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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    Happy Halloween!

    Hi there everyone! Are you prepared to be spooked? Are things going bump in the night? It's Halloween, Yea! Here's a shot from last night when we went to a friend's church for their Halloween celebration:

    Okay, I don't have much for you today because I napped with the munchkin so no freebie hunt. (Sorry, I was sleepy) but I did make you a small goodie.
    download Witch Hat button

    Here's a few freebies I did find:
    NBK has a great paper pack called Silent Night part 1.
    Alexa B. has a Dirty Sampler up for grabs.
    Sweetmade has a cool commercial OK overlay freebie for you!
    Fran has a lovely mini kit for you.
    Tracy has a killer template up.
    Kim B. has some Spooky Cluster frames for you!
    Heather has a great November QP desktop calendar up.
    Natalie has a cool/spooky QP for you. And a Spooky alpha HERE.
    Mrs. Miles has added to her Howdy rope elements. (Scroll down to grab them all.)
    Misty has a flower paper template up.
    Swing by Derek's Blog for a little treat. (Scroll down for his other spooky goodies!)
    Candee has part 2 of Candee Corn up!
    SAS crew has a bunch of Trick-or-Treat goodie bags for you, start your quest HERE!
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, October 29, 2007

    Happy Blog-iversary!

    That's right, Scrap-A-Lot turns 1 today! Have you been with me that long? Well even if you haven't I made you all a little something to say thanks for stopping by but it's a surprise.

    But first swing by DBD and vote for me in the pumpkin carving contest... PLEASE! ( Well you don't have to vote for me, but I'd sure appreciate you going on over and voting for someone... hint, hint... ME!)

    download Blog-iversary gift
    (See the really cool gift box? Manu made it- it's commercial OK!
    Go grab it from her shop, she has grab bag previews too!)

    Today's Freebie:
    Trish has a bunch of templates on her blog!
    Candee has part 1 of her Candee Corn kit up.
    Gina made some cool border overlays to match her cookie alpha and elements!
    Nikolette has some great curly ribbons.
    Eugenia has a sampler of her new kit Flirting- it's so bright and fun!
    Lena has a Purple for Passion mini kit on her blog.
    Heather has some great Wrecked Polaroids frames up for grabs.
    Mrs. Wresh has a template up
    and if you scroll down one post, a cool mini kit called Red Bed.
    BPAK has a glittery Autumn mini up.
    Fran has all of her Tundra kit up now- so soft and pretty!
    Scarlet Heels has her Oct Sampler up and a CT call out. (If I only had the time.)
    Eva has a great Be Neutral freebie up for grabs.
    Kjersti has a lovely Golden Star, Christmas mini kit up.
    NBK has more butterflies up.
    Kim B. has a template on her blog. (Thanks Kim and Jazz!)
    Janidee has the cutest sampler up of her Happy Fall Y'all kit.
    Traci has a wonderful Glittery Halloween word art up.
    Bren made you an adorable Turkey- too cute!
    Scrap Angels have a template up.
    Aaron has a holiday bragbook template greeting card for you.
    Valinda has a kick butt Horn O' Plenty QP on her blog!
    Lizandherbabes has a neat Musical Monday kit.
    Please remember to leave some love when you download. It's so easy and a great way to let these hard working people know that you truly appreciate all the work they put into making freebies for us all!

    ** Sorry that there was no newsletter last Friday. Hubby was off and I forgot to write one up. Don't worry I'll make it up to you all this week!

    *** If you don't subscribe to the DST Insider you may want to do so before the November copy comes out. (That's all I'm saying.)

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Gina wrote a great piece on how to get started in Digital Scrapbooking! Go take peek.

    Friday, October 26, 2007

    Freaky Friday

    It's almost Halloween! Do you have your candy ready? Is the house decorated? Do the Kids have pumpkins ready to carve? Are the finishing touches on costumes complete? If not you need to get crack-a-lacking! Only 5 days until spookfest!

