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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Freebies everywhere!

    Hello to everyone! Glad everyone liked my calendar yesterday, I think it's great but I like the idea of putting it up on my desktop. Yesterday was Tuesday so that means my new challenge is up over at Miss Tiina's. It's another grab bag challenge this week. I try to keep the items general purpose and easily colorised so we can see how creative you can get with them!
    Freebie tips for today:
    Tara has a set of St. Patrick's Day/Irish labels for you.
    Valinda made a March desktop calendar QP too, so if mine wasn't to your tastes go grab hers!
    Jburkhart has a neat-o QP from her Green Dreams kit- St. Pat's here we come!
    Kat has a mini paper pack up for grabs.
    Misty has a bead trimmed alpha on her blog.
    Digital Freebies has a large add-on for the duel kit Family Ties.
    Tania has a cool Pin It Up hanging frame for you.
    Monique has a few baby QP cards up for grabs.
    Kris made a Poker Party add-on to her great kit!
    Doxie has some cluster frames for you.
    Renee made a St. Pat's day kit.
    Emily made a cool frame, it's Jovial.
    Traci Sims is starting a daily download for her Cherry Vanilla kit today!
    Bren has a Lil Something for you. It's a grunged up paper and corrner.
    Jennilyn has a template on her blog.
    Ronee also has a template for you.
    Deanna has samples from her 3 latest kits/element packs on her blog.
    Meredith has a neat little goodie for you. It's some flower stickers, star stamps and doodle.
    Ake has a bunch of frame goodies, slide mounts and grunge frames.
    Mitia has a new Romantic kit up for grabs.
    Nana's Attic has a new kit called Country Cottage for you.
    As always leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Happy Birthday to my Bro!

    Today is my big brother's birthday. Yeah! Hope it's a happy one B.!

    Okay, thank you to everyone who commented on my lagre number of LOs yesterday. Being on a CT is so much fun!! I loved yesterday's list, I think I grabbed almost half of it. That's a lot for me since I usually only grab 2-3. So many freebies, so little time.

    I made a new desktop calendar yesterday using my Daffodil kit and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it with you as a QP. But first I had to get permission from Eva to use her Calendar Stamp brush for the month of March. She said yes, isn't she a sweetie!!! I tested it out and it fits perfectly on the desktop. Here's a little freebie for you. (obviously the photo of Emma isn't included)
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Now for the list!
    Jessie has a template for you.
    Mrs. Miles has some yummy Breakfast doodles!
    Karin made the sweetest QP! It's so pretty!!! (Can you tell I like it?)
    An is making some Alphabet templates and has quite a few already up, go take a look.
    Sarah has the elements for her Charmed kit up for grabs. (papers were last week)
    Leslie has a huge Green Davenport kit for you. Lots and lots of green!
    Jill made a very pretty Lavendar Shadow QP.
    Kristy has a great White Overlay. (edges- grungy)
    Carrie has some doodled buttons and brads for you.
    Moodee Beth has a pretty red tulip doodle on her blog.
    Kari made some more glitter glue frames in earth tones.
    Canay has a polaroid frame up for grabs.
    Laura has some free twine loops on her blog.
    Sandra has a Oh So Sweet paper pack for you.
    Sabine has added a new paper pack to her Psycho Neuron kit.
    Badcandy has a Pink mini kit for you.
    Don't forget to leave some love where ever you roam.

    Misty has a photo shop tutorial for threading ribbon, cool effect.
    Polka Dot Potato is have a Potato Bar sale. Lots of goodies for only 99 cents and a bonus for purchases of $15 or more. Now thru March 1st.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, February 26, 2007

    Layouts Galore! (really long post)

    Okay, I didn't ever get to my list this weekend but I did have tons of fun. I hope the 3 other sites i gave you helped. Now then I did do some scrapping for my CTs and the LOs are gorgeous! SO let's look at then and the new kits I used before we get to today's list of goodies.

    First is for TaniaJPS. I used her new Sprin! Sprang! Sprung! kit. This is a shot of Emma last Aug playing on the floor with her Grandma Kay.
    Kit- Spring! Sprang! Sprung! by TaniaJPS
    Barcode Rubons by Shandy Vogt
    Grunge Edge Alpha by Seebee's Freebies
    Clothes tag by Amy W. (aka-me)
    Fonts- Bella Donna, Blackjack, Arial and Valentina JF

    And here's the kit preview. I love the bright and fun colors in it. I'm sure we'll see it used several times more with my enegretic toddler. You can find it at Oscraps and NDISB.

    The next LO is from Denise Liemert's Sweet Child kit. It's got beautiful soft colors and filled with spinf flowers. I scrapped an older shot of Emma from 2005. It's her in her carseat ready to head out the door on a picnic.
    kit- Denise Liemert's Sweet Child
    template- Traci Sims Freestyle-Template
    alpha- Let's Scrap Spring Fling Collab kit
    fonts- Mulkshake by pizzadude.dk

    And here's the preview for the full kit. Look at all the goodies she includeed to paly around with!
    You can get it at Scrapable.

    Onto my next LO which is done using Badcandy's kit You. This is from this Saturday when hubby took some shots of Emma and I playing on the floor before we went out to have some fun!
    kit- Badcandy's You
    template- Nina's Ready to Scrap Set 9_4
    aplha- Melanie Willmann's newspaper alpha
    font- WaltDisney Script v4.1

    And now the full preview of the kit. The papers are great all lightly distressed and there's a full alpah, grreat word art too! You can fins this beauty at Scrapable and Polka Dot Potato.

    Okay and last is my favorite, mainly for the photo I used. It's done with Manu's Simplicity kit.
    This photo was also taken Saturday morning while we wiggled on the floor. And Emma's big baby blues were just so clear and bright I decided to make them pop at you.
    kit- Simplicity by Manu-Scraps
    fonts- Blackjack, AT Mahogany Script and Bookman

    Here's the kit, but not everything is shown. I think this is a great kit because of the black and white you'll get more out of it if you also blend it with other kits. You can grab this bad boy at the Daily Scrap!

