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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Happy New Year!

    Just a quick post to say Happy New Year and the DBD shop is on sale! LOL!

    Please scroll down a post and take a peek at my New Year's resolution! I'm totally jazzed about it but want to hear what you think too!

    (Manu-Scraps gorgeous Simplicity kit was used to make this AD, find it HERE!)

    Swing on by to grab some goodies! I have a few more things added to my shop but they're still my back log of items from my first two shops. I'll have some new stuff in there in January I promise, I just need to finish them.


    Speaking of January I'm posting these ADs a day early because I don't plan on being online tomorrow. Lots of new challenges are happening at DBD next month along with our fabulous regualr monthly challenges, stop by the forum to check them out!
    (Acorn Designs fabulous Boys Only No. 4 was used to make this AD, grab it HERE!)

    (My super cute Snowball Fight kit was used to make this AD, grab it HERE if you don;t already have it!)

    Also tomorrow the new Team Tidbits mega kit- mini kits come out! They look wonderful and will be on sale tomorrow so don't forget to grab them all!
    I made two Tidbits this month, a cute mini kit and the alpha that's sweet if I do say so myself!

    Here's a little sample of our Winterthaw Tidbits, these are a couple of extras from my Winter Thaw tidbit. Make sure you go check out all 18 of them in the shop!
    (On sale today for $0.75 each!)
    download Winterthaw add-on

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year tonight!
    Happy Scrapping!
    (P.S. Don't forget to scroll down and read my resolution & tell me about yours!)

    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    A New Year Resolution

    It's that time of year again for us all to make a New Year's resolution. This year I've been looking at my resolution from a different angle and I hope it'll help me keep it.
    How often do we make our resolutions but don't follow through?
    How often are our resolutions just about ourselves?

    The Sunday School lesson I lead today we discussed Luke 3:7-18 and how to keep your resolutions. There is a wonderful lesson on this written by L.G. Parkhurst, Jr that I used to guide our discussion today (See it HERE if you want to know more.) but the two things that really stuck out at me were:

    Bear fruits worthy of repentance. (Luke 3:8)
    Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none, and whoever has food must do likewise. (Luke 3:11)

    I used these two quotes to guide my resolution this year. Being worthy of repentance; to make my resolution this year not just about stopping a bad behavior or doing something small, but to make a big change. To replace a bad habit with something else, something good to help others. We all think about donating during the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas but now January is almost here. Does that mean we stop giving? How many of us got a coat, jacket, sweater or sweatshirt for Christmas? Maybe a new hat or set of gloves? Are you going to donate an older one from your closet to someone in need?

    I got both a new sweatshirt and a new jacket for Christmas and if I hadn't read this passage for Sunday school I would probably just crammed them into my closet with the rest of them. Instead I talked with my Sunday school class about starting now for our Church's Community Christmas supper next year. We gave those who came canned food this year to take away with them but no warm clothes after we fed them their supper. So we've decided that if we start now (collecting warm clothes, jackets, hats and gloves, maybe even blankets) that by next Christmas hopefully we'll be able to send everyone who comes to church home with something warm and lasting. We also resolved to try to bring in canned goods for the homeless shelter and the soup kitchen at least twice a month (we'd go for every week but we all forget sometimes and we need something to work for in 2010.). We're hoping that by resolving to do this as a class we can keep it going and help each other keep this resolution for the whole year, all while helping our community at the same time.

    How wonderful would this world be if everyone took this bible quote to heart the world around. What a different place this would be to live. We're just talking about warm clothes and food for those who live in your community. Would you like to join me and my Sunday School class in our New Year's resolution? Remember those people are still in need even if the holiday season is wrapping up. Donate year round and not just when carols fill the air, to make this world a little better for everyone.

    And to help you scrap your resolutions check out Kim B.s gorgeous new kit Time Anew!!!
    It's on sale!
    And she has a cute little add-on on her blog HERE!
    (Technically there's all kinds of goodies made from this kit by her CT too, scroll down thru Kim's blog to find all the links.)

    Here's a few Emma Christmas photos from our house for you to see:
    Emma Christmas morning.

    On her new Dora scooter!

    Hungry, Hungery Hippo with Daddy and MeMaw.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Be Merry!

    Hi there gang & Merry Christmas! I first want to thank everyone who came to chat on Saturday, it was fun! Now, I've got a little gifty for you then I'll probably be MIA since we'll have family in town. I hope you all have a great holiday!

    Here's my Christmas card to you all. If you want you can click on it for the full size then left click and save as, you can. Then you can email it to everyone you know and my work will reach the masses-LOL!

    Now here's a little mini kit that I threw together since I was messing with glitter! I also included a QP I had made from the DBD Black Friday AD because I thought it'd make a fabulous QP!
    Download Be Merry mini

    And here's my LO I made with it just to show you how cool I think it is:
    I hope you all spend a lovely Christmas with those you love!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    -Amy W.

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    On the 8th day of Christmas Amy W. gave to me...

    ...a really cool Jumpstart template!