    I'm still working on some fun stuff for you all and those challenge kits. Not too sure what I'll get done over the next 2 days as hubby is off and tomorrow we have moms club at the pumpkin farm/patch. We'll have to see.

    Okay here's your Friday freebie, it's another QP but this one is special because it's from one of my MMM kits Candy Corn. Since you can't get the kit any longer I figured I'd use it for today's freebie. I used one of the photos from Emma's Fall Festival for the preview- isn't she cute!
    download Candy Corn QP

    Today's list is a chancy thing. We'll see what I can get done this morning while everyone is asleep but I'm not promising much:
    Gina made some great Christmas Cookies to go with her Coookie Alpha on Wed.
    Shabby Princess has a great new kit Called Harvest Spice just waiting for you!
    Jill has a great sampler of her Flower Collection up for grabs.
    Athena has a neat cluster frame to match her kit With The Band.
    SweetWrapz has some cute mini kits on her blog.
    Sueli has made a Kit To Remember!
    Cen made a Pumpkin Pie alpha for you.
    Kim B. has a Proudly Template on her blog.
    Lindsay Jane has some stitched frames and a template up for grabs.
    Misty has an adorable QP called Hush Little Baby.
    Remember to share some love when freebie snagging!

    * Don't forget today's the last day for the Fall Madness Challenges at DBD!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    What a Wednesday!

    Ok, not really but it sounded good right? Nothing new here since yesterday. Been working on those ever important challenge incentive kits for next month. Speaking of which, only one week left to get your challenges done and receive those lovely October bonuses for taking part in challenges! We have the super great Winds of Change kit for doing all four challenges over at Happy Scrapz, my Bountiful mini quote challenge over at DBD (There's more challenges there too, just not by me.) and you have until this friday to take part in the Fall Madness challenges at DBD too! So get crack-a-lacking on your scrapping!
    Here's the previews for the HS challenges and DBD quote challenge bonus kits you get for taking part-
    Happy Scrapz: Winds of ChangeQuote Challenge at DBD

    Okay, let's go find us some freebies!
    Amanda has some great glitter doodles for you.
    Monika has some great cardboard papers and elements. (Scroll down to grab them all!)
    Petit Moineaux has several new kits up that are just lovely! (This one yesterday too!)
    Mary has a cute collection of Girly elements and dodads.
    Retrodiva has a lovely mini kit called Another Boho Love Affair for you.
    Lindsay Jane has an add-on for her memories kit.
    The Incredible Kim B. has a Fall-ing mini on her blog.
    Majula has a lovely Autumn QP up for grabs.
    Valinda made 2 bowling QPs that are just too much! (Scroll down to get them both.)
    Heidi has a cool new template up.
    Tara also has a neat template for you.
    Michaele has a Spookalicious bragbook QP on her blog.
    Ellie has a Build your own ice cream sticker pack called Lickity Split- too cute!
    Debi has a add-on/sampler for her Pumpkin Harvest kit.
    Kim has a very spooky All Hallows Eve kit on her blog. (Good stuff!)
    NBK has an adorable heart emblem on a ribbon.
    Remember to share the love!
    (I'd do more but there's thunder storm outside and so I must off the computer.)

    Only one week left to grab my Amazing Technicolor Dream collection (and individual kits) for 65% off before they disappear forever!

    Happy Scrapping Y'all!

    *Scroll down if you missed yesterday's QP!

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Happy Tuesday Everyone!

    I'm feeling better since the monkey is off at preschool! Time to take a breath and do some retail therapy and a little designing. Get caught up on some miscellaneous paperwork, blah, blah, blah. You know the drill. Next I get to wash dishes! Yea!

    But first I thought I'd let you know what was in my Trick-or-Treat bag this past weekend!
    You can find these great items now in my DBD shop. Twinkle, At The Pumpkin Patch and Shiver Me Timbers! Two full kits and one combo pack that includes a template, paper pack and QP. It was a steal in the Treat Bag but you can grab them now individually in my shop!

