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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    So much to do, so little time.

    My 3 challenge exams are now open so I have to finish my reviewing and take the darn things. These are tests to get out of taking general ed courses in college. I think I can pass them but who knows. The one that worries me is the computers test. It's based on Microsoft Vista and 2007 Office. Sadly I only have XP and 2003. So we'll have to wait and see how I do on it. I'm a bit scared of the Math and English ones as well, I've forgotten so much and hope I don't feel like an idiot when I take them. During my studying the past few weeks I've been boggled by things I'd forgot or didn't know, sometimes I wonder why we have all these rules anyway or where/when I'd use these equations and grammar rules in my field of study. Oh well.

    And I'd like to correct a few thing my Daddoo wrote in the comments on Wed. He has confused his kids a bit you see. Since Wed was my big bros b-day we were chatting on the phone and I read him dad's comments and we agree, he's confused. My big bro is the one who took 3 AP courses. (I was never even asked to take one.) Both my siblings were in the National Honor Society, unlike me, that's what happens when you fail math. I was in the GATE program for one whole whopping year in high school, my frosh year. I only played in band in elementary school, and that was more to get out of class than anything else- LOL! My big sis did play in band through all her high school years. I did letter in 3 sports, including being the varsity mascot for my junior and senior years and was also the yearbook editor senior year. Finally, I was a Navy Nuke. Not a great one but yes, I glow in the dark.

    Tonight is also the church pancake dinner and bake sale. (Yes, I said pancakes for dinner...yummy!) So I've also been trying to squeeze in baking over the past 24 hours. So far I've made banana nut bread, rice crispy treats, chocolate Kahlua cake and strawberry cream tarts. If I get time in the morning I want to also make cheesecake, but we'll have to see how it goes.

    Don't forget to stop by and vote for your wild-card cities that you want to go in the Global Monopoly game!

    I have 2 goodies in the Saturday Super Saver Sale tomorrow for 50% off! My super-de-duper pirate kit- Shiver Me Timbers & my partying fun Jumpstarts Celebration Collection No. 2!

    I've finished my first LO for the ADSR 3 challenge #1! It's so neat! Go take a peek on the Glitter Goddesses blog, it'll bring a smile to your face. And scroll down to see my teammate's killer LO, she's so awesome!

    I have no freebie today. I just didn't have time. Same goes for the newsletter. Sorry guys. I'll see what I can do for you all next week. (Hi, my name is Amy and I'm a slacker.)

    However our good buddy Barb (aka- Mrs. Miles) went on a freebie hunt and sent me a list. I've also stumbled upon some great freebies for you so we do have a good list for you today!
    Angelina has a bunch of goodies on her blog, just keep scrolling down. (I love the ocean paper!)
    Carrie has a lovely set of paint and glitter doodles up.
    Kim B. has a grab bag of goodies for you!!! (Cool glittery fish HERE too.)
    If you need a March Desktop, Shabby Princess has hers up for grabs.
    Andrea has another great template on her blog for you.
    Michaele has a wonderful Spring word art on her blog.
    Newlife Dreams has a funky kit called Just For You!
    Bunch of cool QPs on Manu's blog.
    Dinphy made a DPS QP for you with Pillowgirls's Dream Big kit. (Must go thru shop.)
    Stacy & Britt have a set of funky definition word arts.
    Misty has a gorgeous Tangy Treat QP up.
    Bunch of lovely member made QPs on Anita's blog.
    Tracy has a neat-o Retro template for you.
    Tami has a sample of her FLlwer Power cluster edges for you. (So neat!)
    Melanie has a That Girl Has Spunk mini up.
    Princess Pam has added to her fabulous alphas for the ABC kits.
    Anneli has some great train stamps.
    Remember to share the love when downloading!

    Happy Scrapping!
    The following has absolutely nothing to do with scrapping, but just keep reading!

    My friend Shelly has a new book coming out and it sounds hilarious! Here's a little sneak peek at what you'll find inside her newest erotic romance novel (Don't worry this preview is safe to read in front of small ones, bosses, whomever.):

    He Says, She Says on Inheriting a Condom Company


    The reading of my god-mother’s will shocked me speechless. I assumed I’d inherit money or jewelry. A condom company came way down the bottom of my list of expectations! Who’d have thought? My god-mother offered me a share in a condom company or a small monetary inheritance. My boyfriend, Steven wanted me to take the money and run. Me—I saw possibilities, the answers to making my dreams come true. We fought about it. Embarrassing? Oh, yeah. We were the center of attention and there were quite a few sniggers from the other occupants of the hall.

