has a Child's Rainbow doodle.
    Kristy has a new overlay Geo, that would go great withthe Lemon Squares kit- LOL!
    Gabhappyscrap has a new kit Senses up for grabs.
    Anna has a bright and cheerful paper pack today.
    Valinda has some funky arrow doodle frames on her blog.
    Lindsay Jane has a beautiful new kit up called Deep Purple- great elements.
    Sennah has a set of 100 simple shapes for you to color or whatever you want.
    Lena has some neat-o Crumpled Paper Stars for you.
    Chantal has some boxed word quotes- word art up for grabs.
    Doris has a killer Funky Fuzzy alpha on her blog.
    Karin has some Paper Bag Corrners for you. (must go thru shop)- They're neat!
    Scroll down, past her lovely LOs, to get Goofy Glitter Overlays on Traci Reed's blog.
    Please leave some love when you download.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!
    *Oh and don't forget tomorrow is Friday Freebie day!

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Mid-week, aka Wendesday (take 2)

    So after calling around and pricing and finding all the hidden costs, we now have a new water heater. My car is still broken since we're waiting on a part to come in.(Well I could drive around in 1st gear if I really had to go somewhere- lol) I managed to take a giant chunk out of my right middle finger so using my hand isn't fun. (Did I mention I'm right handed?) It's just not my week. I've been trying to clean the house up since my mother in law will be here on Friday. So if I'm late or invisable this weekend you'll know why.

    Now then Tangerine Tango is up in the TDS shop if you want to go grab it. My freebie list will be short today due to lack of time and my hand not liking the typing- so just my daily blogs and email hints I'm not cruising the forums. Don't forget you can check the Ikea Goddess for more freebies.
    <----(Her link is in the left sidebar.)

    And on to the freebies:
    ConnyB has her new challeng template up at Let's Scrap.
    Valinda has some funky frame doodles.
    Michaele wants you to Take Flight with her new mini kit, pretty butterflies!
    Seebee's Freebies has another for that Dream Trip mega kit, Crazy Tea Party paper.
    Jessica has some Little Dotted Bows for you.
    Scroll down on Tracy's blog for a cool template.
    Misty has a sample of her new kit About A Boy: 18 mo- 3 yrs.
    Krista has a new kit Little Buddy up for grabs.
    KimB. has the elements and a cluster frame for Rich Delights up.
    Christine has some Playful Plaid buttons on her blog. (scroll down for a mini kit and a paper pack!)
    Lindsay Jane has a mini kit called Papyrus on her blog.
    Please remember to share the love.

    Oh, and thanks everyone for all the name suggestion so far-what a creative group of readers I have.
    Happy scrapping!

    Mid-week, aka Wednesday

    Well, you know it's just been a stellar week here. First my car breaks now it's the water heater. Yup, the water heater is no more. Did you know it costs almost as much to get the silly thing installed as the heater costs. And you have to file a permit to get one put in too. Makes it a PITA when you want hot water.

    Now then I've picked the name for my orage kit- Tangerine Tango! It was actually named by 2 people (one on my blog one via email- at almost the same time) so they'll both get it for free.
    It'll be up in my TDS shop sometime today I've been told.

    Did I mention I've also chosen a name for the collection and the rainbow kit? It'll be the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection and the rainbow kit will be the Technicolor Dream kit. These were suggested by Suzette- who, like me, is a Josheph fan. I love that musical. So Suzette will get the entire collection for free!

    Here's the next kit in the collection, yellow. If you can name it you'll get it free. *Please remember to leave your email addy so I can contact you. (Yes, I have a list of those already submitted.)

    On to my freebie list:
    *This'll have to wait until the water heater issue is resolved, so hopefully it'll be up this afternoon.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Tuesday's LOs

    Morning everyone! It's Tuesday so I'm hosting my weekly chat in the TDS chat room with Melissa. Come on over and check out the featured kit and maybe pick-up the attendance goodie.
    *If you post a LO by next Tuesday with the featured kit or attendance bonus you can still earn the posting bonus.
    **Also there's a second $2 Tuesday kit and chat tonight with 2 more freebies check it out here. Chat is at 9 pm eastern in the TDS chat room.

