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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    Hi there!

    So I've de-stressed from the weekend. I would have been okay if not for the whole re-doing of the paper snafu. And yes I'm ever so happy I checked it one more time before submitting it. And the funny thing was every time I read the assignment it seemed off to me and that final time I was checking to see that I had covered everything the "key word, tricky phrase" just popped out at me and I wanted to shout DOH! But you will all be happy to know I got an A on both my assignments for last week. I do hope you all can bare with me 'til mid December (Yes, that's my AABA grad date.) I'm not overly enthused with the business classes I have to take before I get to the good stuff, but I will try my best. I find the information fascinating I just hate writing papers, a lot. Then I'll get to go for my BA and that should be more fun since I'll have all the required classes done for the AA and will get to do the course concentration classes for visual communications (Can you say classes about Photoshop, Illustrator and web design? FUN!).

    My good buddy Kim B. made this darling LO using the Little Red Ladybug kit! Gorgeous right?
    She called it Slow Down from the fantastic Lyrics
    Kit- Little Red Ladybug by Adriana Lunette
    Word art by Brit-tish Designs (lyrics).
    Used a photo of the clouds, blended into the background to give the sky effect.

    I have a little sneak peek here for you of my/Ardiana's next goodie for the shop. Hope you like it! (Click preview to DL.)
    Hopefully I can get them done and into the shop for Monday's release, but we'll see.

    Let's see if I can find y'all a few freebies!
    It's old but still good, a fabulous St. Pats goodie from Lorenza.
    Julia has a designer sampler called MeuPai at DSS (Must go thru shop.).
    Katheryn has a Every Which Way Freestyle Collection of wings and hats for you. (An ADSR goodie!)
    Aprilmouse has a killer mini page kit called Curly. (Run, don't walk to grab this one!)
    Swheat Creations has so many fabulous freebies on her blog I almost crapped my pants.
    (I especially liked the Tulips, Zoo and the Polywog sets. Lace shapes are nice too!)
    Amy S. has a great mini kit about breakfast called Wakey, Wakey Eggs & Bac-ie! (Only up 'til 3 pm est 4/1.) Amy also has a Thinking Spring mini HERE!
    Jennifer has a Family Man add-on up for grabs.
    Eva has a bonus alpha for her Puddles and Sunshine kit.
    Jan has a sampler of her kit Playing Hooky up for grabs.
    Traci has some Glittery Flowers for you on her blog.
    Anita has a cool add-on for her All About Me kit up.
    Janidee has a sampler of her new car/garage kit called Concrete Jungle.
    Misty has a QP from her Little Miss kit, adorable!
    Bethany has some great new word arts up. ( Scroll down for lots more, including a whole series of Baby's 1st ones.)
    And of course Princess Pam has more of her fabulous ABC kits up for grabs!
    Remember to share some love for any freebies you grab!

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    Sunday, March 30, 2008

    So sorry!

    I'm totally sorry for bailing/not even checking in with you all this weekend. I had almost no internet on Friday as they were upgrading the fiber optics in our neighborhood and so no service for most the day as they ripped out the old lines and put in new ones. (I'll be getting a newer/faster modem here soon too!) Then I was double checking my assignments for class this week when I realized I read the question wrong for my paper and had to redo the darn thing. So I'm stressed out, running on low sleep and sick of the computer. I'm working on a freebie for you but I don't think it'll be ready until mid week, maybe tomorrow but I'm not sure. Hope you all had vastly better weekends than I did.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, March 26, 2008


    You all know classes started this week and well most of today's computer time was spent doing research for this week's assignments. Sad, I know. So I have no list for you and I'm still need to write them so the Friday Freebie is looking not so hot for the week either but we'll see.

    I'm glad everyone liked my little Risen kit for Easter. (See post below to grab the freebie.) I've only really gotten into church in the past year or so. We didn't go much when I was a kid, spent most Sunday's at the pool for swim meets. So if/when I went, I tagged along with a friend/neighbor. But I know that I believe in the Lord and want to pass that belief along with all his teachings to Emma. I've been working harder at it and I must say it's been wonderful, really filled a part of my life I hadn't realized was empty. When I walked into my current church for the first time I knew I was in the right place. It was like being welcomed home and surrounded by love. Truly awesome. I do find it funny that they now have me teaching the kids for Sunday School. Since upon occasion I run into lessons I don't ever remember reading myself, but it's a fun way to explore the bible and the kids have such unique insights into the word I'd never have seen without them. (Plus it let's me do bog kid crafts that Emma isn't ready for yet.)

    As to those who didn't realize I'm a Christian, do you look at my blog? Over in the right sidebar, for I don't know how long, I have the CWO (Christian Woman's Online) daily scripture snippets- your bible quote a day. Now that's enough out of me on that for today. (But seriously take a peek at my sidebars when you get a chance, good stuff!)

