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    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Good things are coming!

    Be patient and you shall be rewarded!
    I'm running a bit behind schedule. My FIL was here last week and we now have lovely hardwood floors and new carpet on the steps (to replace the paint covered carpet). But while we were doing the floors I had no internet. Sigh. Or design programs for that matter. So now I'm scrambling to get my grab bag finished for NSD this weekend and starting my new class for school, Advanced Graphic Design. Busy, busy girl that I am. We're also getting ready for VBS, I'm in charge of crafts again this year.

    Anyway stop back by this weekend to see my grab bag and if I have the time and extra little treat for you all too!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    Surprise challenge by Manu!

    You all know my good friend ManuScraps, as I CT for her as my schedule allows. She has her very first Surprise Challenge posted over at Nuthouse Scraps! It's a fun challenge and come with a very cool and versatile freebie too! Head on over and have some fun!
    Stop by the Nuthouse and get all the details on the Surprise Challenge!

    And here's my take on the challenge to inspire you!
    Tangram- ManuScraps
    Seaweed and bubbles- Under Da Sea by Kim B. Designs
    Fish and water paper- Little Fishes by Amy W.
    Blue paper- Emma's Hat by Amy W.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Scrapping!

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    An Easter treat! (A little late)

    Okay, so I promised you a treat I'm just a little late in delivering it. I'm learning Adobe Illustrator and it's hard. Mostly because I'm used to Raster based PS but also because I know that it can do some awesome things if I could just figure out how!!!! It's taking me forever to figure out how to do what I want to do with it. Bah!

    Enough of that. I have a goodie for you a couple of days late but even better The Nuthouse is putting out a CT call. What does this mean? You'd have an entire shop at your disposal... for free! All you'd have to do is what we all love doing anyway, make LOs and talk about scrapping! Woo-hoo!
    Stop by Nuthouse Scraps to check us out and then join the team!

    And finally here's your super special, if late, Easter present from me!
    Download Easter 2009 Bunny!

    Hope you all have a great week! I'm off to tackle even more Illustrator... wish me luck!

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. The Easter Egg Hunt eggs are still up at the Nuthouse! So if you haven't yet stop by and grab all 30 freebie eggs!
    Including three from myself, two are hidden in my shop but they're not my eggs!

    Friday, April 10, 2009


    Had a very moving evening at church tonight for our Maundy Thursday service. It was simple yet so profound. We discussed the beginning of Passover and how they gathered around a table together to share a meal with the Lord, just as we do on Sundays as we celebrate communion. We also had the opportunity to have our feet wash and to wash others feet just as Jesus did on that night so long ago. A simple but humbling act of service to one another. Then we went sent quietly off to contemplate how When jesus left that night he knew he was going to die and rise again. But first came the passion, the suffering, that he bare so we could have forgiveness. Just so very moving and humbling, and makes me ever thankful for his service and sacrafice.

    We're having a 40% off sale and another freebie hunt over at Nuthouse Scraps! This time you need to look for the Easter Eggs we have hidden everywhere. There's three eggs from yours truly, so go take a look! (Egg hunt hint thread fund HERE.)

    Don't forget my Easter kit is back in the shop, Hoppy Easter! (It's 40% off!) Just filled to the brim with fabulous doodles and cute whimsy to make the most of any Easter scrap projects!

    Also check by later this weekend as I have a little Easter present for you in the works!

    Happy Scrapping & Happy Easter y'all!

    P.S. Daddoo and Emma are having a blast playing together!

    Monday, April 06, 2009

    Super Busy Bee!

    Hello everyone! Well last week was super busy for me. Has the Nuthouse Scraps Grand Opening (still on sale for 50% off!), Emma had her class Easter Party and finally class. This week is busy too. Emma is on her Spring Break but I'm still in school. My Daddoo is coming out for a visit! (Long way to come for Grandparent babysitting. LOL!) And I'm still in school only this is my first week working with Illustrator... should be fun. Anywho I've got nothing for you personally but there's tons of goodies out there!

    Kim B. Has her par of the Blog Train up, Spring Blossoms.
    Acorn has their contribution to Spring Blossoms up too!
    Mrs. Miles has some cute bunny doodles and a couple of fonts on her blog.
    Rachel is back and has some cute bows for you.

    And don't forget to swing by the Nuthouse shop and look for the grand opening freebies!
    You can look HERE for some clues on finding these freebies!

    And finally I just wanted to show you what I made for class this past week. I think it's funny but we'll have to wait and see what grade I get on it. The assignment was to extract a car and show motion in PS.
    Let me know what you all think of it.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    Grand Opening at Nuthouse Scraps!

    Lots of news today!
    First off it's the Grand Opening of our new shop Nuthouse Scraps.
    (We're all a little insane over there, so watch out.)

    We have lots of fabulous new products in the Nuthouse shop, Manu has a killer CU grab bag, a freebie hunt , the whole shop is on sale 50% off April 1st and you get a welcome kit just for joining the forum!
    Here's a little goodie I made that's hiding some where in the Nuthouse... find it and it's yours!
    (15, more coordinating goodies too! All hidden in the nuthouse right now!)
    (The hunt has begun, the first clue is up in our forum! Can you find all 16?)

    I have a new set of Jumpstarts in the Nuthouse! (I know I said two but I'm not done packaging up the second set yet.) It's my Jumpstarts collection No. 11, a great multipurpose set of versatile layered templates.

    And here's a layout I made using Jumpstart 11-A from the new collection:
    kit- Missing You by Manu-Scraps
    template- Jumpstarts 11-A by AMy W.
    font- Bella Donna by Canada Type

    Since it's a new month we have a new Mixed Nuts team kit Blooming Beauty. You can go into the shop and grab just one mini kit or several to mix and match for a mega kit. Here's my Mixed Nuts mini kit for April:

    And here's a little goodie for you all. It was made Just 4 Fun from some leftovers of the Blooming Beauty mini kit. Enjoy!
    Download Just 4 Fun!

    Hope you all have a good week & happy Scrapping!