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    Thursday, May 31, 2007

    T is for tomorrow!!!

    Hi all. I'm working on some new templates right now so hopefully I'll have some in the shop soon and maybe a few for you as well. Tomorrow's going to be a big day! New kits to share, new challenges start and a Friday freebie. Make sure you stop by to check it out. Oh and I send out the freebies if you took part in my quote challenge over st DBD. Also if you were at my chat or have bought my Technicolor Dream kit/collection, if you post your LO in the Special Chat gallery over at DBD you could get a cool posting bonus. (Well I think it's cool, but I'm biased.)

    Thursday's List:
    Mary Anne has a new alpha that an add-on for her School's Out kit.
    Mrs. Miles has some flowered tapes.
    Weeds and Wildflowers have 2 freebies, a add-on to the Seeds Packets collection and some doodles.
    Val has some killer embroidered flower patches.
    Kim B. has some killer overlays for you.
    Mindy has a cool mini called Grunge Dots.
    Heather is still making frames and they still rock, so go grab them!
    Traci has a sampler form her essentials of Summer collection.
    (She's also having a 50% off sale this weekend at the DigiChick.)
    Nana's Attic has some cool embellies and a QP for her new kit Country Delight.
    (Scroll down for the papers.)
    Janidee has some word art and other embellies for her Guardian Angel kit up.
    Lvred has more of her Charlie's World kit on her blog.
    Julieo has part 2 of her neat-o Butterfly Garden. (So pretty!)
    Kris has a Retro paper pack for you.
    Please remember to share the love!

    *Rikki is having a CT call.
    ** ConnyB. is not doing so well so stop by and leave some good wishes and happy thoughts for her.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    I can't wait!

    Hello! Welcome to the middle of the week. Last night had a great mom's night out we went to Ruby Tuesday's and just talked a lot. Came home and watched the season ender of House and I must say I'm wondering what's going to happen in the next season. It's almost time for my off season shows to start, 4400 and The Dead Zone. I only have 3 shows, and the Gilmore Girls are no more but we replaced it with House- so I'm still at 3. One during the "season" and two"off season" shows. But I love them. So I finished up my portion of all my monthly kits and can't wait to show them to you all! Just 2 days! Conversely that means you only have that long to turn in your challenge LOs to earn those kits and get mega kits at the lower prices. So get crack-a-lackin!

    Wednesday's freebies:
    Mrs. Miles has some cute glitter tape up.
    Saab has part 5 of Kat's paper pack. (Kat's having a rough time so go leave her some love.)
    Seebee's Freebies has a set of stitches up for grabs.
    Jessica added the Teal paper from her So Bright freebie a few days back.
    (She forgot it the first time, silly Jess.)
    Misty has a bright and fun sampler of her new kit Summer Capers!
    Denise has an add-on to her new kit Mmm...Ice Cream. (24 hrs only)
    Lindsay Jane has some kiddy word art tags on her blog.
    Heather is still making frames if you want to grab today's beauty!
    Janidee has the frames embellishments for her Guardian Angel kit up, it's such a beautifully cute kit!
    Mindy has a Diesel and Dust mini kit for you.
    Rachel has some Paper Posies on her blog.
    My DBD buddy Mary Ann has a cute circle stamps add-on for her new kit Man Of The House.
    Punky's Pixels has a Lupus Awareness kit called Wings of Hope for you.
    Lvred has part one of Charlie's World up fro grabs.
    Carla has an add-on alpha for her kit My Sweet Dream.
    Remember to leave some love!

    * Today is my buddy Judy's birthday. If you've got a minute go wish her a happy one.

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007


    Wow, lots of great comments from everyone on yesterday's post and mini kit. Glad you all liked it. I'm currently working on a few kits and templates that need to be done by the first so I don't really have anything new to share with you at present. Hopefully in a few days I can scrap some new LOs!!! Oh and tonight is mom's night out so I'll be off later too- hopefully hubby can record the season ender of House for me.