    Now onto the freebies!
    Manu made a beautiful QP from her Simplicity kit.
    Valinda made a beauty of a QP herself using Jill's Classic Teal kit.
    Lauraskathi has a sample of her Jacob kit up for grabs.
    Jennifer has a neat paper pack called Stormy Night.
    Bren has a nice mini kit called Floralia.
    Sherry Ferguson has a mini kit called Lucky Day.
    Katherin has a template up for grabs.
    Saab has a template, a paper pack and a free texture for you.
    Seebee's Freebies has a new template and if you scroll down 2 posts a paper pack too.
    Jessica has a new paper pack called Playtime!
    Misty has a new alpha for you, it coodinates with her latest kit On The Go!
    Pillowgirl has a fun Popsicle QP on her blog.
    Janadee and Nana's Attic teamed up on a killer mega kit called Spring Ditty.
    Emma has some pretty flower and butterfly doodles for you.
    Angie has a mega kit called KAPOW! up for grabs.
    Masja has another kit for you called Rust and Grunge.
    Laura has a pretty one called Mediterranean Kit on her blog.
    Amy K. has a cute mini kit called the Princess and the Pea for you.
    Amy B. has a template for you.
    Thomsen has a new template up for grabs.
    Scroll down on Bob's blog to grab some Carabiners for those outdoors LOs.
    Kari has some chipboard arrows and if you scroll down some glitter glue frames.
    Lyndsay has a Freah and Distressed paper pack for you.
    Rebecca has a neat-o Glowing photo shop action on her blog.
    Jenny has 2 new kits on her site. Just click "mein kits" to see them. (Beautiful Moments and Verdancy)
    Dumpty has a new template up for grabs.
    Amy F. has a new flowers doodle freebie for you.
    Shandy has a Mocha Petals mini kit on her blog.
    Mary has a new kit called Simplicity. Just click "meine kits"
    Doris has a template for you.
    Traci Sims has another tempalte for you.
    Lucie has a paper pack called Vintage Flowers on her blog.
    As always remember to leave some love when you download.

    This isn't a freebie but go look at Katie's latest doodle pack. They are so cute!!!!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Sunday, February 25, 2007

    Freebie lists

    Okay, I never got to make a list this weekend because I was playing with my family. We had so much fun. I made a few LO's too and I'll post those tomorrow. But since I never got to my list I figured I'd share two other bloga that make my list look small. These two ladies are extensive in their search for the freebies. Here you go:

    Heather's blog and freebie list. (Looks like she only does it weekly but it's quite the list.)

    Digi Debz's freebie list. ( She updates at least twice a week sometimes daily it depends.)

    Hope that small fix will do you over until I get to my list tomorrow. And don't forget to leave some love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    No list today.

    Sorry everyone, my hubby is actually off on a weekend and is a gorgeous spring day here so we went to Raleigh this morning. Emma's nap was in the car and we're going to the park as soon as I get off the computer. So no list today. (Don't kill me!) I'll try to get on tomorrow or maybe after she goes to bed tonight and put a list up. If nothing else the fabulous IkeaGoddess has her list up and a good part of them weren't on my list yesterday. So go check out her freebie list!
    Have a fun weekend everyone!!

    Friday, February 23, 2007

    Another Friday, another Jumpstart...

    Hi there everyone and welocme to Friday! That means it's freebie day here on my blog! This week it's a new Jumpstart layered template.

    But first if you read my comments from yesterday you'll know I've been asked to join TaniaJPS's creative team. I'm totally honored She does awesome work and I'm so glad I'll be getting to spread the beauty that are her designs.

    I've also been asked to be a guest CT for the month of March for the duel CT of Deniese Liemert and Doris Lehmann (aka Badcandy). They are both great designers and I'm totally jazzed to get to work with them next month. You can check out thir blog the DL creative studio for the occasional freebie.

    Funnily enough, last night I had a dream that Tania was sponsoring a NASCAR Cup car in the Sharpie 500 and they one first place. So her logo was shown far and wide since it was on the hood of the winning car. The driver you ask? Kasey Khane of course. Tell me that wasn't a hoot of a dream.

    Yesterday was a beauty of a day. There was a stiff breeze but not too bad so Emma and I went for a walk. Well, I walked- Emma allowed me to pull her around in her big red wagon. It had to go outside since she was using it to climb up to places she shouldn't. She's such a stinker.

    Okay, here's the Jumpstart you all want. It makes me think of the water but feel free to put your own spin on it.
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Now onto the freebie tips of the day!
    Valinda has a pretty blue butterfly QP up for grabs.
    Jburkhart has a template on her blog. (scroll past the evil Idols)
    Thomsen has a great template up for grabs.
    Carrie has some cute watercolor doodles of space.
    Debby has 2 new 12x12 templates up on her blog.
    Pillowgirl made a cute mini kit called Lots of Spring Dots.
    Digidebz has a set of embossed papers and brushes for you.
    Liz has a grunged up template for you.
    Kris has a Poker Party kit up for grabs.
    Cindy has a beautiful QP from her Somewhat Dasical kit.
    Ronee has a neat paper pack called Loose Ends on her blog.
    Kelly has a free Pot of Glod and Rainbow for you.
    Princess Lala has a Funky Doodle up for grabs.
    Rutabaga Girl has some Nautical buttons on her blog.
    Holly has some ribbon Trios up for grabs.
    As always remember to share some love.

    ** Misty has 2 great new photoshop tutorials up. One on making a photo part of your background, and the second on making a segmented photo. Take a look even if you don't use photoshop. You can usually figure out how to make it work in your program. I know I have for PSP before. :)

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    My Funny Valentine

    Hello to Thursday. I made some new templates yesterday, so there'll be a new one here tomorrow for your freebie! Yeah, I was worried I'd lost my template mojo since it's been almost a month since I'd made any. It seems I just needed some inspiration. And as usual it came to me while I was laying in bed trying to get a grumpy little girl to fall asleep.