    Now then yesterday I announced the winner of the Green kit naming Elisabeth with the cool name of Green Alchemy. Well she already made a LO with it and is allowing me to share it with you all.
    Credits : Kit "Green lchemy" by AmyW. (The Daily Scrap)
    Overlay : "Antiquing Pack" by Lauren Bavin (digiscrapbookplace.com)
    Alphas : "Kapow" kit by mighty-nice.
    Font : "color me purple" by Kimberly Geswein.

    Now here's the Lo I had to rebuild for my CT. It's Emma, Kullen and hubby on Easter having the egg hunt in the yard.
    Sherhire by Manu-Scraps (The Daily Scrap)
    Font- Bayou Cowboy and Bella Donna

    Sorry, I don't have a new part of the collection for you today but well I was busy yesterday. maybe tomorrow and I'll pick a name for the orange kit.

    Tuesday's Freebies:
    SBB Designs has some pretty Prim Ballerina kit- leftovers(a mini kit in and of itself).
    Sabine has a beautiful new template- it's a spring flower.
    She's back!!- Mrs Miles has some chain links up for grabs.
    Misty has a pretty cool corduroy alpha, and some tuts on coloring elements in PS and PSE.
    Hilmarose has a new template up.
    Anna has a lovely kit Spring Fling on her blog.
    Wetfish has a Be Kind mini kit for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a set of 8 Arrows that are comming unstitched- pretty cool.
    Sonja has some grunged and bent film negative photo cluster frames.
    Shandy has some mix and match cardboard & glitter photo corrners.
    Kari has her first kit ever up for grabs, Grass and Dirt- neat elements.
    Jolie has a template up for grabs. (must copy and paste URL)
    Kristy has a new swirly overlay on her blog. (scroll past her awesome photos)
    Jeannie has a set of 2 memory purse templates.
    No-syl has a new template up.
    Remember to share the love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Kit & collection update! (Monday's post)

    Hi everyone! Well it's been a rainy weekend here and my car broke- I hope you all had better weather and weekend than I did at least. To top it off the LO I was making this morning was almost donw when PSP suddenly closed on me. ARGH! I lost the whole thing- 2 hrs of work. It was a CT LO and I've been slacking this month so I'm really bummed.

    Now then, I have chosen the name for the Green kit- Elisabeth named it for me "Green Alchemy"!
    You can get it now in the Daily Scrap shop.Here's the next kit in the collection that needs a name, the orange kit. Now remember if you name it you will recieve it for free. I'm also still looking for a name for the entire collection (see post below) so please give me any ideas on that too. *Don't forget to include your email address if you want to recieve the kits. (you can post in the comments or email me directly awatson8@nc.rr.com) Oh, and names don't have to have the color in them- the sky's the limit!

    Now on to the freebies of the day:
    Angie has a .psd template that's cool.
    Kim B. has a classy new kit called Rich Delights on her blog, the papers are up.
    Denise made a lovely template too.
    A-gus made a cute Spring mini kit for you.
    Lucie has some neat-o beant and grunged scallop frames.
    Anna has 2 new packs of papers up since I last posted. She does such great work.
    Hilmarose has a couple of new templates up on her blog for you.
    Miss Vivi has added a new part to her Denim kit.
    Shandy has an Island Woods add-on up for grabs
    and her new store has everythign for just $.99 thru Saturday!
    Scroll down on Grazila's blog for a pretty All Blooms mini kit.
    Valinda is still adding to her STitched Blocks Ultra-Mega kit, she's added a cool new alpha!
    Stephanie has some label maker word art labels up for grabs. (must go thru shop)
    Renae has a pretty 8x11.5 template up on her blog.
    Betty has a set of grunged up flowered papers for you on her birthday, go wish her a happy one!
    Julia has a Tears overlay- very pretty.
    Lindsay Jane has a new mini kit Forest just for you!
    Kimberly has a free Typewritter font up for grabs.
    Davita has a beautiful QP made with all Trish Jones products- seriously cute!
    Mish has a little freebie from her Cosmic Wonders paper pack. Neat-O!
    Kristine has a new kit called Pinked Out!
    Kris has some cool new journalling frames.
    Remember to share the love.