    Okay, let's get to today's list:
    Amy has a neat template on her blog.
    Michalele has an add-on for her Creamsicle Mudslide kit.
    Mrs. Miles has a metal clip frame.
    Saab has another folded corner template up for grabs.
    Kristy has a Metro to Retro paper pack up.
    Lindsay Jane has the elements for her Stars and Stripes mini kit up.
    (Papers are one post down.)
    Heather has a Grungy Bent photo frame for you.
    Janidee has the cutest new kit My Guardian Angel, papers and QPs are on her blog.
    Julieo has Butterfly Garden part one up. (It's so pretty!)
    Karola has a cute mini kit called Rita for you.
    Weeds and Wildflowers have an add-on for the Celebrating Color Collection.
    Pillowgirl has the papers and elements for her Minty Cocoa kit up.
    Tahera has a Bow Mania sampler for you.
    Bren has a totally tubular mini mini kit called Cool Summer.
    Rachel has a template for you.
    Leave some love when you snag freebies, please!

    *Miss Tiina has a lovely welcome kit if you sign up for her newsletter.
    ** Kris Myers is having a CT call if anyone wants to check it out.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, May 28, 2007

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Hi everyone and Happy Memorial day! Take a moment today to say a little prayer of thanks for those who have and still do serve in the armed forces.

    Some of you have noticed and or asked about my new avatar. There's a story behind it and I'll share it with you. See, I'm supposed to have a photo in the DBD shop so people can associate me with a face but I don't have any since I chopped off my foot of hair. Then my buddy Barb (aka Mrs. Miles) had these neat hair accessoires on her blog that I wanted to try out. So while I was making the advertisement for the memorial day sale (still going today 35% off) I decides to give myself some blue hair and added the cool red shades, also by Barb. It looked so patriotic, so I threw in the flag behind me Figure it'll be good for at least thru July if not longer. I am proud to be an American, I served 4 years in the Navy and love to live here. So this became my photo for the shop and I put it up here. It's cute and makes me smile- I hope it does for you too.

    Okay, since today is Memorial Day I made this little mini kit for you Hope you like it!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    Nap Time

    Hi everyone I hope you're having a lovely holiday weekend!

    Here's a LO I made with my buddy Jessica Gorny's sweet kit Preschool! It's Emma sleeping all over the house. She drags her blanket and animals all over and crashes. Notice in the 3rd one she actually under the entertainment center.
    kit- Preschool by Jessica Gorny (
    DigiByDesign and OAKS)
    Alpha- On The Go alppha by Misty Cato
    page curls- Set one byMarcie Reckinger and Traci Murphy
    font- Kidprint

    There's only 3 days left in May (more or less) so I wanted to remind you that you could get this killer kit below absolutely free for completeing the 4 challenges we host over at Happy Scrapz.

    Also you can get this lovely mini kit by me for completing my quote challenge over at DigiByDesign! (There are a lot more challenges, with coordinating freebies, there too!)

    Okay, here's what I have for you today:
    Michelle has a small Memorial day mini kit, that has nothing to do with Memorial day.
    Maggie has a mini kit for you.
    Bob has some vintage portriat card frames up. (Totally neat.)
    Jill has a Butterfly sampler on her blog.
    Kris has some old wood buttons.
    Mary Anne has a birthday tag and some doodles for you. (Previews don't do them justice.)
    Misty has some Jewel Toned solid papers on her blog.
    Manu has some killer metal Flowers up for grabs!
    Nina has a lovely set of frames for you.
    Acorn Designs has part 3 of Morning Glory up. (I love the yellows in the kit.)
    Lindsay Jane has some word art.
    Tracy B. has a sampler from her Sock Drawer.
    Anna has a Starz and Stripez paper pack for you.
    Jannidee has a Ruff and Tumble mini kit and QP on her blog. (Very Manly!)
    Annie and Pett have some wonderful appliqué flowers!
    Heather has been going frame crazy! Scroll down she has several sets & styles.
    Lena has some flowered frames up.
    Janosch has a cute sampler up for grabs.
    The Scrappin Digi Kreations design team has a huge Summer Brights mega kit for you.
    (Must go thru shop.)
    I Made This has her Lauren paper pack on her blog.
    Snowraven has her Medieval Dreams part 2 up. (Beautiful papers)
    Karla has a Denim and Diamonds sampler for you.
    Mira has some cute felt borders.
    Sissi has a Old Color mini kit up for grabs.
    Remember to share the love!

    * Maddy has a scavenger hunt for her beautiful Hawaiian Style kit up.

    **Don't forget the 35% off sale we're still having over at DigiByDesign! Get my kit Summer Fun free with any paid purchase!!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, May 26, 2007

    Busy Day

    Hi Everyone! Sorry but this is short because I'm busy today. Emma and I went to the pool for about 3 hours earlier and now I'm trying to get caught up on some work so i don't think I'll have time to search for freebies today. Maybe later or tomorrow- just check back later and see.