    I think I stepped into an Alice in Wonderland type rabbit hole on arrival for the reading of the will, not a plain old town hall. I caught sight of this man. Tall, dark and sexy. I dubbed him Mr. Dashing, and spellbound, my attention kept wandering to him. Imagine my blush when I discovered I’d have to work with him at the condom company. Things went downhill from there. Steven left Sloan in a huff because I wouldn’t follow his orders and two weird women accosted me shouting anti-condom slogans. Luckily, they didn’t seem violent but they gave me two business cards, one bearing a clown and the other a dog. Goodness knows what they mean. Life in Sloan looks as if it might be interesting, but I’m a bit wary about condoms. After all, it’s not as if I have experience in that arena…

    JAMES BATES says:

    I can’t believe Alicia expects me to train this girl. And Alicia’s death couldn’t have come at a worse time. Someone is out to sabotage Fancy Free. It’s been one thing after another. Financially, we can’t take much more. I hope the new design goes well because the company sure needs the boost of funds.

    Will Alice and James make a good team? Will she make up with Steven? How do they test the condoms? And who is out to destroy Fancy Free?

    Read Alice and James story in FANCY FREE by Shelley Munro to discover all the answers. Available from Ellora’s Cave on 7 March 2008.

    To read an excerpt visit http://www.shelleymunro.com/coming-soon

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    We're all sick...again.

    Our family is a bunch of sick-os again. We've all got colds and are a sorry lot. I'm still studying for this weekend, yesterday I did some English review then tackled polynomials. (They don't like me either but not as badly as parabolas.) Of course my math genius Dadoo is all like, "What's not to get?" You know how in school it always seemed people envied the jocks? Well in my family everyone was an outstanding student and I was the athletic one, so I always envied the nerds. I just became their friend and it all worked out in the end. But growing up at my house was hard as far as school went. My mom is a biology teacher, my dadoo and brother are fabulous at math and sciences and my sister is a history buff. (Daddoo too , to a certain extent.) I seriously think my sister should go back to school and get a history degree with a concentration in fashion, then become like a movie wardrobe consultant or work in a vintage clothing store. She'd really do good at that. So while I was good in school, they were always better. (But at least I had help when I needed it and that was nice too.)

    And speaking of family I want to wish my big bro a super-de-duper Happy Birthday! Love you lots B.!

    @Bean Sprout- email me and I'll send you the link since you were interrested!

    So let's go find you some freebies.
    Lisa has a very sparkly Sweet Dreams kit.
    Marianne has a Rustic kit that's up for grabs.
    Daring Spirit has a nice set of Grungy Papers up.
    Lencula has a great set of string swirls ready for you to color!
    NBK has added a bunch to her Vintage kit! (Papers, alpha, tags and more- just scroll down.)
    Gunhild has a bunch of cool cluster frames for you.
    Mrs. Miles made a lovely set of overlays for the child she sponsors.
    Shaui has a pair of Love Whales for you.
    E-Lena has a set of 2008 calendars and if you go down a wonderful set of flowers!
    Princess Pam has added more wonderful ABC kit goodies to her blog.
    Scarlet Heels has a neat set of date brushes with bonus labels. ('Nother cool set of labels HERE.)
    Remember to leave these people some well deserved love!

    * I have no clue if I'll have a Friday Freebie or not this week. I need to get my studying done first, but we'll see. (My first test this weekend is on Friday too.) Maybe I'll find something in my "extras" folder for y'all.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, February 25, 2008

    We're sorry we're not here...

    ... but if you please leave a brief (or not so brief) message Amy will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but Amy forgot about a doctor's appt. she had today. She then got to run around having lab work and tests done all day and isn't in the mood to go freebie hunting now. Not to mention that her to do list is super-de-duper long and graphing parabolas is still kicking her @$$!! Even 10 years after she thought she'd seen the last of those beady eyed little buggers. (Anyone want to make her a "Amy SUCKS at Math!!" blinkie?) Oh and the ADSR started today so she needs to fit in making a LO somewhere on her to do list...joy!

    Have a happy and fun filled Monday y'all!

