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    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Valentine's printable goodies!

    As you all know we're in prime Valentine's Day shopping time now. I've made a couple of printable gifts for you all in case you are stumped this year for that special someone in your life.

    First up is my very own Gift Card Box. This little baby is in my DBD shop now for Commercial Use. But just so you know what you're getting, here's the example box from the preview below for you to print out and use for personal use. I had actually made the box for a wedding shower gift but it'll serve for any romantic gift occasion.
    Just print, fold & glue- then slip in a gift card and viola!
    (Could also be used for small candies for a kids class, it's what we're doing for Emma's!)
    download Valentine Gift Card Box
    (Download is the example- you have to go buy the template in my shop.)

    And here's my second printable Valentine for you!
    I made it using Kim B.'s awesome new kit Hearty Tarty!
    (It's 25 % off right now too!)
    It's a quad fold printable Valentine's day card. There's 3 versions in this download. One with a cute Valentine's Day card all ready to go just print, fold and sign & two blank ones for you to put your own message on. One is all cute and lovely dovey while the other one is good for friends.
    (I used it to make an invite for a friend.)
    download Hearty Tarty printable cards

    I hope you all enjoy these Valentine's Day printable treats! I'm off to do more homework!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    Busy week

    For some reason my to do list for this week is so super long it isn't funny. So I have nothing new to report. the snow is gone and things are back to normal around here. the MMM goodies are now in the shop with their new previews and at full price.

    Oh, but the Doodle Time doodle templates are now Commercial Use (If you bought the personal use ones for MMM you need to go back and get the CU ones at full price, sorry.) SO many people asked if they could use them as CU I just put them into the shop that way.
    Um, let's see what else...
    Manu-Scraps had a b-day sale that sadly ended yesterday (I'm such a bad CT) but she still has a CU font on her blog if you want to snag it for free.
    Barb has a winter wreath frame on her blog.
    Kim B. has a sampler CU stone heart for you, she has lots of new CU goodies in the shop!
    Princess Pam is at it again with some fabulous new color combos! Go see her new goodies because they are gorgeous!

    Okay off to work on my mile long to do list. I'll see you all here soon as the 1st is quickly approaching but I have tons of homework to do as well.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Snow photos!

    Okay, I have two brief announcements then tons of snow photos. (I mean tons!)

    First- I forgot to send in the change over from MMM goodies to regular shop items so if you missed them give me a couple of days and they'll be back in the shop at full price.

    Second- I know you have all heard me rave about my buddy Shelley Munro, romance novelist extraordinaire. Well she now has two short stories posted on her website for you to read for free! I've read them both and they are fabulous! So head on over and check them out, you may just find a new author!
    Shelley's free reads!

    Now onto the snow photos!
    Some are from yesterday and some from today, followed by a couple of random shots that were on my camera.

    First off is the bird feeder- lots of birds in the snow needed some yummy goodness.

    Emma and mommy out side.
    Emma's first ever snow angel.
    Gonna get you mommy.
    I got you!!!
    What? You don't like snow in the face mommy?
    Day 2- Daddy get in on the snowball fight action.
    Gonna get you daddy! No, I'm going to get you Emma!
    Looking cool in her shade.
    Smile for mommy!

    Snowball fight moved to the front yard while I left to get lunch.
    See mommy needs to by me better snow gloves these are soaked.
    Day 2- The squirrels find the action at the bird feeder.Emma in her new Valentine's day dress.
    Emma decided we needed to dress like like princesses. So I did our hair and she said we looked beautiful.

    Okay enough photos for now. The snow is melting and so I'm glad we enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Go read Shelley's stories and happy scrapping!

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Woo-hoo! Snow baby!

    Okay so we've been hoping for snow this winter since Emma is old enough to play in it and we can get photos ect. Well with days in the high fifties- sixties I thought it wouldn't happen. I was wrong! Now she just needs to wake up and eat breakfast so we can go play! I promise to be back tomorrow or the next day with photos for you all to see, especially Daddoo cause I know he wants to see his grand baby making a snowman. Last time it snowed, and stuck, here Emma was like 3 months old I want to say.

    Oh and don't forget today is the last day for getting the MMM goodies for just 98 cents!
    (Scroll down one post to see all 5 of my goodies and their links.)
    They should go into the shop at full price tomorrow if Emma lets me take a break from the snow long enough to turn them into the boss lady, I'm once again late with this- Sigh.

    Off to go dig out the warm clothes! Happy Scrapping!

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Mid-Month Madness!!

    Hi there folks! Well I know you've been waiting and waiting and waiting some more for my new products, so I'll just get to the new goodies for you all!