    Thanks again to everyone who's been suggesting names for the kit and collection, you are all so creative! And sometimes just a bit silly.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, April 14, 2007

    Help me name kits- get them free!

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I also hope you liked the sampler from yesterday.

    Okay, so I finally decided to continue on with my collection. There will be 7 kits total once I'm done- including Loves Me, Loves Me Not. As I said yesterday if you name one of the kits you will recieve it for free and if you name the entire collection you will get all 7 kits for free.
    (7 kits- one of each color and the mulitcolor/rainbow kit)
    Here are the colors in the entire collection to help start giving you an idea for names. If you have a kit or colletion name please post it in a comment or email me.
    **Make sure to include your email address so you can recieve your prize.

    This is the green kit- no, it doesn't have a name yet. I'll be posting the kits as they are completed so you all can help me choose names for them. Each one will have a color and shape associated with it. (ie- blue was flowers, green is stars, red is hearts, yellow is squares, orange is circles and purple is arrows) The name for the mulit color kit will be the same as the collection.There will probably be more freebies popping up so keep yours eyes peeled and thanks in advance for any and all suggestions you contribute. **Make sure to include your email address so you can recieve your prize.

    Saturday's Freebie list:
    Amy L. has a set of Berry Flavored rub-ons, scroll down for the matching papers.
    AnnaBen has a set of 20 grossgrain bows on her blog, and scroll down one for a pretty paper pack.
    Lindsay Jane has a set of Cool Swirls papers and a Hot Chilli QP up for grabs.
    Kimberly has a free handwritting font for you.
    Mollie has her Man Kit up, lots of blue, wood and tools.
    Lianne has some pretty bows for you.
    Amy M. has acute flower & frame patch like elements on her blog. (cool stuff)
    Laura has a sampler from her new kit No Girls Allowed up for grabs. It's a great kit!
    Ksharonk has a Pretty Bella sampler for you.

    * Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Today only my Daffodil kit is in the Bargain Basement at the Daily Scrap for $3.00, so head on over and grab it and see what other bargins we have for you!

    Have a great weekend! And happy scrapping!

    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Loves Me, Loves Me Not

    Hi everyone, and happy Friday! Well thank you everyone who suggested names for the new kit. I ended up choosing "Love Me, Loves Me Not", suggested buy my friend Beth. Now then I said it was a freebie but it developed into more than that but I won't dissappoint you all. It has turned into a collection of kits this being the first. (the other 2 aren't done yet) You can get the full kit in the Daily Scrap shop- here's the preview of the full kit below:
    Find Loves Me, Loves Me Not here.
    (There's also a bonus QP in the full kit)

    But I did promise you a killer freebie today so for the next 24 hours you can get the Loves Me, Loves Me Not sampler below. It's pretty big and has some cool elements in it.
    Sorry this is no longer availble.
    (Link will come down at 3pm eastern 4/14)

    As to the other kits in the collection I will be having a contest once they are done to name them. You could win all 3 kits so keep your eyes peeled!

