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    Wednesday, January 31, 2007


    Hi everyone and thanks for the wonderful wishes. Everything went well yesterday, but yes sitting isn't fun for long peroids of time so I'm laying on my tummy reading. Just wanted to pop in and say I hope to be back Friday but we'll see. Thank you again.

    And a special thanks to Valerie, yep it was Lori I went back and looked, who gave me the awesome idea for a clock insert. I'd see ones where you had a kid color an insert before but until I had seen hers I'd never thought to scrap one. So thanks to Lori too!

    Catch you all in a few days when I can spend more time in this chair. Makes me wish I had a laptop I could use that while lounging on my tummy. :)

    -Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Monday, January 29, 2007

    Manic Monday

    Well it's a new week. Thank goodness the last one is behind us. I hope everyone that popped into my chat had fun, and for everyone who went and took advantage of the sale this weekend I thank you. Again if you bought Jumpstarts collection No. 6 please email me so I can get you the updated version. (awatson8@nc.rr.com)

    Here's the LO/clock insert I made for challenge #8 of the ADSR-roadblock. I got the idea from one of the other teams in the race. (don't ask me the name, because I'm horrible with names) It's a great idea, just make a circle and fill it in. Measure your clock's diameter and size your circle accordingly, then print and insert and you'll have a killer clock to decorate the house. I thought about putting time appropriate photos for each spot but since we cover each number twice in a day I just went with some of my favorites of Emma from the past year.Credits:
    Kits- Emma and Casanova by Atomic Cupcake
    Doodle arrows by Katie Hadfield
    embriodered frames by Tabby Lewis
    Cardboard heart from Scrappers Basics by Pam

    Tomorrow morning I get to go to the doctor and will then be off a few days recovering. I hope I'll be back by Friday so I can give you a new Freebie, but if I'm not you know I'll be back as soon as I can. We'll just have to play it by ear.

    Now, on to the freebies!
    Since our last visit Seebee's Freebies now has some grunge frames and an alpha, go grab them!
    If you haven't visited Mrs Miles in a few days, (like me) then you can scroll on down and grab her plaid buttons set 2, love doodles, garden doodle and wire flowers. She's been busy!!
    Need some templates for 4x6 cards go visit Traci Sims!
    KarenP has some neat embroidered frames for you on her blog.
    It was Valinda's birthday yesterday and she has a kit for you and a mtching QP.
    Happy Belated Birthday Val!
    Anne has some of the cutest snowflake dooles!
    Theres has a little add on for you from her Aurel kit.
    The ever talented Tabby has some folded ribbons up for grabs on her blog.
    Krista has a kit that's For The Boys on her blog.
    Leslie has some more neat word art up on her blog.
    Antje has an add-on for her Chocolate blossoms kit up on her blog.
    Traci Sims has some cute frr doodles for you.
    Misty has a little freebie from her That's my Boy kit for you.
    Maddy has a little sample of her Lover's Lane kit on her blog.
    Digiscrap.ch has a few really cute free kits up for grabs!
    Miss Bonbon has a neat freebies too, a kit that's soft and sweet.
    Grab the 2Peas January freebie kit before it goes away.
    SweetDigiCreations has 4 great freebie kits. (must go thru shop)
    Kim Hill has a little Vintage Kitchen freebie for you.
    Fernlili has a cute Valentine mini kit for you.
    Heather Ann has a couple of nice freebies up for grabs- I like the pinwheel.
    Jeri has a few more freebies up for grabs.
    Rachel has a bunch of freebies including a neat set of ribbons and some alphas.
    Kristy has a bright and funky kit called Key Lime Twang
    Please remember to leave some love!

    I'll see you all when I see you! Happy Scrapping!

    ** If you get in a desperate need for freebies check out the IkeaGoddess's blog. She usually features 9 great ones a day. Not as big as mine but we usually cover the same ones- so she can give you your freebie fix! :)

    Saturday, January 27, 2007

    Saturday--> Chat today!

    Okay everyone. If you read my earlier post you'll know yesterday wasn't so great. But we must move forward.

    Now into the freebies of the day!
    Islandmom has a cool circle template for you!
    Amanda has some shabby frames on her blog.
    Debby has a template up for grabs.
    One of my awesome CTM Ria has a cool template for you.
    Tabby has a few free photo shop actions and some embroidered frames on her blog.
    Moodee Beth has a neat-o doodle up for grabs.
    Karen P. has her Valentine kit Hotty Dotty Love on her blog for you.
    Our pal Jessica has a template on her blog for you. Cool jess.
    Doxie has a new kit all about butterflies on her blog.
    Susanne has a cute word art/button on her bolg for you.
    Lilmomma0727 has two new templates on her blog up for grabs.
    Traci Sims has added a Joker to her hing and queen cards on her blog. I wonder if she'll do the whole deck?
    Misty has another cool new template on her blog!
    Krista is doing a daily DL and her paper today is pretty cool.
    Jennilynn has some neat bent photo templates on her blog.
    Doris has a new quick page for you on her blog.
    Happy Scrapping everyone and leave some love when you download!

    Hope to see you all in chat!
    **Just a quick note that as of Tuesday I'll be off for a few days. I'll be back soon don't worry.