    Saturday, February 23, 2008


    That's all I can say about my "little darling" of the past 24 hours. She's been cranky, not listening and LOUD! Shouting in the restaurant last night, then again today in Target. We went to Burger King tonight and she threw a fit. So she and I went into the bathroom and had a discussion on proper behavior. She had to come back out and apologize to everyone at our table and around us, then sit and eat her food but not go play. She was NOT happy. Then threw another fit when we're leaving since she didn't get to go play. She's also been a bossy little handful at home too. So I'll say it once more, Oy! (She is however snuggled up with her daddy in the recliner watching cartoons right now.)

    So now you know what I've been dealing with and why I'm late with my list. But here you go: (Thanks for the help Barb!)
    Kimberly has some neat Nature word art HERE, a sampler of her Lollipop Shop kit HERE, some neat Dragonflys HERE and a CU sample of her Bulldog Clips HERE.
    Joanna has a add-on to her Addicted to Love kit up.
    Melanie has a slew of cool new word arts on her blog.
    Janna has some cute Gummy Bears.
    Jenni has a lovely doodle flower frame on her blog.
    Michaele made you a bragbook QP from her Romantic Moments posting bonus.
    Danielle has a sampler of her Star Studded Line Up kit.
    Anita has a Totally Cool mini for you.
    Yin has an awesome multi-photo DPS template for you!!!
    Maria has a Sunshine and Daisies mini up for grabs.
    Betty has an add-on to her Lilly kit on her blog.
    Ksharonk has a QP from her Smooches kit. (Good general use page.)
    Princess Pam has been busy! She has more ABC kit stuff up and some neat February frames.
    NBK has part 1 of her Vintage Special.
    Mrs. Miles and Olivia have made you the cutest little monster!
    Scrapangel has a template for you.
    Census made a set of killer Doodled Frames. (Personal or CU!)
    Bethany also has some great new word arts on her blog.
    Steffi has a nice template up.
    Krystal has a couple of leaves for you.
    Seebee's Freebies has a add-on mini to her kit Classic Moments.
    And last but never least, Kim B. has a set of gorgeous tags for her equally gorgeous kit Stor-book Romance! (Seriously fabulous people! But I am biased.)
    Please remember to leave some love!
    And scroll down for my desktop QPs.

    Nina has a gorgeous cluster frame for you, if you take part in her challenge!

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    Friday, February 22, 2008

    Freaky Friday!

    Why is it freaky you ask? Because it'll be chat central at my house tonight. I have a make up class/chat tonight from 6-7, because the teacher bailed on Monday; then I have a regular class/chat from 8-10 and finally at 10 is the ADSR kick-off chat. (Sheesh, I can feel my butt getting wider already.)

    Here's your Friday Freebie! It's a set of 2 desktops for Easter. As we all know Easter is March 23rd this year so I made one desktop with a March calendar and the other without for those who don't like the calendars. I made it using my Easter kit from last year Eggstra-Sweet. So here you go:
    download Easter desktops

    Oh and speaking of Easter... would any of y'all like my Easter Chick Jumpstart from last year to come back? If the answer is yes, then please leave me a comment on here! :)

    I'll be back either during Emma's nap or tomorrow with the freebie list. (I've spotted some good ones already!) I'd promise by tonight but if Emma doesn't nap I will have zero time until tomorrow to do it.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    A little bit of funny

    So I've seen some really cool and funny links lately that I wanted to share with you. They've been around awhile but were new to me. So maybe they'll be new to you or just once again bring a smile to your face. This first one is hilarious, just press play and be prepared to laugh! Animator-vs-Animation

    This next one is a series of 6, I believe called You Suck at Photoshop. (There is adult language in this one so make sure the kiddies aren't around or you're not at work.) The link is to the first, once it's done you can click next or pick one from the sidebar.

    Here's a fun one for you. Monopoly is making a global edition, and they need your help! Right now you can go and vote for what cities in the world you think should be on the 20 most popular city spaces in the new edition. There's only 9 days left to vote and you can vote once a day! (Oh my buddy Shelly, who's blog I read about it on, wants you to vote for Queenstown, New Zealand please.)

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful response to my going insane on Monday. I will probably be cutting back on the hunting and giving of freebies once I start school full time, but we'll have to wait and see. At least once the summer starts Emma will be in summer school 5 days a week in the mornings. Hopefully that'll give me enough time to do everything.

