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    Monday, June 30, 2008

    New stuff!

    What a weekend! As you know I was team leader for our group project in school and I have to say it'll be awhile before I volunteer again. One girl who said she'd do part flaked so I got to do her and mine, then another was really petty and snide to me. Not much fun at all. And now I have another group project this week for math class, oh joy! I'm hoping that it'll be better since I'm not leader this time.

    Now then I promised you new goodies for the shop and here they are!
    First is a fun filled paper pack called Round-a-bout that are made from my Lot of Dots overlays.

    Next is a new kit called America the Beautiful. It started as a mini kit and just kept growing, but it's here just in time for the 4th of July!
    Remember both Round-a-bout and America the Beautiful are on sale today at 20% off as part of Monday Madness! (Hint: check my newsletter for additional savings.)

    Now the freebie I promised, it's a small sampler of America the Beautiful. But you have to go to the Sophia Sarducci blog to grab it.
    And finally here's an add-on I made for the kit, but it's a Newsletter exclusive.
    (Join the newsletter/yahoo group in the right sidebar ---->)

    Okay, now let's go find some goodies to grab!
    (These range from old to new... I think but they're all fabulous!)
    This one is old but so awesome, add-on word art for
    Kristin's Party Out Back kit.
    I may have posted this one before but
    Michelle's Bohemian Summer kit, lovely.
    Princess Pam of course has more of her killer ABC kit up.
    Misty has a nice July Desktop QP.
    Gorgia has a gorgeous Ocean Wave QP.
    Gina has a pretty new mini kit called Wind Chimes for you.
    Ksharonk has an add-on mini kit for her Sheer Joy paper pack.
    Helena has her Happy Day kit up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    AOTH has a cute mini called Beach Fun up for grabs.
    Redju has a sweet star burst CU overlay up. (Click on preview.)
    Girltalk has an adorable July desktop QP made with the Gidget kit.
    Kristin has a fabulous Just A Boy paper pack on her blog.
    Neverland Scraps has a fabulous template.
    LiviaY has a darling Felt Happy Garden QP.
    Jack and Jill have a great template up for grabs.
    Aja has a bright and bold kit called My Wish For You up.
    Bethany has a killer mini kit and scroll down for some great patriotic word art too!
    Simply Yin has a simply wonderful template on her blog.
    Nathy has a gorgeous and elegant July desktop QP on her blog.
    Danielle has a lovely Summer Garden mini kit.
    Maria has some great Photo Splits 2 cluster thingies up.
    Miss Vivi has a CU butterfly for you.
    Flergs has a sweet Build Your Own Cupcake pack on her blog.
    Please remember to leave some love when downloading freebies!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    I'm back... I think.

    Well that was nasty and I don't want to do it again. It's bad enough not being able to swallow well, but then add the hot temps and you get dehydration. I've spent the last 3-4 days finishing a kit for the shop and whipping my group into shape for our group project. I was elected group leader by default. The default being no one else was doing it and I refuse not to get an A. So we've been scrambling like mad to get it done now that we actually have a plan. (My plan- Wahahahahaha!) Can I say Ugh? I have another group project next week for my other class and they've been on the ball and want that work done this week too, I told them it wasn't possible for me. I'm now on the bad person list. (Sigh.) Can't win them all I guess.

    So yes you heard me right I just turned in a new kit to my Sophia Shoppe, so it should be for sale on Monday and I'll have a little freebie for you too. And since I've been away for so long I made you all a little something for this week as well!
    It's an oldie of mine but the original was horribly messy and jagged so I cleaned this bad boy up, pixel wise, then dirtied him up for looks. It's a kids viewer disc. Comes in just PNG or a template with each photo as a separate layer so you can just mask your photos. Easy right? Here it is, I used pictures from today of Emma running through the sprinkler then at swim lessons. (Shadow, words and Emma photos are on mine only.)
    download Viewer Disc here

    If I ever get my home work done I'll be back with a list. That being said stop by Barb (Mrs. Miles) and Kim B.'s blogs, then scroll down. They've both had a couple of killer freebies this week! (My favs, Barb's- Party Night Lights and Kim's- Jenni's Cluster Frame.)

    Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    Can I ever get a break?

    Wondered where I've been this week? Well I have tonsillitis. It's been difficult to swallow even water at times let alone food and a killer headache to boot has laid me low. I haven't done any of my school work and it's due tomorrow. I can't seem to catch a break lately. (sigh) Oh well.

    Emma had swim lessons this week and did very well. If you remember she knows how to float on her back, but doesn't like it. She also hated to get her face wet. Well now she's still unhappy about the back float but more willing to do it and willingly puts her face in and blows bubbles, but won't open her eyes under water. Such a little stinker. We have more next week, so we'll have to see how she improves. I'd be happier if she had the same instructor from day to day, or even two days in a row would be nice. If I didn't know half the lifeguards and yell at the what to work on with her I'd be a very unhappy mommy (parents aren't allowed inside the pool area during lessons of the "little" ones, but that part I understand).

    Anywho, tomorrow is the last day to grab my designer grab box for just $4 before it goes into the shop in it's separate parts. That's a $20 value for just $4! Swing by and grab it while you have a chance!
    Want to know what's inside? Just look below:
    Don't forget to grab any of the other 5 fabulous grab bags in the shoppe!

    Happy scrapping to you all!

    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    Happy Dad Day!

    To all of you out there, but especially my Daddoo have a wonderful Father's Day!
    Sorry I've been gone most of this week. Through Thursday I was busy doing VBS stuff and then I was working on this week's class assignments. Thankfully it's the first week so they were fairly easy assignments.

    Now here are lots of photos of what I've been up to for the past 2 weeks:
    First are the dresses I made for Emma.
    This is the stage at our church, notice the mushrooms I made?
    Here is the Blue Lagoon, watering hole.
    The snack hut
    Emma up on the stage.

    Here's the entrance to my domain- crafts.
    This is one side of the board, we wrote on the paper later in the week.
    Me in my sample bird mask. I'm a toucan- couldn't you tell? (Did I mention the AC was broken and we were roasting up there?)
    Emma at the last night's hot dog supper.
    Emma doing the dance, she was about a half step behind but at least she knew the moves!

    "What's mommy doing with that camera?"And that's when my camera battery died. So I'll have to get the rest of the photos from Kristin later. Did you notice poor shy Kullan singing to his feet there next to Emma? So cute!

    Okay, so as part of our Dad Day celebration over at the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe we have those awesome $1 personal and $2 commercial grab bags! Only on Father's day, then they go up to $2 and $3 respectively for a week (I think), and will be opened into their parts in the shoppe on Monday 6/23. I have a commercial grab box (seemed more manly) but it's also good for personal use too!

    The preview can give you a few hints of what you'll find inside!
    * I've peeked inside and they are all a steal- but I'd grab Christina's, Olivia's CU, Sophia's and mine of course as must haves!

    And I also have a neat little template goodie for you all in celebration of our Dads! You can find it HERE or on the Sophia blog. Here's what I made with it for my honey and the Emster.
    No list just yet because I've had zero time to look but I'm sure I'll have one full of dad/manly themed stuff here super soon.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, June 09, 2008

    I've gone missing

    VBS is so much more work than I expected. On the flip side everyone is telling me what a good job I'm doing and how organized I am- LOL! I have them all fooled. I even took some pictures to share but then left my camera in the classroom. At the end of the night I just want to run home because the AC for upstairs broke and after 2 1/2 hours up there I'm done for. Did I mention it hit 108 F today and with the humidity if felt like 115F, can we say UGH? I haven't been on the computer really since last Thursday except to read all the stuff for my 2 new classes that started- eek! Sorry to be such a fuddy duddy but there you have it. I'm trying to get stuff done for a Father's day grab bag but we'll have to see if I can swing it. I'll try to post pictures (including the one of me doing the bird dance, complete with mask) later this week.