    It's Mid-Month Madness at DigiByDesign January 15-20! Lots of great goodies for you all just 98 cents ($0.98)! There's a ton of mini kits but also quick pages, styles, element packs and a bunch of CU goodies like overlays, element templates, hybrid boxes and more! Head on over and check it out!
    Find all the Mid-Month Madness goodies at DigiByDesign HERE!

    And here's a look at the 5 brand spanking new goodies I have in the shop for Mid-Month Madness, including 2 CU boxes:

    Hexagon Box- CU printable

    Party Time- mini kit

    Gift Card Box- CU printable

    Monster Trucks- mini kit

    Doodle Time- hand drawn doodle templates, ready to scrap (Personal Use)

    Make sure you grab your goodies by before the 20th!

    Also Kim B. has her latest CU grab bag revealed on her blog! It's only there for one more day at $2, so go check it out and grab her FREE commercial use overlay while you're there!

    Happy Scrapping everyone! I'm off to do some reading for school!

    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Happy Monday!

    This past week has been a killer for me here, so thankfully it's a new week. I did get my house clean for the Tuesday church meeting but only be cause everyone showed up late- LOL! I was mopping the kitchen literally 5 minutes before people got here. It went over very well I think. And I didn't know you could pack 20 ladies into my living room- Wahahaha! Good thing we took down the Christmas tree or there wouldn't have been room. It was a good meeting overall.

    Then on Wed and Thursday I caught the 24 hour bug that is going around here, hubby was nice enough to bring it home from work with him. Emma somehow missed out on getting it thankfully enough but now that she's back in school she has a cold again. Let's just hope it stays that way this time. I can't deal with pneumonia again.

    Saturday was our chruch's wedding recption for our pastor and his new bride, they got married on New Year's eve but it was out of town so we threw them a little shindig. I opened my big fat mouth at circle and wound up making about 200 chocolate covered strawberries for it. After being sick mid week I didn't really have the time but I got so many compliments it was worth it. Four of the ladies from church have told me I'm their new best friend now, yay! All I can say is it was good that the store had them on sale this past week or it could have been expensive.

    And now you're asking when did you get your homework or any scrapping done during all this, right? Well the homework got done at about 12:53 am last night and it's due 1 am (That's midnight central for me.). And well the scrapping not so much. Hopefully, I can package up the goodies for the MMM sale that starts on Thursday and my mean old boss will still accept them even if I'm a day (or two) after the deadline. I have some great goodies going in... I hope. But I already turned in 2 new things for it so yes, something new from me will be in my DBD shop on Thursday! (Shocking, I know.)

    That's all I've got. No, photos or previews to share but stop back on Thursday and I'll have something for you all! Oh and Kim B. Does have her new CU grab bag up for $2! Her CT have made a few goodies if you want to swing by her blog or she has links to some great color challenge mini kits- all free!

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Monday, January 05, 2009


    Okay, so maybe I need some help today. I'm supposed to be hosting my church circle at our house tomorrow. But it's a little messy. Okay, so I'm a pack rat (Thanks Daddoo!) and so it's more clustered than messy. So we're doing a purge. Unfortunately that means it gets messier before it gets cleaner and it's just depressing me. Fortunately hubby is off tomorrow and the munchkin goes to school so we should get done... I hope. Sigh. Well if I don't get it all done I'll just blame Emma- LOL! Having a destructive 4 y/o in the house can on occasion be convienient. Emma has been helping me some today, even if she's going behind me and undoing some too. I'll let you know later in the week how it went. Oh and did I mention school started back today? Fun right?

    Okay, so I don't have anything new in the shop yet but I did revamp some old goodies you may not have grabbed. They are either my contribution to past team Mega kits (so check your files to see if you bought the MK) or they were my challenge incentive mini kits. They're all fabulous if I say so myself. The Mr. Fix-It one even comes with 2 Jumpstarts, so check them out in my shop! They are all priced to move (That's $3.50 or less, most are just $2!) so if you haven't got them yet go grab a couple! (My Favorite is the Tickets Please kit, but they're all good.)
    Check them out in my shop!
    And if you're patiently waiting for some new Amy W. stuff be patient. I do have a couple of goodies going into the shop for the upcoming Mid-Month Madness sale. That means they'll be less than a buck starting on the 15th of Jan! So keep your eye out for them, but don't blink because they go up in price on the 21st!

    Here's a little, and I do mean little, something I made for you all.
    download Snowflake Word Art

    And lastly i wanted to show you that I made a button! Yipee! I know they're easy right? Well, Neiner! I couldn't figure them out, then i found a good tut and made one from Emma's Halloween photo, turned out pretty cute too. now I just need to scrap Halloween- LOL!
    I might need to make it a purple background with green and yellow words. We'll see. Still good for my first try.

    Hope you all have a good week and happy scrapping!