    Let's go find some freebies!
    Heather has a add-on for her Grungy Valentine kit.
    Kim B. has The Blues on her blog. (And a sampler of her new kit Story-Book Romance HERE.)
    Monika has a pretty and sparkly Purple kit for you.
    Princess Pam has all kinds of ABC: Jump kit letter "A" goodies for you.
    Janosch has a About a Boy add-on for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Gina has a neat little alpha on her blog. (She's where I got the You Suck at PS links from.)
    Chrissy has a cool circle template. (Must send message to receive link.)
    Janette has some cool sketches on her blog.
    Bethany has a bunch of new word arts on her blog.
    Cool Mojo Monday paper pack by Amanda.
    Olivia has a fabulous Tropical Vacation frame 2 for you. (Grab the first one HERE.)
    Elisa has her Grungy Charme kit up for grabs.
    Ana Mara has a cute bragbook QP from her Happy Birthday kit.
    (Also 2 square QPs from her Little Flowers kit HERE.)
    Tara is having a CT call and giving out a cool Queen of Green mini.
    Melbby has 2 great QPs she made with some of Petitmoineaux's kits.
    Valinda has a slew of killer QPs on her blog. (Scroll down and see all the wonders she's made!)
    As always please leave these hard working ladies some love!

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    Monday, February 18, 2008

    What have I done?!

    So as you all know I enrolled in college and start classes the 24th of March. Well now they are having me do prep work to get ready for classes. I feel like I'm in 7 different classes at once, right now! I have to test out of 3 classes, in just under 2 weeks, which means I'm now doing review of those courses so I can pass the tests. Then I'm also taking 2 extra classes to learn APA format paper writing and power point 07 because those are the 2 ways we turn in homework/assignments (Well there's also discussion boards but I know how to use those.). Class aren't supposed to start until the 24th of next month but I'm already in 2 classes with homework and studying up for 3 BIG tests!!!! Plus I'm trying to get all my end of the month stuff done (MK, challenge kits, etc.). Oh yeah and don't I have a 3 y/o around here somewhere? Hubby is working overtime because a buddy is out of the country for the next 2 weeks. I think I'm going slowly insane. Why am I telling you all this? Because it means if I disappear, don't worry, I just fell asleep studying or I've committed myself. Oh and to top it all off Ikea Goddess is on vacation so she's sending her usual crowd over here- eeekkkk! The pressure. (I'm supposedly on some CTs too but I'm sure the designers have forgotten about me- lol!)

    I totally snapped last night and wrote a big old vent about people not listing credits when they post a LO (or full credits). I mean we all sometimes forget an item/element on credits. But in this case I saw a LO made with one of my kits and NO CREDITS at all. None, zip, zilch. I just couldn't take it. What was worse, it was for a challenge. So they wanted a posting bonus for that LO and it says clearly in the challenge rules that they must list ALL credits. I just couldn't take it, so I sounded off. Made me feel lots better. I mean if you saw this totally killer LO and wanted to know what kit it was or where they got the super cool looking element then went to look in the credits and there was nothing there wouldn't you be sad? (And we all know that my kits are so super-de-duper cool that everyone wants to know what they are and where to get them.)

    I love those people who do the super detailed credits lists. So you know exactly which element they're talking about, in detail, color, designer and shop. I don't have that kind of time or patience, but I love those who do so I can find exactly where that button, ribbon or doodle came from. Bless you detail oriented people!

    Okay, that's enough about me freaking out. Let's find a few freebies for you all to grab!
    Alexa has a Special Moments kit up.
    Genevieve has a darling My Sunshine mini kit up for grabs. (Must be registered.)
    Coralie has a funky Pretty Girl add-on for you.
    RetroDiva has an All I Need extra up.
    Anne has a set of hybrid printable labels/journal tags.
    Mitia has a lovely kit for you.
    Anna has a Expressions of Romance up for grabs.
    Jasmin has some Paper Frames on her blog. (Very neat.)
    Misty has a QP to match her new kit Twilight Romance.
    (Grab the last of Misty's date bits: 6 & 7.)
    Lindsay Jane has a darling set of frames to match her fabulous new kit Breath of Spring!
    Princess Pam has more ABC kit stuff on her blog. (I love the overlays!)
    Herald has an Aged QP on her blog. (Stuff used from a couple of her kits.)
    Bethany has a slew of word art for you. (That's right I said slew- look it up.)
    Please remember to leave some love!
    (Remember we're aiming for a 15% or higher thank you rate!)

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, February 15, 2008

    The List

    Okay, I'm finally back with a list. (It's not a long one but they're all fabulous!) I've already had a start of assignments for school, they're getting to know and explore the virtual campus. And you all thought I spent a lot of time on the computer already- lol!