    * Don't for get we have our 3-day Memorial Day weekend sale going on right now over at DigiByDesign. All of my shop is 35% off! There a few goodies in the Super Saver Saturday sale for 50% off, so go check those out too! And remember you get my new kit Summer Fun with any paid purchase.

    Check out these new beauties by Manu :
    These Lacey Ribbons are easily colorized and commercial OK!
    And first set of Stitch It! stitches are quick and easy to use.

    Happy Scrapping everyone!

    Friday, May 25, 2007

    A little freebie!

    Now at DigiByDesign you get my kit Summer Fun free with any paid purchase. But here for you is a small add-on to my Summer Fun kit. Enjoy!
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    You can find the kit in the DigiByDesign shop.
    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    * Don't forget the 35% off Memorial Day weekend sale!

    Chat tonight! and a sale!

    First off don't forget I have a chat at 9pm eastern tonight! It'll be in the DigiByDesign chat room. Below is a flyer with the freebies on it, but there's better previews in the DBD gallery if you want to take a look.

    Starting tomorrow we're have a Memorial Day Weekend 3-day sale over at DigiByDesign. Just about the whole shop is 35% off. You'll also get my new kit Summer Fun free with any paid purchase.
    (Yes, even if you buy another designer's stuff.)

    Today's Freebie List:
    Valinda has a cute Spring doodle QP up.
    Michaele has a cute Positive word art definition on her blog.
    Kat has some killer papers up for grabs. (link in comments section)
    Seebee's Freebies has a free Ink Swirl alpha for you. (Must go thru shop.)
    Kristy has a set of textures and a Bling frame on her blog.
    Chris has a cute mini kit Freebie4U2 up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has some cute scalloped and bent brown paper cluster frames up.
    Nana's Attic is bursting today with some doodles, word art and QPs.
    Pamela has made the cutesy Goodnight template!
    Bannerwoman has a Tee It Up Again add-on for you. (I love this woman's work!)
    Ksharonk has a Lil' Sweet Freebie on her blog.
    Carrie has some sticker word art up.
    Lvred has a Amber Waves of Grain mini kit up for grabs.
    Krista has a Pretty Parlor min kit on her blog.
    Lisa has a template for you.
    Please remember to share the love.

    It seems someone nice has nominated me for a Blogger's Choice award. So, if you'd like to add your vote for my blog you can do so here.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    Some tips for you!

    I'm working on a few things so today will be short and sweet.

    I have a new freebie up at DigiByDesign, it's an add-on to my Lemon Squares kit in the Amazing Technicolor Dream Collection.Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Today's list:
    Julianne has cute combo font for you, lowercase letters and dingbats. (Must go thru shop.)
    Mrs. Miles has some cool looking 45 records for you.
    Seebee's Freebies has a new paper for her Dream Trip kit.
    Misty has a June desktop wallpaper calendar up.
    Bob has a set of Newspaper frames. (There are 3 total, and the rectangle one is cool.)
    Lindsay Jane has the Think Pink elements on her blog.
    Rachel has some cool kid patches for you.
    Traci has a template up for grabs.
    Nana's Attic has some cool flower doodles and ribbons.
    Jodie has a Birthday Bash Surprise mini kit up for her daughter's birthday.
    Angela has a Soak Up The Sun add-on for you.
    Welli has a decorated bended frame.
    Remember to share the love.

    Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for the Friday freebie!

    Happy Scrapping!

    * Oh, I almost forgot my chat is tomorrow, Friday (May 25th) 9pm eastern, in the DigiByDesign chat room.
    I'll have a flyer and preview of goodies for you tomorrow.

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    CT LOs, and my new Jumpstarts!

    Okay, I have lots to share with you today! First we'll start with some LOs because they're just so pretty! Here are some that my fabulous CT has made!

    Michaele made this pretty one!Credits:
    Jumpstarts Template Colletction #9-3 by Amy Watson
    Kit Used: Emma's Hat and Bread Ties Alpha by Amy Watson
    (available at DigiByDesign)
    Font Used: Weltron Urban and Sectionintersection

    Ria did this funky little number.
    Tangerine Tango by Amy Watson (DigiByDesign).
    Template by Lottchen.