    Here's a LO I made yesterday. It's from photos I took of Emma on Valentine's Day. Funny story about her Valentine's day. Hubby and I got her a cute stuffed doggie that she dragged around all day. It's cute and fluffy and soft so I had gotten it for her. Well 2 days later her box came from her grandma Kay and it had the same doggie in it only the reverse color scheme. :D So now she has 2 soft & cuddly doggies that she makes barks and cuddle up on the couch with. Anywho, in the LO she was trying to get to some DVDs that aren't hers, so she's standing on a bowl she got from the kitchen to reach them- the little stinker. Like it says in the journalling, it's a good thing she's so cute.Credits:
    kit- Amor Amor by Luiza Garay
    alpha- Heart Alphas by Kanga (Sarah Senior)
    fonts- Mulkshake by pizzadude.dk and Kidprint

    My good buddy Barb (aka Mrs. Miles) has made a really cute LO with her newset freebie and used one of a set of papers I made for her. It''s so cute. Go take a look at the LO and grab her paper doll freebie while you're there.

    I got an email today from Karla. SHe said she has a new blog and a bunch of freebies on it. Oh boy does she. As she's learning and exploring digital design she is putting all her goodies up for you and theya re wonderful. She's got some templates, an embossed paper pack and a number of elemnets. So head over to her blog and scroll down to see what she has to offer.

    Sarah has some pretty stencils of flowers and Mother's Day word art.
    Rachel has a fuzzy alpha for you.
    Mary Ann has a pretty mini kit called My Mother's Sofa.
    Shandy made a little Basketball Mini kit for you.
    Karen has a template up for grabs.
    Carrie has made the cutest water color Dinosaurs.
    Lemon has a few tranportation papers on her blog.
    Hauntedonecat has a set of paited brush strokes for you.
    I know it's a small list today. Don't forget to leave some love where ever you roam.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!
    Oh, and come back tomorrow for the Friday Freebie!

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Wednesday. Yep, it's Wednesday.

    Hi there everyone. I have a new challenge over at Miss Tiina's. It's a template challenge, I used one of my retired blog templates and you can enter in the challenge with an old or new LO. The winner will get a copy of the full Daffodil kit. (preview in the post)

    I missed my show last night, the Gilmore Girls, due to a certain someone making a big old mess eating teh strawberries our neighbor brought back from FL. They are so yummy but after she ate them it was bath time and we worked on our back float, kicking and bubbles. Well I hadn't paid attention to the time and I missed my show. Oh well, the berries were yummy!

    Now onto the tips for today:
    Sabine has some brads for her Psycho Neuron kit.
    Jburkhart has a neat QP from her new kit Groovy Gardening.
    Jessica has some glittery photo corners from her new Winged Dreams kit.
    Theres has a add-on for her Dreams kit up for grabs.
    Lively has 3 kits and a template in her freebie section if you haven't been.
    Angel has renewed her links for her Old Times Sake kit and has a new part of her Cowboy Romance kit.
    Mrs. Miles has a hand painted pansy word art for you.
    Misty has a patchwork star template on her blog.
    TaniaJPS has her Pet Pal ribbons on her blog. (yes, the link is fixed)
    For all you mom's of toddlers Kim has a Scrappy-O's heart up for grabs.
    Melany has 2 new freebies- some Spring Doodles and a mini Easter kit.
    Debby has 2 new paper packs.
    Canay has a neat word art tag for clutter.
    Michelle has her Preppy Doodle kit up for grabs.
    Joy has a pretty Water color Dragonfly doodle for you.
    Scroll down on Silke's blog to get a pretty template from her.
    BetteD has some pretty lace/embroidered butterflies for you.
    Traci Sims has a killer template for you.
    Wendy has a beautiful Painted Daisy QP.
    Don't forget to share the love when you download.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    "T" is for Tuesday...

    ...or ture love. Take your pick. So I had all these fabulous Valentine kits, either made by friends, found freebies or the one of the few I just couldn't help buying. So I decided to make a LO all about love. I really like how it turned out and I hope you like it too! It's Will and I in DC on the 4th of July 2000.Credits:
    redpinksonnet-paper "Casanova" by Atomic Cupcake
    papers "It's Luv" by fernlili
    pink paper, glitter ovelay and sequin stiches "Crazy In Love" by Tabby Lewis
    felt heart "Passion" by Leah Riodan
    fabric tag and glitter heart "Dizzy Love" by Miss Tiina
    XOXO-wordart "ScrapDish Feb 2007 desinger collab kit" by Rachel Dickson
    red dots-bow "Love Much" by Kim Hill
    red heart patch "ScrapDish Feb 2007 desinger collab kit" by Krista Miller
    charmed boe and sweetheart tag "ScrapDish Feb 2007 desinger collab kit" by Jen Reed
    heart brushes by Atomic Cupcake
    doodleman "Love Doodles" by Dale Ann Cubbage
    heart corner doodle by Madeline Fernandez
    doodles "Romantic Avenue", "Luv Heart Button", button stitch "Leafy Green Buttons" by Barb Derksen
    glitter heart and love string "Valentine Odds and Ends" by Faith True
    "Doodle Paper Heart" by Katie Hadfield
    paperclip and stick pin "Heartware" by Manu-Scraps (the Daily Scrap)
    "Valentine Card" by Bren Boone
    heart stick pin "Amor by Luiz Garay
    heart line doodle "Squiggle heart kit" by Tiffany Brand
    notebook paper and tape by Amy W. (aka- me)
    Fonts- Adore, Blackjack and Angelica

    Sorry, there were a ton of credits in that LO but it was fun to make.
    I hope those of you who had the day off yesterdya had fun! Emma and I went blowling and she's getting better at pusing the ball herself. She actually knocked down a few pins on her own this time.

    Today is the last day of the blog hopping party. Here's today's stops:

    Ikea Goddess - freebies and a super huge freebies list!!

    Seebee's Freebies - she makes the most gorgeous things. She is going to start selling her designs let's wish her luck!

    This is a new blog (in French) that has the coolest LO's...she is currently on vacation and will return on the 22nd! Let's leave her some love for when she comes home!

    Sunfire - really cute site!

    One of Nina's Store Blogs....Let's leave them some love!!

    Our Tania - she has a hurt ankle!! Let's leave her some love and try and perk her up!

