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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    A few things...

    I've run into a few things in the past couple of days I wanted to share with you because they are just so neat!

    First off is Trish Jones is retiring but for $19.99 you can buy her whole store! Yes, all of it! Kits, actions everything! But it's only for 3 days so get over there and be ready to download because you won't be seeing this stuff again.

    Second is Kristin Aagard made this super cute kit called Swim Fishy, it's $3.00. But the best part is the alpha that comes with it! Click the link and scroll down to take a peek, it's adorable!!

    Third is the Scrapbook Rewards Visa. It's sponsored by Creating Keepsakes and Shutterfly to name a couple. It has some great rewards like a free photo book and free fonts, pretty neat.

    Fourth is the Curly Q Cuties, design your own monster site. I think this would be a great gift for any child who you don't know what to get. They even sell GC so they can truly design their own. I might just have to get one for Emma!

    Fifth and lastly is the 'Eat This, Not That for Kids' book I just bought. It's fabulous! It's filled with pages of food swaps for just about every kind of resturant and fast food chain out there (Gives you the real skinny on "kids meals".). Also tips on getting kids to eat healthy at home, school or on the go. I loved looking at the comparisons it made between popular brand foods as well. Here check out their website if you want before getting the book (Has a "best for you" meal section for chain resturants and a menu decoder section.) but the book itself is well worth it and they have an adult book version too.

    Okay that's all I wanted to share before I forgot. Off to homework land, TTYL!
    Happy Scrapping!

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Jumpstart Blog No. 29

    Welcome to Tuesday! I had a wonderful day yesterday! The class that stressed me out so much this last month,Management, I got a B in so that's good. My other class, Biology, isn't graded yet but even if I hadn't done last week's work I have a C overall, so any grade/points I get will just bring the score up, I'm not worried.
    And I finally had time to read my favorite author pal, Shelley's new romance novel 'Assassin'! It's the 4th book in her Middle March shifter series, it was awesome work! And the 5th book, 'Cat and Mouse', comes out beginning of Oct, I can't wait!
    Check out all of Shelley's books HERE.

    I finally made another LO using my fabulous new kit Fancy-Fancy! This was Emma's Princess Party Playdate she had earlier this spring! So much fun!
    Ribbon: Wound and Bound 3 by Kim B.
    Kit: Fancy-Fancy by Adriana Lunette (aka-Me)
    Template: Jumpstarts blog No. 29 by Amy W.

    Yep here's that template I was talking about, Jumpstarts blog No. 29. It's not exactly the same, in fact I think it's better this time. I made it to look like a comic book, but you could easily take out the thought/word bubbles and use it as a funky angle LO, with massive room for to journal in the center.
    download Jumpstart blog No. 29

    I still haven't made up a list but I do know of a few goodies I saw when cruising all my friends's blogs today!
    Barb has 1 of 6 bragbook QPs but if you scroll down a neat collection of CU doodles.
    Misty has an adorable Word Art frame about boys.
    Carrie has a Spontaneous Delight kit for you, gorgeous!
    Jill has a sampler of her kit Wild Thing.
    Farheen has an add-on for her Pristine kit on her blog.
    Princess Pam is upto the letter R in her ABC kits! Pam you are so cool!
    Remember to leave them a little love!

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    P.S. I forgot to mention that the Peridot jewel from yesterday's b-day frame was from Manu's CU Gemstone Factory. Thanks Manu!

    Monday, August 25, 2008

    What a week!

    So the last week of any of my classes is hard but the management and leadership class this past session was extremely hard for me. Guess I just don't like being in charge. Well, I finally got done around 11 pm last night, if I'm lucky I'll pull a B in that class. In biology I should get an A unless I completely messed up this week's assignments, but I've always been good at science so I'm not worried (Especially since the instructor let me resubmit when I realized I miss read a question and so my original answer was way off base.). As for you my scrap-a-holics I have to say I was very mad on Friday. I took a little break from my homework, for sanity purposes, and was making you a template for a Friday freebie, when the power went away for about 8 seconds. You know just long enough that the computer shut off and all the clocks need to be reset. Well of course I didn't save so I lost my almost complete template. I was so mad! Yes I know I should save along the way and I do on most projects but not templates, don't ask me why. I'm sure there was some way I could have retrieved an autosave version but I have no clue how. I'll try to recreate it for you this week when I have a moment. Ok, I'm going to go relax for a few minutes before I have to go get Emma. I'll be back tomorrow I think with a lovely new list and hopefully that template.

    Hugs to everyone!
    And a very special Happy Birthday to my Mom! She's turned 39...again, today.
    Love you mommy!
    download Mom B-day frames
    (Had to flip the frame for photo, I love this one!)