    Friday's freebie list:
    Retrodivas has a Welcome Back kit at Digital Freebies.
    Roseli has a wonderful kit called Beautiful up for grabs.
    Helena has a set of 9 Garden Rose QPs for you.
    Kat has a sweet DPS template on her blog. (DPS= double page spread or12x24 inch)
    Valinda keeps putting out her ultra mega kit Stitched Blocks- papers, elements and more.
    Michaele has some girls word art up.
    Scraps for Charity has a wonderful QP from their Riley Hospital kit. (scroll to bottom)
    Carla has 2 cool templates on her blog.
    Hillmarose also has 2 templates on her blog.
    It's Lindsay Jane's birthday so go wish her a good one and grab her paper pack and word art.
    Shandy has a Glittery Star Frame up for grabs.
    Kissed Studios has a multiphoto template.
    Atomic Cupcake has a new PS/PSE action for you called cutout.
    Luiza has a freebie from her new kit Little Sahcie on her blog.
    Traci Sims has a bent photo cluster frame for you.
    Trish has a paper pack called Chicism oh her blog.
    Remember to share the love.

    Thank you to everyone who posts a comment or emails me with links to more freebies. I can't guarentee they'll make it on the list (I only post those I would personally download/use) but I can promise to go take a look.
    * Sometimes they don't make it because I forget too. So many freebies, so little time.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone and have a fun weekend!

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Thursday- sneek peek!

    HI! I know I'm totally late today but I've been busy working on tomorrow's freebie. Here's a sneek peek at what is to come. Any ideas on a name? If so, post them in the comments section. If not, stop back tomorrow and see what I decided on.Okay today's freebie tips:
    Debby has a template for you.
    Heather has a wild and Wooly sampler on her blog.
    Lindsay Jane has a cute mini kit called Hot Chilli.
    AnnaBen has a wonderful template and tutorial on making library card envelopes.
    Shandy has a mini kit called Jumperoo, wonderful.
    Kris has some Peaceful labels up for grabs.
    Mira has 2 kits on her blog Lilac and scroll down for Spring is in the Air, they are both great!!
    Monique has a fun template on her blog.
    Misty has a awesome sampler of her new kit About A Boy.
    Jessica has a Boy Oh Boy! paper pack up for grabs.
    Cindy has a free sanded edge overlay for you.
    Nina has a beautiful QP on her blog.
    Remember to share the love where ever you download.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Where did Wednesday go?

    Oh there it is! I keep getting lost in the days of the week. Well I have some new stuff up in the TDS shop, including my new collection of Jumpsarts so go grab them.

    Here's my newest collection of Jumpstarts layered templates, No. 8. These fun templates can help you make some fun memories last forever. And for all you DIP users I've included the individual PNG files in addition to the PSD and JPEG formats.
    (Yes, those are ants marching into the picnic basket.)
    You can find Jumpstarts collection No. 8 here.

    Here's the second set of my clipped flower clusters. Some of you asked for pastels and here you go!
    Find Clipped Flower Cluster: The Pastels here.

    And here are a set of 4 zippers. They are layered so you can make the binding tapes your choice of color/paper. I've also included a build your own part so if you'd rather use it at an angle you can dangle the pull tab or maybe put on a completely different one. Oh and these are commercial ok, so please use them in your kits!

    Now onto the freebies!
    Weeds and Wildflowers has a New Begining-freebie for you.
    Hilmarose has a new template up.
    Miss Mint has her April kit up, Sweet Easter. (Must go thru shop.)
    Cleo has a couple of new alpha's up for grabs.
    Heather has some Wild Brads (animal prints) on her blog
    Kim has part 2 of her Fish On kit on her blog. (scroll down for part 1)
    Amy B. has a cool flower from her kit It's a Spring Thing with Kelly McDonald.
    Khristy Schmidt has a fun mini kit called Pour Me Another for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Lindsay Jane has some threaded star beads on her blog.
    Anna has a new paper pack up for grabs. (scroll down if you missed yesterday's pack)
    Kari Q. has another set of film strip negatives for you, in bold colors this time.
    Kristy has 2 sets of papers packs on up for grabs..
    Tracia has some bright and twirly ribbons on her blog.
    The Digital Scrapbooking Free site has some pretty spring charms and a neat kit up for grabs.
    Ronee has a new template for you.
    Please share the love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Jumpstart! and some hints.

