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    Monday, December 14, 2009

    Merry Christmas!

    I hope you all enjoyed the Blog Train! I know we had some people drop out due to sickness, computer problems etc, but that was still one GIANT kit!! Whew, I'm still going through it all. I'll leave my link up for awhile yet so feel free to go down and grab it if you haven't yet And I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who took part in teh train this month. Whether you created a mini kit or just shared the love when you downloaded, thanks for making this digi community such a joy to be a part of!

    I've been so busy lately! School ended last night (as in 2 hours ago) for Winter Break. So Emma and I, no hubby, will be headed out west to visit my folks, family & friends. Yay!- cross country trip with a 5 y/o and lots of packing. Can I get a "Yipee!!"? But seriously, I miss everyone and this trip is shaping up to be a ton of fun! Lots of fun scheduled ahead.

    Lets see, a few photos to catch up are in order I think. I've been photo crazy this month, just had no time to scrap- maybe over break. LOL!

    First is Emma and I at church for the Advent Festival! What a fun way to start the count down to Christ's Birthday!

    Next is yard decor- lovely I know.

    Here is Emma all ready to go up on stage to sing at her school Christmas Concert.
    Emma's Princess Tree up in her room.

    Modeling the Roudolph hat mama made.

    Here's the Snowman hat we made, she likes it better.

    My Christmas Elf hanging an ornament on the tree at school.
    Our tree at home.
    (Notice the opussum, macaw and Stitch on the window? Classy, I know.)
    At church this Advent we've been exploring the Advent Conspiracy. And I've got to tell you, each week I get more excited about trying to take part. I'm going to start small this year as we're starting late, but hubby and I hope that by next Christmas we'll be living the dream.
    Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More & Love All.
    If you take the time to just explore their site you can hear the click in your mind that it all makes wonderful sense. then start reading the blog, watching the videos and podcasts, ultimately ordering the book and/or DVD to fully emerge yourself in this conspiracy. If you love the Lord, you need to take 5 minutes to stop by their site and if nothing else watch the promo video and see if it doesn't grab your attention in a profound way.

    Okay, and since I'll be MIA for awhile off having holiday fun across the country I decided to just give you all your Christmas Goodie now. It's been a Roudolph themed year around here so I made up a little bundle of goodies for you. A small CU Rudolph head, a felt Roudolph embellishment, a 4x6 Jumpstart Bragbook/Card (You choose how you use it.) & a set of 6 Gift tags all ready to print on your computer. Hope you all enjoy!!

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
    Also have a Safe & Happy New Year!
    Happy Scraping!

    Tuesday, December 01, 2009

    December Blog train- Holiday Sugar Cookies!!!

    Welcome to the Advent season here at Scrap-a-lot! As we're getting ready to welcome our Lord & Savior to the world and rejoice in His comming I have a small gift to help you start the season off on the right foot! I'm taking part in the December Blog Train! Our Mega Kit this month is Holiday Sugar Cookie, sounds yummy right? You can go visit all 99 designers who've each made you a wonderful mini kit that all coordinate into a mega kit you can use for years to come! And the best part is it's all free!

    Here: Take a look at all of the contributions you can get
    on the December Blog Train- Holiday Sugar Cookie:

    And here's my contirbution to Holiday Sugar Cookie:

    Download Amy W.'s Holiday Sugar Cookie

    The next stop on the Blog Train is over at Barb Speck's blog!

    And if you want the full list of participating designer stop on by the

    Blog Train site for all the links to Holiday Sugar Cookie!

    Oh, and here's a layout of Emma I made with my portion of Holiday Sugar Cookie. Just think what I could do once I've grabbed all of this Mega Kit!!!


    If you have a moment stop by the Advent Conspiracy website. It's a wonderful movement by churches across the US to put Christ back as the focus of Christmas and to take a step back from the commercialism that surrounds us. (Notice I said a step back and not away from, we just want to refocus our celebrations.)

    I hope you have wonderful Advent & Christmas seasons!

    And Happy Scrapping!