    And then here's a beauty that Sabine made.
    By Amy W. Designs (at DigibyDesign): flower from Loves me, Loves me not - clipped flower clusters - Tag, filmstrip, staples and papers from her Birthday Bash
    Cardboards by Chris Turnbull
    Photocorner from Grunge city by KSharonk
    Fonts: Army condensed & Primer apples

    Here's Manu's latest kit and it's just so awesome!!!
    You can grab it at either DigiByDesign or at the DigiScrapShak.

    And here's the LO I made with it for the Talk and Swap crop at DBD, using Manu's totally awesome kit.
    kit- Business Days by Manu-Scraps (DigiByDesign and DigiScrapShak)
    template- Jumpstarts collection 9-1 (DigiByDesign)
    fonts- Designers, Hipster and Kingthings Pique'n'meex (freebie font)

    And last but never least are my newest set of Jumpstarts layered templates. This is collection No. 9. It's got all kinds of fun stuff inside including a viewfinder and some page curls and folds.
    You can find them here in my shop at DigiByDesign!

    Also in the next week I'll be hosting a chat for my Amazing Technicolor Dream collection. I made the freebies for it so long ago and I know you have been wondering when they'd pop up. I'll have the exact date and time in the next day or so.

    Wednesday's Freebie list:
    Rose Made designs has a Lilypond Little set 3 for you.
    Valinda has a cute See What I Can Do QP up.
    Tracy B. has a new template up.
    Mrs. Miles has an Old Green Boat mini kit on her blog.
    Angela has a Feeling Blue mini kit up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has some lovely wordart up.
    Janidee has some Beads and Buttonsfrom her Friendship Rose kit for you.
    (Actually very cool stuff- looks like it's sewn to the page. Scroll down for more of the kit.)
    Leah has a set of Confetti Doodles, it's her birthday gift to you. (Wish her a happy one.)
    Doris has a sampler of her new kit Sunlit Memories, very pretty.
    Kim B. Has a lovely mini kit called Old Envy.
    Pamela has some cool new templates up since our last visit.
    Remember to leave some love when you download.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    Tuesday's are terriffic!

    I have no clue why that just sounded like a good title.
    So I finished my new collection of Jumpstarts and sent them off to the shop. Once they are there I'll share them with all of you. I must say I'm very happy with how they turned out, hopefully you will be too.
    Nothing really going on here. I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books getting ready for the new book and movie coming out soon! And hubby and I have been watching the first 2 seasons of House on DVD that he got me for my b-day. I'm excited about the pool opening up this weekend. I can't wait to get Emma back in the water and screaming at me!! It'll be fun this summer I think if I can get her to where I want her, or even just because we'll have lots of little friends to meet up and play with there.

    Here's today's list:
    Valinda has a boy QP from her Stitched Blocks collection.
    Michaele has a beautiful QP from her Creamsicle Mudslide kit.
    Julia has a cute vintage frame on her blog.
    Mrs. Miles has some cool shades for you. (Very Retro)
    Saab has a page curl template up for grabs.
    Kat has a DPS template on her blog. (That's a 2 pager.)
    Misty has a storyboard template for you.
    Badcandy has an alpha to match her new Bijou embellishment pack.
    Mary Anne has a 6x6 QP from her Painted Roses kit.
    Lindsay Jane has a pink mini paper pack up.
    Nana's Attic now has all of her SUnny Days kit up for you. The QPs are awesome!
    Leah has a painted paper pack of solids for you.
    Jaana has a new template up.
    Mary has a Cool Boys, Sweet Girls kit in her freebie gallery. (Other stuff in there too.)
    Laudi has a lovely mini kit called Love up for grabs.
    (Must go thru shop- can also find it here in this shop.)
    Tracy B. has a template for you.
    Bob has a cute set of Rose Ribbon borders up for grabs.
    (There's 2 sets, so scroll down for the 2nd one.)
    Kris was playing around and made a couple of elements for you.
    (Notepaper and ribbon thingy.)
    Remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Um, hello and stuff.

    Okay, my allergies are kicking my butt today so this is going to be short.

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Grand Opening of DigiByDesign this weekend! I hope you all stopped in and grabbed some freebies (I told you there'd be lots!). If you missed it the scavenger hunt is still up. It's a series of 13 mini kits that all coordinate, so go grab some freebies and check out the site!