    And because I love you all so much I'm going to give you a little treat! Here's a QP from my kit Shiver Me Timbers just for you!
    download Shiver Me Timbers QP

    Do you like my pirate pumpkin from the preview? You can get the hat and pumpkin elements/template right now as part of the Pumpkin Carving Contest at DBD that runs thru Friday! (10/26) All participants get a cool mini kit. The winner gets a guest CT for one week at DBD and the chance to get up to 7 kits FOR FREE from our shop!

    Now here's a freebie or two I stumbled upon, didn't do a hunt though:
    Gina has the most adorable Sugar Cookie alpha on her blog!!!
    Kara has some cool "Sparkle" stitches.
    Mrs. Miles has another set of Howdy Rope elements up.
    Leslie has a cute Halloween Witchy QP!
    NBK has more of The Leaf up.
    Karen has an adorable alpha add-on for Horsin Around up.
    Silva has a great template for you!
    Diana has a cute Halloween bragbook QP for you.
    Sohpia and Heidi have a collab QP up for grabs, it's gorgeous!!!
    Princess Pam has a fall template on her blog.
    Remember to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, October 22, 2007

    Manic Monday... again.

    Okay, I feel like I've been on the go since Friday morning. With Emma skipping naps, trying to get advertising out for the whole Madness stuff and my parts of various team kits done on time. Not to mention church yesterday and the family hay ride with cookout last night. Oh and I did mention that Emma is finally co-operating with the potty training? She's using to the potty at least 2 times a day to pee-pee sometimes more. She goes back and forth on the panties issue but has had few accidents so far. She even used someone else's potty at the cookout yesterday and we all know how big that step is (public potty time). Needless to say it's been an interesting weekend, it's been really crazy. So now let's take a moment to catch our breath.

    Let's look at some of the photos from yesterday:
    First is Emma in her "witchy" outfit.
    Emma and her boyfriend Kullan in the car on the way to the cookout.
    Kullan sharing the love, Emma rejecting him.
    Emma learning to play catch with out pastor and his dog.
    More catch and the cookout.
    A jam session with our musicians. They play every week for service too but the musical selection is different.
    The Hay Ride! We took the second one once it was dark out, not much to see but still fun!
    Emma on the hay ride, eating a hotdog.
    The week of Madness at DBD is over but the challenges are still going thru this Friday so you can still have some fall fun and get some freebies!

    Okay, let's go find us some freebies!
    Jenny has a cute food one for you on her blog.
    NBK has a cute little emblem on a ribbon for you.
    Joanna has a bunch of glittery x-mas elements up for grabs.
    Jessica has a cool set of borders to match her new kit Fallen.
    Valinda has brought back a bunch of last year's winter/x-mas QPs, or scroll down for her wedding mini kit and QPs.
    Michaele has a Autumn Fun QP on her blog.
    That Mrs. Miles has some Howdy Rope elements for you. (Scroll down to get both sets.)
    Misty has a great November desktop QP for you.
    Lindsay Jane has some Grunged Frames and a Template form yesterday's post.
    Kim B. has a Weathered Cluster Frame up. (Scroll down for a cute cluster frame.)
    Derek has a new Halloween kit called Skelegance for you.
    Tracy has her Pursuit of Flowers elements up.
    DSB collab kit Autumn Leaves is up for grabs.
    Debi has the Story of Me sampler up.
    Queen of Quirk has a great Halloween kit called Dance Macabre for you.
    Peggy made a cute Christmas Love kit!
    Remember to share the love!

    * Have you seen Katie's totally cute Halloween doodles? They're in her shop now.

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Thanks to all of you who came to Bingo on Friday! It was a hoot!

    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Busy bee...

    I'm sorry but I won't get to a list until Monday. Friday was hectic especially with no nap from Emma. Then yesterday she again didn't nap. I'm hopeful of a nap today but instead of freebie hunting I need to finish up my part of the MK and get the Happy Scrapz kit done. Then we have a church cookout and hay ride tonight. I promise I'll make it up to you all soon. We're coming up on some big dates in my life so you know what that means... Presents for you! Keep your eye out for more details about the fun going on here on my blog!