    "I thought I told you NO EVOLUTION allowed at this pool!" art by Matt Reid.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Busy week

    Ok, I'm busy running from one task to another this week. Sadly Daddoo had to cancel his trip out because he banged up his leg. Which made Emma sad but actually gives me a bit of breathing room this week. One of the staff at Emma's school passed away this weekend so I'm substituting at her school tomorrow so one of the teachers can go to the funeral (They have me teaching art, go figure.). I have 5 papers due this week so I don't know if/when I'll be able to blog. Sorry I never came back this weekend but there ended up being a huge snafu on one of the group projects, well two actually, but I so don't want to go there. It's over and good riddance I say. Although the other group project went very smoothly. That one we got an A but the snafu one hasn't been graded yet. I'm sorry that I'm still not around very much but I'm just so busy.

    This next class session (Starts Monday) I'm very excited about! One of my classes is a pre-requirement for my bachelor degree rather than my associates and that's wonderful! Why you ask? Well my associate degree is a AA- business admin but my bachelor degree is a BA- visual communications/digital design. So I have to take classes like Illustrator, Photo Shop and web design (InDesign- they use the Adobe bundle for the courses.). It's just going to be so difficult for me to like my classes, I can tell already. If I don't fail anything I should be done with my AA in mid December and my BA in mid July of next year. So that's two degrees in a year and a half, do you really wonder why I'm so busy? Okay off to get Emma from school.

    In the mean time here's a few freebies I know about:
    Farheen has some cute word arts from her new alpha pack, they're great for any LO!
    Misty has a grogeous frame cluster to match her new kit, Autumn is in the Air.
    Valinda has a pretty new blue floral QP up.
    Kim B. has two fabulous Leafy Cluster frames on her blog, scroll down to grab both.
    Jen had an add-on and a mini kit on her blog, again scroll down they're pretty cool.
    Barb has two very nice QPs from her new Junkyard Garden kit No. 2.
    Melanie Ann has a SUmmer in the garden sampler for you.
    Manu has a CU freebie, Bracket Fun! (Must go theu shop.)
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Well, I survived another week...I think. I'm glad everyone liked my new kit Fancy-Fancy and hope you enjoyed your free gift(s). I'm starting work on a fall collab kit now so hopefully it'll be just as cool, but we'll see. This week for school has been super harsh, I had group projects in both my classes. While the one has had full team participation we are all perfectionist over achievers so it's taking forever to finish it up, but at least I know we'll get an A. On the other hand my second class only 3 of the 6 members are taking part and well, they aren't over achievers from what I've seen (or not seen) so far. I have a feeling I'll be doing some extra work on that one this weekend. I also need to finish my other 2 papers for those classes this week but I've spent too much time watching the Olympics.

    Speaking of the olympics, tonight is the night to watch too to see if Phelps can make all 8 gold medals (100 fly and 400 medly relay) and see if the amazing 41 y/o mom Torres can win her 50 free event and anchor the woman's 400 medley relay. Oh I'm so excited! It would be super neat if the two US women's beach volleyball teams could meet in the finals as they are in opposite brackets of the Round of 16. And did you see our two gymnists last night? I tried to record it but alas it didn't work, so all I got to watch was their routiens and noby else's online- but boy did they look killer! I am saddened by the Swede who threw down his bronze medal after the awards ceremony for wrestling. I mean it's a Olympic medal for goodness sake! If you have a problem apeal but don't be a bad sport, that defeats the spirit of the games.

    I don't have time for a list today because I promised to take Emma to the pool after nap time, so I need to go finish my homework but I think I can make it back tomorrow for a longer post. And Daddoo is coming for a visit next week so I have to clean house, sigh. At least he knows where I get my pack rat tendencies from. I also have to bake muffins and bread tomorrow for church on Sunday but I should be able to squeeze everything in...I think, we'll see. Ok, off to expolre Natural selection, the circulatory system, delegation and emothional intelligence in managent. Sounds like fun right?

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    Monday, August 11, 2008


    Oh I'm so excited! Between watching the Olympics and my new kit, lots of fun stuff to talk about! Between Dara Torres and Michael Phelps in swimming I'm just loving it so far! But now let's look at my fabulous new kit because I'm so excited!

    Fancy-Fancy, my newest kit in the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe, was inspired by my darling daughter's favorite new book. It's filled with all things girly and fancy. Perfect for scrapping a day of dress up fun, a princess party or just capturing the inner diva in us all. It's on sale all day Monday (8/11) for 20% off so go take a peek because it's jam packed. Here are the Fancy-Fancy previews for you, full kit:
    Just the papers:
    The elements:
    And because I love you all here is an add-on for you to enjoy:
    Download Fancy-Fancy add-on

    And if you pop over to the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe blog a bit later today there should be a coordinating word art for you to grab.
    And if you are part of my Newsletter/Yahoo group then you can also get this great add-on alpha!
    I hope you all love it as much as I do! If you want to see it in action I posted a LO with it in Friday's post so scroll down.