    I posted a really cool altered art LO (my first ever) for the ADSR challenge #9 over on the Glitter Goddesses blog. (Link in the left sidebar.)

    Happy Scrapping y'all!
    P.S. Kim B. has a template up but that's all I know. Oh and she sent me a LO I want to share but that'll have to wait for Friday I'm off to bed!

    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Woo-hoo, here I come baby!

    Okay, so today was my first day of class and the teacher canceled- LOL! I find that hilarious!

    So I finally finished the Freebie I wanted to have up for you last Friday and I found a few goodies over the weekend to, that I'll share with you all!

    First head over to Cinna and my Glitter Goddesses ADSR blog for a look at my 2 fabulous pages from last week and a neat QP made just for you all by Cinna! (More vacation photos in the LOs.)

    I also took some great photos from the various egg hunts and church yesterday but like the trip photos I need to make them smaller to share. But here's my favorite 3 for you to peek at:

    Finally here's the freebie for you all. It's an Easter one, day late and dollar short but there you have it. Here's Risen for you:
    download Risen

    And here's a few freebie tips you may want to check out.
    Flergs has a Easter egg for you filled with goodies.
    (Click on the Sunshine Girls links in her left sidebar for more Easter eggs!)
    Kim B. has an Easter basket on her blog for you to put all your eggs in- LOL!
    On Mrs. Miles' blog you can find and add-on to Chocolate Cherry Blossoms, gorgeous kit!)
    Misty has a cool QP to match her new kit Homespun Love.
    Nikki has a bright and beautiful Easter mini kit for you!
    Bibounette has a neat one called Ecolo Girl on her blog.
    Nadya has a gorgeous spring kit up.
    Shauna has a darling Smile mini kit. (Cute Spring mini HERE too!)
    Eva has a Spring Forward add-on for you.
    Rina has some gorgeous paper flowers up for grabs.
    HF Designs has 3- 8.5 x 11 templates for you.
    Fanette has a lovely kit called Sunshine.
    Princess Pam of course has more ABC kit up for grabs, she's so cool!
    Please remember to leave some love when you download freebies, the price is worth it!

    Happy Scrapping!
    Kristy has a sampler of Jessica's Garden for you.

    Friday, March 21, 2008

    The slacker is back... not really.

    Okay, today so didn't go the way I thought it would. Spent about 2-3 hours on the computer and a lot of it was helping hubby get it all set up with the new software for school (Starts Monday- eeekkk!). We put in a newer and bigger hard drive, installed the software which included upgrading to office 2007. I did manage to update the blog with a new spring banner using the Little Red Ladybug kit. Then my "classroom" opened up so I spent time looking over the class syllabus and assignments. Whew, I've been on the computer but not much scrapping was done. I also did a littel work on my 2 LOs for the ADSR this week. Need to get those done or my team mate will kill me. (Hi Cinna, I love you!) I did get all the requirements for challenge #7 from my good buddy and lifesaver Kim B.!! She's such a doll! So hopefully I can manage those both in along with this holiday weekend activities. I will go freebie hunting for you all sonn just not sure when. I also want to share vaca photos but they're big right now and take forever to upload so you'll have to wait for me to resize then but I will show you my top 3 picks. (I took like 120 photos on the trip- fun times for scrapping ahead!)

    First is Emma and her cousin walking down the hallway at the hotel. (They're best friends they tell me now.) I know it's hard to see but I love that they had to hold hands everywhere we went!

    Next is Emma staring at the "jellies" (jellyfish) at the aquarium.

    Finally is hubby and Em at the rest stop on the way home.
    Happy Scrapping y'all!
    P.S. If you get a chance go look at Cinna's LO for challenge #7 on the Glitter Goddesses blog, fabulous stuff!

    Thursday, March 20, 2008

    Home at last!

    We're back! I'm so tired, I never sleep well when on the road. It takes me a few days to get used to a new bed and then it's time to leave again. I'll have more for you tomorrow and maybe a freebie but I make no promises. I do have fabulous photos to share.
    Hugs to all!

    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    On Vacation

    Okay so technically I don't leave until Friday morning but I've spent all of today and probably most of tomorrow trying to get stuff done so I can go on vacation. So I haven't gone hunting or anything today. I did make both of my ADSR LOs so you could go look at the Glitter Goddess blog to see some fabulous LOs made by me. (I'm really proud of the challenge #6 LO!)

    If you need a freebie fix before my return next week, you can pop over to the Ikea Goddess' blog or visit Digi-Free. I like Ikea's better because she picks her favorites, like I do. Digi-Free is nice too but the list is long and you have to search thru it for the real treasures. (Still, very neat for an automated system.)