    Also today is the last day of Madness in the DBD shop-3 30% off for the rest of the day and my super cool Trick-or-Treat bag is only there for today as well, so grab it quick! I have 2 full kits and a combo pack including a Jumpstart in there. That's a steal for $2!

    I'll see you all soon!
    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Only a week or so left to get those challenges done at DBD and HS!

    Friday, October 19, 2007

    Bingo Tonight! and other stuff...

    In case you haven't been paying attention I'm hosting a Fall Madness Bingo Chat tonight!!! At 7 pm eastern in the DBD chatroom. I made you all a cute attendance gift in addition to the bingo prizes and all the fun we'll be having! So go grab your bingo card and fill it out, then either email it to me or post it in the madness gallery!
    (Don't forget we have pre-made bingo cards for those in a hurry too!)

    It's Friday so that means the Fall Madness Challenges and Bobbing For Apples Scavenger Hunt have begun at DBD! And the whole DBD shop is now 30% off!!!! (Excludes MMM sale.)
    My Trick-or-Treat bag is only here for 3 days at $2 but it's worth so much more. There's some fall/autumn stuff in the bag but even more that's not. Take a peek at the preview for some hints!
    There are other Trick-or-Treat bags by my fellow DBD designers that are cool too!

    Mid-Month Madness is drawing to a close. Hurry over and grab any of our 150+ products for just 98 cents before they disappear! See what goodies I have for you:
    (Crazy Daisy, Duos 1, Candy Corn, Fun, Lil' Boys, Duos 2 & Giraffe)

    And of course as it's Friday that means there's a freebie here on my blog. Here's this week's Friday freebie:
    download Jumpstart blog No. 20

    And for those who get my newsletter I'll be sending this bragbook beauty out today.
    If you aren't in the group you can sign up by clicking on the yahoo group button in the right sidebar--->
    * Someone didn't nap, so I'll post on Saturday.

    Happy scrapping and go fill out a bingo card!!!!!!

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007


    I think I truly am going mad! Well there's just 3 days left to but any of our 150+ items for only 98 cents each. And there's some great commercial use stuff in there too! So swing by the Mid-Month Madness section of the DBD shop to grab some goodies! (You can find previews of my products over in the right sidebar.)

    Friday is a big day for our Week of Madness! The challenges begin, some great designer grab bags go into the shop for just $2 (but worth so much more!) and most importantly my Fall Madness Bingo chat is happening!!! Make sure you swing by and grab a bingo card from the forum and fill it out prior to chat. You can either email me a copy and/or post it in the Madness gallery. I've even made you all a cute attendance gift! Hope to see you all there!

    Okay, enough of the chit-chat let's find some freebies!
    Theresa has a template up for grabs.
    Candee has a lovely mini kit called Harvest Warmth on her blog.
    Mary has a cool element collection called Backyard Finds.
    Susan has her Tom Turkey papers and Napa valley elements up.
    Kim B. has a set of Leaves and scroll down for her Some Bunny mini kit!
    (Click HERE for Kim's scalloped heart brushes)
    Heather has a great set of frames up. (Must go thru shop.)
    Princess Pam has some cute Halloween word art buttons.
    Mrs. Wresh has a great template for you.
    Dawn has a very cute Nighty-Night mini kit on her blog.
    Herald has a killer antique cluster frame.
    Jeannie has a great Dino Fun mini kit up.
    Lynn has a lovely sampler of her Golden Autumn collection for you.
    LadieSue has a cute Train Up A Child Add-On on her blog.
    Tracy has a bright new paper pack up for grabs!
    Michaele has a great template for you!
    Lindsay Jane has a frame cluster.
    Please remember to share the love when you grab freebies!

    Now go fill out a bongo card!!!
    (Insert evil laughter here- told you I was going mad.)

