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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Happy Halloween!

    Hi there everybody! First off I'll give you a computer update, they have received the bad/wrong board and are issuing a refund- so that's good. However the right board is still on back order, sigh.
    I have however hooked up my EHD to the laptop so I have access to some of my scrap stuff...just not PS. I can't find the disc so I can't install it on my new laptop either. I can find the PSP disc so I may just have to go back to that or find the elements disc that came with my tablet. Sigh.

    Okay since I have access to all my old stuff I put together a little Halloween goodie bag for you all. These are goodies that were extras last year or the year before. However as I still don't have a scrap program I have no preview. (Did I mention a sigh.)

    Download a Trick-or-Treat goodie bag

    My dear friend Mrs. Miles gave me an award, she's so nice. I haven't thought about what I'm going to share or whom I'll pass it on to but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Barb! Love and miss you girl!

    Okay, Emma and I are off to dinner, Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008


    3 days of Dell computer support and I'm ready to hurt someone. All I'm trying to do is exchange the mother board they sent me for a new one, but they make me go through technical support each time, then when they confirm I need to exchange the board they sent and I'm supposed to get connected to the right people their flipping automated phone system disconnects me. So I have to start all over again. Today I found a helpful guy at tech support who was like why are you back again? He made sure he talked to the guy at customer care for the exchange before he hung up with me, Thanks Marc! Then the very nice David helped me with placing the order for a new board... too bad they're on back order- ARGH! Not his fault, but I wonder if I had been connected on Monday if I could have still gotten one? Sigh. Then I got transfered to the guy to do my return and refund portion of the transaction, and no I didn't get hung up on. However, the stupid system that's supposed to give out the return numbers and give the shipping labels (prepaid) to email to me wasn't working so he was going to have to call his IT guy to see what was up and wanted me to call back later. ARGH! SO here I am 3 days later with no return number and an item on backorder. I think I might just have an Office Space moment with my computer. then again I want all my lovely scrapping stuff back so maybe not. But seriously people, you sent us a bad board, then the right one is on back order and you won't let me send this one back? WTF?!

    Okay that was the very frustrated Amy vent on the Dell computer customer service. The people I talked to today (in the later half of my hour and a hlf phone call) were very nice. It's just frustrating that I had to go through so many loops and so many hang-ups to get there. Sigh. End result I still miss my computer. Yes, I know I probably could have gone to an actual repair guy and paid three times as much to get it done quickly, but what good is it being married to an electronics tech if we can't save a few bucks on computer repair I ask you. Just wish he had the inside track on refirbished Dell computer parts is all.

    Halloween is almost here. We bought Emma a Buzz Lightyear costume at the Disney store when we were in California. Mind you she requested this over all the Princess, Mickey, Donald, Pooh and Pirate costumes in there. She has now consistantly wanted to change it but we keep telling her she picked it so she's stuck with it. Mind you I could easily make her a witch too sonce she has a pair of black and orang striped tights, a black skirt, a million black halloween shirts, a witches hat and even a orange and black broom from the dollar tree but I'm stickig to my guns. SHe picked it out, daddy shelled out the money and so it's what she's going to be. I just wish I had the $60 for the really sweet pirate costume I saw for me. I'm sick of rotating the same 3 costume every year, I want something new. Sadly I'm out of money after our vacation.

    Thanks to everyone for their nice comments as I go through scrapping withdrawal. I do have a sketchbook full of doodles now, we'll see what they translate into once I have PS back! I especially got a kick over my big brother stopping by. Have a lovely week everyone!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Sorry, I'm still MIA

    Thank you very much to everyone who's written to me and offered me some CU goodies! You all make me smile. It turns out that it's actually the motherboard in our old computer and not the hard drive. So once we get it up and running again I should get everything back. Whew! Sadly we had bought a new board but it was refurbished (and not done well) so it started off with a few faults, then a few more and then the whole thing crashed. Beyond what our original one did because the old one still turns on but gives us the failure codes where as the new one just cascaded into a snafu of deadness. So we'll be sending that one back (which is covered as it's been less than 10 days) but sadly I'm still without my desktop and all those wonderful files of mine. Or even my Phototshop, so no Halloween goodies yet or even the fall one I had almost finished. (Sigh.) All I've been doing really is homework. I''m not used to the laptop and don't know if I like it or not yet. I'll let you all know as soon as we're up and running again here in the Watson household but until then I'll probably be scarce as it just makes me sad to look at all these scrap goodies and such when I can't do them myself. (I miss my e-book collection too!)

    On the upside I've caught up on some sewing and Emma's birthday party plans are coming together nicely. I found this really neat cupcake-cake that looks like a corcodile and since her party will be Peter Pan/Neverland (she couldn't decide between fairies and pirates) he can be Tick-Tock the crocodile. I know some people are down on the cupcake-cakes, and I have been of the few I've seen as well, but this one looks really cool. I like them if you can easily see the individual cupcakes and still look like a really cool larger cake. I don't like the ones where they just put overly frosted cupcakes really close together and decorate it like a normal cake (You can't see the individual cupcakes as the frosting all runs together.).

    Oh and we went on the hayride at the pumpkin patch today with the MOMs club. I took some great shots but sadly have no clue where the cord is to upload from my camera. It's here somewhere I'm sure, when I find it I'll see what I can do for posting some vacation and pumpkin photos but without PS they'll be the raw shots so who knows how they'll look.

    Happy scrapping to all you with functioning computers!

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    I'm kind-of back

    Okay, so I'm back in NC from Cali. However, my computer decided to die this morning so I don't know how back I am exactly. Hubby went out and got me this sweet laptop so I can do my school work for the week (love the man!) but I don't have access to a good deal of my scrap stuff. A large portion is on my EHD but all my working stuff (new designs and resources) were on the hard drive that has kicked the bucket. Sigh. And no, I didn't back any of it up. So who knows if my 3 in prgroess kits will ever be seen again? All of my lovely designer resources (Overlays, actions, brushes, etc) may be gone for good. (Crying.) Okay, off to do homework I'll let you know if/when I get the design stuff up and running. Also haven't set up my email yet so if you need me send stuff to my gmail account (amywtsn@gmail.com). Hope you all are having a better day than I am.

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. The actual trip was lovely, it's just the return home I'm not too sure about. More on that whenever I get back here.

    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    On vaca!

    Ok campers, we're off to visit my family in Cali for the next week so I'll more than likely be MIA. I was going to make you a little goodie to tide you over then my computer wouldn't start and I spent this morning trying to get it to work. I then gave up and my hubby fixed it in like ten minutes. (Rotten, so and so!) So it'll have to wait until I get back. And while I get back mid next week I'll probably spend the latter half of the week cramming in that week's school assignments as the new session starts Monday. So take care and I'll see you!

    Oh and just to get you in the fall spirit, here's Emma at her Fall Family Night last night at her school.
    That was the ring toss. Pre-schoolers got hula hoops, the bigger kids had to use diving rings on those giant stems. I think the gourd roll was my favorite booth.

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Head over to Kim B.'s blog to get started on the Fall Splendor party! (Very cute stuff!) And Mrs. Miles has a cute overlay on her blog too!