    Emma is still asking to go use the potty a few times a day but still not actually going. I'm okay with this, we'll get there sometime. Hubby is excited because he knows once she's potty trained I'm willing to try for another kid. So, he's ready to start trying- silly man.

    Here's the few freebies I know about today. I didn't really go looking, so pop over to Ikea's blog if you need a bigger fix! (She's got some great templates on her list today.)

    Mary Anne has a beautiful Painted Rose alpha, it matches her new kit.
    Jill has a free sample of her new Charm Template set, it's interesting.
    Jessica has a cute little freebie from her Ellyse kit.
    Seebee's Freebies has a set of circle stitches for you.
    Sabine has the last part of her Flowers For My Mother kit up.
    Lindsay Jane has a Rich Swirls mini kit for you.
    Amy T. has a pretty one called Sun Porch up for grabs.
    Bob has a cool knotted ribbon set.
    Shandy made some bright and fun doodle frames.
    Corina has a lovely mini kit she named Be Kind.
    Melissa has a beautiful butterfly frame.
    Sophia has a cluster frame that matches her kit Life is good on her blog.
    Kim B. has a Stitch in Time mini kit for you.
    Please remember to share the love when you download.

    * I'm almost done with my next set of Jumpstarts and I really like them!!! I'll be sharing them with you all in the next day or two. (If my sinuses let me stay on the computer long enough.)

    Happy Scrapping!

    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    Today is the DBD Grand Opening!!! Oh and a list.

    Normally I don't do Sundays but today is the Grand Opening of the new shop at DigiByDesign!!!

    DigiByDesign- Designers
    Acorn Designs ~ Athena ~ Amy W. Designs ~
    ~Curth’s Digital Designs ~
    Jessica Gorny ~ ManuScraps ~ Michelle Conrad
    MissPix Designs ~ Rose Made Designs ~
    Saskia Bokkers ~ SeAScrAps ~ Stacey Sansom

    If you've been paying attention then you know there's so much going on and so many freebies it'll spin your head!
    We have the store-wide 25% off sale. (Well almost, a few things are even more!)
    And there's a free kit Carefree, by Athena with any paid purchase!
    A killer scavenger hunt that leads to a hugs mega kit Summer Blush! (look for the paste)
    Chats with lots of Freebies! (I mean LOTS!)
    There's also a Trivia Contest with lots of goodies!
    and some neat-o grab bags, including one from me, for only $2.50!
    Click here for my grab bag

    * On a side note I uploaded my Bread Tie Alpha to the shop (As seen in my blog header) for $1.50. (Today it's $1.13) It's an oldie but wasn't in the shop long while I was at DSD so I thought I'd bring it back for you all.

    Today's List:
    MaryAnne has a Natural Inspiration sampler for you.
    Pamela has a funky template for you.
    Rachel has a wordart sample of her new alpha for us, it's cute.
    ( Find all of her freebies here.)
    Lvred has all 3 parts of her Emma's colors up for grabs, so scroll on down!
    Heather has 2 new great ones, some grungy index cards and a mini kit Florific!
    Janosch has a pretty cardboard frame up.
    Eva has a add-on for her Fresh Fusion kit.
    Scrappy3Friends have a wonderfully lacy mini kit called Coffee Time.
    An has a Cra mini kit up for grabs.
    Tina has a beautiful cluster frame that matches her new kit Grandma's kitchen!
    Ana has some neat Date Marker stamps for you.
    I Made This has a cool grungy paper pack called Dexy Papers. (Great for boys! girls too.)
    Leah has some Crumpled papers on her blog.
    Jen has her Cinnamon kit elements pack for you. (Must go thru shop)
    Correen has 2 element packs, Weekend Escape and Spa Holiday. (Must go thru shop.)
    Misty has a Grunge Cricle Border on her blog.
    Marcee has a cute add-on for her Daisy kit up.
    Valinda has some neat elements today including some airplanes!
    Remember to leave some love where ever you download totally sweet freebies!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    Weekend List

    Don't forget to stop by DigiByDesign tomorrow for the Grand Opening. There's a scavenger hunt all day, and a 25% off store wide sale. Lots of specials today too! Including 50% off my kit Emma's Hat. Try to stop by one of the chats (schedule in post below) because they're giving away so many freebies it'll make your head spin!

    * Don't forget to grab yesterday's Friday Freebie since i was a bit late posting it.