    That's right it's my day to featured as part of the 12 Days of Christmas Celebration over at DigiByDesign. Today my shop is 50% off (and yes, it's starting to look much fuller again too.) and there's a brand spanking new Jumpstart there for you too!
    (It's Christmasy but can easily be used for other LOs too!)

    And tonight is Christmas Bingo chat time! Grab your bingo card and come join the fun!

    I made you all a super cute mini kit as the attendance gift that coordinates with all the other 12 Days of Christmas goodies we're giving away.

    So make sure you stop by my shop, fill out your bingo card and I'll see you all at chat tonight!

    Happy Holidays and Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    2 days to Bingo! Where's your card?

    Alright people! I've had like 150 Bingo cards downloaded but there's only been one turned into me...ONE!!!!! Now we're not down to crunch time yet but still let's get those bad boys to me sooner rather than later OK? We have some wonderful one of a kind prizes for you all in addition to the attendance gift and the massive fun we'll be having Saturday night! So grab your Bingo card and join us Saturday at 7 pm eastern in the DBD chat room!
    And here's the attendance gift you get for showing up! I think it turned out super cute!
    And don't forget we still have the 12 Days of Christmas going on everyday until Christmas. Stop by the shop and grab today's goodie!
    That includes a cute template from me on Saturday in my shop, but don't worry I'll remind you during the Bingo chat.

    Speaking of my shop I just turned in a slew of kit submissions. They're still all older kit but I've put back most of my Jumpstarts so hopefully you can find what you want in the shop now. I'm working on some new stuff right now and we'll be adding it to the shop here soon!

    Sadly not this week though since I need to finish my Christmas baking and candy making today and tomorrow. We're also trying to get Emma's presents wrapped today as today and tomorrow are his last days off before Christmas eve, and that's when he'll wrap my gifts. I also have to swing by the post office as my Daddoo forgot to take home my mom's stocking stuffers for my sister to wrap and stuff. (That's right I'm blaming him. I gave them to him and he said to give them to him againthe night before he left but I forgot. I'm still blaming him though, because it couldn't possible be my fault now could it?)

    Don't forget to wing by the following spots for some great freebies:
    Kim B. has a fabulous add-on for her stunning new kit Time Anew!!
    Mrs. Miles has a Crazy 'Ol Christmas mini kit on her blog.
    Christie has a fabulous Christmas Tree template. And some holiday Word Art HERE.
    Krakatuka has a fabulous Frosty Alpha and a pretty Christmas QP if you scroll down.
    Bren has a killer free kit called Chilly Willy! (Too cute!!)
    Flor de Papel has two darling candy Cane alphas.
    Julie has an adorable Christmas Bell for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a great Hanging Frame Cluster (Scroll down for more, adorable.)
    Major Tigger Scraps has a neat Iced Cookie alpha.
    Jessy & Leo Designs have a darling Nativity set.
    Don't forget to leave some love when you download.

    Happy Scrapping and Happy Holidays!

    Friday, December 12, 2008


    Hi everyone! The Christmas season is now in full swing! Are you ready? Do you have your shopping done? I just have to finish hubby's birthday (3 days after Christmas, darn man.) and I'll be done!
    My favorite part of Christmas, beside the decorations and yummy goodies, are the Christmas carols. This year I'm very excited about Christmas as I'm teaching the adult Sunday School class this month and we're doing the very first Christmas carols found in Luke. Sung by Mary, Elizabeth, Zacharias, Simeon & the angels. These songs were sung about the Lord's birth before he was even born, the very first Christmas carols ever, how wonderful! But enough about that.

    Today, I'm guest blogging over at my friend Shelley's Adventure into Romance blog. And if you head on over you can grab a wonderful Christmas goodie from me!

    And tomorrow starts the 12 Days of Christmas over at DigiByDesign! Each day a different designer is featured! Their shop will be 50% off and they will have one part of a coordinating Christmas kit we made just for you! Here's the whole list of who, what and when:

    And here's a peek at my goodie for Day 8 (12/20)!
    Make sure you stop by my shop to grab it for FREE!
    And also on day 8 (12/20) we'll be having a fun Christmas Bingo chat! Grab your card HERE, fill it out and join us for fun and prizes!
    And here's a sneek peek at what you get just for showing up to play!
    So join us for Christmas Bingo Saturday December 20th @ 7 pm eastern in the DigiByDesign chat room!
    (Download card HERE)

    And don't forget that new set of Christmas Jumpstarts I just put into the shop! Christmas collection No. 2 (That means there's a collection No. 1 too!).
    Here are our latest Christmas photos for 2008. They turned out fairly cute if I do say so myself.
    They took forever to get here but now I can finally finish my Christmas cards.

    My parents are in town so I have to scoot but don't forget to swing by Shelley's blog to grab your freebie! And I'll be out of school for the next 2 weeks starting Monday so stop back by and see what goodies I make for everyone!

    Happy Holidays and Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    12 days of Christmas are almost here!

    Hi there everyone! Emma is feeling better but is still coughing horribly. It'll take her awhile to be completely better but just know she is on the mend.