    Our Dani!! She is so creative!! Let's stop by and leave her bunches of love!!

    Last but not least.....please add us to your bloglines or mark us in your favorites!!! We will be having more new things coming soon!! .......here's a hint...we saved this for last....you might want to take a peek

    Don't forget to say you're "Sharing the love from Let's Scrap"

    Onto the tips! (I know that's why you're really here)

    Today's Freebie Tpis:
    Dani has a killer template for you Today Only!!
    Jessie has her first ever template and it's great!
    Thomsen has a few templates for you too.
    Jeltje has a couple of templates on her blog up for grabs.
    Graziela has a sample of her Jade kit for you.
    Amy K. has a Valentine QP for you.
    Sarah has a torpical paper pack on her blog.
    Hluebner has some gold mesh heart up for grabs.
    Karen has a funky swirls template on her blog.
    Nikki has a set of photoshop brushes for you.
    Dumpty has another template on her blog.
    Carrie has a few of sets of water color doodles up for grabs.
    Michelle made a lovely mini kit called Midnight Roses.
    Debby has so much on her blog- templates, papers and a kit!
    Rose has a pretty set of frames on her blog!
    Scroll on down on Heateher's blog to fins a treasure trove of freebies. A few QPs, some hangers, and cool felt shapes.
    Jenna has a few thermometers for you to help with those weather LOs.
    Tracy has a killer Sunshine template u for grabs.
    Pillowgirl has some Doodlebugs for those spring LOs.
    Emma has a LimeAid paper pack on her blog.
    Johanna has a few more templates for you.
    As always remember to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, February 19, 2007

    It's President's day!

    A Happy President's Day to everyone in the US! (especially those of you off work)
    We have plans to go bowling later so I'll be brief today. This weekend was great, I got work done on the Daffodil kit(it still needs tweeking) and made a page, you'll see it in a second.

    There's still 2 days of blog hopping! Today's blog are:

    Makie's Freebies


    Ok Blue Designs

    Scrapbook Sprinkles

    Michelle Underwood


    Our Saab

    Don't forget to say you're "Sharing the love from Let's Scrap!!"

    Here's a page made for me by Manu! It's from Oct '05 when she had a play date with Evan. She was so going after his cup, can't blame her since she had one just like it at home.Credits:
    Papers, tag and staple: “Unique” by Nina (NDISB & Oscraps)
    Cluster element with flower: “Cluster Fun” by Nina (NDISB & Oscraps)
    Template with stitchings: ConnyB, Template Set for Scrap2Basic Page 3

    Here's the page I made. It's from Christmas eve when Emma and I made cookies and such for the friehouse. We need to do that again soon.
    Kit- Grungy Scribbles by Manu-Scraps (The Daily Scrap)

    Doodles- Tea Doodles by Barb Derksen

    Alpha- Seebee's Freebies Grunge Edge Alpha

    Tab and Ribbons- DigiScrap Tabs and Wraps by Christina Renee

    Fonts- 28 Days Later, Blackjack, Penstitch and Poornut

    Today's list is short because I don't have the time I usually do, sorry. Don't forget the IkeaGoddess usually has a great list too.
    Tips for the day:
    Claire has some great general purpose doodles on her blog.
    Maddy has a cool Celebrate kit up today only for her birthday, go wish her a happy one!
    Katherine has a couple of templates and a paper pack for you.
    Valinda made a second Dinosaur QP and a neat Blue Doodle QP.
    Sabine has a neat paper pack up for grabs called Psycho Neuron.
    Saab has 3 templates and a texture(commercial ok) for you on her blog.
    Misty has a great coupon for her Starting in Style kit and a small freebie.
    Pillowgirl has some cute doodles for dressing up your photos. An angel or a devil?
    Seebee's Freebies has another set of papers for her Dream Trip kit. That thing is huge!
    Remember to leave some love when you download!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    *Only one day left in my Grab Bag challenge over at MissTiina's!

    Saturday, February 17, 2007

    I forgot...

    There was a really cool freebie that I wanted to share with you but I forgot to add it so here's the link. Michelle has some flowers left over from her latest kit but the way she made them is neat.

    And here's tomorrow's Blog hooping destinations. Please wait for tomorrow but I wanted to put them up so you all could go and "Share the love from Let's Scrap!"

    Have fun Ladies - keep hopping!!


    Crafting by the Sea


    Joy me and them

    Our wonderful Leader - Nina !!!! Let's stop by and give her lots of love for her wonderful idea to hop!!!

    Rikki - A little bird told me that you might find something special if you hop her way

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Happy Weekend!

    Okay, my dad's comment yesterday about it being in the upper 80's back home really sucked as I look out the window and see frost on the ground. Maybe Emma and I need to go for a visit? It's always a good time to be spoiled by grandparents.

    Now let's go blog hopping!
    Here are the blogs for Saturday the 17th!!

    Conny B
    Moodebeth **this site has a different kind of comment!**
    Miss ViVi

    Don't forget to say you're "Sharing the love from Let's Scrap!"

    Also don't forget there's still 2 days to take part in my Grab Bag challenge over at Miss Tiina's or at least grab the goodies in the bag!

    Tips of the day:
    Terrell has a neat set of U.S. military elements for you.
    RutabagaGirl has a template & QP combo on her blog.
    Anne has some really cool Ribbon Flowers for you!
    Ksharonk has a Delish QP and some storyboard templates.
    Katheryn has a couple of mini kits on her blog.
    Valinda made a awesome Dinosaur QP!
    The SDK shop has a few Funky Valentine freebie kits for you. (must go thru shop)
    Misty has a cool set of Little Stars for you.
    Carrie made some Sparkle Puffs stickers for you. (Click on "Sparkle Puffs" to DL)
    Amy Cheese has some Sweet Treats for you! They are really cool heart cookies.
    Bren has a whopper of a kit called Johnny Boy and a QP up for grabs!
    Happy Scrapping and I'll see you all next week.
    *I'm not too sure about Monday, it being a holiday here and all- we have tenative plans with Emma's little buddy Kullan. So we'll see if I make it on here or not. Happy Weekend everyone!