    Now, don't forget to grab the Friday Freebie I posted this morning. (Scroll Down)

    Also make sure you look back over the archives in the near future. I'll be weeding my 4share account and so some of the past freebies will be gone. (Mind you I still have the links up from September on, excluding the Emma kit ones, so there's plenty to grab.) It'll be sometime before school starts at the end of March. So you have time... but you've been warned.

    Same goes for my Newsletter/Yahoo group. If you haven't grabbed past goodies get the links from the photo section (they're in the description) and grab before I clear out the 4share account. Not a memeber of my newsletter/yahoo group? Join us by clicking on the button in the right sidebar--->
    (Past goodies are exclusive to the group (unless they then get put into the shop).
    There's even a Emma kit mini in there that's exclusive and still active!

    Let's go hunting!
    Regiane has a fabulous kit called Celebrate on her blog.
    Kris has a What A Cluster heart goodie for you.
    JenLin has a add-on to her Rusticana kit up for grabs.
    Kim B. has a couple of pretty bragbook QPs up.
    Cinzia has a killer mini kit called That's Amore up for grabs!!!!! (Can you tell I like it?)
    Lauren has some great Valentine word arts for you.
    Jessica has a Home Away From Home kit.
    Krista has a lovely new kit called Classic on her blog, inspired by a denim bedspread.
    Bunny has a set of pretty Glittered Up frames.
    Please, please, PLEASE leave some love!
    (Especially for Bunny, she recieved some nasty comments, and no one deserves to be attacked by trolls.)
    That's all I have for now. If I find a spare minute this weekend I'll go look for some more. but I have a bunch of church things as we're in Lent season. And I need to work on my MK for next month as well as challenge kits for y'all. Did I mention the charity kits I'm contributing to? Oh and I'll have a grab gab in the DBD shop for March, if I ever get it done. If you have any requests as to what you'd like to see in the grab bag speak now or forever hold you peace. I think everything is due between the 20-22 too. Eeeekkkk!

    Don't forget to scroll down for the FF!
    -Amy W.

    I got nothing...

    ... I'm so sad. I forgot what day of the week it was and I have no Friday freebie prepared. I was working yesterday during my 4 1/2 hour, no cable or internet, outage on a charity kit contribution. I spent all that time on just 2 papers. They look awesome! But dude, they took forever. So I'm going to have to go thru my extras folder and see what I can find for y'all.

    So yesterday was Valentine's Day. Emma was wishing everyone a Happy Balenpine Day! I had one friend wish me a good VD but I hope she meant Valentine's Day and not the other kind of VD. My hubby got me a cute desk lamp to match the book ends my BF Emily got me for x-mas! Now all I need is a desk! LOL! Emma gave me a box of chocolate that I had to put up for after lent- mean child that she is.

    Okay so I looked around and found some really old goodies for you that are perfect, if a day late, for Valentine's day. These are some leftovers from the Rasberry Kisses kit of the Amazing Technicolor Dream collection. And since the collection is retired this makes it an extra special treat!
    download Rasberry Kisses extras

    * To all my newsletter junkies you'll have to wait until tomorrow for it. I'm running a day late and a dollar short it seems.

    ** Don't forget my whole DBD shop is 30% off thru Sunday night!

    I do have some freebie tips for you but since it's hubby's day off we're going to run errands. I'll come back during nap/quiet time and see what else we can find!

    Happy scrapping and have a good weekend.

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Oh what a day!

    We've been on the run from the time we woke up today. Errands and whatnot all over town. Did you know tomorrow is Valentine's day? Well that means I had to get the goodie bags together for Emma's preschool friends, her two teachers, hubby and Kullan. So we've been doing that today.

    My newest kit Glitter Goddesses in now in the shop! I made this kit for my ADSR team so we could make our team blinkie and blog header. There is so much glitter in this kit!! I also have a small freebie extra from the kit over on our team blog. Go check out both the blog and the kit!
    * Special Thanks to Manu-Scraps for her Glitter Styles!

    We're having a sale over at DBD for Valentine's day because WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS! It's almost store-wide so head over and see what you can get for 30% off!
    All of my shop, including the new Glitter Goddesses kit, will be on sale thru Sunday night!
    (That also includes my collab kits with Jessica and Athena!)

    I've been working on a charity kit so I haven't been freebie hunting yet, but I'll go tonight after the munchkin is asleep or tomorrow while she's in school!

    * Don't forget to get those challenges done. The end of the month is just around the corner!

