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    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Silver Snowflakes and Template No. 33

    24 Days until Christmas!

    I didn't get any actual scrapping done yesterday. I played with glitter, then made tassels and a few templates. Did some online Christmas shopping, started writing my Christmas cards since they came in the mail yesterday. Played with a cute little girl of mine, but no new LO's for you to see.

    This is the last of my silver ornaments and you got the last of the chipboard yesterday, but I still have one more silver Christmas goodie-it's just not ornaments! I've moved on to glass balls. I still go back and dabble in felt, it's just so cool. I think I figured out how to make a realistic bow in PSP but I'll have to play with it today, so I'll let you know. Maybe I'll make you all a cute paper pack today, who knows. Enjoy!
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Template No. 33
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Freebie tips of the day!
    Miss Tina has a wonderful Zebra kit!
    Sabine made some killer spiral calendar templates!
    Crazy soda bottle label template from Dip Divas.
    Don't forget to leave some love when ever you download a freebie,
    it shows that you're glad they share!

    Starting tomorrow (Dec 1st) there are some neat things going.
    Manu's Advent calendar will start giving out her daily freebies that look AWESOME!!!
    And the Amazing Digiscrapping Race will begin. GO check it out, looks like fun!

    Only 3 days left in my scrap challenge!

    **I'll be taking down some of my older kits and templates on the 3rd of December so if you haven't searched thru my archives, now would be the time to do so.
    Enjoy and happy scrapping!

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    Just goodies today! (No. 32, stamp, and chipboard snowflakes)

    25 Days to Christmas!

    Just goodies today since I posted the stamp last night. So many of you were interrested in the postage stamp I made I had put the tutorial link in the comments (badly since Emma helped) but you can also find the link here- but it's for PSP. On that thought I just took the one I made and turned it into a template for you to use. All you have to do is insert your photo and you have a stamp. Cool huh. If you want to see a preview it's in the previous post.

    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Now onto my ornaments. this is part 2 of the chipboard series. These are snowflakes, a set of 6. I really like the overlay on them, I know the star detail doesn't show up on here-bummer. Well they are up for grabs if you want to add them to your collection. I'm going to mess around with glitter today, so check back for the results in a few days.
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Here is a cute little template that was inspired by various QPs I've seen for the holidays. The dates aren't set so if you want you can use it for a past or future Christmas, in addition to this year. (That's what I didn't like on those QPs, they were all for this year)

    Template No. 32
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Freebie tips of the day:
    Valinda's QP of the day is Santa's Workshop, C-U-T-E!
    Pillowgirl added some lovely holly elements.
    Mrs. Miles made her first grunge paper and overlay. WOW!
    You need to go grab it!
    Jessica Gorny has a few freebies up that rock. A paper pack called Memories, and a 2 parter called Gretel's Dream.
    Scroll down and grab them all!
    Don't forget to spread the love when downloading!

    Only 4 days left in my scrap challenge!

    **I'll be taking down some of my older kits and templates on the 3rd of December so if you haven't searched thru my archives, now would be the time to do so.
    Enjoy and happy scrapping!

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Postage due...

    I was messing around with a new tutorial I found to make "postage stamp" like elements. So I just thought I'd share my first try. What do you think?kit- Christmas Cheer by Jan Hosford
    She belongs on a holiday stamp!

    Emma's Christmas Photos! (No. 31 & Silver Ornaments)

    26 Days to Christmas!

    I got Emma's Christmas photos yesterday and had to scrap them right away!
    She was just so cute! Here are the two poses we got, the first is what we got for our big package to send out and the second is an 8x10 that we're haning on the wall. Enjoy!
    Kit- Christmas Cheer by Jan Hosford

    template- my No. 11

    photo-Stocks photography

    Kit- Christmas Cheer by Jan Hosford
    template- my No. 18
    photo-Stocks photography

    Now on to the goodies!
    As I mentioned yesterday, I've been playing around with different looks and textures and using Christmas ornaments as my platfoirm. So here is the next installment of Christmas goodies for you. And yes, before you ask there are more. As of this moment I have 5 more sets of Christmas/ornament goodies waiting for you, and there could be more, so check back soon!

    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Here's a new LO for you. I made it from one of my older LOs that I really liked and was thinking of using again so I turned it into a template. I hope you like it too!

