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    Friday, May 30, 2008

    June Desktop!

    So we were running errands on Wednesday and I never got on the computer. I mean NEVER. Hubby was off work and Emma wanted to play, so no computer for Amy. I claimed time yesterday but did school work (boring I know but necessary). So on Wednesday one of the errands we ran was to go get Emma's hair cut, want to see?
    alpha- twiggy alpha by Carol Abram
    desktop QP-by me (see below)

    I'm glad everyone liked my bubbles LO and template.
    There will be more circles from me really soon, you'll see!

    And see the lovely desktop I used above? You can grab it here if you'd like. I made it using some pieces and parts of one of the kits I'm still working on.
    (It's taking forever but looks sweet I think!)
    download June desktop

    Now then here's where I'd normally go looking for freebies but we spent the morning at the YMCA and the park. Then we took a bath in mommy's huge bath tub and well I haven't gone looking yet. I also still need to finish my paper for this week's class. We'll see what I can find later if I get some computer time.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, May 26, 2008

    Happy Memorial Day & Bubbles!

    Thank you to everyone who is or has ever served in the armed forces!
    Also welcome to the week. Sorry I didn't make it back this weekend but it was crazy. Trying to finish up the group project for school, get some work done on actual scrap stuff. Working on finalizing the crafts plan and ordering supplies for VBS.

    Next week I'm off from school and Emma will start her half days of summer school so I plan to spend that time at church getting ready for VBS. Because the following week I start school full time, but at least Emma will be doing half days 5 days a week at preschool so it should be ok. I'm starting to wish for a laptop so I can work on school and scrap work other than in the computer room. Take Emma outside and work, or simply let her have some computer time and me get some work done at the same time. Sigh. Hubby is looking into it but he always takes forever to decide then waits for sales. Reminds me of my Daddoo as far as that goes, they both are really picky about their electronics, my big bro too for that matter. Must be a man thing.

    We bought Emma this cool bubble wand at Target (dollar section) and she's in love with it. She still has problems blowing the right air pressure for a regular bubble wand. But this bad boy you just wave through the air to get instant GIANT bubbles!
    Papers- Mel/Flergs What Dreams May Come & Kim B. Under da Sea
    bubbles- Kim B.'s Under Da Sea
    Playtime word art by Bethany
    template- Amy W. Jumpstart blog 27 (see below)

    Okay, so I made you all a little something. It's been well over a month since I made you all a template and I'm sorry about that but you know how busy I am now. So here's the blog 27th Jumpstart for you to enjoy!
    download Jumpstarts blog No. 27

    Now let's find some freebies!
    Bethany has some great new word arts on her blog.
    Kim B. has a cute cluster frame.
    Derek has some cool hardware elements up.
    Barb has a nest sand alpha for all those beach LOs you'll soon be scrapping!
    Athena has some cool goodies on her blog starting with some neat journal boxes. (My evil twin tagged me too- but we'll deal with that later.)
    Elaine has a June desktop.
    Sonia has a free photo shop action up for grabs, but scroll down for more goodies, like a style, doodles and more. (Some are CU too!)
    Farheen has been busy and has some lovely new paper goodies up for grabs!
    Stephani has a couple of patriotic QPs for you, could combine for a DPS too!
    Vicki has some neat alphas on her blog.
    Melissa made a gorgeous Memorial Day mini kit!! (Great armed forces or just stars mini kit!)
    Veronica has a mini called Lazy Daisy up, so cute.
    Bonnie has a neat set of Fishing Man elements.
    Andrea has a new template up.
    Yin also has a fabulous template for you.
    Froggypond Designs has a pretty mini called A Summer's Wish.
    Amanda has an America the Beautiful mini kit for you.
    Rachel has a CU bow up for grabs. (Must go thru shop.)
    Princess Pam has more ABC kit goodies for you! (This fabulous woman made me personalized Emma & Amy ABC papers for my b-day, she's so cool!)
    Gina has a new template on her blog. (Glad she's back!)
    Susan has some lovely red, silver and blue Glitter Filled Charms on her blog.
    Please remember to leave the designers a little love.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, May 23, 2008