    Hi everyone! I forgot to mention/remind you of my weekly chat over at TDS this morning. So you missed out on that attendance gift but you can still get the killer kit Fresh 'n Funky by Saskia Bokkers for only $2 thru midnight eastern in the TDS shop. And if you post a LO in the $2 Tuesday gallery by next week then you get her killer posting bonus. Here is the inspiration LO I made for the chat. credits:
    Fresh 'n Funky by Saskia Bokkers (the Daily Scrap)
    template- my blog No. 7
    font- Porky's

    Since I forgot to tell you, so you could stop by and get her attendance gift, I'm letting you have the template. It's just a more detailed version of the one you can get over at Happy Scrapz with my PSP tutorial. But grab it quick, it's only here for a day.
    Sorry, this is no longer availble. But scroll down for more freebies!
    (link comes down 5pm ET 4/11)
    (Oh, and I saved it in seperate PNG files too for you DIP-ers!)

    Now, I am a bit busy today so there's no freebie list, sorry. Go check out the Ikea Goddess though. I grabbed like 5 samplers, one collection of buttons and 2 kits off her list from Monday and her Tuesday list should be up soon!

    Oh, and if you have time the Second $2 Tuesday chat at TDS for the kit Coral and Cream by Linda Jackson is tonight at 9pm eastern. Cool attendance gift and posting bonus- or just go grab the kit for 2 bucks by midnight in the shop!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, April 09, 2007

    Easter photos and lots of tips.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I know for some of you today is still part of the Easter holiday. Here the kids were off school Friday and this week is spring break. Here are some photos from yesterday. Here's Emma and I at church in the morning. (hubby had to work) See the pretty Easter bonnet Grandma bought for her.Then in the late afternoon her little buddy Kulan came over for an egg hunt. (I think it was his 4th hunt of the weekend, Emma's 2nd.)
    Here's Emma finding the first egg.
    Emma helping Kullan fill his basket.
    Emma making off with a BIG egg- daddy was holding her basket. Kullan going in after more eggs.
    I know you see the tunnel in the photo and are wondering if it follwed us from California but no that one is still there. But Emma was so good on our trip especially on the flight back so we decided she deserved a little reward. (Plus in my wide open back yard it was a great place to hide eggs.)

    If you're still looking for that perfect LO for your Easter pictures, I have a template in the post below. Feel free to just use the little chick, take the decorations off the egg whatever floats your boat. The Ikea Goddess has a list of a few more Eater templates she found yesterday if you want more. (there a cute one with eggs and a bunny)

    Okay Freebie list time:
    Valinda has a bright and fun QP on her blog.
    Sabine has part 2 of her April Fish kit up for grabs.
    (Missed part one? Scroll down and grab it, she posted it while I was away.)
    AnnaBen has some pastel foundation papers for you.
    Renea has a major multi photo Spring template on her blog.
    Fabella has a beautiful set of embellished frames called Framed Memories, and she got a sample frame up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has a pretty mini kit called Rust.
    Shandy has a new template up.
    Bob has some cool looking seedbead strings on the blog.
    Teriann has That Spring Thing mini kit for you. (must go thru shop)
    Donna has an Easter mini kit on her blog.
    NicholeAnn has an add-on for her Spring Breeze kit perfect for those Easter LOs.
    (must go thru shop)
    Mel has a killer patchwork alpha up for grabs. (Thanks for the tip Val!)
    Please remember to share some love.

    Would you like to be crowned Queen of the Crop? Would you also like to win $1000 for yourself and $500 for a charity of your choice along with a Shutterfly scrapbook? Well then head over to ScrapBookGraphics to learn all about their contest! Anyone can enter and everyone can vote on the winner!

    Want to see a fun and bright kit for a good cause? Scraps for Charity has put out their first kit that will benefit the Riley Hospital for Children. It's great and can be bought in parts or the whole mega kit at once. Go take a look.

    Looking for the perfect Religious kit to scrap your Easter holiday? There's a great one by Rina called Alive! at Scrapbook Elements. (Sorry, you have to pay but it's a beautiful kit!)