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Friday's tips (Friday's freebie one post down)

    Sorry, Between hubby being off so us doing family things and putting together the Freebie for today wht little time I had on here this morning wasn't spent looking for freebies. SO now that Qualifing is on and the monkey is napping I get to do my Freebie hunt.

    Tips for today:
    -Scroll down and grab my Daffodil sampler. (tee-hee, had to do it)
    My wonderful Manu has a sample of her Heartware just for you!
    Mrs Miles has a cute wire frame.
    Maud has her first ever doodle on her blog.
    Sonja has a Valentine kit. (it's actually very versatile- go look)
    Carrie has some killer spring watercolor doodles!
    Sokkie has a pretty Waterlily kit up for grabs.
    Cindy made a cute Daisy charm. (preview doesn't do it justice)
    Heather has some wooden horse tags on her blog.
    Cielo has a few great freebies, post-it's, papers and more.
    Those DIP Divas have a small freebie from the Enchante kit up for grabs.
    Jennifer has some metal butterflies on her blog.
    Charlene has a cute baby word art.
    Tracey has a sample of her Birthday Doodle kit for you.
    As always leave some love where ever you roam.

    Spring has arrived on my blog!

    Okay, this is my hubby's day off so I don't know if I'll get the list up but I'll try.

    Now as you know I'm still having my grab bag challenge over at Miss Tiina's so hop on over and take a look.

    Day three of the Let's scrap Blog Hopping party:

    CIA dos Scraps
    Make sure to say you're "Sharing the love from Let's Scrap!"

    ANd as for your Friday Freebie it's Spring on my blog and the Daffodils are a blooming. Here's a small sample of the larger kit. (sorry, no preview of the big one since it's still under construction)
    And all of my loyal Newsletter readers you get an extra freebie from the kit! Enjoy!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Happy Scrapping everyone! I'll try to get the tips later.

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Can you tell...

    ...that I'm ready for spring? I redid my header this morning. Because someone didn't nap yesterday she went down early and then got up at 4 am!!! I decided it was time for a new header and there it is. Most of it's the same as before but I added some duct tape, bows and changed the hearts to flowers. I like it! Now the current header is 900x200 pixels, the previous size that had filled the top of the screen was 990x248 pixels incase anyone wondered. (I've gotten some emails about that in the past so I just figured I'd share.) I honestly don't know much about the bolgger except where to change the code for my header and blog friends- I go to my guru Dani for the more difficult stuff. All hail Dani!

    Did everyone have fun yesterday doing the blog hopping? Well it's still going on until the 20th so here's today's stops:
    Traci Sims
    Amy W.

    Remember to let them know that you are "Sharing the Love from Let's Scrap" when you leave them some love! (Yep, I'm one of today's stops!)

    Did I tell you what hubby got me for Valentine's day? I got an external hard drive to save all my scrapping stuff on! Yeah! I think he just wanted room for more games but it's all mine so he can't complain about the sapce I take up anymore!

    Okay on to the list!
    Ina has a cute little Valentine mini for you.
    TaniaJPS has a fun Spring, Sprang, Sprung sampler up for grabs.
    Tabby has a ton of new freebies- stitches, a mini kit and more.
    Theres has 2 new kits on her blog.
    Petra has a new alpha for you.
    Jan has her first kit Lavendar-Blue up for grabs.
    Sokkie has a cool new kit Brown Suede Shoes.
    Steph has a DPS template for you.
    Debby has a bunch of templates on her blog and a few papers too.
    Carrie has some new doodles for you.
    Amy K. has 2 new kits on her blog.
    DaleAnn has some really cute doodles!
    Christina has a little stitched ribbon heart up for grabs.
    Liz has a killer grunged up template on her blog.
    Pillowgirl made a QP/doodle frame for you, it's pretty cool so go take a look.
    Kris has some neat Disney Word art.
    BenjaminScraps has a Pansy mini kit up for grabs.
    Ronnie has a pretty love cluster freebie, but be quick it's comming down this afternoon.
    Amy Wolff has another cluster freebie up for grabs.
    Lisa has a Valentine paper pack for you.
    Kimberly has a free font and template on her blog.
    Robin has a Kind Heart mini kit for you.
    Laura made a little cupid for you.
    Traci has a Valentine cluster element photo frame for you.
    Don't forget to leave some love when you download!

    ** Now thru Feb 19th, get 20% of Atomic Cupcake memberships of 60 days or longer.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    She didn't nap!!!!

    Argh! Well you won't get a big list today because I don't have the time to do my usual big search, since someone isn't napping, but I do know of a few goodies:
    Sabine has template for you.
    Jburkhart has the elements for her Love Ya kit up.
    Valinda has a whole mess of goodies to add to her Valentine kit.
    Mrs. Miles has a Valentine tag set.
    Kat has that template on her blog in hopes of getting you to blog hop with her!
    Nana has a new kit in her attic called Spring Thing- it's cute.
    Mary has A Few Lovely Words for you.
    Christine has a cute kit called Felty Dog up for grabs.
    Helena has a set of overlays and her I Love You kit on her blog.
    Sarahm172 has a killer template up for grabs.

    Sorry, for not having the time today everyone. It just mean tomorrow's list will be huge!!
    Happy Scrapping and please try to leave some love.
    *And check the post below if you haven't grabbed your Valentine yet!!

    So much to share!

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
    Now on to all I need to share.
    The blog hopping party has begun at Let's Scrap.

    Let's kick off our Blog Hopping Party today with a bang!!! Here are the blogs to visit today:
    Artistic Musings
    HM Scraps
    Mrs. Miles
    Stuff By Jill
    VJ's Scraproom

    Kathleen's Scrap Addict Therapy for joining us in "Sharing the Love" Kat has left a gift on her blog for you!!

    While visiting please leave a comment telling them you are "Sharing the Love from Let's Scrap!"
    We hope you will make some new friends, renew old friendships and just maybe we'll make some new friends here too!
    We will be hopping until the 20th - please come back and help us continue "Sharing the Love" through our Blog Popping Party!!

