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    Monday, June 22, 2009

    VBS is over!

    Whew, what a hectic week. But VBS is now officially over. Don't get me wrong I had a blast but it was draining. But the kids loved it and learned a lot, which is the point. We did the Crocodile Dock VBS program and it was a challenge to decorate but we figured it all out in the end. I think I made 20 fake cat tails and about 30 yards of fake Spanish moss for us to decorate with. I have a couple of photos of the finale where ths kids sung and danced and hopefully I'll have more of my crafts later for y'all to see.

    I'm also working on a new kit, don't know if it'll be a freebie or for sale yet- we'll see how it turns out I guess. Plus I'm trying to organize a charity kit or grab bag for Emma's little buddy who has to have a series surgeries. She's the happiest and bravest little princess I've ever met. But more on those later.
    Oh and in case you were wondering I'm taking web design right now for school. It's kind-of fun but super hectic since they try to cram it into a 5 week session.

    Here's the photos from VBS:
    As you can see it was a great success this year! The music was fantastic and the kids had a blast!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    And the winner is...

    ... Manu & Lyn! Each of you will get a copy of my new floral pack Emma's Flower Basket. Manu for naming the new pack and Lynn because Emma picked your name out of a hat! Congrats ladies!

    As it's Sunday that means the new products are now available at Nuthouse Scraps. We call them Hot Nuts, and they're 35% off today & tomorrow!
    New in my shop:
    Emma's Flower Basket (CU)
    America the Beautiful
    (America the Beautiful was released last year at the Sophia Shoppe, but since they also closed last summer it wasn't out for long.
    Check you files before you buy!)

    Swing by Kim B.'s Blog as she has a cool new kit out, Mezzaluna, with a pretty add-on!

    Happy Scrapping y'all- I'll be MIA this week as it's VBS!

    Monday, June 08, 2009

    Floral Freebie!

    Hi there everybody! Whew, this week is going to go by fast! I started back to school, this session is web design- Yay? But VBS starts on the 14th and I didn't get everything done last week (Fell into a book and couldn't find my way out.) so, I'll be super busy this week. The Emster is in Dino-Tyke camp this week so hopefully I'll have some photos to share with you on that soon!

    I'm finishing up a CU floral pack of pretty flowers & leaves that Emma and I have grown in our garden over the past year or so, just took some great shots of the sunflowers, and it'll be in my Nuthouse shop on Sunday but here is a sneak peek CU freebie for y'all! This one came off the bush in our front yard! (It's only had two blooms so far this year and both are in the pack- LOL!)
    Sorry, download has expired.
    Find the entire pack HERE

    If you can think of a name to give my CU pack of flowers and leaves and stuff then
    you can win the whole pack for free!

    Contest ends Friday (6/12) post your product name and email to enter, in the comments section here of my blog.
    Emma will chose a random number this weekend and I'll post the winner next Monday!

    Here's a few random photos taken by either myself or Daddoo I found on the computer:

    Me building a castle at the park for Emma to smash-
    Emma and her Pawpaw, Daddoo, at Cracker Barrell. Emma says, "This is taking forever!"-
    Me and my cutie at Christmas-
    Me and my mommy!
    Emma and Daddy at Ruby Tuesdays-
    Cutest fairy in the land!
    At a princess dance party this past weekend-
    Hope you all enjoy the sampler, enter the contest and have a great week!
    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, June 01, 2009

    I'm back.... but on vacation!

    Hi everyone. Ugh, I was so sick last week. Still lingering a bit but whew was it bad. Emma Lee and hubby are all better but I'm still the one with a head cold and respiratory infection. But I have good drugs mow and am at least functional. One of my wonderful adopted family members took Emma Lee for a few hours yesterday so I did get my homework done and am now on vacation. Which means I get to put together the 4 crafts for VBS into separate ziploc baggies for 150 ids. That's 600 baggies worth of crafts I need to prep and bag. Eek! So I may not be on here too much this week either.

    New Hot Nuts are out and 35% off today! Including the new team Mixed Nuts mini/mega kit. Here's my contribution for the month, it's a boy kit called Here Comes Trouble!
    You can find mine HERE. (Did you see the alpha?)
    The Mega kit with everyone's part HERE.
    and the super cool QP album (27 QPs) can be found HERE.

    Enjoy and happy June to you all!

    P.S. 18 free kits in the week 4 of the DigiScrap Addicts SYTYCD contest.
    All free if you join their forum!
    (Total for all 4 weeks so far is 180+ free kits!!!!)