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    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Rock-a-bye Baby in the Shoppe!

    Okay, so most of you already grabbed all of Rock-a-bye Baby here off the blog. But if you didn't or you missed a part, the whole kit, plus some extras I threw in there, is now in my Sophia Sarducci Shoppe. Even better it's 20% off all day today (9/29)!
    And here is your little freebie for being so cool. They are 4x6 bragbook QPs but would work wonderfully as birth announcements too.
    Download Rock-a-bye Baby QPs

    Here's the one I made of Baby Ben, the inspiration for this kit.
    (Less than a week 'til I get to see him!)

    Here is the funniest little video/song about the upcoming presidential election I've seen yet. Be ready to giggle and get the song stuck in your head! Time for Some Campaigning by JibJab

    Just so you know I've finished my latest set of classes, whew! And am off for a week! So only 2 more sessions left for my AABA! Next session is research and design solutions (Can't wait to see what that class is about.) and pshych, interesting combination I know.

    Still haven't recieved any photos from the fair yet. But to be fair Kristen is stressing out because Kullan is once again in England visiting family with his dad. I can't imagine sending my child overseas with someone else. So pray for her sanity and his safe return this week (I think he comes back Wed. but don't quote me on that.).

    Also this week is the Fall Family Night at Emma's school. I get to bake 2 cakes tomorrow, then go in the morning to set up the booth. Fun right?

    On the Sophia blog ther's a lovely set of Fall brag book QPs and a neat-o October/Halloween calendar desktop QP. (My Rock-a-bye Baby QPs will be going up sometime today as well.)
    Kim B. made a Purr-fect mini kit for Silvia's birthday.
    Princess Pam is up to the letter "U" in her ABC kits. Those babies are phenominal!
    Maria has a gorgeous Harvest Halloween add-on for you.
    Melanie has a cute To The Moon add-on and Sherri has an adorable October desktop QP.
    Sherri also has two gorgeous Bountiful QPs for you.
    Kind-of old but Misty has a nice template up.
    Ellie has a cute Halloween treat topper.
    Faith has a precious set of Rescue Vehicles.

    I'm off to bed,
    Happy Scrapping everyone!


    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Happy Fall Y'all!

    So it's fall here in the US. I know some of you are just entering spring but for me we're getting to my favorite time of the year. So I made you a little Fall goodie for you all to enjoy, it's a cute Fall QP! Off to do homework (last week of the session)!
    download Fall QP

    Preview is Emma on the GIANT pumpkin this time last year. She's already outgrown those pants, sigh.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Final Rock-a-bye Baby and the fair!

    Hope you are all having a lovely time now that it's a new season. We went to the county fair this weekend. Emma had a blast, I of course forgot my camera so I'll have to wait for the other two moms to give them to me. Emma hurt her ear on the giant slide, she was tall enough to go down by herself and did very well until that last time. I think it's because she was getting grumpy and tired, we'd been there for 3 hours. So now her poor abused ear has a pretty bruise on it from bumping against the slide, but she was fine after a few minutes of crying to go on more rides. Fairs are so expensive now days. We got the wrist bands for the kids, they were $20, because tickets were $1 each and most rides were 3-4 tickets for our kids. Emma went down the big slide like 8 times and thru the fun house at least 12 times, that would have been very expensive. Sigh, maybe I'm just getting old. Emma had a blast, I may have to look and see which of the theme parks has rides she can go on here soon, although we're still looking into Disney next fall.

    Here's the last installment of Rock-a-bye Baby. I had fun making it but my creative juice crashed. There are some dirty blond babies in this set because that was requested. I'll be packaging up the extras and giving them to my newsletter readers here in the next day or two, so keep an eye out for that email.
    Sorry, this is no longer available.
    (Should be in the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe soon!)

    I have another couple of kits in the works but everything takes forever with all I have going on. Never fear, I'm sure I'll get them done sometime... I hope. Ok, I'm off because I got sunburned at the fair and so I'm all tight and tired. (Yes mom, I wore sunscreen but hadn't anticipated being ther for 4 hours so I sweat it all off.)

    Barb has some lovely QPs for her new Fall Frolic kit.
    Kim B. has a list of goodies made by her CT with her wonderful CU grab bag bundle.
    (Serriously if you design check out the bundle, wonderful stuff for cheap!)
    Dielle Designs has a fabulous set of Second Star To The Right Word Art.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Back to Rock-a-bye Baby

    Hello again everyone. I'm glad you all liked Barb's birthday frame. It's actually an add-on for the kit I'm making for Emma's birthday in November, so stay tuned for more details on that. Now here are the Rock-a-bye Baby: the tiny feet section as requested. I hope you all enjoy it!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.
    (Should be in the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe soon!)

    Enjoy and happy scrapping!

    P.S. Kim B. has a killer deal of CU grab bags going on right now and a limited time overlay freebie too! Go check out her stuff, they're awesome!

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Going insane and a belated b-day pressent

    So I'm officially going insane. You all repeatedly have said you don't know where I find the time, well I just ran out of it. The past week has been just one thing after the other. A jam packed schedule where EVERYTHING is taking longer than expected. Schoolwork, scrapping, making dinner, Emma going to bed or getting ready for school; it's all just taking forever it seems. Sigh. Luckily there's only 2 weeks left of both this class session and until Emma's school's Fall carnival thingy. That bad bay has become public enemy #1. I don't understand some of these people. The ones in charge are disorganized and lax, while the helpers are OCD and don;t believe me where I tell them I've taken care of something so we end up doubling up on stuff... annoying.
    Oh well, I'll just slowly go insane.

