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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    Last part of the Emma kit!

    If you haven't turned in your challenges today is the day! The Quote Challenge over at DBD or the 4 challenges at Happy Scrapz are due if you want your free kit(s)! (Oh and just so you know I haven't finished the kit for December at Happy Scrapz. I have the theme/swatch and some of it started but I'll be late posting it's preview but all the new challenges will go up tomorrow.)

    Okay, so I got my holiday cards in the mail yesterday from Shutterfly, I did the 5x7 photocards. Now I had problems uploading it because it was a portriat size (vetical) rather than landscape (horizontal) but I just rotated the photo in "edit" made and it was fine. Since these are just 5x7 prints (read as flat single sheet) rather than a traditional card that folds in half (They have those too) the rotation/orientation didn't matter for the upload. They were wicked quick on the print and delivery too. I uploaded on Monday evening and they got here yesterday! (Click HERE to see the card.) So I'd have to say that overall it was good. Make sure you follow their directions for scrappers because their site is made for people like my mom who aren't great with computers and so you have to click off few of their "helpful tools" to just upload an already designed layout, but in the end the cost and quality make it well worth it!

    Okay, it's a sad day but here's the last part of the Emma kit, part 13. (Technically their's 14, but the last part is a newsletter exclusive. Not a member yet? Click the button over in the right sidebar to join!) I'm sad to see it go but it was a fun kit! Thank you all for helping me celebrate Emma turning 3 this month!!!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.
    Grab any Emma kit parts you missed in my DBD shop!

    * I'll be back later with some freebie tips.
    (May not be until tomorrow, who knows with little miss no nap.)

    But stop back tomorrow anyway to find out all about the coolness that'll start! Surprises await you that you won't want to miss!

    Thursday, November 29, 2007


    WOW! We had over 40 people at chat last night! It was standing room only but lots of fun! And the best part is little miss no nap decided to go to sleep around 8:3--8:45 so I was munchkin free the whole time! I hope that's going to be her new bedtime if she keeps up this no nap thing, mommy needs her quiet time to scrap or she'll go insane. (Well more so than I already am.) Now then yes tomorrow is the last day of the Emma kit I'm sad to say, it's been lots of fun! However if you swing by on Saturday there'll be new goodies for you. Also if you can't get enough of Emma and don't subscribe to my Newsletter/yahoo group you've missed out. There's all kinds of goodies just waiting for you if you look thru there.

    Oh and I forgot to mention it yesterday, but Athena has an add-on alpha to Snowball Fight! on her blog right now!

    Ok, let's go find some freebies!
    Amy F. has a pretty new template.
    Theresa has a nice template up too!
    Grandma Pat has another QP for you.
    NBK has more of her Xmas Time kit up.
    Violaine has a great charm & pin alpha.
    Misschifs Scraps has a add-on for her Highland Christmas kit. (Scroll down and grab the kit too!)
    Iara has a lovely mini kit called Floret for you.
    Monika has some great and grungy Glitter X-mas trees!
    (Scroll down for the 2 matching paper packs!!)
    Ellie has a nice mini kit called Coyote for you. (Some cute snowmen HERE too.)
    Kim B. has some neat frames on her blog.
    Misty has some Midnight papers up for grabs. (And a template HERE.)
    Mrs. Miles has a Ho Ho Holly Wreath for you.
    Valinda has a pretty Christmas frame on her blog.
    The ladies at the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe have a Harvest Harmony mini kit and a adorable Snowman QP up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has a Let it Snow mini kit up.
    Shabby Princess has an adorable December Desktop calendar QP.
    Please remember to leave some love when you download!

    Happy scrapping y'all!

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    Snowball Fight is on!!!!

    You’ve been hit… in a snowball fight!

    It’s the start of…..

    Snow Ball Fight 2007 !!

    One rule to this game….
    You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you!
    go out there and get as many people as you can,
    before they get you!
    I got you first! and you can’t get me back!

    For taking part in this year’s Snowball Fight! grab the cool kit with the same name by Athena and Amy W. at 10% off!

    Coupon Code: splat!