    Quick update

    Hi all!
    Okay, here's my update-
    I'm working on my school assignments for the week, 3 kits, VBS crafts and some freebies. (One for you all & one for my newsletter.) Yes that's all that's on my plate right now, a light load I know. The hardest psrt for me is I had 3 great ideas hit me at once so I'm slowly developing all 3 kits and well that means there'll be a lull followed by a kit explosion from me. Next week is the last of my current class, then I'm off for one week. I plan to devote myself to preparing for VBS crafts the following week and scrapping stuff the whole week so hopefully I can get the kits done by the end of that week. Unfortunately the week of VBS is also the week I start 2 classes at once for school so I'll disappear that week, but be back after VBS... I hope.

    Also I had my post-op appt with my doctor yesterday. So she explained all the loveliness that is my female reproductive organs right now. (Yes, loveliness is sarcastic since they're not in pretty shape at all.) We've set out a plan of drugs and surgery, including mapping out trying for future children, and have been referred to a reproductive specialist for my next round of surgery. I'll update you when I know how the drugs are working.

    Okay, I've been on here way to much today already and I still have more homework to do. I'll try to make a "real post" tomorrow with a little goodie and some freebie tips, if not tomorrow, then Monday at the latest.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    A list...finally.

    Okay, so I didn't make it back. Part of that is the Emma factor. Any of you who've chatted with me online know that Emma tends to sit in my lap and "help" or even kick mommy off the computer so she can play for awhile. Well this week sitting in mommy's lap isn't an option so she just runs me off the computer if daddy isn't around to distract her and since he had to go back to work, what can I say. I also have a big group project for school this week where half the group isn't joining in so we're having to do double duty. Can you say fun? Yeah, me either.

    Now then, here's a few freebies you may want to go take a peek at and snag:
    Two new freebies from Sophia Sarducci, a cool journal thingie HERE and a mini kit HERE.
    Kim B. has a I Believe cluster and some brag QPs on her blog.
    DK Duos has Starburst part 1 for you.
    Princess Pam of course has more amazing ABC kits goodies for you.
    Kirsty has a darling page overlay called Lazy Days.
    Michelle has a Bright mini kit for you!
    Scrapkitten has a nice template up for grabs.
    Armina also has a killer template.
    Sonia has a neat card template.
    Misty has some cute add-on to her Zoe kit.
    Lindsay Jane has a Stamp Cluster, she's so good at those.
    Krystal has a neat template on her blog.
    Irene has 2 great freebies on her blog, a mini kit and some word art.
    SAS may MK sampler is up.
    Laura has a template up for grabs.
    Phoenix has a Winter Blues mini for you.
    Heather has a grungy paper pack on her blog.
    Please remember to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Wow! Thank you!

    You all are the bestest! I want to give a great big thank you to 4 ladies especially and they are Barb (Mrs. Miles- 2 new freebies on her blog.) and Kim B. (2 new goodies on her blog, too!) who made me some lovely mini kits that they shared with all of you! And my bosses Angela and Saxon who sent me a super special b-day present! You are so wonderful! And big thanks to all of you who left me some birthday love and surgery good vibes.

    The surgery went well but we did find a few things wrong so I get to go back for more later. My doctor even gave me a picture of my insides, I could have gone my whole life without seeing that photo and died a happy woman. Hubby was kind enough to show it to me while I was still loopy from surgery and almost puked all over him, wonderful man! Emma has done very well being "gentle" with me because of mama's boo-boo. I'm so glad my hubby had the weekend off to keep her busy, I've been so pampered!

    I still get a bit dizzy if I'm on here too long so I haven't been freebie hunting yet, I'll see what I can do this afternoon or tomorrow in that regard. Hope you all had a great weekend!

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. If you missed them Kim B. and Barb still have their lovely b-day minis up for grabs!
    (Click their names to go straight to the b-day posts.)

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Happy Birthday to Me! (2 days early)

    Since I go in for my surgery at the butt crack of dawn on my b-day I figured I'd give you all your treat now. Here's a little mini I made for you all. I took the color from my bridal bouquet, hope you like it!
    download Amy's Birthday mini

    And here's a few freebies the fabulous Barb found for you all! (I'm strapped for time since my week is being cut short, love the woman!) Oh and Barb has a cool flower doodle on her blog too!