    I made such a muck of things

    I made a big, fat blunder in my haste this week. As you all know this weekend is the Grand Re-Opening of DSD. Well it's been a lot of extra work and a huge push to get our store stocked up for the weekend and store-wide sale. Well, I had made a LO last week and it was based on someone else's sketch. Then this week I needed to put a collection of templates into the shop and I saw my LO and thought that would be great as a template! (See where my brain failed me) So I made a template added to the collection and put it up in the shop. I am now a thief. I feel so horrible, I cried so much yesterday when it was brought to my attention. I mean I would hate if someone did it with my designs and I in turn did it to someone else. Luckily someone caught it and we have since changed the collection with all 100% Amy creations. I feel so wretched about all this. I would never knowingly rip someone off but it's been a not so great week. I've been frantically trying to get all my ducks lined up in a row for the DSD weekend and since I won't be around next week (have I mentioned that to you yet?) I wanted to get everything done now. In my haste I made a horrible mistake. I have written to apologise and hope that the designer can understand the convoluted chain of events that lead to my major mess up and forgive me for being a total doodoo-head. So if you purchased Jumpstarts Collection No. 6 in the less than 24 hrs it was in the shop please email me (awatson8@nc.rr.com) so I can give you the new template and the information for giving credit to the proper designer. ( A very needy teething 2 y/o hasn't made the week easier.) I'm not offering excuses, for there aren't any, I should have double and triple checked but I rushed and that's always when mistakes happen. Well I hope you all will still like my designs- afterall, to error is human. Once again, I'm so very sorry. -Amy W.

    Friday, January 26, 2007

    Fabulous Friday!

    Welcome to the end of the week, it went so fast!

    Here's today's Friday Freebie! A little doodle I made just for you. Zip file includes just the black outline doodle. If you need your template fix come stop by my chat tomorrow!
    Sorry, no longer availble.

    Freebie List:
    Yesterday was Manu's birthday(don't know how I missed that one) but she made a gift for you! It's very pretty, you have to find the password on her blog but it's easy to find if you look.
    Scroll on down at ConnyB's for a template- you have to look for her password too.
    Misty has a neat template up on her blog.
    Luiza has a lovely freebie called Amor Amor on her blog, and scroll down for some free Chocolate Blossoms too!
    Wendy has a pretty QP from her Spring Thoughts kit.
    Mary has some more Valentine doodles for you to grab!
    Kristy has a huge kit on her blog called Just Minty Mocha.
    Ksharonk had a nice new kit called School Daze for you.
    Valinda has a super cool QP today it's her doodle QP!
    The Ikea Goddess has part one of the cutest kit up for grabs!!! Bee My Honey-too cute!
    Priscilla has some 4x6 card templates on her blog.
    Katie has added some doodle hearts to her blog, they are great! But what else do you expect from the Queen of Doodles?
    Traci has another card template up on her blog for you.
    Andrea has a cool template up for grabs.
    Jan has a template too but hers is a birthday template.
    Ruby has a few freebies up on her blog, go check them out.
    Pamela has a great freebie kit of Scrappers Little Basics for you.
    Jburkhart has some extras from her Delightful kit up for grabs on her blog.
    Seebee's Freebies has photo corrners for her dream trip kit on her blog.
    Please share some love where ever you download!

    Happy scrapping everyone!

    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Thrusday... running a bit late-I'm back!

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit behind today but I'll be back with that list ASAP! TTYL!
    -Amy W.
    Okay, I'm back.
    Okay now onto the freebies!
    Mrs. Miles has some great buttons and some doodles up on her blog
    so go grab them.
    Dumpty has a template for you.
    Angie has an especially pretty template today.
    Sandra has a template for all you Princess Purse girls.
    Seebee's Freebies has a set of PNG stamps for her Dream Trip kit. If you
    get nothing else from this kit, I'd say go get these and the frames from
    the other day to scrap those Disney holidays!!
    Jennifer has a neat-o template up for grabs.
    TaniaJPS has an Anger freebie on her blog, she needs some love
    so please go give her some!
    Traci Sims has added a King to her Queen of hearts freebie.
    Kaye has a pack of heart elements on her blog for you.
    Dawn has few more doodles for you on her blog.
    Nana's Attic has a great new kit called Circus time, perfect for
    kids or a fun day!
    Please leave some love when downloading.

    Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for the Friday freebie!
    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    It's Wednesday again!

    Hello and welcome to hump day. It's the middle of the week, that means 2 days until the DSD Grand Re-Opening. Eeeekk! I still haven't finished everything I need to do for that. Oh well nothing like buring midnight oil.

    So I actually scrapped yesterday and here's what I made. First I used the sketch challenge for the ADSR to give me the much needed kick in the butt to scrap the swimming photos from last summer. So here's this week's challenge for the ADSR.Credits:
    Sketch from the Digi Shoppe
    Kit- Bright Spring by Faith True
    Ribbons- Bad Candy Ribbons freebie
    buttons- Bad Candy Lilac Freebie
    bread tag- My Bread Tag Alpha(get it at DSD)
    Alba, 28 Days later, Death Struggle, Adore

    Next up is my hubby, this photo was taken at boot camp. Cute right? I used Val's QP as my motivation to scan some of the Navy photos I've been meaning to scrap.
    Val's In The Navy QP( get it here)
    font- Blackjack and Times New Roman

    Now on to the freebies!
    Ruby has a sweet template on her blog
    There's another cool template on Dine's blog.
    Mary has 4 new kits for you click on "Meine Kits".
    Maria has a lovely Vineyard kit, and a few more if you scroll down.
    Jannidee has a funky new kit, You've Got Mail and a few more if you head on down.
    Stefan's Mama has part 4 of her Little One kit up for grabs!
    Seebee's Freebies has added some frames for her Drem Trip kit, so awesome!
    Anne has some totally awesome doodles for you including an alpha- Get them now!!!!
    Misty has a free alpha on her blog.
    *Removed Laura's Spiecy Sampler due to her adding a price.
    Jennifer has a freebie of Patchwork kit.
    Eva has a Dreamy Joy sampler for you. (must go thru shop)
    Heather has some epoxy stars for you.
    Amanda has a set of free Valentines cards. (must go thru shop)
    Ange has a neat Valentine ribbon on her blog.
    Week 4 of 5 Valentine Kisses is up at Dreamy Scraps.
    Please leave some love where ever you download!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    P.S. As part of the Celebrations most of the designers at DSD (myself included) will be having a sale on their products.