    Effective 11/26/07-12/26/07

    Make sure you come to the Wacky Wednesday chat tonight (9pm eastern in the DBD chat room) featuring Snowball Fight! my collab kit with Athena! We have some great goodies for those who attend the chat. We also have some wonderful goodies for anyone who posts in the Wacky Wednesday Gallery using Snowball Fight! by next Wednesday too!

    Posting Gifts:
    See the cool bragbook QPs made by my outstanding Creative Team!!
    Someone asked about using the portraits of Emma in my holiday cards but I find the easiest way is to either just ask and get permission form the photographer, or blank out that part of the card on the actual order and then tape/glue the actual photos in so people can keep them. I've done it both ways depending on where I got the photos taken. And here's this year's Christmas card:
    kit-Sweetie by me (DBD)
    Snowflake Frame- Olivia Dorazio (Sophia Sarducci Shoppe)

    Okay, now here's what you really want, Emma: part 12.
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    * I'll be back later with a list of freebies!
    Atomic Cupcake has a Transparency action up for grabs!
    (Update- forgot to come back, I'll post in the AM while she's at school.)

    And here's a sneek peek at some goodies that'll be coming your way real soon!

    Monday, November 26, 2007

    Just another Manic Monday.....again

    So it's been a busy weekend here. How were your holidays? Sorry I haven't posted a freebie list in a week but someone has decide she doesn't need to nap anymore. I'm going thru freebie withdrawal and insane from no Emma breaks all at the same time! Well if nothing else I can slap one up tomorrow while she's at preschool so we'll have to see what I can get done today. She's still asleep right now so may this morning- who knows.

    Did I show you her so super cute Christmas photos? They turned out so wonderfully! I mean seriously how cute can she be? And I had her wear the perfect outfit to be scrapped with my Sweetie kit! So I need to make our Christmas cards now and send them off to print. One more for the to do list. I do have a coupon for free cards from Shutterfly so I'll let you know how I like them.

    Let's see Christmas is quickly approaching and we're all looking for those perfect gifts. Have you thought about a personalizes calendar? I still have those great 2008 Jumpstarts calendar templates. They'd make a great gift and being 8.5x11 they'll print out easily at home or at the office supply store for easy binding!

    Okay now in my DBD shop I have the Emma: quick pages made for you by my wonderful Creative Team! They are so awesome!
    Also parts Emma 1-9 are up in my shop and 10 should be joining them soon!
    But now here's today's portion of the Emma kit part 11!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    And don't forget that this Wednesday at 9 pm in the DBD chat room we'll be having a chat featuring my new collab kit with Athena, Snowball Fight! I love the add-on we've made for attendance and posting gifts so I hope to see you all there!
    Grab it now in the DBD shop under Paste Productions!

    And here's a LO made by one of my CTM, Michaele, with Snowball Fight! She did such an awesome job!
    Full Credits HERE.

    Here are a few freebies I do know about and hopefully I can come back later for a real hunt. (PLEASE!- I'm in withdrawal!)
    Grandma Pat has her first ever QP freebie up. (Leave her some special love!)
    Gina has a Winter Sparkle mini kit for you!
    Boo has gone freebie crazy so swing by her blog for I think 4 wonderful goodies!
    Pillowgirl has a Soft Snow paper pack up for grabs.
    Kim B. has a Festive Chilly alpha on her blog.
    Please remember to share the love!

    * Don't forget there's only 4 days left to get those challenges done. Both my Nov Quote Challenge at DBD or the 4 challenges at Happy Scrapz for the Santa's Workshop kit!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    It's Black Friday!

    So I've already been out shopping and got my mad dash goodies. (Big ticket items.) I'll go back out in a bit once things have calmed down and get the stuff I don't think will sell out or that aren't super have-to-have items on my list.
    Yesterday went well here, except that everyone is sick. We're all coughing, Emma didn't puke any more but she's still not a happy camper. My parents are getting ready to catch their flight home as I type. I'm so glad they came to visit, but Emma is going to be devastated that Paw-Paw and Nana are gone when she gets up. Turkey was yummy and my hubby's apple pie was delicious as usual.