    I dreamed about a freebie for you all, so we'll see if I can actually achieve it, I'll keep you updated.

    Happy Scrapping!
    P.S. If you don't go look at my cool ADSR LOs I'll be very sad and I might not be able to make my dreamed of freebie. :(

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    What's new?

    So what's new with you all? As you know I no longer sell at DBD, but I'll still be around.

    However, one of my favorite shops, the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe, has a huge release of new kits today!
    First is a new designer Ardiana Lunette, she has 2 wonderful new kits in her shop and they're on sale today only for 20% off! They're doodle-riffic!
    Hoppy Easter
    and Little Red Ladybug
    Here's the LO I made using Little Red Ladybug! (Emma at the park.)
    kit- Little Red Ladybug by Adriana Lunette
    fonts- LD Boxed and Kidprint

    Then they've got a few new Disney inspired kits (About 20 of them) in the shop ready for you to scrap those On Vacation memories. (They're all on sale for 20% off too!) Here's the LO I made with On Vacation 3: It's Magic, and the kit's preview.
    Here's the LO, using the Halloween photos!
    kit- On Vacation 3: It's Magic by Sophia Sarducci
    style- Gold Styles by Manu-Scraps (DigiScrapShak and DigiByDesign)
    fonts- Sabrina Star and Adore

    You have to go look at all the great On Vacation mini kits on sale today!!!! (The news ones start on page 2 I believe, they're the ones on sale-lol!)

    In case you're wondering the Princess Party was lots of fun! We had 7 adorable little girls here all dressed up and having fun. Here's a shot of Emma in her princess glory. (I'd show you more but I don't have permission to share yet from the other moms.)

    Now let's go find some freebies!
    Ellie has a gorgeous Sweet Enough mini kit for you! (Some nice Stitched Stars HERE too.)
    Tracy has some wonderful word arts up for grabs.
    Misty has a Baby Brights QP for you.
    Peta has 2 lovely add-on kits on her blog. (Scroll down to grab both.)
    Mickey B. has a sampler of her Sweet Daisy kit up.
    Coralie has 2 mini kits and a QP just for you! (One is a great boy kit.)
    Fran has the papers and elements for her Spring is in the air kit up.
    Krista has a new one called Daisy, I love the colors she used!!!
    Monica is having a CT call/competition and has a great kit for you too, called Somewhere else!
    Lindsay Jane has a sampler of her kit Bunny Tales for you.
    Happy Scrap has a killer new kit called Soon the Spring on her blog.
    Olivia has a cute hybrid Bunny Box up for grabs.
    Stephanie has a nice template for you.
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. My buddy Shelly's book Fancy Free came out and it's hilarious! I couldn't stop reading it, thankfully hubby was home and Emma let me be. Read more about it HERE! (Scroll down.)

    Sunday, March 09, 2008

    R-E-A-L-L-Y long day

    It's been such a long day. Party went well, ready for tomorrow, so tired. Almost no time spent on here either, well not in scrap-land at least. Just wanted to pop in with a few killer tips!

    1. DBD freebie section- There's several new samplers up for you to grab, new designers too.
    (Must go thru shop.)
    2. Shabby Princess- The Promise Collection (NEW FREEBIE!!!)
    3. Kim B. Designs- between her and her CT they've had like 10 freebies this week, go snag some!
    4. Doreen has a Romantic Spring preview mini.

    That's all I got but there's lots there. Remember to leave love when you can!

    * Last day to buy my stuff in the shop!! 40% off!

    And here's a peek at some upcoming fun!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, March 07, 2008


    So this week has been a whirlwind of activity. Hubby has been off the past few days so we've been out and about town. Had church circle meeting, a faboo doctor's appt and yesterday we went into the capital and I gots new clothes!Need to clean house today because Emma's Princess party/playdate is tomorrow! I also need to finish getting ready for my Sunday School lesson. So much to do so little time, and yet I'm on here anyway. Okay here's the info for the weekend!

    Don't forget my DBD shop will be closing on Sunday at midnight, head over now for the 40% off sale!

    Now then have I mentioned we're going to TN to visit the ILs? Well next Thursday for a week I'll be gone (3/13-19). That means no lists for that week and no Friday freebie. And since I was a slacker last week due to my studying for tests, I decided to give y'all 2 this week to make up for it all. They're related, one is a QP using my super-de-duper kit Glitter Goddesses (On sale 40% off, that's just $2.40!) and the second is a template I made from the QP. Enjoy!
    download Glitter Goddesses quick page

    download Jumpstarts blog No. 25

    I'll try to be back later with a list but it might not be until tomorrow. (I have to clean the house, get ready for the party and ready for Sunday school first.)