    Angelia has a new Great Outdoors freebie, featuring 38 pieces, here:

    Janna has a really nice template under her May 8th Blog entry:

    Melanie has a word art download here:

    Tracy has a nice Mother Template on her blog:

    LouCee has some sweet kit and qp here:

    Trish still has a sweet Mother's Love mini available:

    Doreen has a You Are So Beautiful add-on (only thru Thurs.)- GORGEOUS!!!
    Misty has a few add-on for her Coffee House kit.
    Sonia has some neat text on a path flowers and stems on her blog!
    Michaele has a cute mom day brag book QP.
    Valinda has the first QP up with her Retro kit, if you missed the kit scroll down.
    And don't forget to leave some love.

    I'll be back with more of a list if I get my school work done tomorrow, if not I'll see y'all next week!

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008


    Have I mentioned I'm insane?
    Need to catch up on a few things first. I forgot to tell you all what I bought on NSD. I went and bought the entire Happily Ever After collection from Kay Miller and Nitwit Designs. It's a darling collab collection perfect for my little princess. I bought Flergs What Dreams May Come collection too! Such bright and beautiful colors! Then I also bought a couple of new commercial actions from Monica Larsen. I admit I use actions, overlays and stuff in my designs but mainly it's a time saver thing. I know how to do these things but we already know I'm strapped for time. So anything that can save me some to spend with my family or on my school work is tops in my book!

    Now then I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I was taken out to breakfast last Friday (Hubby had to work Sunday) and then I got a new pillow and some bud vases! I asked for the vases because now I have someplace to put all the dandelions and other "flowers" Emma brings me.

    Okay, so yesterday I had my doctor's appt and while it doesn't look like kidney stones we're doing a little peek-a-boo surgery this Friday to look at my womanly parts and see what's wrong with them. I had my pre-op appt at the hospital most of yesterday morning, then last night we had the investiture of officers for our CWF group. It was a yummy salad supper! I made a strawberry-spinach salad and a fresh fruit salad. Oh and there were some lovely others like a Greek salad, a couple of chicken mandarin salads, yummy Jello salads and the classics of potato, pasta, egg and chicken. It was lovely. And one of the ladies from CWF will be watching Emma for us on Friday during my surgery, such wonderful ladies!

    My Grab bag is no more. It has been opened up into it's pieces and parts for full price in the shop now. Want to see what was inside?
    You can find them all, including my first set of templates: Phases of the Moon-cards, Little Lady, Little Man and Tag-IT! mix & match- bold and brassy in my Sophia Sarducci shoppe right now!

    So I don't have a list but maybe tomorrow. I'll try to see what I can do for a freebie since my b-day is friday this week as well but I need to get my homework done first. (But if you really need freebies from me sign up for my newsletter/yahoo group in the right sidebar and check out the photo section.) I'm off to go get Emma from school.

    Oh except like always I do have a few, I just haven't gone hunting:
    New designer who I hope to see good things from, Farheen has a cute paper pack for you.
    Flergs has her part of A Mother's Love on her blog.
    Kim has some Vintage Paper Blooms.
    Barb (aka Olivia) Has some neat rope closures.
    Remember to share the love!

    Also if you missed it the Mother's Day goodies (Alphas, QPs, etc.) are still up on the Sophia Blog including 2 goodies from me!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Friday, May 09, 2008

    I said never...

    ... and I meant it, No more talking about Amy's internal working 'cause it embarrasses her.

    Happy Friday and Mother's Day to you all! (Yes, I know it's not until Sunday.)
    If you didn't know already we have a fabulous collab kit at the Sophia Shoppe for Mother's Day. It's called A Mother's Love, and it's fabulous! (40+ papers, 70+ elements & 2 alphas- all good stuff!) I know I picked the colors, but I can't remember about the kit name. Anyway it turned out fabulously, just look at the previews below!!

    Grab A Mother's Love now in the Sophia Shoppe!
    Also stop by the Sophia Blog on Mother's Day to grab some cool coordinating gifts!