    Now then for my Thankful blog mini contest the winner is:
    Congratulations, you've just won a set of the Emma quick pages!
    (Made by my super awesome CT!)

    Thank you to everyone who shared what they're thankful for this year. It helps me realize how blessed we truly are, and reminds me of things I am thankful for but sometimes forget about, when I read what everyone else is thankful for too.
    Emma's 3 things she's thankful for yesterday were:
    1. Thomas the Tank Engine
    2. Friends (specifically Kullan)
    3. Cake & Ice Cream (She truly is mine.)

    Shop News:
    Today is the Black Friday sale at DigiByDesign! 12-8am 50% off, 8am-1pm 40% off and 1pm-11:59pm 30% off. (All times are eastern.) Swing by and grab some great deals! That means as I type all my Emma kit parts are just 50 cents!

    I also have a new kit in the shop, it's a collab kit with Athena so it's not in my part of the shop it nder the name Paste Productions. (Because paste is yummy stuff!) And here it is, Snowball Fight!
    Cool papers:
    Chilly elements:
    You can find Snowball Fight! now in the DBD shop, and if you go today it's on sale! There's also going to be a chat next week with some add-on goodies to the kit so keep your eyes peeled for more info!

    Now for our Friday freebie we have the next part of the Emma kit, part 10! Yes, it's more pretty pink today!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    I've uploaded thru part 9, the alphas and the quick pages but since it's a holiday I don't know when the boss lady will get them into the shop. No worries they'll be there soon!

    * I'll be back later with the freebie list for today!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    Black Friday Sale! (Happy Thanksgiving!)

    Here's the AD for tomorrow's Black Friday Sale at DBD!
    This Friday, November 23rd from 12:00 AM (Midnight) Eastern, until 11:59 PM Eastern, you will enjoy AMAZING Savings at Digi By Design! (Midnight-8am 50% off, 8am-1pm 40% off, 1pm to 11:59pm 30%!)
    Check out the sale and my shop HERE.

    * Sorry I wasn't back yesterday with a list but the Emster was puking all afternoon. Not a happy camper there. So hubby and I didn't get to go out to our movie and well today I'm cooking a feast. (Or soon, the turkey is in the oven and the pies are done but I need to go start peeling potatoes.)

    ** Scroll down for part 9 of the Emma kit and stop back tomorrow or this weekend to grab part 10!

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone and take part in the mini blog challenge in yesterday's post for a chance at some cool goodies! Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    Hooray for turkey!

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here. That means today is prep day. Bake the pies, double check the shopping list is done, peel the potatoes and stick them in cold water, break out the good dishes and wash them, hunt down the linen tablecloth and napkins, make the centerpiece for the table, search thru the Black Friday ads and devise a plan of attack. Busy day. Will all of that get done? probably not but it's good to have a list.

    We have so much to be thankful for this year our friends and family, found a church I love, my little monkey of a daughter, my darling hubby, yummy desserts and of course scrapbooking! Now then if you post a comment on my blog here telling me what you're thankful for this year I will be doing a random drawing to give you a special surprise. (I'll let Emma draw the number.) So let's share! You don't have to live in the US to take a moment and share what you're thankful for just tell us. Could be that awesome pair of shoes you found on sale, chocolate (always thankful for that one), or something special that happened this past year.

    My Dadoo took this darling photo of Emma unwrapping her presents. I just love the look on her face as she hands hubby her ripped wrapping papper. Too Cute! This QP was made by one of my fabulous CTM and if I ever get them all packaged up together the set will be in the shop. (I'm such a slacker.)
    Emma QP by my CTM melissa
    alphas, brown tag and button from the Emma kit
    fonts- Kidprint and Avant Garde

    Did I tell you that Emma and I finally went to the doctor? Well it turns out this pesky cough is bronchitis for me and Emma, the poor love, also has fluid in her lungs and so she was upgraded to walking pneumonia. Yes, what a fun bunch we are here. We're both on meds now and coughing less so that's good. But if the blacksmith would come by and remove the anvil off my chest that'd be just lovely. And now hubby is coughing. (My parents should make a run for it before it's too late.)

