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    Monday, May 25, 2009


    I'm sick, Emma's sick, hubby is sick. Be back later.

    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Hi there everyone! Today (well, in 30 minutes) I hit the big 30! That's right it's my birthday once again! To celebrate I made you all a little goodie. Paper Holiday Pack!

    What I really did was expand on those I had made for Emma's class scrapbook and turned it into a full pack for you all to enjoy! I was frustrated when making the scrapbook that spanned a school year that I couldn't find element packs that did the same. As this was a book for preschoolers I figured the pieced together construction paper look would be fitting. I tried to make a variety of elements that would let a person scrap an entire year if they wanted without having to spend a fortune buying different packs. These will only be up for today, my birthday. Tomorrow they'll be going into the shop for the Hot Nuts sale at the Nuthouse! Enjoy!

    Sorry, these are no longer available.
    But I had a great birthday! Thanks for all the happy wishes!
    Find the Paper Holiday Pack in the Hot Nuts sale at 35% off Sun & Mon!

    *Don't forget to stop by DigiScrapAddicts for week two of their, So You Think You Can Design contest. there are over 50 kick butt kits there for you to grab this week!
    (Must be a forum member, but come on 50+ kits!!!!)

    Happy Scrapping!

    P.S. Emma's class scrapbook turned out beautifully, I love Shutterfly!
    And I love Wendyzine who made it so easy!

    (Seriously, she has templates, actions and ready made QP albums all for Shutterfly. Awesome!)

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Hot Nuts! 35% off every Sun & Mon

    New products release at Nuthouse Scraps every Sunday and are on sale for 35% off Sun & Mon. So...

    Hot Nuts, get your Hot Nuts!
    Little Fishes
    Typekey Clips- alpha
    On Fairy Wings
    (Awesome tree, wand and red/yellow mushroom by the ever talented Mrs. Miles!)

    Jumpstarts template collection No. 12
    These four by me and many more!

    Have a great week & Happy Scrapping!

    Monday, May 04, 2009

    So much to do...

    Well, it's crunch time again. The end of the school year is almost here! I need to get those teacher appreciation books finished and off to print ASAP- eek! Also VBS is the second week of June and I'm in charge of crafts... for 150 kids!!!!

    First off, to announce the winner of my NSD Grab Bag contest is: Ginger!
    Congrats girl, if you would email me I can send you the links! (awatson8@nc.rr.com)

    My NSD Grab bag will be in the shop thru Sunday. Then is shall go into the shop as it's separate parts. And here's the big reveal:
    Little Fishes
    Typekey Clips- alpha
    On Fairy Wings
    (Awesome tree, wand and red/yellow mushroom by the ever talented Mrs. Miles!)

    Jumpstarts template collection No. 12
    Head on over and snag the grab bag for just $2 before it disappears!
    (Sorry the templates aren't free, but if you go down one blog entry there is a free template!)

    Also I lied, sorry, I did end up making a mini kit for this month's Tropical Paradise mixed nuts team kit after I posted on Friday. If you want to go grab my part you can either get it by itself or as part of the coconut bundle pack:
    (Fabulous hula girl templates by Kristy!)

    Coconut bundle pack (Mine isn't in the previews but the zip is part of the bundle):



    I hope you all had a lovely NSD! I forgot to go look for freebies over the weekend because i was busy playing with Emma and banging my head against the desk over homework.

    But if you missed them like I did I still have a few tips for you!
    There are 5 fabulous free kits over at DigiScrapAddicts for their So You Think You Can Design competition!
    (Designers include: Flergs, Faith true & more!- Must be forum member but it's free.)
    Pineapple Plantaion has a free CU overlay.
    Ruth has a gorgeous princess QP from Kim B.'s Antoinette kit!
    Happy-Scrap has a pretty kit called Flower Land up.
    Bellisae Designs has a faboo kit named Sunny Spring!
    Jodiann has a pair of killer QPs from Kim B.'s Moody kit, seriously gorgeous stuff.
    Irene has a gorgeous QP from her Waltzing Twilight kit.
    Don't forget to leave some love when you snag freebies!

    *This one isn't free, but almost. For just $1 you can snag Irene's Up There QP set.
    These are gorgeous people!


    And here's some shots of Emma sporting her new hair cut.
    These were taken at the kids explore museum with our buddy Kullan.

    Giant set of teeth-

    Sticking your head into a bowl of fruit.
    (There was a mirror so you could see yourself.)
    Looking at the turtles. (They also had various snakes and lizards.)Have a great week folks & happy scrapping!

    Friday, May 01, 2009

    {inter} National Scrapbooking Day!

    Happy {inter} National Scrapbooking Day!
    (Technically it's not until Saturday but we've gotten started early!)

    Let's see it's the 1st of May so that means new Mixed Nuts Team kit over at Nuthouse Scraps. I actually took the month off but the team threw together a fabulous set of mini kits for Tropical Paradise! Perfect to get everyone ready for the upcoming summer.

    You can take a look at the Mixed Nuts (colab) here.
    Or get the fantastic mix of Quickpages our CT’s have made with the Tropical Paradise colab for only $ 5.00!

    Take a little peep on what is inside it on these previews


    Here's a look at the fabulous Tropical Paradise quick pages our CT made from the kit, you can get them free with $10 purchase! (Or buy them in the shop!)
    We have a slew of Grab Bags and Boxes over at the Nuthouse especially for NSD and the shop is on sale for 40% off today and tomorrow!

    Here's a look at my personal use Grab Box, it has four brand new goodies inside:
    And one lucky person will win my Grab Box!
    All they have to do is post in the comments here on the blog answering this question:
    What is the name I give to my templates?
    I will randomly draw a number from those who post the correct answer,
    so don't forget to include your email!

    I also have a fabulous little goodie for you all in honor of NSD! Just an extra Jumpstart for you all to enjoy.
    (Wonder where the rest are hiding? Did you look closely at that Grab Box preview?)
    download Jumpstart blog No. 32

    So head on out into Scrap Land and see what other fabulous deals and freebies you can find!
    (I know Flergs has an extra 20% off coupon code in her newsletter to make her shop 50% off!)

    Happy scrapping and have a great weekend!
    (Don't forget to answer the question to be eligible to win the Grab Box!)