    And while you're there grab my $2 grab bag, it goes into the shop separate and full price on Sunday/Monday at midnight. (Want to know what's inside? Join my Yahoo group---->)

    Did you know hello.com is shutting down on the 15th? If you haven't looked into it yet you should find a new messenger service. Goober.com offers the file sharing ease of hello if you want to check it out.

    Okay, I have to send out the newsletter and finish my paper. I'll be back later if I have some free time or need a break with a list, but here's Barb's list and a few I've seen myself:

    Kristin has a cool template here:


    Melanie has a colorful laughter wordart:


    I don't know who it is but they have a sweet MoM wordart:


    Gina has a template for you.
    Carola has a Mom Day QP for you.
    Kim B. has some Mom word art her CT made for you. (2 Brag book QPs too, HERE.)
    Derek has more of Grandma's House up for grabs.
    Princess Pam has more ABC goodies. (Ugh, I haven't grabbed any myself in over a week. I love you Pam- now buy me a new EHD!)
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    Wonderful Wednesday

    Ok, so the Er Sunday night Monday morning was all for me, hubby and Emma stayed home in bed. I was having some problems and pain so I went in. They gave me some lovely drugs to take care of it all and I'm feeling better now that they've had a few days to work. The ER Doc said I have a humdinger of a UTI with the possibility of kidney stones. I have an appt with my doctor on Monday, so once all the symptoms of the UTI are out of the way they'll reevaluate me. (Of course if they symptoms come back before then they'll be happy to see me in the ER again, blah.) Are you all satisfied that I've divulged my internal workings problems? Thanks for the concern but I'm all red and embarassed just typing about them so... let us never speak of them again.

    Did you all like Emma's Drawing? I think the young lady has an eye for color. She's a wiz in PS at clicking on the brush tool to "paint" then selecting her "sparklies" off the style menu and opening a new layer for each color/style. It's fun to watch. She's even learned to click back on the history if she doesn't like what she's done, which isn't often. She does love all of Manu's styles, but then so do I.

    I'm still not feeling 100% so I didn't go freebie hunting. However, my good friend Barb showed me how to turn my doodles into brushes and save them in sets to share and sell. And so for my practice I turned some OLD doodles from my Toddler Time kit into a brush set for PS. Who remembers that kit? Well it was one of my first as a blog freebie the 3rd kit I ever made. Okay so here's a smaller version of it, I didn't update anything just put the parts I'm not embarrassed by into a file with the brush file. So there's no preview but you can get an idea from the LO I made with it back in 2006 (Not everything in the Lo are in the file.).
    Download Toddler Time Sampler

    Oh but I do know that Barb has some cool 45 vinyl record elements on her blog.
    Kimmie has a cool paper flower thingie for you too.
    And if you haven't stopped by Valinda's blog in awhile you'll want to scroll down. She has a cool new Retro kit that she's slowly posting, but below that is a great beach QP!!
    Don't forget to leave some love!

    Don't forget that my grab bag is in the shop until Sunday at midnight for the bargain price of $2! It's got 4 brand new goodies for a $13.50 value if bought separately.

    Happy Scrapping y'all!

    Monday, May 05, 2008

    So sleepy

    Hey y'all, I spent the night in the ER and am too pooped to post. I'll catch you all later.
    Oh and for your viewing pleasure Emma's PS doodle using Manu-Scraps styles:
    Glitter 1, Glitter 2, Jelly, Elegant and Silver CU styles all at DBD!

    Hugs and happy scrapping!
    P.S. Thanks for everyone who made our NSD a success. You can still grab my goodie and the others too off the Sophia blog.

    Saturday, May 03, 2008

    I love NSD at DST!

    So I said I'd post about NSD goodies but I don't have too! DST has a forum up just for posting NSD freebies! Take a look HERE!
    Don't forget to leave some love for all your NSD freebies!

    Also the freebie parade has started over at the Sophia Sarducci Blogg with a goodie from Olivia! I'll have one popping up sometime today so keep checking the Sophia Sarducci Blog for more NSD goodies throughout the day!
    Oh and don't forget the 50% off sale at Sophia's or the 10 killer $1 grab bags- today! Oh and click HERE for a special NDS only coupon code at Sophia's!