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, February 11, 2008


    I'm reading a juicy romance and I don't want to put it down. (Cupid, Inc. by Michelle Bardsley) But our dear Friend Barb did go on a hunt and sent me links so I'll share them with y'all.

    Amy C. (designer cheese) has a Candy Wrappers mini freebie at her blog: http://designercheese.blogspot.com/

    Janna still has a nice Scrabble Alpha for giveaway: http://sahmjanna.blogspot.com/

    The Faith Sisters have lots of Friday Freebies available here: http://faithsisters.com/shop/

    Moodie Beth has some pretty lace trimmed pocket-heart elements here: http://members.aol.com/moodeebeth/moodeebeth.html

    Joanna has a beautiful Love of My Life sampler here: http://mydigitaladdiction.blogspot.com/

    Glynis has some attractive Christian bookmarks for download here: http://glynis-light.blogspot.com/

    Shirley has a My Funny Valentine Mini (VERY pretty pearl string) here: http://xasheescorner.blogspot.com/

    Kim has a set of sweet Stitched Valentines Sentiments here: http://kcsdesigns.typepad.com

    A bit late in the month for a February Desktop but worth changing for!!! Get the pretty desktop designed by Kristin CB here: http://kristincbdesigns.com/blog (Also comes w/out calendar so great for whenever you want too.)

    Nathy has a very nice Valentines freebie kit here: http://www.nathyslair.com/blog/

    Kim B. has a neat stacked frame on her blog.
    Misty has some Date Bits for you.
    Lindsay Jane has a Valentine Frame Cluster.
    Remember as always to leave some love!

    * Still a few days to sign-up for the ADSR!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, February 09, 2008

    Weekend list

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here but we've had a busy couple of days and they've been gorgeous! Emma and I have spent several hours both days just playing out in the yard. There's all kinds of nice chalk drawings on our driveway too! We also went to a Valentine's Day party and to the park with Kullan and Eva. Here are my 2 favorite photos from the day.

    As you can see the sun was setting, so lighting wasn't the best. I used Nichole Van's actions on the photos to help them look their best. (In both above I used Lighten Color Balance and Outdoor Color Pop, from her Essential Pop collection.) I love her stuff now I just need to save up for her B&W set and her Vintage set.

    Okay, let's find some goodies:
    Ksharonk has a PE Valentine mini.
    Princess Pam has all the "B" stuff up and the Jump patterned papers for her ABC kit! (Pam you rock!) Make sure you scroll down because there's lots there!
    Andrea has a neat-o template on her blog.
    Traci Sims has a wonderful valentine mini kit up for grabs.
    NBK has Fresh Green Grass papers up.
    Linda has a Floral Frenzy sampler for you.
    Valinda has a funky blue floral QP on her blog.
    Nina has a kick-butt template for you! (She also has a Valentine's day goodie bag for you! HERE)
    MyDigiCorner made a neat set of Christian religious elements just in time for lent!
    Babs has a Flowers paper pack.
    Minna has a sampler of her Sophisticated Blues kit up.
    Franziska's blog is a great place to start in grabbing th Love Actually collab kit.
    (Looks like 11 parts total and they're all fabulous!)
    Andrea has a fabulous word art for you.
    DigiScrap.ch has a set of 10 cool round paper templates. (Kind-of like doilies.)
    Derek has his Vintage Valentine kit up for grabs.
    Aaron has a QP on his blog.
    Mrs. Miles has some neat-o Moon and Stars elements- she's so cool!
    Flow has a ton of great freebies! (Scroll down, way down, for her killer wings collection)
    Michaele has a template up for grabs.
    Remember to leave some love when you grab freebies!

    *A quick note on leaving some love here people. On average designers who give away freebies get about a combined 10% thank you rate between comments on their blog and 4share (or other uploading site.) That's not even the standard for tipping of 15%. Can I say how cheap it is of us digi-scrappers that we can't even be bothered to say thank you to these hard working individuals for their gifts to us. I mean it is a gift, it's FREE!!! How hard is even a simple TFS (Thanks For Sharing)? Three simple letters that could mean the world to them. So can we pretty please try just a touch harder on this.
    -okay, I'm done venting now.
    (The worst part is this wasn't even brought on by my own freebies but because during my hunt I just kept seeing this over and over again. One was DL over 1000 times with less that 100 thanks yous. Harsh people, and very cold.)

    Not a freebie but Badcandy has a great "conversation heart" alpha and sayings set. (She also has freebies HERE.)