    Happy scrapping and have a great weekend!

    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Playing hookie

    I spent all morning at the doctors office. Hubby is off work today so I'm going to play hookie today. If you need a freebie fix head over to Ikea Gossess' blog for some tips!

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    Do you ever?

    Do you ever have one of those moments when you just want to say something but the person is a stranger and you don't want to be thought of as weird? Well my goal is to go ahead and say it. Mainly I think compliments of others. I like their hair, shirt, smile, etc. And I think everyone could use a compliment from a random person to make their day brighter. SO nect time you see someone and think to your self, "Wow, that's a great _______." Don't keep it in, share it with the person. More often than not you'll get a smile and sometimes even a laugh. It'll not only brighten their day but yours as well.

    Okay, enough of that. This is my second post of the day and it's to bring you the freebie list. But first scroll down and check out my important announcement, sale info and there's a freebie hidden in there too.

    The List:
    Joanne has a lovely add-on to her Forest Garden kit.
    Kalaniece has part 2 of her Holy Spirit kit up.
    Cyndi has some Jeweled frames for you.
    Brandy has a couple of CU actions, then a nice kit called European Traveler. (And more if you keep scrolling down.)
    MzPimptress has a couple of cute mini kits up. (I like the Go Green one- scroll down.)
    Eva has a killer DPS QP set for you.
    Amy T. has a fun sampler of her kit Punchinella.
    Rina has an adorable brag book QP for her new kit Freckle face, or go down for her gorgeous March desktop QP!
    Priscilla has a Funny Colors paper pack on her blog.
    Carla has a Lovely Kit up for grabs.
    Shannon has a fabulous template up.
    Meredith has a March desktop template up.
    Inked Edges has a Get Lucky mini for you.
    Regiane has a Sweet Easter kit on her blog.
    Amy F. has a neat-o template on her blog.
    Gina has a set of cool looking Just A Thought, thought bubbles.
    Grandma Pat made some cute QPs with one of Anita's kits.
    Jenni has an add-on to her new kit Chaotic Spring if you scroll down thru her endless post- LOL!
    Kim B. has a lovely new QP on her blog, all springy and stuff!
    Mrs. Miles has a neat hybrid spring box up.
    Misty has a killer Wood Alpha for you.
    Al at Action FX has a set of paper that are divine!
    (And take advantage of his one day membership for just $5!)
    Please remember to leave some love!!!

    Don't forget to scroll down!


    I'm so glad that's over! SO I took all 3 exams this past weekend and passed one of them. SO that's one less class I'll have to take to get my degree. I knew I'd fail one of them so I wasn't worried about that, but I am sad I didn't pass the math. I had studied for it and thought I had done rather well but it ends up I was wrong- LOL!

    Okay here's a huge announcement for you all! I'm leaving designing at DBD. As proven to me over the past week or so that I can't do it all. And so I'm no longer going to be a designer on the DBD team. By cutting back it allows me time to get my school work done, take care of my family and maybe do some blogging with occasional freebies! And so all of the products in my shop at DBD are on sale for 40% off thru Sunday the 9th. At midnight on Sunday night they will disappear never to be heard from again. So if you have had you eye on any of my goodies I suggest you go grab it now. (Oh this includes the Happy Scrapz designs as well. They're not on sale but they too will be gone on the 9th.)
    I've been looking into joining a lower stress shop and will let you know if I find one that's just a shop. (No forum or gallery to post in or challenges to host, etc.) And of course I will still be on here I just may be slowing down a bit.

    Now here's a very cool LO if I do say so myself. Usually I'd ask you to go to our ADSR blog for the Glitter Goddesses but we did such a great collab work I wanted to share with you all on here! Here's Cinna's and my LO for the 2nd challenge. We had to do 1/2 of the LO each so we divided it up in a fun way.
    Papers: Kitchen papers by Sophia Sarducci
    Beads: Kitchen Beads by Sophia Sarducci
    Elements: In My Kitchen by Sophia Sarducci
    Frame: Circle Frames by Holly McCaig.
    Stitches: Cirkle stitches by Karen Hunt. "Sloppy" stitch from Reflection kit by Kellie Puddy.
    Fonts used: Kidprint, CK Journaling Condensed and LD Beatnik.

    Did you like the LO above? You can grab the template for it HERE. It's only in PSD. (sorry) It has a circle int the center and the background all divided up in different ways. (Vertical and diagonal, halves and quarters for both.) So you can mix and match as you see fit. Enjoy!

    Okay, I know I need to do a freebie list but it'll have to wait until Emma goes to bed. Make sure you stop back there a couple of good ones I spoted this weekend!

    Happy Scrapping!