    Okay, as we all know the 12 days of Christmas happen after Christmas but over at DBD we want you to spend that time with family and scrapping so we're having ours a little early so you can get your presents! December 13-24 are the 12 Days of Christmas at DBD!
    The whole shop will be on sale for 12% for all 12 days but each day there will be one featured designer who's shop will be 25% off and will also have one part of a team Christmas freebie kit for you! So make sure you stop by each day to get the entire kit!

    Plus on the 20th, aka- Day 8, I'll be hosting a fun filled Bingo Chat in the DigiByDesign chat room! We'll have fun and prizes! Just download your bingo card, fill it out and get it back to me prior to the chat! (Yes, I know the template is the same as last year but Emma was sick so I didn't have time to make a new one, so you could recycle from last year if you wanted to as well.)

    Grab your bingo card template and premade cards with word list HERE!

    Also new in my DBD shop are my latest Christmas Jumpstart templates No 2. These were all previous freebies but were only given out to a select few so make sure you check your files first before you buy them.

    Make sure you stop by my buddy and romance author Shelley Munro's blog on the 12th! She has this wonderful guest blogger, who also happens to be a digital scrapbooker, that day. Rumor has it there will also be a digital scrapbook Christmas freebie given away on her blog as well.
    Make sure you stop by and take a look!

    I still have a sick one so I'm off for a bit. I'll see if I can come back with a freebie list soon but I also have company coming so we must clean!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Thursday, December 04, 2008

    Mega Sale!!!

    Hi there everyone. Sorry I've been a little MIA this week Emma is sick. We had the pleasure of spending 6 hours in the ER last night as she had a temp of 104 F. Poor baby and now she's sad because she missed singing in the school holiday concert tonight. We had the most adorable dress too. Sigh. She's doing better now but still sick.
    *Update: It turns out Emma has pneumonia, sigh. Poor baby is miserable.

    But guess what?! DigiByDesign is retiring all our old Mega Kits!!! That's right on the 7th of December they will disappear forever, but until then they are 75% off, that's only $2.50 each a huge deal! I even contributed to a good deal of these bad boys so head on over and get some huge kits at small prices!

    Why are we getting rid of these you ask? Well we're going with the team Tidbits now, a whole slew of mini kits that coordinate so you can pick which ones you want to buy. Like this month's Jolly Stocking, that is still 35% off thru the 7th for just $0.98 each!!

    Make sure you stop by and grab a hold of these teriffic holiday savings!

    And keep your eyes peeled for more information about DBD's 12 Days of Christmas celebration. Including a fun filled Bingo chat with me!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Freebie Tips:
    Beth has an adorable ribbon tree and paper mini.
    Barb made some cool sports ornaments.
    Jeanette made a killer Wintery/snowy December desktop if you don't have one yet, find it HERE.
    Jennilyn also has a fabulous Christmasy desktop! (No calendar!)
    Sev has some gorgeous glittery holiday word art to coordinate with her I Wish kit!
    Weeds and Wildflowers has a killer QP Christmas Card.
    Traci Reed has a nice December and Christmas desktop if you want to combine the two.

    Monday, December 01, 2008

    Jolly Stocking! (& photo update!)

    Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. We just had the three of us for turkey Thursday, but it was still yummy! Then Sun night for the first night of advent we went and made wreaths at church, had a spaghetti dinner and a hanging of the greens candlelight service. So pretty! The youth choirs sang beautifully including 4 of our young men did solos for each verse of We Three Kings, gorgeous with the rest of the choir joining on the chorus!

    Now out in the DigiByDesign shop is our newest Team Tidbit kit Jolly Stocking! 12 fabulous mini kits that all coordinate together. Grab just one or grab them all! Right now they're on sale for just $0.98 each!!

    And here's a little treat just for you! I made a neat little hybrid box using mine and Manu's Jolly Stocking Tidbits. I don't have a sample photo as all extra USB cords are tied up right now (I need to but a new one for the camera.) but I made it myself to try it out and it looks adorable. Emma stuck her letter to Santa in here and it will be "mailed" tomorrow. I think it's 6 inches tall and 2 across but don't quote me on that. It is made to just print on a 8.5x11 piece of cardstock.
    *Word to the wise you may want to make the end tabs a bit bigger than I did when you cut, for easier/sturdier affixing.
    download Jolly Stocking hexagon box

    Since I can't upload from my camera I did scan in a few photos for you all to see what we've been up to over here the past couple of months!

    First up are the Fair photos I've been promising since summer:

    Emma on a roller coaster.

    Look at her bounce!Next up is Halloween:

    Mommy and Emma.
    Trunk-N-Treat at church.
    And finally her birthday party:

    Emma, so cute!
    Making a treasure map.
    The "cake" that we made using the Hello, Cupcake book.
    Eating with Jordan.
    That's all I've got. I was up late doing homework and scrapping but tomorrow I have to decorate at Emma's school and sub for a teacher going to a funeral. Then we have to put up our tree in the afternoon. Whew!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!