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Monday's List

    I'm back with you Monday List! But first a few other bits of business:
    * Scroll down and check out the blog party including my mini kit contribution Witchy! If you were here earlier double check because we added to late comers to the blog roll for the party.
    * And next I wanted to share a cool CT layout I made using Manu's cool kit Balmy Autumn!
    Here's Emma at her pre-school's Fall Festival 2007.
    kit- Balmy Autumn by Manu-Scraps ( DBD and DSS)
    green ribbon- Wound and Bound by Kim B. Designs
    photo action by Action FX
    font- Embossing Tape

    * Next i wanted to share some great LOs made by my CTM using my Mid-Month Madness kits.
    This one is by Jeljte using the Lil' Boys kit: (Full credits HERE)

    This one is by Melissa using the Giraffe kit: (Full credits HERE)

    This one is also by Melissa using the Candy Corn kit: (Full credits HERE)

    This one is by Michaele using the Lil' Boys kit: (Full credits HERE)
    And now for the freebies:
    Sophia has a Magical Vacation paper pack (Must go thru shop, grab coordinating kit for just $2!)
    SweetMade has a killer QP. (This is an older freebie but I never listed it)
    RoseMadeDesigns has a cute Space Explorer mini kit for you.
    Erica made an adorable kit called Dump Trucks and Diggers!
    Karola has re-uploaded her beautiful Shabby Roses kit!
    Lori made a cute Halloween Wreath element for you.
    Misty has a sampler of her new kit Moments Together on her blog.
    Petit Moineaux has a lovely cluster frame to match her new kit Peinture.
    HotDigiPicks has a killer cardboard alpha up for grabs!
    Amelie has a Delightful Sampler on her blog.
    Sabine has a lovely mini kit called Falling Leaves for you.
    Tabby has a great set of Felt Funs!
    Mikkel has a set of Dreamy Doodles up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    Susan has her Napa Valley paper pack up.
    Thaty has a bunch of element packs up and a Star Kids kit by Bianca too!
    Heather has a cool Old Beaded alpha for you.
    Kim B. has a lovely template on her blog.
    NBK has more of The Leaf up.
    Derek has posted his Cast Iron: Cemetery mini kit!
    Lis has another Killer Halloween alpha up, this one is called Itsy Bitsy.
    Valinda has 2 beautiful Wedding QP up.
    Lorri has a neat-o Caterpillar template on her blog.
    Tammy has some cool toy stickers.
    Valerie has a nice template for you.
    ScarletHeels has some killer Halloween Doodles!!!
    Silva has a lovely template up.
    Lorene has a cute QP to match her new kit Strawberry Candy.
    Princess Pam has some adorable Halloween word art up.
    Acorn Designs has Dogwood part 10 up. (In addition to the blog party.)
    Michelle has a Wacky Critter alpha. (This is an older freebie but I don't think I listed it.)
    Conny B. has a template for you!!!!!
    Mrs. Miles has a neat Half Blossom on her blog.
    Krista has lovely kit called Moody Blue for you!
    Please remember to share some love in exchange for these designers hard work!

    *Don't forget to scroll down to grab my Freebie for today!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Monday Madness!

    Okay everyone the Madness is upon us at DigiByDesign, so get ready to get crazy!

    But first here's a cute LO I made of Emma's photos:I used the really cool kit Creepy Christine from Sophia Sarducci, colorised to match my sweetie. The flowers I had laying around in my stuff folder.

    So Mid-Month Madness starts today at DBD. There's 151 brand new products that you can get for just $0.98 each! Head on over and check out the sale. These items will only be up for this week and then they're gone! Here's mine or you can see them better in the slide show on the right sidebar!
    (Crazy Daisy, Duos 1, Candy Corn, Fun, Lil' Boys, Duos 2 & Giraffe)

    Today is also the start of the Blog Party freebie madness! Now thru Sunday you can get a cool coordinating mini kit off these blog listed below:
    Grab my portion of the blog party here:
    download Witchy

    Don't forget about the Fall Madness Bingo chat on Friday @ 7pm eastern! Swing by the DBD forum to grab your bingo card!

    * I'll be back during naptime with the Freebie list!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Super Saturday.

    So I didn't get back yesterday but when you see why you might just squeal with delight. We took Emma and Kullan to get their pictures taken at Sears and they were so adorable!!!