    I'm off to bed here soon so I don't have a list for you...yet. Don't know how much I'll be on this week as both classes have the group project this week, yes fun I know.

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    Happy Friday!

    Well it's been a fun week here at our house. Emma had a blast at Y-Camp this week. It was animal mania and she got to ride a horse! (She also pet a snake but we'll forgive her that one.)
    We had Emma's orientation for preschool today but since she was there last year and all summer it was old hat for her- LOL! She starts back on Tuesday so I've got a little back to school goodie for you all. It was a mini kit for the quote challenge last year at DBD, so make sure you don't already have it, but it's got a cute Jumpstart in it too. Enjoy!
    download Class Act mini

    Oh and I'm so excited! I just turned in my new kit, Fancy-Fancy! I can't wait for it to hit the shop on Monday! I'll also have an add-on for you all here on the blog, a coordinating word art on the Sophia Shoppe log and something extra special for those of you in my yahoo group/newsletter! It'll be 20% off Monday only so make sure you swing by to check it out. But here's a sneak peek, I made a LO of Emma using the kit:
    (I'm not quite done with the LO yet I think. I need to go back and add some shadows and journaling but it's still very Fancy!)
    Credits: Fancy-Fancy by Adrianna Lunette

    Here's today's tips for you!
    Kim B. has a gorgeous QP from her Just because kit.
    Barb has another cool flower on her blog.
    Badcandy has a Chic new sampler.
    Dale Ann has a set of Boy Crazy QPs
    Lindsay Jane made a neat set of scalloped Journal Borders.
    Scrap Matters has a gorgeous and simple template up.
    Princess Pam has more ABC kit for you.
    Jen has a fabulous QP from her collab kit Lil Birdie.
    Darcy has a font for you.
    Mel has a cute Monkey Beach Party mini up for grabs.
    DigiMom has a sweet Summer Blues mini on her blog.
    Bonnie has a CU overlay up for grabs.
    Please remember to leave some love for these hard working and generous designers!

    Happy Scrapping Y'all, and I'll see you back here on Monday.
    (It'll probably be late afternoon since hubby is off and Emma has no school.)

    Monday, August 04, 2008

    New templates!

    Yay! I have a new set of templates in the shop my Phases of the Moon set No. 3. They're Double Page Spreads (DPS) and come in either 24x12 or 12x12 formats depending on which you prefer. Take a peek:

    (Previews are clickable to get you to the correct version)

    I'm still juggling 3 kits (Just can't seem to finish them, but I'm getting there.) and school work is kicking my butt (The biology is hard to do via internet and the ethical decision questions in management are tricky.). Then add to that a lovely summer cold that snuck up on me late last week and just won't go away. Ugh, sigh. Emma is in a week of summer camp at the YMCA this weekduring the mornings. She and all her little buddies are there; a few from church, a couple from school and a bunch from swim lessons this summer. She's in heaven, especially since her favorite babysitter Mr. Jon is one of the counslers too!
    *Tomorrow her little buddy Kullan will be having surgery to put tubes in his ears, so when you say your prayers tonight remeber to add one for him and a big one for his mama who is freaking out.

    Here's a few photos from the past couple of weeks:
    In our matching dresses for church. (Yes, I made them.)
    My little lady and Kullan.
    No Emma, feet first!
    With her dollie Ester. Ester loves the pool, don't you know?
    Swim girl, swim!
    With Mr. Jon working on backstroke arms.

    Let's see if I can find you all a few goodies before my head starts to pound again.
    There's a gorgeous QP from Kim B.'s Just Because kit on her blog. (Sampler of kit found HERE)
    Barb has a neat flower up.
    Misty has some Journal Stripes.
    Redju has a loely selection of CU seashells up.
    Lisa has a gorgeous Garden Love kit for you.
    Flergs has a great little mini called Cottage Chic.
    Flergs also has a template HERE and an Evilicious desktop HERE.
    Rhonna made this month's 2 Peas kit Magic Rainbows.
    Di has an August desktop if you don't have one yet.
    Pillowgirl has a revamped Sherbert paper pack and a CU overlay on her blog.
    Danielle has a set of two fun SunKissed Summer QPs up for grabs.
    Joyful Heart has a Playtime paper pack for you.
    Karen has a Little Mister Pirate bonus paper pack up.
    Jan made you a Groovy Garden card set.
    Princess Pam has been hard at work on more ABC kit for you!
    Armina has a QP with her Mr. Carpenter kit, very manly.
    Remember to leave some love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!