    If you registered at mine and Jess' fun little forum Happy Scrapz and didn't get activated please either email me at awatson8@nc.rr.com or comment here so I can take care of it for you. If you haven't taken a look yet come check us out, we have a set of 4 monthly challenges that can earn you a free kit!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Happy Easter!

    I hope you are having a lovely Easter celebrating the resurrection of our lord. I have a small gift for you to help you celebrate this wonderful day. Here's a new Jumpstart- I made this one with Emma last year on Easter.
    kit- Eggstra Sweet kit and add-on by me! (the Daily Scrap)
    template- Jumpstart- Easter CHick (blog No. 5)
    font- Blackjack

    Here's the preview. Enjoy!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Happy Easter and Happy Scrapping!

    Sunny, Spectacular, Spring, Saturday!

    Okay, it's a beautiful day out so you only get what I can do during Emma's lunch and nap.

    I don't have any new vacation photos for you because I haven't gone thru them all yet but I believe you've seen most of them. I do have the first LO I made from vacation photos. I did the tunnel photos first because the bright colors and smiles were just calling out to me!
    papers- La Hacienda by Tammy Bankston
    paper borders by Corina Nielsen
    Wild Stitches by Tabby Lewis
    Clipped Flower Cluster by Amy W. (the Daily Scrap)
    notice it- torn cardboard by Pam
    Hello tag by Jackie Eckles- ad challenge
    pencil by Katie Pertiet- ad challenge
    inky edge notebook alpha by Amanda Roberts
    Knotty Dotty Ribbons by Jessica Gorny (the Daily Scrap)
    Zipper template NO. 5 by Verena Karolyi

    fonts- Croobie, Fair, Kidprint, Boyz R Gross,
    El Vistereo(Pizzadude), Blackjack, 13 Misa

    Okay here's you Saturday freebie list:
    The Bastel Scrap Mamas have some word art for you. (English and German?)
    Michaele has some Easter word art and another egg on her blog.
    Misty has some religious Easter tiles up for grabs.
    Tania has a fabulous mini kit from her Trendy collection for you.
    Loretta has some killer templates on her blog.
    Tracy has some Journalling supplies and if you scroll down an alpha.
    Nocturne has a fun template up for grabs.
    Renae has another beayty of a template on her blog.
    Scroll down on Heather's blog to get a cowboy template
    Sherri has a set of 2 boyish Easter QPs for you.
    Lime has a template up for grabs.
    Schmoopy has an Easter bunny tag on her blog.
    Amy T. has some journalling tags for you. (must go thru shop)
    Remember to share some love.

    Have a Happy Easter everyone and take lots of pictures!

    Friday, April 06, 2007

    Fabulous Friday is here! Freebies and more!

    Okay lots of stuff to share on this beautiful Friday!

    First is over at Let's Scrap we're trying to get a better gallery, for that we need money. So a few of the members made an awesome collab kit, La Vie Est Belle, that can be had for a minimum donation of $1.50. That's a steal for this awesome kit- it's huge! Go take a look.
    (Sorry the preview is fuzzy- better ones if you go look.)
    Next is the Mega kit over at The Daily Scrap, Au Naturelle. (Yes, I made parts of it) It too is a huge kit. It's currently on sale for $3.99, another steal, but only thru tomorrow, I think. Then it goes up to $6.99 -so be quick!

    Okay, here are some more photos from vacation. (You know you wanted to see more) This is part 3 I believe. You'll notice there's not a lot of me- well that's because I'm behind the camera a lot and Grandpa is Emma crazy since she's his only grandbaby right now. There are a few and I might even share them but I have to be feeling in a good mood.

    Emma out on the porch with her ice cream cone.
    Emma sporting the super cool hat Grandma bought for her.
    Here's Emma in the trunk of my dad's car. No, I didn't take this photo. It was all grandpa.
    Okay, here's another video clip. There's no preview photo since my dad took it, not me. It's Emma at the Pizza parlorwith her Uncle Brent again. Click Here to see it, it'll make you giggle.