    Aren't they just too cute? Emma in her little fairy costume and Kullan as a cowboy!

    Don't forget that my Clipped Flower Clusters are 50% off today for the Super Saturday Sale at DBD! That's just $1 a piece!

    And Monday is the starts of all the Madness at DBD too. Stop by here for details of my goodies and to see what I'll have in the shop for just $0.98!

    Let's find some freebies!
    A Spooktacular QP, from little old me, over at DBD! (Check out the others too!)
    Amy F. has an interresting hybrid template for you.
    Susan has 2 great new ones for you, Alive and Kicking (BC kit) and Country Cuddles.
    Kim has some great collage frames up.
    Those generous and talented designers at 2Peas have 2 great kits for you, October Orange and Pink October (BC kit).
    Janidee has a cute sampler of her kit Button Up on her blog.
    Kim B. has some Bug-ing word art for you. (And a 2nd Bugging Sampler HERE.)
    Tracy has her Elegant Fall kit up for grabs.
    Magdalena has a great template up.
    Julie O. has a sampler of her new kit Vintage Rose on her blog!
    (Scroll down HERE if you missed her Delicious Berry Blue goodies)
    Mrs. Wresh has a cool template for you.
    Census has an adorable Rainy Day mini kit up.
    Lynn has a cute pink mini kit on her blog.
    Seebee's Freebies has some cute Halloween papers up.
    Stephani has a Live Pink mini for you. (BC kit)
    Sylvia has some notepapers for her kit Colorful Days up.
    Valinda has some clipped flowers on her blog.
    Nina has her colors photo action up again, so grab it if you missed it last time!
    Michaele has a cool word art about Hugs up.
    Princess Pam has a cool Pumpkin template on her blog.
    Lisa has a Batty Boo alpha up.
    Neverland Scraps has a killer template up.
    Ksharonk has a neat-o quick page.
    RetroDiva has a cool kit called No Room For Grey.
    Remember to share the love!

    *Nina has a cool scrap challenge on her blog. Go take a peek!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Friday is here again, put a smile on your face...

    I know that's not exactly the song but hey, it works. Thanks you everyone for commenting on Katie's great progress so far. Okay let's get straight to the good stuff announcements, and freebies!

    Monday is the official start of Madness over at DigiByDesign. We have a week full of craziness that'll just flip your lid!
    I'll have more specifics on most of that Monday for the kick off, including previews of my 98 cent goodies and the Blog Party Madness freebie info too!

    But since it's only a week from today here's the information on the Fall Madness Bingo! It's next Friday (10/19) at 7 pm in the DBD chatroom. But you need to make your card first so head over to the DBD forum and grab the zip file. Inside you'll find a card template for you to decorate (premade cards for those in a rush too) and a word list. Fill it out and send me a copy to awatson8@nc.rr.com prior to the chat start. You can also post your card in our Madness gallery on the DBD forum.
    Okay, now on to the Super Saturday sale! Tomorrow I'll have both sets of my Clipped Flower Clusters (Brights & Pastels) for just $1 each! That's 50% off! And while you're there stop by our retirement section to grab my Amazing Technicolor Dream collection and kits for 65% off before they disappear!

    Here's today's Friday Freebie! It's an 8x8 quick page I made with my latest mini kit Secret Chamber. (Will be in the shop soon I hope! I turned it in but with Madness upon us who knows.)
    download Secret Chamber QP

    * I'll have to come back tonight or tomorrow with the freebie list. I have a lot to get done while the munchkin is sleeping and that includes a shower. Sorry but me smelling pretty wins over freebies every time! :)

    Have a great weekend and happy scrapping!

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Katie update

    Hi everyone! I have great news! Katie is coming home tomorrow. It turns out they did an emergency surgery a few days ago to relieve the pressure on her brain and since then she's had a rapid recovery. She still is lax on the left side but can walk and talk if she concentrates. She still has a long recovery ahead but is doing so much better. I want to thank you all for adding her to your prayers because I know He was listening! I'll catch you all tomorrow!
    -Amy W.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Boo to you too!