    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    Tree of Love

    Hi there everyone!
    Now, here's a little freebie I made for you yesterday too. I call it the tree of love. I think it's sweet and will look nice sitting down in the corrner of a LO. Grab it if you like it.
    Sorry, no longer availble.

    Now onto the freebie list!
    Stefan's Mama has the next part of her Little One kit up for grabs.
    Valinda did a killer Navy QP. Since I was in the Navy myself I'm going to grab it. Yeah!
    Moodee Beth made some interresting wood chips, go look.
    Dea Spina has a sampler of her new kit To Love and Care, (must go thru shop) and
    she has a small freebie from the kit on her blog. (yes, they're ddifferent)
    Seebee's Freebie's has a word art for her Dream Trip kit up on her blog!
    Krista has 3 new mini kits on her blog for you.
    Debby has a new card template up on her blog.
    Doris has a neat set of handwritting cards up for grabs.
    Bad Candy alert!!! Free Create kit form Bad Candy! I love her work!
    Traci Sims has a freebie Queen of Hearts card. It's neat!
    Misty has a new paper pack up on her blog.
    JannyLynn has a pretty sampler for you. (must go thru shop)
    Mrs. Miles made button in the shape of hands. How neat is that?
    Sabine had a pretty mini kit up on her blog for you.
    Kat has a new template up for grabs.
    Saab also has a template for you!
    As always remember to share the love!

    Monday, January 22, 2007

    The COLTS won!!!!

    Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, we did! The Colts are going to the super bowl!!!!!!!! Sorry, I'm a bit excited. Oh it was such a great game, a real nail biter!

    I finally made the new blog header I've been meaning to update since before Christmas. It turned a little pixelated when I put it up so I'll have to mess with my dimensions for the next one but it looks good enough that I'm not going to redo it just yet. Everything up there is by me. (well the label came from the label maker at atomic cupcake)

    Here's the latest challenge from the ADSR. It was a photo swap with your team mate so these are Michaele's little darlings on a camping trip. Aren't they adorable? I bought the 2 kits I used for the LO with my prizes from the earlier challenges. Great colors I thought!
    kits- Faith True's About a Boy & Victoria Feemster's Jackson Lane
    elements- Barb Derksen's Leafy Green Buttons and Rockin Rocks
    Basic Font and Blackjack

    Freebie Tips of the Day!
    Debby has a great multi photo template for you.
    Pillowgirl is back and she has an awesome Valentine QP up for grabs!
    Carrie has a cute Valentine mini kit up.
    Seebee's Freebies has another paper pack for her Dream Trip kit!!!
    Mrs. Miles has some neat-o denim buttons on her blog.
    Leslie has a brend new blog with a gift of word art for you, go check it out.
    Krash has 3 great templates up on her blog if you'd like to add to your collection.
    The IkeaGoddess has a new template on her blog!
    Kate seems to be the doodle queen and she has some OUTSTANDING doodles for you!!
    Kris has a set of overlays for you on her blog.
    Traci Sims has a sample of her Blue Mirage kit up on her blog.
    Miss Tiina has a set of Vintage brushes in .abr for anyone who loves brushes.
    Caro has the papers for her shabby winter kit up.
    Nana has a great new kit in her attic so go grab it now!
    Aida has a soft and very pretty kit up on her blog.
    Fatima has a kit that's blasting off into space.
    Marta has a few good QPs for you. (here= aqui)
    Heavenly Scraps has a soft pastel kit up for grabs.
    Digitalgirl has a pretty blue QP on her blog.
    Michaele has some neat vacation stickers for you!
    Romona has a lovely paper pack called Hannah's Joy on her blog.
    Please leave some love when you download!

    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    Welcome to the weekend!

    Hi there everyone! I had lots of fun in chat last night! Thank you to everyone who came. I hope you had as much fun as I did and enjoyed your free goodies! Now then I'm busily sitting here in rapture from the ice cream I'm eating. It's a limited edition Bananna Nut. It tastes a bit like bananna but bread, and is so awesome! I love bananna flavored stuff so I'm in heaven. Pardon me while I bliss out for a moment..... ahhhh, that's great!

    Now on to the freebies!
    First part of her newset kit Shabby winter over as Caro's Scraps.
    Have you grabbed the monthly kit at Miss Mint's yet?
    Week 3 of 5 Valentine Kisses over at Dreamy Scraps.
    Mrs. Miles has some flower buttons and if you scroll down some leaves too!
    Di has a nice template up for grabs.
    Amanda has a lovely paper pack called Dirty Love Letters- Great work!
    Those DIP Divas have another template for you!
    Bren has a new kit up on her blog, very rich colors.
    Ria has a great template on her blog! It's her first and it's wonderful!
    There's a pretty heart freebie on Maddy's Blog!
    Scroll down on Misty's Blog for some free buttons.
    Antje has a wonderful new kit Chocolate Blossom up for grabs.
    Laura has a neat mini kit up for grabs!
    Leah has a great Valentine freebie on her blog. (Must go thru shop) It matches her awesome new kit!
    As always leave some love hwen you download!
    Happy Scrapping everyone and I'll see you on Monday!

    Friday, January 19, 2007

    Tonight, we chat!

    Hi there everyone! Are you as excited as I am about chat tonight? Probably not but that's okay. I have my questions all ready and the prizes are ready to go. I added a template to the add-on kit, it was supposed to go into the actual Sweet Stuff kit but I forgot.

    Here's today's freebie! I made it last night and I really like it. I'll have to go scrap a LO with it later! Hope you like it too!Sorry, no longer availble.