    *Also there's a STOREWIDE 50% off sale at DigiByDesign!!! (Grab Bags & Team Kits excluded.)
    And Manu has a spanking new DBD Grab Box for May!

    Remember to have a great NSD and go hit all those sales!

    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    If you haven't heard yet tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day here in the US (Might be other places too.) also known as NSD. This is a huge day for sale, freebies and all kinds of good stuff! So let's take a look at what's in store for you, starting with me then going further afield:

    Tomorrow only I have all my personal use products in my shoppe for 50% off! I also have a grab bag in the shop for just $1, it's a $13.50 value if bought separately so go snag it! After Saturday it'll still be in the shop for a week but at$2. I'll also have a freebie for you tomorrow (rather than today) but I believe it'll be hosted, along with a slew of other goodies, on the Sophia blog rather than here. (But feel free to check here first I'll have a link up.)

    Now then you know my killer $1 grab bag for tomorrow? Well there are more of them in the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe. Most of them are a $10-15 value. Some will only be there for NSD and others will go up in price but stick around for an additional week like mine, before going into the shop. There's also select items in the shoppe at 50% off for Sat only! And don't forget to check the Sophia blog for goodies thru-out the day!
    And the Vault is still open thru Sunday, then it'll all be retired. So go take a peek in there too!

    Now then if you want the real scoop on NSD sales, coupons and such check out the master sale list they have at DST, it'll boggle you mind at all the great deals you can get. Make sure you check time ones too because they all start and stop at different times.

    * I know Flergs has a NSD 30% off coupon code in her blog (coupon is active now!) and is hosting a chat with gorgeous mini kit freebie tomorrow 6pm EST in the SBG chat room. (Love her stuff!)

    Kim B. and Bunny made a gorgeous kit For Nadya on her 1st birthday!
    (Grab quick, limited time freebie!)
    Valinda has a great All Boy QP on her blog.
    Derek has parts of his new kit Grandma's House up, and there's NSD goodie for you if you stop by tomorrow.
    Aaron (Sir Scrap) has a cool new CU Journalers freebie up. (Must go thru shop.)
    Gina has reloaded her killer template if you missed it in the great blog crash.
    Kristin's CTM Elizabeth made a gorgeous QP for you with her My Sunshine kit. (Scroll down for more!)
    Traci has a Vintage Freebie on her blog.
    Those gals at Authentic Artistry have a neat paper pack with instructions to create your own up.
    Scarlet Heels has a gorgeous Spring Swirl element for you.
    Booland has the SAS May color challenge starter kit up. (Must go thru shop.)
    Kristin has an adorable Turtle mini kit.
    Mommyscraps has a Sleepyhead kit on her blog.
    Verena has a Loving Mommy QP for you.
    Karen has a lovely DPS template for you.
    Of course Princess Pam has more ABC goodies up.

    Desktops- May & More
    Blythe has a gorgeous (no calendar) one for you.
    Shabby Princess has her May desktop form her new Bounce kit up for grabs.
    Scrap-Kitten has a fill in the date desktop calendar up.
    Beckie has a baseball themed May desktop made with her fabulous Batter Up kit.
    PickelBerryPop has a May desktop in their April Newsletter. (In the right sidebar.)
    Ksharonk has a Celebrating Scrapbooking 2008 (no calendar) desktop to stick your favorite LO into. (Must go thru shop.)
    Sweet Genevieve has a gorgeous May calendar using her kit Tiki Beach!
    (Also a cool idea for a hybrid T-shirt HERE.)
    Scarlet Heels has a killer May desktop for Windows or Mac.
    Misty has a pretty May calendar desktop for you.
    Eva has a May desktop too! (Nice bright colors.)
    Dielle has a absolutely lovely May desktop, so cheerful!

    Remember to leave some love when you snag freebies!

    *I'll try to post a list of NSD freebies tomorrow but I need to finish my homework for this week and Emma has soccer so we'll see what happens. Don't forget to swing by the Sophia Blog for goodies!

    Happy Scrapping!