    I finally made a CT LO for Manu!!! I'm sure she was beginning to despair of me. So here's Emma from yesterday morning on our way to preschool.

    kit- Boo! by Manu-Scraps (DigiByDesign and DigiScrapShak)
    frame from Kim B.'s Starry template
    font- Mascara by Canada Type

    Okay let's go find some more freebies:
    Theresa has a cool template up.
    Mira has a cool add-on to Her Flora kit.
    Rebecca has her Fall Days mini for you.
    Jan has a Rustic Autumn add-on up for grabs.
    There's an All Boy QP up on Anita's blog.
    Tracy has a cute template up.
    Val also has a template on her blog.
    Nicole has some clipboards for you.
    Babette has a Spooky Halloween QP up. (It's neat-o!)
    Crystal has a great template on her blog.
    Kim B. has an adorable new kit,find the Bug-ing Sampler 1 on her blog!!!
    Misty has a Pumpkin Time mini kit for you.
    Census has a cute little mini called Space Cadette!
    The Funky Playground has a set of 3 coordinating Think Pink BC awareness mini for you.
    Scarlet Heels has a great paper pack called Fu Fu Elegance.
    Susan has Sticker Mania on her blog! (Fun sticker elements!)
    Amy D. has a cute mini called Opposites Attract.
    Heather has some Autumn Leaves papers up for grabs.
    Remember to share the love people!

    * Traci Sims has a 25% off code on her blog if you want.
    * Derek has his killer kit Googleye back up for a limited time.

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. I've been noticing that this week 4 share has started to let some, shall we say adult content ads run on their site. So I think I may be on the lookout for a new free file share site. If anyone has a recommendation please let me know. And if you see that stuff on 4share take the moment to tell them what you think about it by clicking feedback in the top right corner.

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Where am I?

    I really don't know. I've been running around all day either out on errands or trying to get things organized for next weeks Fall Fun! UGH. I had the dentist this morning, then I swung by the church to get some stuff, then the store to return stuff and off pick up Emma, then get on the puter to fix stuff and now finally to blog. Whew!

    Here's a shot from a week ago when my folks were visiting.

    Stop on by the DBD retirement section to grab the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection and kits before they're gone!

    OK- let's find us some freebies!
    Diana has a cool Halloween frame for you.
    Candee has some At The Cape papers on her blog.
    Liz has a Beautifully Mondane kit up for grabs.
    NBK has more of The Leaf up. (And some Butterflies HERE.)
    Susan has her Bewitched kit up.
    Lauraskathi has some Isabel QPs and a Birthday Bash add-on for you.
    Petit Moineaux has a lovely kit called Tout Simplement up for grabs.
    Danielle has a Fresh Start add-on on her blog.
    Manu Z. has a beautiful add-on for her kit Timeless Journey.
    Misty has a couple of bragbook QPs from her Treasured Ones collection.
    Aaron has a template for you!
    Olivia has a cool tag from her Spooky kit for you.
    Acorn Designs has part 9 of Dogwood up.
    Lindsay Jane has a gorgeous kit called Autumn Hues up for grabs!!!
    Kim B. has a template for you!
    Tracy has some cool add-ons for her Urban Dragon kit up.
    Sabine has a cool set of papers for you called Ocean Six.
    Remember to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, October 08, 2007

    I have a confession....

    No list today! Sorry but there it is. Hubby is off, we had a staff chat meeting to finalize next week's Madness events and hubby and I are going out on a date tonight so we've been trying to get our "weekend" chores done. (He's on rotating shift work so our weekend can be almost any day of the week- lol!)

    I do have a cute picture of Emma to share with you all.
    This was a few weeks ago. We took Emma and Kullan for ice cream. I know mine looks hugs but that waffle cone doesn't go much past a half inch into that cup. That face Emma is making is classic her. She's saying cheese and telling you to squeeze the button on the camera to take a photo.