    Now then, here is the next part in the Emma kit- part 9. I love the flower frame in this one. I had originally made the journaling flower that was in part 5 but I thought to myself, "Self, that'd look really cool as a frame also." So I tool out the paper and you get this neat-o frame. Anywho, here's another massively pink installment but for our twist we paired it with brown. unusual combo but it seems to work.
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    As I'm sure you now know, I have parts 1-7 of the Emma kit in the DBD shop if you missed them, and I'll be added part 8 sometime today... I think. (With the holiday I don't know how much the boss lady will get put into the shop.)

    *If you get the chance make sure you stop by on Friday! Not only will I be announcing the winner of my Thankful blog mini contest and handing out part 10 of the Emma kit but I'll have the details for the DBD Black Friday sale! Yea!

    ** As usual I'll try to come back during nap time to post freebies but I may be baking a few pies, so we'll have to see.

    Happy Scrapping y'all & post what you're thankful for!!!!!!

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Monday... part 2

    So I posted in a rush this morning so you all would get plenty of time to grab part 8 of the Emma kit but I forgot a bunch or other stuff. If you already read this monring's post (or if you scroll down) you'll see the new set of Christmas Bragbook Jumpstarts in the shop, info on my cool new header and today's installment of the Emma kit. (part 8) What I didn't get a chance to post about was that we've added some of the past challenge kits from Happy Scrapz (Made by Jessica Gorny and myself) to the DBD shop! You can now buy Woodland Pixies and Winds of Change if you didn't complete your 4 challenges and grab them for free in addition to all our previous kits. Here's the previews of those 2 kits:

    Woodland Pixies
    Winds of Change

    And just for you all we made a quick page from Winds of Change for you all!

    Oh and here's another shot of Emma's cake that everyone thinks is so neat. It's a triple layer cake, and very tasty! We still have the front half of it because it's just so huge!
    Okay, let's go freebie hunting!
    Monika has a neat cardboard and glitter alpha.
    Susan has a Christmas kit and her Blue Snow kit on her blog.
    Bridget has a set of folded and stapled ribbons.
    Tracy has some great Thanksgiving labels up.
    Caz has an add-on to her kit Warm Delight for you.
    Ellen has a cute Wonderful Winter Time mini kit on her blog.
    Kawouette has a lovely add-on to her Rose Tendre kit up for grabs.
    Ksharonk has a Serenity freebie for you.
    Katie has a Winter Wish mini kit up.
    Carol has a pretty holiday ribbon and tag for you.
    Misty has a lovely set of papers called Pumpkin Pie up for grabs.
    Misty Cato has a sampler of her new kit A Place Called Home on her blog.
    Meredith has a great template up.
    Ellie has a Snow Wonder QP that's awesome!
    Monica has a Just Simple mini kit for you.
    Itaci has a lovely Brown mini kit on her blog.
    Please remember to share the love!

    * Don't forget to scroll down and grab Emma: part 8!

    ** Only 10 days left to finish those November challenges and get your bonus incentive kits!
    Click HERE to see the November kit Santa's Workshop at Happy Scrapz -or- click HERE to see the November Quote challenge Warm Spice at DBD.

    So much fun!

    We had a ton of fun at Emma birthday party! Thank you to everyone who left your birthday wishes for hers. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Here are some shots from the party.

    Here's Emma and friends on the Tumble Bus:

    Blowing out the candle on her Thomas cake:
    Who needs a fork? Fingers work better:
    Playing with all her new Thomas Train sets:
    You may have noticed my cool new header. I just wanted to mention that the Snowflakes and Icicles are from Oliva's Winter Festival collection. You can buy they all or each individually.
    Oh and the alpha is mine and will be in a collab kit called Snowball Fight which should be in the shop soon. ( I need to make the preview.)

    My new template set is in the shop now! It's a set of bragbook sized templates (4x6 inch) just in time to make those holiday cards! You can easily make these and have them printed at the one hour photo if you want. They can be your Christmas cards or something fun to include inside, take a look at my Jumpstarts Christmas Bragbook collection!