    Have you been to the Let's Scrap blog? It's got all the latest cool things we're doing at Let's Scrap!

    Don't forget about my Grab bag challenge running over at Miss Tiina's!

    Now a big old toot for me, I am now a part of Manu's Creative Team! Yeah!

    Here's my first official LO for the CT:
    kit- Sherhire by Manu-Scraps (availble at- The Daily Scrap)
    fonts- Boys R Grozz, Blackjack, Chicken Basket, Odette, Joint

    Here's my Valentine for you!
    Sorry, no longer availble.

    Tips for the Day:
    (I'll come back during the Monkey's nap with these)

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Latest challenge and tips of the day

    Okay, she's napping-YEAH! And hubby is feeling better. It's a new week over at MissTiina's and that means a new3 challenge. Since everyone liked last week's grab bag I decided to try another one. Here's a preview of the grab bag but you've got to go to Miss Tiina's to get them.
    (You newsletter subscribers will already have the cardboard piece but the rest is new.)
    Okay here's today's list:
    Pillowgirl has a paper pack for you.
    Jodie has 2 heart freebie elements on her blog- both pretty!
    Tamara has 2 sets of embossed paper packs for you. Very cool.
    Mrs. Miles has some funky doodles from yesterday and cool Valentine ties today up for grabs.
    Debby has made a very pretty and soft page kit, I'd call it Dusty Rose but she hasn't named it yet. There's also a 12x12 template so go grab them both!
    Rachel has a sack lunch alpha up for grabs on her blog.
    Carrie has some doodles for you a set of frames and a birthday set.
    Tabby made a killer Rock Star paper pack.
    Shandy made a funky mini kit called August Sun.
    Valinda put up her second set of Valentine elements for you.
    4boysandamom2 made a pretty cool Fishing kit for you.
    Kristy made you an alpha and also has another free texture on her blog.
    Jessie made a cute Valentine Day kit called Heart 2 Heart.
    Valorie wants you to scroll down and get her Gellied Hearts, they're neat.
    Scroll down on Rina's blog for a beautiful free 4x6 QP.
    Doris has some beautiful florishes up for grabs. (aka- really pretty doodles)
    Misty has a cute tag and a tutorial on how to make it on her blog.
    Jenny has a free Qp form her Love is...You kit.
    Michelle has some Beaded Film Negatives srames up for grabs.
    Sarah has the filal part of her heart alpha up (caps) so go get it!
    Please remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping!
    *And still check the Goddess's list I saw at least 8 cool things that I don't have on here.

    Sick-o's in the house

    So sorry, but hubby and Emma are both sick. If I can get Emma down for a nap I'll come back and do the list but right now she only wants mommy. If you need a fix right now the IkeaGoddess has a list up that only a few of which were on my own list yesterday so there's plenty to keep you busy. If I can't get her down I'll catch you tomorrow... I hope.

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    I hope everyone had a great weekend! This morning Emma and I have been watching the bulldosers and backhoes work the field behind our house, which will soon become houses. Emma loves to watch the "TRUCKS!" and then ask me "Where'd day go?" when they move on down out of sight.
    I made a bit of extra work for myself this weekend. I has two color swatches in a floder marked for Let's Scrap-Spring. The new Spring Welcome kit is getting is comming together. I needed to make my part- only I used the wrong swatch. I used the one for the design challenge. DOH! Well I just redid it with the new colors- but I did waste a bit of time. Oh well. Here's a little something for you that was an extra.Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Now for your Freebie tips:
    Ina has some doodles and a template up for grabs.
    Valinda has some cool Valentine elements on her blog for you.
    Sokkie has one of the prettiest templates I've seen on her blog.
    Carrie has some flower stickers for you.
    Mrs. Miles has some Pokey Dot buttons on her blog.
    Carla has some neat Valentine Glitter word art. (matching hearts here)
    Yesterday was the IkeaGoddess's birthday and she made a cool template for you.
    Go wish her a belated b-day!
    Angie has a pretty killer template for you.
    Paula has a very preety Valentine Hugs paper pack.
    The super cool Tabby has a bunch of paint strokes up for grabs.
    Krista has a neat kit that's Over The Moon.
    Christina has some grunged up tabs for you.
    Dalynn has 5 neat templates up for grabs.
    Scroll down on Christy Lyle's blog to get a doodle freebie from her Luv Birds kit. Be quick there's only 200 of them and going fast.
    Michelle has the whole Springtime in Pris kit on her blog.
    MoodeeBeth has a neat one for you with lots of lace- 5 Shades of Purple.
    2 new templates on the WhatTheScrap blog.
    Those DIP Divas has a new template on their blog if you scroll on down.
    Ruby has part 2 of her Valentine Gifts up for grabs.
    TracyB has a new template on her blog.
    Andrea has a new template on her blog for you.
    Free QP from Jan Hansford's Gentle Breeze kit, pretty. (made by ConnyB.)
    Traci Sims has a free Valentine Sticker up for grabs.
    Yin has a free QP on her blog from her latest kit Brown Paper Packages.
    DaleAnn has a sweet QP form her newest kit Sweet Nothings just for you.
    Ronnie has a great QP on her blog from her Eclectic Kiwi kit.
    As always leave some love when you download any freebies.
    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, February 10, 2007

    Can I start off today with a rave?

    It's for Atomic Cupcake. Some of you may be familiar with them already, especially if you're a designer. They make great actions for Photoshop (like a scripts for PSP) and are the cause behind many real looking elements and cool effects in scrap kits. But they also have a great library of kits and elements. It's $12.95 a month for either club or $17.95 for both. But if you truly go and get everything you want in that month it's well worth the money. I grabbed all the back log of kits I wanted, if you ignore the actions I got too, it was still less than a dollar a kit for all that I downloaded. Plus there's new stuff almost everyday and a new action just about every week. I'm sure most of you already know about AC but I just figured I'd spout off. Yesterday I found the perfect kit to scrap Emma's play date at McDonald's there and am over the moon.

    Bonnie is having a CT call.