    Sorry about the list but I'll come back tomorrow while Emma is in school, after my dentist's appt, and do one. Or during her nap if the dentist takes forever. Pop over to the wonderful Ikea Goddess for you freebie fix if needed!

    I can't wait for next week!!! Exciting things going on. My Bingo chat is now set for friday the 19th at 7 pm eastern. The bingo card template and word list will go up this weekend probably or next Monday at the latest. Wait until you see all the goodies we have for you all!

    I have no new news on Katie. She's still in the hospital but she seems to be doing ok. She does still have a long road to recovery and they're still assessing all the damage that was done by the stroke she had. Thanks again for everyone's prayers and who've checked up on me and/or her! You guys are the best!

    * I do know that Marcee has a cute set of flowers on her blog today!
    And Kim B. has some cluster tags.

    Happy scrapping y'all!
    C-ya tomorrow!

    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    Commercial use freebie

    I know we're always on the lookout for goodies we can use in designing our kits. Well Tina Williams has a small goodie for you! It's commercial use OK and only there for a limited time! And check out her commercial use grab bag up on her blog too!

    Have a great weekend and don't forget to swing by the Super Saver Saturday Sale today and grab my kit Amy's Birthday Bash for 50% off! (There's lots of other great kits on sale too!)

    Friday, October 05, 2007

    Softness add-on

    Hey there everyone. I have a few announcements for you all today. First off is that I'm retiring the Amazing Technicolor Dream Collection. What does that mean? Well it'll be 65% off thru the end of October and then it'll disappear forever. So go grab the kits or the entire collection before they're gone in the retirement section at DBD!
    And tomorrow for one day only as part of the Super Saturday Sale my kit Amy's Birthday Bash will be 50% off all day!

    And now in the shop my newest kit Softness. It's soft and supple as a cloud, cool and pretty as a winter's sunrise. You'll find flowers, lace and less feminine elements for a variety of themes; the gentle colors could easily be used for anything!
    Softness is up now in my DBD shop!

    And here's today's Friday Freebie an add-on for Softness.
    download Softness Add-On

    And last but never least all of you people who've joined my newsletter yahoo group you'll be getting this little extra goodie for the kit! (You can still join in the right sidebar. ------> )
    Now let's go grab some freebies:
    Sarah has a killer October Desktop if you want to grab it. (Not Halloween or calendar)
    Line has some big and colorful flowers for you.
    MJB has a grunged up kit called Bouh. (Very cool)
    Mom2niryza has some cool buttoned and stitched felt stars.
    Blythe has a killer distressed alpha up.
    Candee has a cool set of funky frames with a few extras called Brand new Day on her blog.
    Susan has her kit Raspberry Goodness up for grabs.
    She's Full of Scrap has a kit called Fall for You.
    Sunflowers has a cute wrapped frame up.
    Kim B. has part 2 of Starry-Edge up for grabs. (And some Starry-Shines HERE.)
    JuLaender has Grungy paper pack No. 2 up.
    Carla has a Cheery Halloween mini up.
    Melissa has a neat template.
    Michaele has a cute fall button on her blog.
    Fantacy has some adorable Halloween elements on her blog.
    Lisa has a lovely QP from her new kit Bordeaux Bliss up.
    Valinda has a great 4 photo QP.
    Olivia has a Ratty Frame from her new kit Spooky for you.
    Misty has some Square Buttons up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has a starry template for you.
    Tracy has 2 cool freebies, a QP and a mini kit- they rock!
    Gina has a adorable Winterberry Alpha up.
    Erica has a beautiful Heratige Happy for you.
    Karola has a darling kit called Sweets 4 my Sweet on their blog.
    As always remember to share the love when freebie snagging!

    Thank you again for all the prayers for Katie, her family and myself. I'm doing better but still a bit freaked out about all of this. I wish I was home so I could go see her instead of having my best friend Emily keep calling me with updates. She's been a rock for everyone calling people and as a nurse helping them understand what's going on. I have no new news as the time difference makes my getting of updates hard. So thank you again.

    Happy Scrapping!