    Template No. 31
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Today's freebie tips of the day!
    Valinda is at it again with a new QP, A Letter to Santa!
    Pillowgirl has her next installment of nativity characters up and they are all too cute!
    Mrs. Miles has a neat beaded gold tree ornament for you to grab, hurry over!
    Chantal has some wonderful boxed words up on her blog.
    Amanda Roberts has a pretty mini-kit freebie up for you!
    Her pay kits are great too, take a look!
    Don't forget to leave some love when downloading!

    Only 5 days left in my scrap challenge!

    **I'll be taking down some of my older kits and templates on the 3rd of December so if you haven't searched thru my archives, now would be the time to do so.
    Enjoy and happy scrapping!

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Snowflake Buckle and Ribbons

    I decided to try out making a buckle. I'm not too sure about them yet so I decided to give it a go. Hope you like it!download buckle and ribbons

    Tree Decorating (chipboard ornaments & template No. 30)

    27 days until Christmas!

    Emma and I had fun yesterday adding to out decorations. We put garland and a bow around the mailbox, then came inside and decorated a mini tree. We're trying it out to see how she does with it. She's in love with the lights and keeps pointing out each color! Below is the LO I made of her.

    kit- "A Whimsy Holiday by" Kipler & Pukas(Friday Freebie at DigitalFreebies)
    template- my No. 20

    fonts- Valentina JF and LGH Basher

    Now onto the stuff you really came for, the freebies! I've been messing around with ornaments and have made a bunch or different kinds. You saw yesterday's felt and todays is chipboard.
    (I made the overlays white but feel free to change the color or slap a photo over them.)

    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Here's today's template. I tried out those tabs on the photos that seem to be the hot ticket currently. Jury is still out if I like them so if you make a LO send it my way to help me decide!

    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Today's freebie tips!
    ConnyB has a awesome template for you!
    Valinda has done it again with a Christmas tree QP.
    Sabine has put out the first installment of her newest kit "Hippie Chic"!
    True Faith has a wonderful Christmas card for you.
    Traci Sims has some neat snowflakes!
    And a QP by RetroDiva is out there for you to grab! Her matching kit is nice too!
    Don't forget to leave some love!

    Only 6 days left in my scrap challenge!

    **I'll be taking down some of my older kits and templates on the 3rd of December so if you haven't searched thru my archives, now would be the time to do so.
    Enjoy and happy scrapping!

    Sunday, November 26, 2006

    Template No. 29 and Felt Christmas

    28 Days until Christmas!
    So, I went shopping again last night, hitting the tail end of those 2 day sales. I got a present for me(hee-hee) and something for the Toys for Tots barrell, but nothing I needed off my list.-Bad Amy!- I got Emma to sit on Santa's lap, so we'll get dressed up and go back for photos soon, now that I know she'll be okay.

    Here is a LO I made for a friend of her darling little boy Evan. He was just too cute in his headband at Thanksgiving for me to not scrap a LO of him.
    kit- my Happy Turkey Day
    template- my No. 26
    font- Chicken Basket

    Now on to the goodies. Here is something I've been fiddling around with. I made some sticker/elements made of felt. I think they turned out neat, and could be just that special touch you need for you Christmas/winter LO or card.
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Here's my latest template, I was playing around with shapes and well you can see the results.
    Template No. 29
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Freebie tips of the day!
    Pillowgirl has added to her nativity scene characters and a QP-very nice!
    Digital Freebies gives a kit every Friday but this week's is a really good Christmas one.
    Mrs. Miles has a neat Christmas paper pack up for grabs, other stuff too, if you scroll down.
    And Leah has an WONDERFUL Christmas mini-kit, the papers are beautiful!
    As always leave some love where ever you grab freebies!

    Only 7 days left in my scrap challenge, and Timmy the Turtle will be going home tomorrow morning so go grab him quick.

    **I'll be taking down some of my older kits and templates on the 3rd of December so if you haven't searched thru my archives, now would be the time to do so.
    Enjoy and happy scrapping!

    Saturday, November 25, 2006

    Sugar and spice...