    Tips of the day!
    Jburkhart has a great new paper pack called Love Ya!
    Amanda has some cool new cardboard dooles for you.
    Nicloe K. has a new kit Spring Symphony on her blog.
    Amy over at designer cheese has a sampler for you if you scroll on down.
    Valinda's QP for today is Karate- so if you have that perfect photo go grab the QP.
    Sabine has made a killer alpha for her Romantica kit from a few days back.
    Mrs. Miles made a love note and pin for you.
    Amy Teets has her Hybrid frames and some printables up for grabs.
    Digital Couture has a set of Hat Pins for you, very pretty.
    Kristy has a neat free texture for you.
    Shandy has some killer Barcode rubons.
    Sokkie has a new template up for grabs.
    My buddy Jessica has added to her All My Heart kit and it's on her blog.
    Dumpty has a killer template up for grabs.
    Katie has a cute kit that makes you want to Cuddle Up.
    Heather made a cute Cowgirl frame.
    Christine has a beautiful QP on her blog.
    Sarah(Kanga) has the Valentine numbers that match the alpha she gave out Monday up!
    The IkeaGoddess has a new template for you.
    Andrea has one of the neatest templates I've seen in awhile on her blog.
    Scroll down on Caro's blog to get soem Fuzzy Love.
    On TheScrapArtist's blog you have to scroll for Amber's Charmed freebie.
    Jenna has another alpha brush set up for grabs.
    Please remember to leave some love.

    Now don't forget about my grab bag challenge over at Miss Tiina's. I know there are about 250 of you who've grabbed the bag but only 14 LO's in the challenge gallery so far. Come on, everyone who takes part get a free set of my Words of Love element pack.
    You know you want to play!

    Happy scrapping and see ya Monday!

    Friday, February 09, 2007

    Another Friday, another freebie...

    Well, we've arrived at the end of the week once again, I hope everyone will have a great weekend. My dad was my first comment yesterday and that made me giggle- Thanks Dadoo! I made a LO from yesterday's photo and also turned it into a template for you all. I hope you enjoy it.Credits:
    alpha- Emma by Atomic Cupcake
    brushes- Swirls by Ceslestial Star
    font- Black Jack
    sparkle action by Atomic Cupcake

    Here's the template from above. I figure you can make it like mine with 3 photos or any combination of photos and papers.
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Just a head's up but there are 2 CT calls that I know of. One is for my good buddy Manu (has a cool freebie too) and the other is a duel CT for Denise Liemert & Badcandy.

    Now onto the tips for today!
    Shabby Princess has a new kit Tea Party for you.
    Shandy has a neat-o mini kit for you today.
    Michelle has an add-on for her Birthday kit.
    Marianne has a neat edge effect grunge frame on her blog.
    My buddy Kim Hill has a sampler of her Heart's Delight up for grabs.
    Miss Vivi has a cool new kit called Arthur- great colors!
    Rose has a pretty mini kit from her larger A little Happy kit.
    4boysandamom2 has a new heritage kit up for grabs.
    Sokkie has some neat doodle tags on her blog.
    Chantal has some great word art fro everyone!
    Valinda and Jamie made a killer colab QP for all you baseball people out there!
    Ksharonk has nice and shabby new kit Love Charms.
    Mrs. Miles has a Love Heart charm and photo brad for you.
    Leah has a great No Name paper pack up for grabs. (must go thru shop)
    Cool new QP from BenjaminScraps, it looks like a leather album cover.
    Kaye has some little flower stickers on her blog.
    Amy has a cute flowered denim ruffle up for grabs.
    Scroll on down on Kat's blog for her latest template.
    Bren has 2 really neat tempalte for flowers. Super cool!
    Please leave some love when you download!

    Hapyy Scrapping Everyone!

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    cuteness and some links

    I'm glad that everyone liked yesterday's Blue-Green kit. I must say I was rather happy with how it turned out. Now then Emma is still a grumpy teething little girl and so I don't have many new photos of her but I do have this one. It's Emma wearing the Christmas present my big sister made for me. Cute right?Okay enough with the cuteness on to the tips for today:
    Miss Mint has her monthly Freebie kit up for grabs. (must go thru shop)
    Sylvia has a cute QP for you from her Perfect Team kit.
    20 birds has some cute word art for you.
    Mrs. Miles has some farm doodles and a cute "Broken Heart" on her blog.
    Debby has another great card template for you.
    Laura has some really cute Love Bugs up for grabs.
    Sokkie has a unique Bridal kit on her blog.
    Shandy has a cool paper pack for you.
    Jodie has a neat DooHickey for you on her blog.
    Traci Sims has a cute mini kit called Sweet Pumpkin up for grabs.
    Nastie has some free QPs for you. (must go thru shop)
    Laura Burger has a Pink Passion freebie on her blog. (right sidebar)
    Jennifer has a lovely Day at the Zoo mini kit for you.
    Chari has a Royal Purple kit for you.
    Nicole has her BeautifulDreamer Freebie up for grabs. (must go thru shop)
    Please remember to share the love.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!
    -Did you see I'm in the 400's now.

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    What about Wednesdays?

    So much to show and tell... I had a very good day yesterday. I didn't get any LOs made but I did make a few new templates done so I have something for Friday's freebie which means you get the Blue-Green kit today! I love this kit because it's good for just about anything, boy or girl this kit can scrap them all. If you like it please come back and tell me because I'm always looking for feedback!Sorry, no longer availble.

    Now then- freebie tips:
    Sabine made the prettiest little kit called Romantica.
    Anja has a Pretty Flower kit for you.
    Ruby has a neat template on her blog.
    Mrs. Miles has some great Victorian Doodles on her blog for you.
    Tiffany has a cute Squiggly Heart kit up for grabs.
    Mollie has some neat Greeen elements on her blog, I like the lacey ribbons!
    Emma has a neat paper pack called Blue Shadows for you.
    A great set of Love Knots from Digital Couture up for grabs.
    4boysandamom2 has a cool paper pack on the blog.
    Carrie has some doodle arrows for you.
    Jenna has a mini kit for you on her birthday. Go grab it and wish her a happy one!
    Singing In The Rain doodles by Paula on the Sweet Shoppe blog.
    Valinda did it again! She made a truck QP that you just have to go see!!!
    Cindy has a paper pack of plain papers that are all textured and distressed, great find.
    Jodie has a set of flower paper clips that are so pretty.
    The wonderful Traci Sims has a great template on her blog.
    Doris has a very pretty tag for you, it's from her Mirabella kit- so pretty.
    LaWanna has a new Valentine Glitter Freebie on her website.
    (click on "Valentine Glitter" in the middle of the page for the preview and link)
    Denise has a doodle frame up for grabs.
    TaniaJPS has a red and white mini kit for you on her blog, go grab it.
    I found this cool blog by Traci B. that not only has great templates but also a cool scavenger hunt quiz with a cute kit as the prize go check it out.
    *Please rememebr to leave some love when you download from me or anyone offering freebies!