    Now onto the tips of the day!
    Valinda has the prettiest spring QP up. I love it!!!
    Jburkhart has a paper sampler for you to grab on her blog.
    Saab is back form her holiday and has a template for you!
    Jessica has a cute template for you to download!
    Moodee Beth has some colored doily for you.
    Debbie has two Valentine card templates up for grabs.
    Those DIP Divas have a new bent photo template for you.
    Ksharonk has a new kit, Fresh Start- it' s very nice.
    It's Chantal's birthday, and she has a freebie for you.
    Go wish her a happy one!
    Celly has a pretty mini kit up on her blog.
    Stefan's Mama has the bookplates for her Lil One kit up.
    Gina has some neat-o brightly colored knitted ricrac cibbons on her blog.
    Misty has a free mini kit calles Passion on her blog!
    Please be so kind as to leave a bit of love when you download a freebie!

    And don't forget to pop into chat tonight!!
    -If you were supposed ot get a newsletter and didn't drop me a line at awatson8@nc.rr.com

    Oh and if you make a LO with my productslet me know, I like to see them in action!

    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    Okay, I'm back...kind of

    If you read my earlier post I still have a bit of a headache but it's a bit better. Today is just not a good day for freebies it'd seem. Half the ones I went to investigate had one problem or another- that while it'd be a great freebie but problems with links, blogger and viruses have made me keep it short. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the Friday freebie.
    Now here's a layout by one of my fabulous creative team members!Layout by CTM- Mary Ann (MA3)
    Sweet Stuff Kit by Amy Watson
    Ribbon/stitching by MA3

    Tips for the day:
    Stefan's Mama has a sweet paper pack for those softer LOs.
    Seebee's Freebies has a neat alpha up for grabs.
    Another cool alpha on Amanda's blog!
    Jen Reed has a pretty sample of her part in a mega kit, QP included in sample.
    Melgen has a nice Valentine mini kit. (must go thru shop)
    The talented Misty has a free sample of her latest on her blog for you. Cool ribbon!
    Jenny L. has a lovely QP on her blog for you.
    Jeanine's blog has another sweet Valentine mini kit.
    ConnyB has a free template for you , but due to hotlinking you'll have to figure out the password from clues on her blog. (Even I got it with my headache so I know you can too.)
    Valinda's QP for today is perfect for everyone with a little girl.
    Helena has a Charming kit on her blog for you.
    Andrea has a doodle alphs that's totally boss!
    Jenny has a new kit Eighteen up for you. Scroll down and it's under "kits".
    Have you visited Nana's Attic lately? If not she's got some new kits and add-ons up.
    Don't forget to leave some love when you download.

    I know what you're thinking I remind you to give some love everyday. But it bears repeating. My Valentine overlays have been downloaded over 500 times, and even if I go look at all the forums that I've posted notices on, there's not even close to 100 bits of love for me. Makes me sad. I know on occasion I too haven't been able to post love, especially if they are giving out a kits in pieces but come on people all these links are to someone's hard work. They could be putting this stuff into a shop and making money off it but instead they are sharing it with all of us. That means they deserve a bit of thanks and appreciation for their hard work.
    (Amy steps off her soapbox.)


    I have such a killer migraine right now, I can't stay on the computer. If it goes away I'll come back later and put up some tips, if not come back tomorrow for a long list and the freebie. Sorry, must go nap.

    Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    Happy Wednesday!

    Now onto the freebie tips:
    Seebee's Freebies has another installment of her DreamTrip kit and a Lots of Dots overlay pack.
    Monique made a lovely QP with Krista's kit and you can grab it at either blog.
    Mrs. Miles made some Tiny Love Buttons that are so real looking!!
    Jill has made a delightful rose element pack for you.
    Angie has made a lovely template for you.
    Melanie has started her own blog and has a nice mini kit and template 2-pack up for grabs.
    Michelle has a free Feb desktop for you.
    Traci has an excellent general use element pack on her blog.
    Ronee has a kick-butt template on her blog just for you.
    Kathrin has a lovely paper pack for you. (scroll down for more and some templates)
    Petra has a nice kit for you, I love the colors.
    Maike has some more great papers for you on her blog.
    Sabine has the next part of her Fencing kit on her blog.
    Misty has a great PS tutorial for text on a path and scroll down for a great tag/wordart.
    Ruby has a template up on her blog.
    Janelle Paige has a great kit for free! (must go thru shop)
    The IkeaGoddess has the next part of her Valentine kit up.
    Miss Vivi has a sweet alpha.
    Fernlili has a lovely mini kit up for grabs!
    Some great free alphas from the Digital Scrapbook Place.
    Please be so kind as to leave some love when ever you download a freebie!

    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Challenges Galore!

    Digi Scrap Divas is starting their new challenge format today and this week over at MissTiina's I'm hosting a template challenge. (It's an old one of mine # 14, if you missed it go grab it)
    Here's the details for DSD:

    Big news...

    Wonderful news! I've finally selected my Creative Team!!! These wonderful woman have blessed me by agreeing to be apart of my team. Hopefully I'll soon have some LO's by them for you all to see. In the mean time let's give them a big welcome! They are:
    MA3- Mary Ann
    Welocme to my team ladies!!! I'm so excited to be working with you all!