    Today's List:
    Sandra has a cute mini kit called On Your Toes.
    Michaele has the elements for her Mom mini kit up.
    Tracy B. has a killer template.
    Mrs. Miles has more Styling Hair for you.
    Misty has a cute Poodle mini kit for you.
    KsharonK has a cute Sweet Pea mini kit on her blog.
    Shandy has a huge set of funky stitches up for grabs.
    Jason has some floral photoshop brushes. (He also has them in PNG)
    KristyAnn has some neat looking vintage invoices.
    Traci has a Jungle Floral sampler up.
    Lindsay Jane has a Fresh mini kit for you.
    Nana's Attic has a new paper pack called Sunny Days.
    (Also scroll down if you missed any of her Old Glory kit.)
    Leah has some lowercase Soap Bubble alpha up.
    Pamela has a cool train template.
    Krista has her May Flowers kit up.
    Kari has a cute paper pack called Daisy Swirls,
    and she had her baby girl so wish congrats here.
    Lara has a set of 2 QPs from her Cherished kit.
    Kristy has a funky paper pack called Squiffy Watermelon Slice.
    Remember to leave some love where ever you roam.

    *Don't forget tomorrow's store-wide 25% off sale at DBD or the specials running today!
    (That includes everything in my shop tomorrow- aka Sunday.)

    Happy scrapping everyone and have a great weekend!
    Hope to see you in chat!

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Grand Opening!! and so much more

    Okay, lots to talk about. First of all thank you to everyone who gave advice for potty training. Emma sat on the potty a lot yesterday all at her request. However, she never actually used the potty. But right after we got off and put the diaper on she'd go so we're getting there. She's asking at the right time but I think she's still just a bit afraid to go on the potty. I'll just keep taking her when she asks, but not push it.

    Now then, Sunday is DigiByDesign's Grand Opening!!!
    Let me tell you we've put together so many freebies for you, you've got to stop by! Here's the details:
    (Can't see this ad? Click here to view it as a webpage.)

    1:00 pm est. Special Chat with Saskia & Michelle
    7:00 pm est. Special Chat with Athena & Melissa
    8:00 pm est. Special Chat with Michelle & Athena
    9:00 pm est. TalknSwap chat with Ordie

    Don't forget to to visit the forums for a scavenger hunt loaded with goodies!

    (DBD chatroom)

    We also have our first ever Mega Kit, Vineyard, up in the shop for only $3.99! Here's the preview of what you can get:

    Vineyard- papers

    Vineyard- embellishments
    I made a CT layout for TaniaJPS's new kit Fantastic! It's super cool and grungy! Here's Emma last summer hunting a butterfly.
    Fantastic by TaniaJPS (NDISB and OScraps)
    font- LGF Basher

    Now then as it's Friday that means I have a freebie for you. It's nothing big this week, just a curled/folded page to add on to my Boyz kit. (If you missed the kit you can find it here.)
    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    * Sorry, I didn't get to the list. But there'll be a ton of freebies at DBD on Sunday and I know I'll have time for a list too... I think.

    ** Don't forget today is NASCAR day! Go support some very worthwhile causes theu the NASCAR foundation!

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Happy days are here again...

    Okay, so I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to wish me a happy day. Emma took me out to breakfast. Well, hubby gave me a card "from her" that had a $20 in it with instructions for me to get my favorite strawberry pancakes with her. He's such a sweetie. I got a cute e-card from my big brother. My folks and MIL sent me cards with lovely checks inside, and I got an annoying teasing card from my big sister. My 2 best buddies sent cards and called- one is also sending me a present but she just ordered it so it'll be here in a few days. Oh, and my birthday twin and I exchanged e-greetings. Nothing like going thru school with a girl who shares a b-day with you, so we always email each other on b-days. And we had lots of food I didn't have to cook for dinner, which is always nice. So I'd say it was a great b-day. Hubby got me 2 gifts as well but neither has arrived yet, not his fault and he told me what they are so it's cool. He got me a case for my digital camera and a new swimsuit for the summer, he knows me so well.

    Don't forget, this weekend is the DigiByDesign Grand Opening and there are going to be so many freebies you'll have to stop by.