    The next installment of Rock-a-bye Baby is taking longer than expected. It's the requested footprints segment and I love the handful of elements I made but I'm not happy with the papers so you all are just going to have to wait for those until I get them right. Sorry, but I won't give you crap so I need to keep working on them. Luckily I had an idea this morning on how to fix them I just now need to find the time and with hubby off the next 2 days what computer time I get will probably be spent on school work. Again, sigh.

    You may or may not have known but yesterday was Mrs. Miles' 50th birthday! I love this woman to pieces and want to be like her when I grow up, she's so fun and giving, a great wife and friend. I love you Barb! So while I'm a day late, you should all be used to that by now, I made her an adorable little pressie and I'm going to share it with all of you as well. So here's my b-day gift to Mrs. Miles!
    (Oh, the actual frame doesn't have any words on the tag. Just in case you wondered.)
    download Barb's Birthday frame
    *Don't forget to swing by and wish Barb(Mrs. Miles) a belated happy birthday if you haven't done so yet!

    Kim B. also made Barb a very cute mini kit for her birthday, so go grab it!

    And here's a shot of Emma playing dress up to make you all giggle!

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Did you notice my new little goodie in the right sidebar? I did a report for school last week on the American Red Cross and so I added a blog link to them. Such a wonderful organization and worthy cause.

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Whew! Hard work!

    So this week has been FILLED with stuff for Emma's school. Our Fall Carnival is at the end of the month (Early I know.) and as a grade parent that means I'm in charge of a bunch of stuff- blah! So I had a PTA meeting this week and organizing with the other preschool grade parents to work our game booth, get prizes, etc. Lots of fun.

    I has an interesting comment on Monday's entry about my blog. This here blog will be 2 years old next month. Some of you may have followed it's progress where I was giving out practically a new freebie a day because my mind was bursting with ideas and I was learning my PSP program. Then came my list of freebie tips which I never have time for anymore, I miss freebie hunting... it's fun! I remember when Ikea Goddess used to make wonderful goodies rather than making her neat-o list, we should bug her to make more again. And when I had over 1000 people a day cruise through my blog to grab goodies or be pointed to more. Sigh. Now I barely have time to blog anymore and I miss it, but am glad to be designing and working on my degree so I can't really complain too much. There's my little stroll down memory lane. It did remind me I need to make a blog-iversary gift for you all next month. Any requests? I haven't done templates for awhile, would you all like one of those, or maybe a few?

    So anyway I'm just popping in to give you the next installment of Rock-a-bye Baby for you all. Next set should be tags and footprints... I think. I need to get my homework for the week done before I work on this some more. Three stroller papers (pink, blue and green/yellow), with matching stickers and the un-charmed wrap frames. Enjoy!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.
    (Should be in the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe soon!)

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Kim B. has a fabulous new kit called Spring Passion out and there's a sampler and an add-on along with other related goodies on her blog for you, just scroll down!
    Misty has a set of Grungy Months word art.
    Valinda has a neat QP and a paper pack on her blog.
    Derek M. has brought back Google Eye for everyone to get in the Halloween spirit!

    Monday, September 08, 2008

    More Rock-a-bye!

    Okay, so I thought I'd have posted more of this kit before now but for some reason everything took longer than I thought this weekend. To illustrate my point my homework is due at midnight central on Sunday evenings, that's 1 am Monday for me. Usually I have the last of it in around late afternoon Sunday if I didn't get it in Saturday night. Last night I submitted my last piece of homework at 12:58.26am. Whew, talk about close. That was just the story of the latter half of my week, blucky.
    Because of that I had lots of the Rock-a-bye Baby kit half done but not enough to give you more. However, this morning I completed 2 more installments of the kit... but you'll have to wait for part 3. Wahahahaha! I'm so evil! Anyway here's part 2 of Rock-a-bye Baby: the blocks, for you all to enjoy!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.
    (Should be in the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe soon!)

    And here's how you use these nifty wrap frames. I made them to fit atop a square 6x6 inch (@ 300 dpi) photo, but you can resize smaller if needed. This is actually one without a charm (Can you say part 3?) that I recolored to match my Emma's hopscotch photo.
    Cute right? Well, I think they're fabulous anyway. They'll look cute with a tag slipped underneath the bow too, I just haven't given you the tags yet- LOL!
    Now if you have any requests for this kit feel free to shout them out, as it's a work in progress I can probably figure a way to fit them in. Someone already asked for footprints, I hadn't thought of that but I can make it work so they'll be coming here sometime in the future. Okay I'm off to grab Emma from pre-school, enjoy!

    Happy Scrapping!
    P.S. Mrs. Miles has a neat Corragated Cardboard alpha on her blog!

    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    Rock-a-bye Baby

    My best friend back in Cali just had a new baby boy a couple of weeks ago. I just got the first photos and he's gorgeous! So as a tribute to Baby Ben I'm making a new kit. Don't know how big it'll be just yet, depends on when my inspiration runs out I suppose. Here's the first part, 3 papers and 12 babies. The babies are mostly the same I just made them boy or girl and changed their skin tone and diaper color, they're big too so you can size them as needed. Hope you like it and make sure you check back for more installments.
    Sorry, this is no longer available.
    (Will be in the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe soon!)

    Oh and before I forget they are now doing a Free with any purchase over at Sophia's. Make sure you swing by each month to see what lovely goodies you can get! This month is a cute Barnyard Paper Pals by Sophia herself!! And don't forget to take a peek in my Adriana Lunette shop while you're there.

    Happy Scrapping I'm off to do homework!