    Now, here's the LO I made for this week's first challenge for the ADSR. It was supposed to be about books, so I did one about Emma reading with us. She's such a cutie! (But I'm biased)
    kits- Speak to me by Laura Burger (
    availble at DSD),
    Lilac Freebie from Bad Candy
    alpha- Rikki's Newspaper alpha (
    freebie at Scrapmania)
    template- Jumpstart by Amy W.

    fonts- Bella Donna and Valentina JF

    Now onto my freebie tips!
    Scrapmania has some great freebies like the Alpha from my LO above. (must go thru store)
    Bad Candy has some great freebies for you too, check them out!
    Sabine has a new kit and reuploaded her sprial temlate incase you missed it the first time.
    The IkeaGoddess has a neat template and a Valentine kit on her blog.
    Caro has the sweetest kit called Fairy Wishes on her blog!!!
    Seebee's Freebies has the next paper pack in her Dream Trip kit up for grabs.
    Chantal has some new boxed words up in pink and blue.
    The incredible Mrs. Miles has some neat-o buttons up.
    Natalie has 2 templates on her blog for you!
    Stacie has a QP for you, good for just about anything you want to scrap.
    Shelia has a grunged up Valentine kit on her blog.
    Jennilyn made a killer template from her ADSR entry, go grab it.
    Doris has a Dreamy freebie up for grabs.
    As always leave some love when you download.

    Now, I know for the past few days I've posted long lists but have I ever shared my thoughts with you about my freebie list? I don't just put up every link I find. I only put up links to freebies that I have, or would be willing to, download myself. That means I've screened them for you a bit. They have to be quality stuff to make it on my list, I lean towards cutesie and grunge, but I include anything that is quality made in my list. Just figured you should know how I pick what I do.

    Monday, January 15, 2007

    Valentine's Day, a bit early.

    Hello everyone!
    It's Valentine's day on my blog. (Yes, I know I'm a month early) I have exciting news for everyone so here we go.

    Now, this past Friday's DSD chat was with Sherri, and she gave out a lovely add-on for her Love Grows kit and some word art for a challenge. I did the challenge but I think I'm too late to get her posting prize. Oh well, aren't my sweeties cute watching TV?
    kit- Sherri Tierney's Love Grows add-on and word art
    overlays- my Valentine overlays here.

    And now here's a freebie for you. These are the leftovers from my Valentine's day overlays. (Okay the frames are, but I made the big one cause I wanted to use it for the above LO and just decided you'd like it too!) Sorry the details aren't great on here but if you look at the set in the shop there's a details section, with close ups.Sorry, these are no longer availble.

    Now onto today's tips!
    Carolyn has added the papers for her spring kit.
    DoYouDigi has some journal blocks and embroidered doodles- Cute!
    Moments4u has a sweet Garden Sampler mini kit on her blog.
    Stefan'sMama has made an add-on for her first kit, go grab it!
    Jessica has a name for her new kit, Baroque, go grab the elements!
    MoodieBeth has a cute tag up on her blog, perfect for those vintage kits.
    Bren has a neat new kit called This and That, lovely fresh colors; and some Valentine cards.
    Valinda has another lovely QP up for everyone!
    Mrs. Miles has some trees up today and yesterday was a neat chopstick.
    Cbwetfish has a pretty Valentine kit up for grabs.
    Dalynn has 5 funky templates for your scrapping pleasure.
    Tami has a paper and doodle on her blog for you.
    AllThingsVisual has a sweet Valentine sampler up for grabs.
    Peppermint Creative has their monthly download upa nd it's faboo!(must go thru shop)
    Seebee's Freebies has the next set of herDream trip kit up on her blog!
    Carrie has two freebie kits up on her blog for you to grab.
    Sue Cummings has a little someting for you for MLK day.
    Tara has a template on her blog.
    Melany has some pretty alphas and so much more for you on her blog!
    Selena and her CT have 2 wintery QPs for you.
    Lena has a soft and pretty QP on her blog, there's also a coupon for the full kit!
    Maddy had a lovley free heart doodle for you!
    Sroll down on Rose's blog for the preview and the link is in the right sidebar for her awesome Lemon-Lime kit.
    Please remember to leave some love when you download to thank these wonderful people for sharing their hard work with all of us!

    Happy Martian Luther King Jr. day
    and Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    I've been tagged!

    You have been tagged

    These are the rules to play blogtag: (Darn you An!!)

    -- List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
    -- Tag 5 friends and list them.
    -- Those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.
    -- Don't forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

    1. I eat corn straight from the can.
    2. I think scrambled eggs and BBQ chicken is a great sandwich.
    3. I think all foods would taste better with garlic! (excluding desserts, well maybe some of them too)
    4. I love to swim but hate to get wet.
    5. I always have to have socks on, ALWAYS! (Yes, even then. Okay I take them off for water sports and bathing but not always)

    Who, to tag?
    1. Val
    2. Barb
    3. Sabine
    4. Manu
    5. Michaele

    Sorry ladies, had to be done!
    Freebie tomorrow! See you then! Happy Scrapping!

    Saturday, January 13, 2007

    I'm back!

    Hi everyone, and thank you for your suport yesterday. I sent out the newsletter this morning and since people have replied back I'm going to assume it went thru. I did get some bounced back but they said it was because your inbox was full. I am glad everyone liked the template yesterday and the special freebie. This morning I was busy catching up with my entries for the ADSR. Michaele was probably thinking I'd never get them done this week, but here they are:
    Challenge # 3
    Sign of the TimeCredits:
    kit- Bella by Karen Lewis & Ann-Marie Borg
    template Jumpstarts collection 4 by me
    fonts- Bella Donna and Kidprint

    Challenge # 4
    ATC about me
    kit- Sweet Stuff by me
    heart my newsletter freebie
    brush- by pootato.org
    font- Blackjack

    I love seeing all the different takes people have on these challenges, and all the different scrapping styles!