    And scroll down for my Friday freebie Touch of Love mini kit.

    Happy Scraping!

    Friday, February 08, 2008

    An extra Touch of Love

    Okay, there's just so much to show and share today! First we'll look at my very cool ADSR #3 blinkie! My teammate Cinna is so cool, we're going to have a blast!
    You can still join us, registration goes thru the 15th, lots of great prizes and tons of fun!

    Let's look now at my new stuff in the shop. I added the Love Letters add-on (from chat) to the shop so if you liked the softer colors but missed the freebies they are now available.

    I also added last month's Happy Scrapz kit- the January kit.
    And on sale tomorrow only for the Super Saver Saturday sale for 50% off are my Jumpstarts collection No. 10 and the Happy Scrapz collab with Jessica, Rocket Thru Space!

    And now here are a few LOs by my wonderful CTM and guest CTM!
    First is my guest CTM for Feb Dani using my Softness kit.
    Next up is Michaele and her darling daughter with the Happy Scrapz January kit.
    This LO is by Ria using the Love Letters add-on. (Template by Andrea Gold)
    And last but never least is Jeltje also using the Love Letters add-on.Don't my girls all do fabulous work?

    Okay now what you're really waiting for, here's the Friday Freebie- Touch of Love. I made this because Kim B. inspired me with her Designer's Grab Bag. (Very cool stuff.) (Those edges are for you Sax!)
    download Touch of Love

    Before I forget, Sophia Sarducci Shoppe is retiring a whole bunch of goodies and they're all 50% off thru Sunday night (I think- don't quote me on that.) in their GOING, GOING GONE sale.But there's a ton of fabulous stuff in there that you want to go take a peek at. They also have 4 new designers with great new products in the shop. Seriously, go look right now!

    And lastly is our freebie hunt...coming soon!

    Happy scrapping y'all and have a great weekend!

    Wednesday, February 06, 2008

    Wacky Wednesday!

    Mega Kit chat tonight at 9pm est in the DBD chat room. It's the next to last day to get Queen of Hearts for the intro price of $3.99, it goes to full price of $9.99 on Friday, that's 60% off! Plus if you go to chat you'll get a coupon code for an additional 25% off the already low intro price!!! You can also get some wonderful add-ons for attending the chat, hope to see you there!
    I've got a partner now for the third season of the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race! (ADSR 3) I can't wait to get scrapping. Sign-ups go thru Feb 15th midnight PST, so find a partner and join the fun! Don't know where to find a partner? Check out the searching for a partner thread at NDISB!

    Okay, let's go find some goodies:
    Beth has a brand new blog and already has 2 really cool freebies up. One is a set of bragbook QPs made with Kim B.'s Loveable kit, and the second set are a couple of really cool wrapped frames.
    Jill has a sampler of her Whisper Soft kit up.
    Kristen has a bunch of goodies on her blog to coordinate with Princess Pam's on going ABC kits. (Pam has more ABC stuff up too!)
    Hawra has a Fancy Valentine for you! (Cool colors.)
    Doodle has a killer QP up.
    Kim B. is hosting a template by her CT member Jenni.
    Yin has a template on her blog.
    Shauna has a nice template on her blog too!
    Ms Gini has a neat collection of Football goodies!
    Silva has a Grungy Spring sampler.
    Remember to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, February 04, 2008

    It's starting already!

    I spent all my time on the computer today filling out financial aid forms so there was no freebie hunt. And thank you to everyone who commented on Emma's photos! You made me smile! I'll see about a list tomorrow during Emma's preschool. TTYL!

    Saturday, February 02, 2008

    Your weekend freebie tip list

    First off make sure you scroll down to grab the Friday freebie and see the goodies I have for you in my various challenges. I forgot to mention that the surprise challenge at Happy Scrapz is an element challenge so there's a couple of goodies there as well.

    I also have great news to share too! I'm finally going back to school to get my degree. I've been accepted at American Intercontinental University Online (AIU)! I start the end of March. What does that mean for you all- I have no clue, but I'm sure I'll be cutting back my freebie hunting if nothing else. I'll have to see how my course load is and what I can still do once I start. Since I'll be going thru the summer Emma is being enrolled at her preschools summer program. They offer a half or full day program and I need to figure out which one will work best for us. I'll probably go with the half day since that's what she'll be doing next school year too.