    Oh to the list:
    Valinda has some cool looking starts on her blog.
    Sabine has the 3rd paper pack for her Flowers For My Mother kit up.
    Michaele has a Mom mini kit for you.
    Mrs. Miles has some new styling elements and from yesterday a cool glittery swirly thingie.
    Seebee's Freebies has 2 little tag freebies great for just about any LO.
    Misty has a sampler from her latest in her About A Boy series, this one is years 3-5!
    Denise has an add-on for her new kit Creative Mess. (kit is also on sale for 40% off- so cute!)
    Christine has added the elements for her Grungy Athlete kit.
    (I loved the papers and these are great too!)
    Lindsay Jane has a new blog with a cute Celebrate mini kit.
    Leah has some soap bubble doodles and scroll down for the matching alpha.
    (Great for those bathtub LOs.)
    Joy has a cute flowered journaling box.
    Jennilyn has a template up for grabs.
    Kylie has a Squished alpha for you.
    Please remember to leave some love when you download your goodies!

    Connie has a new article up about "seeing" your blog traffic and how to make it more visible to search engines! Great info to check out.

    Happy scrapping Everyone!

    P.S. Wish me luck, Emma has decided we're ready to start the fun-filled world of potty training. I don't think I'm ready even if she is. Any advice is welcome.

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    Thank you... Let's start the party!

    First of all, let me thank you all for your kind words and thoughts yesterday. I did get the carpet all cleaned up. I just want to thank my Bissell Little Green machine for all of it's help. I'm so glad I had that because I can think of how else I would have cleaned up the carpet. As to pictures, I'm sorry but no. Emma was put directly into the bath and cleaned up and put down to nap. As for the carpet and chair I was too mad to even think of taking a photo first I just wanted it cleaned up.

    I did however take a photo of the angel sleeping with all her animals as requested by Barb. She's got her Pig, Duck, Bear (aka-Pooh), Lulu, Sammi and Bun-Bun. That's how they have to be for her to sleep. Occasionally Duck and Pig trade places (Duck is at her feet under the blanket) but that's the line up.I finally chose a name fro my Birthday kit! I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. i went with something simple and obvious suggested by Linda, Amy's Birthday Bash! Several others suggested Birthday Bash but she's the one who stuck my name on it. So thanks again for all the great suggestions.
    I've also included this Jumpstart as a bonus with my birthday kit. I gave it out at a chat back in March so some of you might already have it, but if not it'll be yours with the purchase of the kit.
    You can find this kit in my shop now.

    And don't forget the Grand-opening of DBD this weekend, chats, sales and lots of freebies!

    Now my birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I'm not sure how much or when I'll be on the computer tomorrow. So I'm just going to start the party a bit early. Here's is my present to you for my birthday, it's an add-on for Amy's Birthday Bash kit. Now grab it quick because it's coming down once my birthday is over. (aka- sometime Thursday)Sorry, this is no longer available.

    And here's today's list!
    Eva has a cute Baby Boy QP.
    Sabine has the embellishments for her Flowers For My Mother kit up.
    Barb has another Appliqué for you.
    Saab has a folded/curled page template for you.
    Katie has a template up for grabs.
    Acorn Designs has part 2 of their Morning Glory kit up.
    Nana's Attic has a cool new kit called Old Glory, that she's collab-ing on with Janidee.
    (Stars and Stripes forever!)
    Lindsay Jane has 2 "I See Stars" mini kits, that would go well with the Old Glory kit above.
    Please, leave some love people!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    Sorry... no list today.

    The time I would usually take to write up a list today will be spent cleaning up the mess Emma made. While I was using the bathroom she got a hold of a small container of Spackle hubby had used over the weekend and proceeded to rub it all over herself, the chair, the mini fridge and into the carpet. I've gotten everything but the carpet cleaned but I'm tired and she's now napping, so after I tackle this last job she'll probably be awake again and I won't have the energy to look for freebies. I did make a list yesterday so you can check those out of head over to Ikea Goddess' blog and see what she has new today. (That's what I'll probably end up doing later if I get a break.)

    I still am looking for a name for my birthday kit (2 posts down) so if you want to take a try at winning it for free please give me your suggestions.

    Happy Scrapping!

    (Ugh- I'm so tired, I don't want to go clean the carpet.)

    Sunday, May 13, 2007

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone! Emma fell asleep on top of me while we were watching TV last night so I put her to bed, then joined her around 9. Well at 10:30 she decided she was awake again. So we got up until daddy came home from work and went to bed just after 1 am. I woke up at 3 am and she was still awake and playing quietly. I did however get her up at 8 to go to church this morning so she's upstairs taking her regular nap. It was a fight to get her to nap but I won this round. Hopefully she'll go to bed at a normal time tonight. (Please let it be a normal time!!!)