    Now, onto the freebie tips for today!
    Caro has some of the cuestest ribbons I've ever seen, and scroll down for some past freebies too.
    Still looking for that perfect Christmas kit, or stocking uop for next year?
    Sheila can get you In The Spirit on her blog.
    Helena has a lovely citrus kit on her blog.
    Krista has a nive kit called My Valentine on her blog.
    Scroll on down at Traci Sims' blog for her beautiful Bluebell kit.
    Amy E. has a sweet kit called Olympis on her blog for you.
    Di has a kit that is spot-on, pretty blues and greens.
    Karen P. has some neat embroidered frames on her blog.
    Gill has some cute QPs for those wanting to scrap a baby boy.
    Sunfire has a sample of 4 of her kits up on her blog. So 4 mini kits in one spot!
    Valinda has a beautiful pruple QP up.
    Mrs. Miles has the prettiest butterfly ribbon dangler charm for you.
    The IkeaGoddess has a super template on her blog.
    Carrie has some lovely Sparkle Flowers for you.
    Sara E. has part 3 of her Gidget kit up.
    Lisa has a awesome purse to add to those shopping LOs.
    Leah has a neat-o alpha for you. (must go thru shop)
    Bill has some neat free commercial fonts.
    Sabine has a killer flower template on her blog.
    Michaele has a wonderful paper pack up for grabs.
    Our pal Jessica needs your help. Go name her kit and you could get it for free, she also has a small freebie from the kit up for grabs so head on over.
    As always leave a bit of love when you download.

    ConnyB. is in need of some hugs, so head on over to here blog and leave her some cyber squishes!

    Happy Scrapping everyone, I'll see you on Monday!
    Oh, and go Colts!

    Friday, January 12, 2007

    Newsletter woes

    I'm going to have to call it quits on getting the newsletter out today. I have been at this computer too much and have got a migraine. I'll finish seperating the list tomorrow and send it out then Sorry for the delay everyone, it wasn't intentional. I hope you are all patient with me in the new endevor of mine. All the links will still be good so it should be no worries! And this gives anyone who hasn't signed up an extra day to do so and still get the freebie. Maybe I'll add a second one for making you all wait so long. Thanks again!
    -Amy W.
    **Want to subscribe or unsubscribe shoot me an email at awatson8@nc.rr.com

    Sorry, they're late.

    Here's today's freebie tips and don't forget to go down and get today's Friday Freebie!
    Tabby has another incredible kit for you, the I Love Coffee kit is awesome, go grab it now!
    Those DIP Divas has some lovely bent photo PNGs for you and a fun alpha, go take a look.
    Laura has some bright and cheery papers on her blog.
    Valinda has outdone herself today, go look at the super pretty QP she made!
    Ksharonk has another lovely one for you called Sassy, this kit is so fresh.
    The IkeaGoddess has another freebie for you, called Damien's Room. Great for kids!
    Have you gone and grabbed Mrs. Miles sudden passion for frames? She has even more on her blog for you!
    MoodeeBeth has some killer doodles on her blog!
    Ronee has some neat rolodex cards for you.
    Retta has a couple of cute freebies up for you.
    Amy C. has a lovely Heartsong Freebie up on her blog.
    Janna has some neat animal crackers up for grabs, they are too cute.
    The very dear Manu has a great template up.
    Ann-Marie has a beautiful new kit called Bella and you need to go grab it.
    Jen Wilson has for toady only a QP and some titles. (must go thru shop)

    Okay, now don't forget to leave some love when you download! I'm off to try and fix my address book, so I can send out that newsletter. Never fear it's on it's way!

    Full of news

    Well, it's been a busy few days off. Yesterday Emma had her 2 year check up. She's the average height and weight of a 4 year-old!!! Yes, my daughter is huge. She was such a good girl and didn't cry at all for her shot and not until the end for drawig blood. (mean lady was squeezing her finger) She even asked "no more please" but she just kept at it so that's when she started to cry. Poor girl. Well the doctor gave her a little bracelet for being so brave.

    My hubby used his gift cards to buy an MP3 player so he's been on the computer uploading all his songs. And is now talking about buying more memory cards for it.

    Now on to your Friday Freebie! It's a lovely template that compliments my Sweet Stuff kit.

    Sorry, no longer availble.

    *I made my newsletter but it says I have too many people on my list to send it out, so it'll have to go out later today during Emma's nap. Don't think I've forgotten you, I just need to seperate it into 2 lists and send it out. There's a lovely freebie in this week's issue.
    Want to sign up for the newsletter? Drop me an email at awatson8@nc.rr.com.

    **I'll come back later during Emma's nap and add the freebies but this morning I was getting my stuff into the shop and haven't been on my freebie hunt yet. But I didn't want you all to think I forgot that today was Friday. Well I'll be back later. Make a LO with my latest template while you wait!
    Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Another day, more freebie tips...

    Valinda was challenged again (hee-hee, see what I started?) Go check it out!
    Jill has a pretty pin for you.
    Bren has some neat paper templates/overlays on her blog!
    Mrs. Miles has a neat telephone pole mini kit and a stained glass frame on her blog.
    Myranalis has a lovely Sprin Magic kit up for you.
    Seebee's Freebies has the next art of her Dream Trip set up on the blog.
    Karen and Ann-Marie teamed up to bring you this lovely kit called Bella.
    Nightwolf has some swirly doodles up for grabs.
    The IkeaGoddess has a template on her blog for you to use.
    Sabine has part 2 of her fencing kit On guard! up!
    Stefan's Mama has a great new kit, her first, on her blog.
    Christy Lyle has a birthday card for you to DL.
    Tracey has 2 QP's that are so cute up on her blog!
    Marcie has a template in PS and DIP formats for those who want it.
    Misty Cato has a wonderful template on her blog!
    Please, please, PLEASE leave some love for these hard working people who give you freebies!

    Now wasn't that a whole bunch of freebie tips? Remember that tomorrow is Friday so there will be a freebie from me. And all you newsletter subscribers will get a little bonus too!