    It's Saturday, and only 29 days to Christmas! Have you put up your decorations and tree yet? We did the outside of the house but are debating on a tree due to our little monster's destruction capabilities. Maybe a mini tree. Yesterday, Emma and I started the annual holiday baking. Well I baked while she "helped". She sprinkled the flour onto the board, the sugar onto the cookies, stuck her fingers into the cookies and such like that. Oh, and she really liked the star cookie cutter because she can say that word, we have a lot of star cookies!

    kit- Debbie Korr "Christmastime"
    template- my No. 21

    Now onto the goodies I've made for you! Here first is a quick page I made from my Dusty kit. I hope you like it, I really love the soft feel of this kit!
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    And here is a new template. It makes me think of going to the theater. I hope you get some good use out of it!
    Template No. 28
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Freebie tips of the day!
    Valinda has a funny QP, "All I want for Chrishmash is my two front teesh"!
    Tedibear's Den has a super cute new QP called "Hopping Good Day".
    Pillowgirl has a cute manger goodie, that's a perfect touch for a Christmas LO.
    Remember to leave some love when downloading from anyine!

    Sale tips!
    50% off today and tomorrow at Scrappable.
    40% off at TheDigiChick, today is the last day.

    Don't forget about my scrap challenge (8 days left!)
    to grab Timmy the Turtle before he goes!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    Friday Freebies!

    Happy Black Friday to all you retail shoppers out there! Did you brave the crowds before the sun was up? I did, and I got 3 of the 4 things I was after too! What a mad house. I must say everyone I ran into was happy, and helpful to one another- we got free donuts and coffee while we waited for the store to open too, very nice of them!

    Here's my latest LO of Emma. The photo is from this summer but I like how it turned out. If you do too, you can DL the template below!

    kit- ConnyB. "Twinkling Star"
    template my No. 27
    fonts- Basic Font, ValentinaJF and wmdesigns1

    For these templates I was inspired by different sources. The first was me trying out this whole doodle craziness that's going around. The second came vaguely from a magazine LO. The last one a friend of mine did something similar for a paper LO.

    Template No. 25

    Template No. 26

    Template No. 27

    Sorry, these are no longer availble.

    Freebie tips of the day!
    Pillowgirl has some great new freebies up! A kit and some extras!
    Ksharonk has a lovely new kit called "Amble".
    And Michelle Pearson has three lovely freebies on her blog some brushes, a paper pack and some crocheted flowers.
    Remember to leave some love when downloading!

    Only 9 days left in my scrap challenge! Details here.

    And Timmy will be going home Monday morning so scroll down and grab him quick!

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Happy Turkey Day! (Timmy mini kit)

    To everyone in the U.S. Happy Turkey Day! I hope you are spending it with friends and/or family.Yesterday was a bad day for me and it's a good thing I had these goodies for you done because I did nothing new yesterday. My darling daughter Emma locked me out of the house in the morning, I froze my bottom off while she waved at me thru the window. Then last night she dumped a half gallon of paint down our stairs. It wasn't a good day. Hopefully today will be drama free! (Please lord!!!)

    Now he's back! Visiting for the weekend to spend Thanksgiving with his little buddy Emma, Timmy has returned! You can grab his QP and mini kit now thru Sunday 11/26. I'll be taking his links down Monday morning so grab him quick! I hope you enjoy!

    Timmy the Turtle's Quick Page

    Timmy the Turtle's mini-kit
    Sorry, but Timmy is no longer availble.

    Now on to my freebie tips!
    First off I put up a little goodie myself as a message board only treat. It's 4 seasonal/holiday overlays. Can be found at DigiShopTalk or Let's Scrap in their respective freebie sections.
    Sonja has a wonderful Dino kit that's perfect for kids!
    Jenny has wonderful kits on her blog just click on the kits link in her gallery!
    And Valinda had done it again! There's a hilarious Turkey QP on her blog! You have to go see it!
    Remember to spread the love where ever you download, these people worked hard and deserve some thanks!

    ConnyB. isn't feeling so hot so head over to her blog and send her some get well soon vibes!

    Don't forget my challenge, only 10 days left! Details here.
    Oh, and come back tomorrow for the Friday Freebie!

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    New templates No. 23-24 and some lace!

    Good morning to everyone! These little goodies have been waiting for you a few days and are ready to go out into the world! First up is some more of that eyelet-lace/scallop-edges I made for the dusty kit. In this pack there are, I think, 20 colored patterns and 1 white.