    Here's a few freebies that have fallen into my lap:
    Jill has some sampler word art of her new Fun Dough alphas.
    Farheen has a sweet new paper pack up. (Scroll down, there's more I've missed listing.)
    Rose Made Designs has two very neat Sweet Summer add-ons for you.
    Gina has a killer template up for grabs.
    Kim B. has a Sizzling Retro mini kit on her blog. (Cool template from last week HERE.)
    Barb has 2 add-ons for her new Digital dad kit, just scroll down.
    (Super cool kit of geek gear and black -n- white papers!)
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, June 05, 2008

    Just call me slacker!

    Okay, so I'm a slacker as far as blogging goes. I'll admit it. However I've made good progress for the VBS and did some sewing this week. I'm not done with the craft prep for VBS but the church isn't open tomorrow so I'll have to stay home and blog/scrap instead- LOL! I can go back next week on Monday to finish up for the rest of the week too, so I'm not worried about crafts. I've been sewing like mad yesterday and today, probably tomorrow too. I've caught up on Emma sewing and made 4 dresses and now I'm working on making animals for decorations for VBS. I made a stuffed frog, but Emma claimed him for her own so I'll have to make another later. I'm also going to make a couple of Macaws and try to adapt the pattern to make a toucan. (I'm thinking leave the body the same but change the beak and with the black fabric instead of the red it'll be close enough.) Emma has already claimed one of the birds as hers. I have a monkey pattern too, but it looks harder and I don't know if I'll have time before Sunday to get it done. Plus it's a regular jungle monkey pattern and for VBS we're a howler monkey, so oh well.

    You'll all be delighted to know I got an A in the class that just ended. But starting Sunday I get Math and Computer applications- not my favorite subjects.

    Just wanted to pop on and let you all know where I've been. If you're nice I'll take some photos of our VBS rain forest decorations once they're up for you all to see. (You should see my very cool mushrooms!)

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, June 02, 2008

    New templates in the shoppe!!!

    So it's been awhile (can we say a month?) since I had a new product in my Sophia Sarducci shoppe for you but the time has come! It's a lovely new set of 12x12 page templates just bursting with circles, rings and dots! So here's a look and a link to Phases of the Moon set 2, now in the shoppe! (20% off all day Monday 6/2, for Monday Madness!!)
    I hope you like them! And unlike my freebie last week, all of these circles are separate (more or less, none overlap on a layer at least) so you have a greater ability to use some eye popping colors with these!

    I'm off school this week while Emma has started her summer school in the mornings. I'm hoping to get everything organized for VBS (next week) as well as a slew of fun new goodies for you all to see in the shop real soon. And yes, I'm still working on those kits that are kicking my booty. Maybe one day they'll be done. Oh and did I mention I have another set of templates almost finished? Yeah, I thought that would cheer you all up. I'm also working on a sweet freebie for you all, Emma helped me make it so be prepared- LOL!

    Let's find a few freebies while we're on here why don't we?
    Bren Boone has a great new kit called Naturally. (Must go thru shop.)
    DK Duos has part 2 of Starburst up for grabs.
    Barb has a neat-o Mushroom and if you scroll down a stitched Cuppa Coffee.
    Bonnie has a bunch of freebies on her blog but I love this add-on to her By The Moonlight kit!
    Kim B. has a little add-on to her June color challenge kit on her blog.
    Valinda has been busy making elements for her Retro Circles kit. (Scroll down, good stuff.)
    Vicki has a neat Acrylic lowercase alpha up.
    Mhulshoff has a killer summer/beach kit called Summer Lovin!
    Digital Candy has a fun add-on to the Welcome to the Jungle Remix collection.
    Flergs has made a set of PS styles for those of us that are shadow challenged, I love the woman!
    Mitzie has a funky yet simple page template for you!
    Nadya has a blog full of fabulous freebies! (Gorgeous stuff!)
    Michelle has a gorgeous Bohemian Summer kit up for grabs.
    Erica has some great new templates up on her blog.
    A-liya has 2 fabulous June Desktop QPs, one with a calendar one without.
    Princess Pam is now on the letter K in her ABC kits!
    Val has the coolest kit called Wild for you HERE and HERE.
    Pinkupixie has an adorable beach June Desktop QP.
    Cracotte has a fabulous musical alpha.
    Remember to leave some love.

    Happy Scrapping!