    I sent out invites to the second round of my CT call. There were so many talented people who wanted to be a part of my CT that I was overwelmed by it all. Thank you to everyone who sent me an email, there were more than 50 of you, I'm so happy that so many people like my stuff enough to want to be apart of it all!

    TTYL! Happy scrapping y'all!

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Tips for the day!

    Mrs. Miles has a neat Sequin element on her blog.
    Moodie Beth has some neat looking wicker frames for you.
    Those DIP Divas have another template up on their blog.
    ConnyB made a faboo Valentine template for you all!
    Wendy has a bright and blod mini kit for you, Wild Child!
    Sara has part 2 of her Gidget kit up.
    Janelle has a free hreats and Laughter kit. (must go thru shop)
    Melany has some very pretty flowers on her site.
    It's Genevieve's birthday and she's giving out a killer Lilac Tea kit!
    Dreamy Scraps has a lovely Valentine Kisses kit
    As always leave some love when you download!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    Happy Tuedsday...

    Sorry if I'm quick but today thru Thurdsday are my hubby's days off so we have plans. I'll try to pop in with some tips but that's all you're getting.

    Freebie tips!
    Seebee's Freebies has some magic dust for you to use, cute!
    Moodie Beth has a pretty rose paper on her blog, very elegant.
    Kat has a lovely paper pack for you perfect for those Valentine LOs.
    Tertia has made a nice template for you.
    Gail has a nice set of buttons that match her new kit.
    Misty has a new mini kit on her blog for you.
    Traci Sims has more boxed poetry words on her blog.
    Doris has a WIntery Blues paper pack for your enjoyment.
    Sara E. has part one of her Gidget set up.
    Laura P. has some neat-o Valentine stickers for you.
    Remember to share some love and happy scrapping!

    Monday, January 08, 2007

    How was your weekend?

    We had a lovely weekend here, okay not really. It was wet and dreary. I still have a few Christmas decorations up because they are wet and I don't want them to mildew, so I've been waiting for them to dry out but it just keeps raining. Sigh, guess I'll have to take them down and lay them out some where to dry. Emma and I did go shopping and met some friends for lunch at McDonalds- hooray for playland! Emma got a new game for her Little Leaps system, she loves playing video games like daddy!

    I also got some work done on my Valentine kit. It needs a name but I can't decide. Have any suggestions? I used it for the LO below, I still need to make the solid papers and some more elements but I hope it'll be done by Friday. The LO is Emma last year on Valentine's day.Credits:
    kit- ? by me
    template- Jumpstarts Hearts Collection
    font- Adore

    Now for today's freebie tips!
    Mellykat has made an add-on for her Melly-kit. go check it out.
    Ping Designs has a sample of the new birthday kit for you.
    Mrs. Miles has, since I last posted, added a Leather frame & ribbon, a stone cross and aQP made by a fellow blogger with her stuff.
    Scrap Girl has a kit up on her blog for you .
    Valinda, of course, has added some great new QPs to her Valentine collection.
    JMT has a freebie mini of her the Magic Number kit on her blog.
    Cherie Shields has a free samle of her Nana Rose kit- you have to go thru the shop.
    Selena has a free Winter Dreams QP on her blog.
    Cherie Shields has a mini of Christmas Leftovers for you to grab.
    Scroll on down for Maddy's flowered frame freebie.
    Bren has an awesome freebie kit on her blog called Something Sweet!
    An has a pack of round templates up on her blog.
    As always share some love when downloading!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Saturday, January 06, 2007

    Newsletter problems

    I've gotten a few emails bounced back from the neswletter. So if you didn't get one and were on my list please resend me you addy and I'll try again.

    * one that was @zoointernet.net it said they couldn't find the host.
    *And Diginan can you resend me your address, I obviously typed it wrong.

    Sorry everyone for the problems. It'll get better soon, I promise!

    It's Saturday!

    Hello to the weekend! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Yesterday the nice men came and installed our new heat pump so were toasty warm once again. YEAH!

    I sent out a mini newsletter today to announce these templates and so of course I included a newsletter exclusive freebie. Want to get your freebie too? Send me an email to awatson8@nc.rr.com and sign up for my newsletter, all recieved before I go to bed tonight will get the freebie from today.

    Thank you everyone for responding so quickly to my CT call! I'm still looking for people but those who've applied so far ROCK!! It's going to be such a tough choice.

    Now on to the freebie tips for today!
    CellyOneill has a template up for your enjoyment.
    Mrs. Miles made you some rocks, I really mean it, rocks. They are so cool.
    Sue has a template on her blog for you too!
    Scrapoflife has a Groovy Snowfall kit for you. It's neat.
    Tabby has done it again! She has some neat-o word/thought bubbles on her blog.
    Those DipDivas have a new template for you on their blog.
    Erin Shannon has Valentine's kit up on her blog if you want to go grab it!
    Valinda is on a roll! Today's QP is beautiful!
    Misty Cato has a free alpha on her blog for you.
    Sandra has some lovely butterfly word art on her blog.
    Traci Sims has some boxed Poetry Words up for grabs.
    True Faith has a cute mini kit on her blog, go grab it!
    Kat has reloaded her Easter bunny papers so go grab them, quick! Links disappear on Monday.
    As always leave some love where ever you DL!

    True Faith is also having a CT call so go check out her site for more info!!

    Happy Scrapping everyone and have a safe weekend!

    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Friday means Freebie!

    Hello and happy Friday all! I'm glad that everyone has popped in since I'm putting out a call for all you template lovers out there! Like my designs? Well then, apply for my CT! Detail in flyer below. (awatson8@nc.rr.com)Here's my LO for this the first week of the Amazing Digiscrap Race! We had to scrap our resolution for the year. I just hope to actually make some inroads on it!
    Boxed words- by Chantal; String- Arcadia Mae by FernLili
    Tag, cardboard, frame and stitches from DigiScrapDivas Janurary Mega kit
    Word art- Words of Resolution by Doris Castle

    Bread tie, staples and doodle by Amy W.