    Detail on stiching.

    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Now onto the templates. I like the first one, but it was my first try at using torn edges so let me know what you think. The second is supposed to be sunrise or sunset-you can pick. I think I was inspired by someone else's LO I saw while cruising around the net. Either way here you go.

    Template No. 23

    Template No. 24

    Sorry, these are no longer availble.

    On to my freebie tips of the day. There are some goodies here!
    You HAVE to go see the penguin QP Valinda made!!!!!!!
    Scrappable has started a blog. They are giving away a free "Lilac" kit by Badcandy if you go comment on their new blog. (Only Thru 11/24)
    Pillowgirl's Scraps has a neat new "Blue Christmas" kit. And scroll ondown for more Christmas goodies!
    And Monique at Happy Scrappy has a lovely "Shimmering Snowflakes" kit up.
    Remember to spread the love when you download!

    *If you pop in tomorrow Timmy will be back for the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving! Don't miss his mini kit or QP!

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    My new kit "Dusty"

    My parents have left so I probably won't be making as much this week as last. And I actully slept thru the night last night and that cut into my output too. Luckily I have a bunch of stuff just waiting to go but didn't want to flood you all with too much. (Can you ever have too much?)

    Here is my latest kit "Dusty". It was inspired inpart by the dusty old quilt I took out to put on my guest bed and my dear friend Sabine's "Pack of Roses" she gave away on her blog. For this kit she even let me use those very same roses to make it complete, so it's a joint effort with her! Thank You Sabine!! Here's the kit!

    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    Tips for the day:
    Found this yesterday, Tebibear's Den has great kits to buy, but gives away a QP from each kit(Super cute one up right now)!
    Valinda and the second snowflake/stocking QP up on her blog.
    Jessica Gorny has a neat Goth Girl kit! I love the dark colors!
    As always, leave a bit of love where ever you download!

    Oh, and a big Thank You to Victoria for designing my new avatar using my Timmy kit!
    You rock girl!
    *For those of you who missed the Timmy the Turtle kit on Emma's birthday, I'll be posting his mini kit soon. It won't be the full kit but still enough to make a nice LO! So check back here soon.

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    New LO

    Another day with my psarents and Emma yesterday, do you know what that means? Yep, they watched her while I had fun on the computer!!!! So I made some new templates, a few elements and did some LO's. Here is the LO I did of Emma's birthday party. It came out great!

    Kit- Nina "Happy Birthday"
    Template- My No. 19
    Font- Hipster

    Now onto the templates. I was just going to do one or two but then they just kept comming. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do!
    (download links at bottom)

    Template No. 19

    Template No. 20

    Template No. 21

    Template No. 22

    Sorry, these are no longer availble.

    Now, don't forget that I'm still having my scrap challenge thru the 3rd of December. If you want a chance to get those free goodies you need to get to work on your entry.
    Rules can be found here.

    Tip for the day:
    Valinda has a neat snowflake QP up.
    Sabine has put up a new mini kit.
    Digital Freebie has a neat winter kit "Baby It's Clod Outside".
    And one more cute kit from Leah all in pastels.
    Don't forget to leave some love where ever you download!

    Sunday, November 19, 2006


    Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes to Emma! All of the kiddies had a wonderful time! Here is Emma with her two favorite gifts, her new tricycle and the giant No. 2 baloon.

    Here she is blowing out the candle on her cupcake.

    Now, here's a new template No. 18. It goes well with No. 17, but I thought 17 might be too small for some people so I made this one to go with it. I hope you enjoy!

    Sorry this is no longer availble.

    Now there are a bunch of freebie tips today:
    Conny B. has a great new template for you!
    Valinda has finished the snowfamily QPs and also has a lovely wreath up for those of you who'd like them.
    Manu made a wonderful Christmas template.
    Please leave some love whenever you download!

    Saturday, November 18, 2006

    Emma's Birthday!!

    Happy 2nd Birthday to my little girl!!!

    Now, as promised yesterday, a cute little kit as Emma's goodie bag to you for all the wonderful birthday wishes everyone has sent her way! It's Timmy the Turtle in his very own kit! Grab it today, because once Emma's birthday party is over Timmy has to be going home.

    Sorry, but the birthday party is over. Timmy had to go home.