    Don't forget if you want to get ConnyB.'s freebie you need to go and sign up for her yahoo group as she's no longer putting them on her blog. -Darn you digital pirates!

    I added myself to the Scrapbooking top 50 site and it's been fun watching my number slowly creep down. I started at 2000+ so being in the 600's currently is cool. Click on that link to find a list of some awesome scrapbooking sites!

    Don't forget about my challenge at MissTiina's this week. There's some cool stuff I made for you in the grab bag this week.

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Challenge info and Blue-Green preview

    Hi there everyone and happy Tuesday!
    I finished my new kit Blue-Green. It'll be here sometime this week, probably Friday. Can you wait that long? Maybe tomorrow who knows. Here's the preview to really make you want to come back!
    Okay it's a new week adn that means a new challenge hosted by me over at Miss Tiina's. This week is a grab bag challenge. Make a layout using 2 of the items from the "bag". That's a preview of the items below but of course the quality of the preview is less than stellar. All participants get a set of my Words of Love element pack and of course the grab bag items.
    Freebie tips of the day:
    Jessie (Stefan's Mama) has a neat Colts mini kit perfect for those Super Bowl party LOs.
    Kristy has some jeweled flower elements for you.
    Rachel has a few cool word arts on her blog.
    Angela has some more flowers for you, these are gelled. (right sidebar)
    Krista has finished the elements for her Sweet Pea kit if you would like them. (papers)
    Leslie has a bunch of safety pins for you!
    Selena has a cute doodle called Bucket of Love on her blog, go grab it!
    Kelly has a desktop QP to make your computer look cool!
    Misty has a new PS tutorial and some Words of Inspiration elements on her blog.
    Retta has a free sample of her newest kit for you, I love the doodles.
    Heather has a few Western freebies on her blog, scroll down and grab them all.
    Dani has a cute template for you.
    Please remember to leave some love where ever you download!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!


    Monday, February 05, 2007

    It's Monday again.

    Last night was great watching the Colts win the Super Bowl, wonderful! What wasn't so great was poor Emma. As I've stated before she's getting her 2 year molars. One is thru and sitting pretty but there's 2 more that are all pink and puffy thrying to break thru. And of course they're on opposite sides of her mouth. So I gave her some pain meds and teething tablets to get her to bed but she woke up 4 1/2 hours later once the meds wore off. We had to dose her again and then calm her down and get her back to sleep. Talk about a PITA. She's been very grumpy and clingy today so we'll see how many freebies I can get up for you all. I'm also working on a new kit, it's almost done but I want to add a few more elements to finish it off. I've had fun making it since I've been trying out some new things.

    It's finally over. Michaele and I made it all the way thru the ADSR and we had a blast! Here are the two LOs I made for the past week the first was advice we'd give to our younger selves. (Yes, that's me in all those photos.)Credits:
    Ribbons- Traci Sims Blueberry Festival Sampler and Bluebell Freebie; manu79 Icebound

    Ribbons and staple- Maria LaFrance Sweeter Than Candy (DSD Feb challenge)
    Paper and brads- Badcandy Create and Lilac freebie

    Ricrac ribbon- G. Miller mult-ricrac

    Alpha- Kate Hadfield doodled paper alpha

    Doodles- Anne DeJong doodles2 and Amy W. Toddler Time

    Glass Beads- Tabby Lewis 80 Bead Strands

    Fonts- Death Struggle, Black Jack and Bella Donna

    This was the last challenge in the race and it was a scraplift of our partner. I did a LO of Micaele that she's actually made a template for but did a true scrap lift instead of using her Template #1.
    Kit-Circus Time by Anita Designs
    Ribbons-badcandy ribbons sample and
    Birthday by Miss Teddie
    Fonts- Blackjack and Valentina JF

    Freebie tips for toady:
    Paula has 2 paper packs on her blog.
    Scroll on down on Lyns blog for a cute Valentine mini kit.
    Robyn has a few papers from her La Femme kit up for grabs.
    Traci has a new 12x12 template for you. Very cool.
    Selena has a neat set of brads fro you!
    Dumpty has another template for you on her blog.
    Christina Renee has a super cool set of ribbons on her blog, but it's limited so go quick!
    Carrie has some Lovey Dovey papers for you.
    Karen has a super template up for grabs.
    The IkeaGoddess has done it again, she has a wonderful template on her blog.
    Valinda has a few new QPs on her blog, a football one and a car one. She's boy crazy right now. Scroll on down for Silvia has a sampler from her Valentine Roses kit for you, pretty.
    Mrs. Miles has a unique word art on her blog.
    Krash has put up some 8.5x11 templates for you.
    Denise has a small freebie for you from her Serenade kit. Very nice. (CT call too.)
    Traci Sims has a Little Springy Freebie for you.
    Kanga has a cute Valentine alpha for you.
    Misty has a new template up on her blog.
    Jennifer has another desktop calendar for you if you acroll on down her blog.
    Helena has a new Happy Day kit and a template up for grabs.
    Jennifer took a sample of 4 of her kits to make a new one just for you.
    Julie has a lovely Flowers mini kit up for grabs.
    Please remember to share the love where ever you go.

    Oh and due to digital pirates attacking her blog and hotlinking ConnyB. has started a yahoo group to get all her wonderful freebies. Click here to find out the details of joining her group.

    Happy Scrapping everyone!