    Parts 1-6 of Emma the kit are in my DBD shop now and I'll upload 7 today if you've missed any previous parts.
    Okay, new day new part of our month long birthday tribute kit Emma! Here's a passionately pink portion for y'all:
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    * I'll hopefully be able to come back and make a list during the munchkin's nap but with my parents here I have to share the computer with them too.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    It's Party Time!

    It's Emma's party today so let's celebrate.
    Grab this goodie quick because it's here for only today!
    (You can't see it in the preview but they're felt and blanket stitched.)
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Have a great weekend!

    Friday, November 16, 2007

    Friday Freebie and Party Time!

    Hi there and happy Friday! My parents made it in OK. Emma and I are doing better but the cough is lingering around. Her party is tomorrow, woo-hoo swing by and have some cake!

    Tomorrow for the Super Saver Saturday Sale you can grab my combo pack At The Pumpkin Patch for 50% off!

    If you missed the past installments you can find Emma parts 1-5 in my DBD shop now for $1 each. (I'll be uploading part 6 today.)
    Don't forget to stop by Every Mon, Wed & Fri this month to get the whole kit!

    And here's today's installment, part 7:
    Sorry, this is no longer availble.

    * Not too sure about freebie list today. My parents are now here and I have to clean and get ready for the party tomorrow. We'll see what happens.
    Here are a few I stumbled upon this morning:
    Amy F. has cool Christmas card QP on her blog.
    Theresa has a lovely template for you!
    Swing by Kim B.'s today she has an alpha up for grabs,
    but great freebies were posted all week so scroll down!

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Do belong to my Newsletter/yahoo group? If not you're missing out on even more Emma kit goodies! Just click the button in my right sidebar to join! ----->

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Wednesday and part 6

    So Emma is feeling better but she got me sick so I'm not feeling too hot. Half her preschool class was sick too, including the teacher, so it's going around. Her b-day party is this weekend so were cleaning and stuff. my parents get here tonight/tomorrow morning. I ordered her cake (it's a Thomas the Tank Engine cake) and the tumble bus is coming to entertain the kiddles for an hour so we're all set! Which is good because my head feels like it's stuffed full of cotton batting. So today's list will again probably be a short one because being upright is making me dizzy.

    But first a few reminders:
    -Tonight is the Wacky Wednesday chat at DBD at 9pm eastern in the DBD chat room. (I have no clue who's featured but there'll be goodies.)
    -Emma parts 1-4 are in the shop now for $1, if you missed them. I'll be uploading part 5 sometime today...maybe.
    - I keep forgetting to thank those who've sent the munchkin stickers. I had set aside the envelopes to mail out thank you cards but now I can't find them. (Typical I know.) So if I didn't email you a thank you, I apologize. All of those wonderful stickers are greatly appreciated!! She's been busy making lovely sticker montages.

    Okay, here's part 6 of the Emma kit:
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Okay here's a few freebies I know about for you to go grab. Remember to share the love when you download these people's hard work.
    Diana has a recipe bragbook template on her blog.
    Lynn has 2 beautiful QPs up.
    Carol has a lovely set of Bowed tags.
    DSF has the Tis The Season Collection up.
    Sabine has a great Musical alpha.
    Bren has a glitter alpha to match her Merry Memories kit
    Sweetmade has a Visions of Sugarplums add-on mini kit for you

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Sick-o alert, Vet's Day

    Hi there everyone. Well the munchkin is sick so I don't have long and no clue if I'll be back with a list today. She's got a fever and being VERY clingy.
    Today is Veteran's Day, take a moment to say a prayer for our service members past and present who've lived, died and fought for our freedom.
    So let's skip to the good stuff!

    Here's today's installment of the Emma kit: part 5! (I think this one is my favorite!)
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    You should be able to find Emma: parts 1-3 in my DBD shop now and part 4 will soon join them!