    Here is my latest LO for you to see. It's what will be our Christmas card(I liked it better than the wreath one I did), I just need to think of a nice message for inside. (Any suggestions?) I think it turned out rather well, what are you thoughts on it? I used my template No. 17.

    kits-Melissa Hiroti aka Phoenix "Christmas Grunge & my "Christmas"
    my Christmas bonus pack
    fonts- Comic Sans and Valentina JF
    template No. 17
    Photos by Stocks Photography

    And now for today's freebie tips!
    Fernlili has a new kit for you!
    Lauraskathi has a ton of freebie you can grab.
    Manu has made a wonderful winter template for you to grab!
    Michaele has a free template for you to try out.
    And lastly Christine Smith has a two pack of templates for you, as well.
    As always leave some love antime you download!

    P.S. Don't forget about my scrap challenge going on until the 3rd. Click here to read the rules and see the free gifts for participating!

    Friday, November 17, 2006

    Friday freebies!

    1 Day to Emma's 2nd Birthday!!!!

    This little guy here is Timmy the turtle. He's part of a kit I made that you'll get for Emma's birthday if you visit here tomorrow, but tomorrow only. Her birthday is only one day and so is this freebie. So come back tomorrow and get Timmy's complete kit!

    I know I give freebies out on days other than Friday, but I promise no matter what (well, barring an emergency) I'll always have a goodie for you on Fridays! My parents arrived from California late last night after a plane delay on the way out. And I'm sure they're ready to play with Emma. But first to your goodies! ( Why does this silly blog upload backwards one time and forwards the next? Oh well.)

    Template No. 17

    Template No. 16

    Sorry, these are no lovger available.

    Valinda has a second really cute snowman QP if you wnat to go grab it!
    And Lime has a wonderful template too!
    As always remember to leave some love if you download please. And don't forget to come back tomorrow for Emma's birthday and Timmy's kit!

    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    A little someting for me and for you...

    2 days to Emma's 2nd birthday!!

    Once again Manu has made me a wonderful LO! She has been so nice to help me with my backlog of photos. Here's another of her and Evan last October. Such cuties!!

    “Color Happy” by Michelle Coleman (ScrapArtist)

    “Buddy Boy” by Jeannie Papai

    RikRak (recolored) by BTB Designs

    Template “Ready to Scrap Set 10” by Nina (NDISB)

    I haven't been online as much as normal but I did spend an hour of Emma's nap making a little something that had popped into my head. It's part of the Christmas theme running around in there. So here you go, an ornamental alpahabet of colors. Enjoy!

    Sorry but the links have been removed.

    If I don't talk to you again I want everyone to have a happy scrapping weekend!
    Don't forget to spread the love where ever you download!

    Freebie tip of the day,
    Isyndra has a nice "Happy Blue" kit for you!

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Newest LO's...

    So I decided that I should probably use my own templates. Here are the results:

    This is template No. 11. The photo is from last year so I saved it and will put this year's photo in when I get it and mail them out as our Christmas card this year. Credits:
    kits- Debbie Knorr "Christmas Time" and my "Christmas"
    beaded string from my Christmas Bonus pack
    font: ChristmasTree & ValentinaJF

    Her is template No. 15. The sparles don't show up so well in this sized down version but show up great on the bigger one. I still really like this design.
    kit- my "Primary Colors"
    fonts- ValentinaJF and LHF Basher REG

    And lastly is template No. 10. I think it turned out very well! Emma is super cute in this photo with the soft lighting and everything.
    kit- ConnyB. "Crazy Daisy"
    pin from my Christmas Bonus pack
    font- ValentinaJF

    A big thank you to everyone who's taken part in my challenge so far! The LO's have been wonderful! You can still take part too, if you want a chance for my goodies (See the challenge post below).
    Thanks for taking it a look at my blog! I should have some new stuff by next week some time! I need to go scrub a bathroom! 3 days to Emma's b-day!

    Oh, and today's freebie hints!
    ConnyB. has a wonderful new template on her blog.
    Jennifer Riggins and a lovely"Sweet, Sweet, Snow" freebie.
    Valinda has added the cutest snowman QP to her list of Christmas QPs.
    Sabine had up the letest mini kit purple of her Mega kit.
    Jburkhart has a few templates up too!
    Don't forget to leave some love to these people for their hard work when you download the freebies!