    I almost forgot it was Friday. (Well not forgot, I just thought it was tomorrow.) But luckily I had only half finished the alpha for the Eggstra Sweet kit when it went into the shop, so that's your Friday freebie! This alpha coordinates with my newest kit Eggstra Sweet in the TDS shop now, for only $4! (Thanks Atomic Cupcake)
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Friday's Freebie Tips!
    Smplgrl has another set of eggs, today they sparkle!
    Sarah has a lovely kit Flowers for You on her blog.
    Tracey Sims has a pink paperclipped alpha up.
    Ale has the cutest cross-stitched bunnies up for grabs.
    Jeannie has a Birthday Freebie kit for her little man and you can go grab it!
    Heather has some doodle flower PS brushes for you.
    Kari Q has some felt- stitched frames on her blog.
    Those Kissed Studio girls have a new template up for grabs.
    Valinda made a cute QP for Easter- perfect for little girls.
    Kris has a cool Easter kit up for grabs.
    2 days in a row!!! Shandy has a wonderful mini paper pack- so pretty! What will she make next?
    Lindsay Jane has some Easter title charms on her blog.
    Hummie has a template and PS Elements tutorial for you.
    Kat has a paper pack for you called Nightfall.
    Pillowgirl has some page borders and torn edges up for grabs.
    Alice has a pretty Easter QP too. Room for 3 photos.
    Misty has a sampler of her kit Young Beauty on her blog.
    Please remember to leave some love when you go a freebie hunting.

    Have a great weekend everyone and happy scrapping!

    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    More vacation photos and a freebie list

    Okay so here I am to show you more vacation photos (part 2) and a freebie list that I know you're all wanting to see.

    First I'll show you the bike pathe and creek that's at the end of the block at my parent's house. Emma got to go for lots of walks there with her aunt, grandpa and myself. Mostly in her stroller but occasionally just holding a hand and exploring.

    Here' the view looking down the path when you first get onto it.
    Here' one fo Emma checking out the vegitation on the path or as she'd say. "Fowers!"This is the bridge you have to cross to get to my old elementary school. Yes, I used to cross that thing twice daily- sometimes toting my baritone. But when I was a kid they didn't let the plants get so huge.Here's Emma peeking down into the creek to see the water!And this is what she saw- there's frogs and crawdads down there, along with some quail in the bushes.Okay, I figured out the whole video thing. Just click on the photos and it'll take you to my photobucket video clips.

    First is Emma and the tunnel- too cute.
    Second is Emma beating her Uncle Brent at the park. (listen for her giggles)
    Okay, now you know those really cute Clipped Flower Clusters I promised like 2 weeks ago? They are finally in the TDS shop. (The email was lost and then I was on vacation or they'd have been there sooner.) Sorry, about the wait everyone.

    On to today's freebies!
    Lisa has a ton of cute star doodles for you to enjoy.
    Mrs. Miles has some cute little Easter ducks for you and if you missed yesterday some bunies too.
    Smplgrl has some lovely pastel Easter eggs.
    Jodie has a pretty Pink & Green paper pack up for grabs.
    A-gus has some nice butterflies for you.
    Laudi has an add-on for her Girls Can Dirrty kit.
    Let's Scrap is having an Easter egg hunt right now (all links will be good thru 5/1) so go find some eggs!
    Lindsay Jane has a Just Squeezed fruity kit and a Chocolate Mint kit on her blog.
    Kari has some glittered notebook journal shaped tags for you.
    Shandy has a B-E-A-U-TIFUL kit called Tropical Resort up for grabs!
    Angie has a Rainbow mini kit up for grabs.
    Carla has a template on her blog.
    Kissed Studio has another template up for grabs.
    Kristy has FIVE new overlays for you!
    Helena has a gorgeous sampler of her Baby Blue Eyes kit up. (must go thru shop)
    Misty has a pack of Saftey Pins on her blog for you. (and a PS tut on how to make them look real!)

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!