    For Veteran's Day I made a small collection of elements that coordinate with the other red, white and blue goodies I gave out on Memorial Day and 4th of July this year. I didn't get a chance to make a preview yesterday since I was taking care of sick-o.

    download Patriot element pack

    Here's a few freebies I do know of but I haven't done a hunt. We'll have to see if she'll nap on her own today or if like yesterday mommy couldn't stop with the "hugs" while she was sleeping. She's just so sad looking you want to hug her anyway.
    Jill has a funky flower freebie & contest going on her blog.
    Bea has part 1 of her Plume kit up for grabs.
    Barb made some cool camping rope elements for you!

    Happy scrapping y'all!

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Freebie listing time!

    Sorry for not popping back in yesterday but I had a killer headache and while the munchkin did nap I took one also. It was so lovely!

    Don't forget to stop by the Super Saver Saturday Sale at DBD today. I have both my Haunted kit and my Halloween Jumpstarts 50% off! But there's a bunch of other great deals in there too, including 3 other Halloween/fall products!

    So let's go find some good freebies for y'all!

    Gina has extended her holiday cookie elements to include Hanukkah, or just grab the cool blue and white border!
    Amy F. has 2 bragbook size frosty window QPs for you.
    Heather has a set of Cardboard Space doodles.
    Adelina has a beautiful kit called Summer Style.
    Susan has her Crystal Skies PAPERS and ELEMENTS winter kit up,
    as well as the PAPERS for her Freedom Rings Vet day kit up.
    Redju has some Super Cool Party buttons on her blog.
    RattyTatty has a beautiful painted floral paper for you.
    Ellie has some lovely stitched labels for you.
    Kim B. has a festive Cheer add-on for you. (Cool template HERE too.)
    Meredith has a great multi-photo template up for grabs.
    Sarah has a cool purple glitter shaker alpha for you.
    (Click HERE for 3 more of Sarah's great alphas. Including a sub shop sandwich set-LOL!)
    Tracy has a Seeing Stars (And Stripes) sampler for you.
    Lindsay Jane has an Autumn Days mini kit for you.
    Melissa made you some Christmas Lights.
    Tabby has a set of Snowflake Overlays on her blog.
    Ksharonk has a Watching QP in 12x12 and 8.5x11, she's so cool!
    Simply Sarah has a great December kit called Joy to the World on her blog.
    Remember to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping and have a great holiday weekend!
    P.S. Scroll down and grab Emma part 4 below, because it'll disappear on Monday- holiday or not!

    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Is it really Friday already?

    Hi everyone and I hope you had a good week. Have some new LOs to share and some shop information, as well as today's installment of the Emma kit! So let's get going!

    First are some CT kits and LOs to show you.
    Halloween is over but now we get to scrap the photos from that fun night and I know of some good products that may be exactly what you're looking for!

    First from Olivia her Spooky kit -
    There's also a Spooky add-on to this kit!

    Her Spooky Brush Frames, a great finishing touch for your LOs!
    (Yes, that's Emma in the preview. Isn't she cute?)

    And here's the LO I made:
    Spooky Kit and Add-On by Olivia Dorazio (Sophia Sarducci Shoppe)
    Spooky Frames by Olivia Dorazio (Sophia Sarducci Shoppe)
    font- Problem Secretary

    Now here's the Boo! from Manu-
    She also made an Boo! add-on that's free with a $10 purchase at DigiScrapShak! (Take a peek at their super cute Haute Halloween MK too- perfect for those little princesses, ballerinas and fairies!)

    Here's the LO I made fr4om one of her QPs:
    Boo! kit and add-on by Manu-Scraps (DigiScrap Shak and DigiByDesign)
    fonts- Mulkshake and Kidprint

    Tomorrow is the Super Saver Saturday Sale and I'm feeling the Halloween vibe so I've put both my Haunted kit and my Halloween Jumpstarts on sale for 50% off. Go grab them tomorrow for a terrific bargain!

    I've uploaded the first few parts of the Emma kit to my DBD shop. You can grab them now for just $1 if you missed them! Emma the kit Part 1 & Emma the kit Part 2 are up now and part 3 should be appearing soon!

    Now for today's portion of the Emma kit, part 4!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    * I'll be back later with the freebie list. It might not be until tomorrow because it's looking like someone3 is going to skip her nap. We'll see how it goes.

    Happy Scrapping!