    I do have to say I'm sad only 3 people commented on Emma's gorgeous princess photos, and one was my dadoo. I mean how could you look at her adorable little self and not go Awwww. Or maybe you thought it nut didn't share with me. Yes, that's what I'm going to believe because otherwise it'd just make me so sad.

    Okay, enough about me let's find some freebies!
    (Remember to thanks Mrs. Miles for her help!)

    Shabby Princess has a faboo new February desktop up.
    The Girl Talk Blog also has a great Feb desktop if you're still looking.
    Kristin has a layout template.
    Janna (who is quitting the business- I'm so sad, I love her!) has some pretty Vintage Valentines frames.
    Our loverly SA Sweetie KimB has a Loveable card heart clusters to share.
    Manu has a Birthday Template freebie.
    Melanie has Love Lines 2 Wordart up.
    Kimberly's blog has a link and preview for her friend Tracy's grunge add-on mini.
    Jen has a lovely heart locket sampler.
    Two sweet Valentines downloads at the ShabbyMissJen's blog.
    Joy has her first ever freebie (cute frames) for you.
    Vera has a neat One Season mini up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    Sweetmade has a sweet commercial use freebie on her blog.
    PickelBerryPop designers have a mega site sampler for you! (Must go thru shop.)
    Anita has a Simple Beauty sampler on her blog.
    Dielle has a bragbook QP album for you using her Sweet Affection kit.
    Stephani has a Lovely Note QP for you.
    Dale Ann has a Kiss Me, You Fool freebie up.
    Princess Pam has added ABC: Run elements and Skip cardboard papers!
    Shandy has a Grungilicious Love paper pack for you!
    Mikki has a great template on her blog.
    Valinda has a bunch of great QPs up for grabs! Some valentine ones, and a few ouch/boo-boo ones that are so cute!
    Joanna has some great Broken Road- road sign stickers for you.
    Susan has a gorgeous layered sketch template up.
    Lindsay Jane has a new template up for grabs.
    Bonnie has a sampler of her To The Best Of My Heart kit. (Beautiful kit BTW.)
    Vir Brandi has a cute Bubble Kids mini.
    Sonia has 3 commercial use goodies just for you- PNGs of flowers and leaves.
    Susan has a Faded Memories paper pack up for grabs.
    Sandra has some Valentine goodies for you, a mini kit and QP set.
    Dawn has a Peaceful mini kit up for grabs.
    Melissa has a Weekend Freebie mini up.
    Julie has a sampler of her hand painted spring flowers for you!
    Lynn has a gorgeous QP from her new kit Lynn's Everyday Life.
    Lottchen has a killer template up.
    Ruth has 2 great QPs with her Sweet Daisies kit.
    Julie O. has part 1 of her Feb kit up.
    Mary has a cute mini kit called Cherries on her blog.
    Candee has all of her kit A Mermaid's Heart up. Scroll down and grab it all!
    Joanne has a add-on to her Rustic Charm kit.
    Melinda has a great template on her blog.
    Please remember to share the love and say thanks for the hard work these people put into the freebies!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Freebies list

    Hey y'all I'm pooped. I forgot about Emma dentist appt today, her first ever. While she did fabulously, it threw my schedule all out of whack. So I'll be back first thing in the morning after yoga. (Possibly breakfast too.) I know I have Barb's list but I want to link the freebies for y'all too so I'm not posting it yet. Off to bed for me. I'll see ya in a few hours.

    Friday, February 01, 2008

    Fancy Friday Freebie

    Hi there and welcome to February! As it's the first of the year I have a few things to share with y'all.

    The new MK Queen of Hearts is out at DBD and it's gorgeous! It's on sale all week for just $3.99 and if you can make it to the Wacky Wednesday chat next week you can get a coupon code for an additional 25% off plus an add-on! Woo-hoo!
    As it's a new month that means new challenges. Here's the little goodie I made for anyone who wants to take part in the Quote Challenge at DBD this month.
    We have a great incentive kit at Happy Scrapz for taking part in all 4 challenges this month too, Create!
    Here's the HS template for Feb:
    And the grab bag goodies:
    Here's today's Friday freebie, I made a QP from my Mr. Fancy-Pants mini kit. Never seen the Mr. Fancy Pants mini kit? You can still get it by signing up for my newsletter/yahoo group in the right sidebar. ---->
    download Mr. Fancy-Pants QP

    I'll be back with the goodie list, Mrs. Miles went hunting last night too so we'll have a good list I think when I add my finds.

    Happy Scrapping!