    Fonts- 28 Days Later and Blackjack

    It's Friday once again and that means freebie time! Here's this week's template I used it as a kick off for the LO above but had to change it a bit. I'll probably use it again for an Emma LO in the future.
    Sorry, no longer availble.

    Freebie tips of the day!
    Valinda has two new lovely Valentine QP's up for grabs.
    Angela has some lovely flower stick pins on her blog.
    Miss Kim has a new template up.
    Scroll on down on Jessica's blog for a template and some neat word tiles.
    Mrs. Miles has some pins up that are just the Bestest!
    Ksharonk has a new kit Softly, Softly on her blog for your enjoyment.
    Susan has a New year QP on her blog for you.
    Tara Parks has a paper pack up for grabs.
    And lastly, Nana's Attic has a new kit and a few QP's since I last put her on my links. They are faboo!
    Don't forget to leave some love when you download!

    And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter! First issue went out last night. Send me an email at awatson8@nc.rr.com and I'll add you.

    (If you already signed up but didn't get a newsletter please send me an email so I can fix your address, I probably put it in wrong)

    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Great tips today!

    Welcome to Thursday everyone! That means the week is almost over!
    Here is a super cute LO of the cute little Emma. It's an older photo but too cute not to scrap!Credits:
    kit- Sweet Sprinkles by Shabby Princess
    template- Jumpstarts Collection 3 (availble at DSD)
    font- blackjack and 28 days later

    Freebie tips of the day!
    Curth has some great winter sports flements o
    nher blog!
    Doris has some great word art for those New Year and resolution LOs.
    Misty has a neat PS tutorial and a wonderful free frame on her blog for you.
    Sara E. has some 2007 word art up for grabs.
    Moodie Beth has some neat string tied bows on her blog.
    Leah has an awesome new kit for you to grab! It's thru Oscraps but still killer!
    Kat has a new template up for you to grab.
    New template up on the DipDiva blog.
    As always remember to leave some love when you download!

    Have you signed up for my newsletter yet? If not send me a email at awatson8@nc.rr.com and I'll add you to my list. I'll send it out whenever I have a blog freebie, new stuff in the store and even to give those loyal people an exclusive freebie!

    Don't forget to come back for tomorrow's Friday Freebie! And Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    Busy bee!

    Busy bee, that's me!
    It's been very bust this week so far. Trying to get some LOs made and thinking of a resolution for my ADR entry for this week. Then there's that little 2 y/o who wants, needs and deserves so much of my attention. Oy, with the poodles already! (sorry, random quote from my favorite show Gilmore Girls) Anywho, if I seem a bit scattered brained for the next week or so please forgive me.

    Thank you to everyone who jumped on joining my mailing list! I already have quite a few names but there's always room for more. So if you want to be notified of my new releases(here and in the DSD shop) and other such news worthy events please send me an email at awatson8@nc.rr.com and let me know you want to join! Oh, and there will be mail list exclusives so sign up quick before you miss out!

    On to the tips of the day!
    Jill has a brand new blog and her first kit is up and beautiful!!! Seriously go check it out.
    Holly has a neat kit Timeless, and it is!
    Misty has some lovely freebies on her blog. Scroll down and grab them all.
    Amanda has a freebie on her blog called Crushin, too cute!
    Sarah has added a paper pack that's all about circles, very nice.
    And yesterday I challenged Valinda! Go see the QP she came up with! Very pretty!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    Happy Tuesday!

    Hello everyone! Thank you all for the kinds wishes yesterday. I'm so jazzed about selling my stuff but you know I will always save some freebies for you all! Here is a LO I made of Christmas morning. Emma woke up at 3 am!!! We tried to get her to go back to sleep but gave up at 5 and went down to open gifts.Credits:
    kit- Merry Little Christmas by Tabby Lewis
    template- Jumpstarts Collection No. 2 availble at DSD
    tree pin- by Mrs. Miles

    On to the freebies of the day!
    Sarah has her Sadie kit up for grabs if you're a dog lover.
    Scroll on down for Sondie's Blue Glitter Alpha!
    Cindy has a new kit, Not Furry but Fun on her blog for you.
    Oh, there's a pretty one from Mrs. Miles today! Go grab her Lilac Dreams mini-kit!
    Kat has a new template up for you template addicts!
    And lastly Valinda has another wonderful Valentine QP up on he rblog!

    **I'm going to start up a mailing list for both my shop releases and when I put freebies up on here. SO if you want to be on my mailing list please send me your email address to awatson8@nc.rr.com Thanks!

    Oh and I fixed template No. 42's download link! you can get it in the original post or here.

    Monday, January 01, 2007

    Happy New Year!

    Happy 2007 Everyone!

    I do have a neat freebie for you in the new year! It's a collection of 3 overlays.
    Sorry, no longer availble.

    Freebie tips of the day!
    If you missed Moments In Time's advent kit Midnight Blues, her links are up thru the 6th.
    Gretchen Tripp has a mini kit, The Day After Christmas for you.
    Valinda so far has 3 awesome Valentine QP's up for grabs, wonderful as always!
    Sabine has made a killer fencing kit. That's right, swords!
    Mrs. Miles is kicking off the new year with a Luxurious Leather kit!
    Kat has a paper pack, No Rhyme or Reason.
    Nana's Attic has a Man's World kit on her blog.
    Jessica has the Boy Monograms to complement her Girl Monograms on her blog.
    A beautiful Valentines freebie from Digital Freebies here.
    And lastly Nina has a faboo alpha up for grabs!

    Well hope you pop by the shop to check out my new stuff and Happy Scrapping everyone!