    Anywho, since I didn't get a list up yesterday I'll give you a quick list of some goodies I've found or been pointed to. So here's Sunday's list:
    Kris has some Mother's Day word art.
    Scrapkut has a lovely kit called Adorable Mommy.
    Tara has some cute little chipboard accents on her blog.
    Valinda has some floral word art buttons for Mom Day.
    Janeal has a killer template up.
    Michaele has a Mom Day wordart tag.
    Jan has some beautiful multi-lingual Mom Day wordart up.
    Mrs. Miles has a funky appliqué for you.
    Krista has a new kit, Japanese Tea Garden up for grabs.
    Seebee's Freebies has some new lace ribbons for the Dream Trip kit.
    Misty has a purple and gold cheer kit called School Pride on her blog.
    (Great general kit too- oh and she has some good news you should go read!)
    Scroll down for Anna's Sugar, Sugar kit. (It's so cute!- go father down for the chocolate!)
    Jaana has a neat-o template over at KB and frineds.
    Heather has some cute bows and wordart on her blog.
    Graziela has a pretty kit Sweet Pink
    Mira has a cute Birthday Girl mini kit up.
    Lindsay Jane has some Pastel bit and a Special Day mini kit if you scroll on down.
    Miriam has a funky little freebie kit called Spunkdidilyumptious.
    KimB. has a second add-on to her kit Flights of Fancy and a Mom Day kit if you scroll down.
    Traci has an killer mini kit called Ivy League.

    * Did you get these freebie tips from Ikea Goddess?
    Pamela has a killer butterfly template for you.
    And Jan has a Comic Junkie kit here and here. (Must go thru shop.)
    They are just too cool, so if you didn't yet, go take a look!

    Please leave some love when you download!

    Have a happy Mother's Day and Happy Scrapping!
    (Yes, I know the list was rather long but once I get going it's sometimes hard to stop.)

    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    NO NAP!!!

    So, Emma decided she didn't need a nap and now is so cranky. UGH. I didn't get a chance to look around for freebies but if you go to Ikea Goddess, her blog is full of goodies I didn't find. Both yesterday and today's lists are faboo! She's so awesome- oh and she's got reviews of the movies she saw this weekend too.

    Someone save me from the cranky 2 y/o!!!!

    -Since I skipped out today I may post tomorrow, but being Mommy Day I make no promises.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Happy Mom Day!

    Well, Mother's Day is tomorrow but I won't be posting so we're starting a day early.

    Have you gone and checked out my new shop DigiByDesign yet? We're having our Grand Opening in one week so mark you calendars for May 20th. There'll be chats, sales and lots of goodies to give out.

    And my complete Amazing Technicolor Dream collection is in my shop. Get the single color kits for $4 a piece and the Technicolor Dream kit for $6, or the entire collection (that's all 7 kits) for just $20.
    Take a look at this and all my other goodies in my shop at DigiByDesign!

    I found a funky, cool site for those of you who like to cross stitch. They even have a great free pattern just for Mother's day. You have to go take a look at Subversive Cross Stitch. It's a good giggle just waiting for you.

    As some of you may know, my birthday is Wednesday, so I made a birthday kit. What I need from you is the name. Several have been offered by friends and my CT but nothing has jumped out at me as the right name yet. If you are so cool as to suggest the winning name you'll also get the full kit. So please give me your suggestions either in a comment on here or email me (awatson8@nc.rr.com) with your top three (3) names. Preview is below:
    *Please include your email so if your name is chosen you can receive the kit!Don't worry I'll have a cool add-on for you all on my b-day next week. But first I need a cool name.

    * As always, I'll be back later with the freebie list- assuming miss emma takes her nap.

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    For da Boyz!

    Happy Friday everyone! Okay, my hubby is off so I won't be on long.

    Here's your Friday freebie. I just made a little boyz kit for my friend and figured I'd share with all of you. I know these colors have seen a lot of action already this year but it's what she picked and I aim to please.Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Friday Freebies:
    Kris has a pretty mini kit called Butterfly Haven.
    Michaele has some Felt Flowers on her blog.
    Mrs. Miles has some Heavy Metal alphas up.
    Jessica is having a CT call and a sampler of new new kit Logan.
    Misty has a Beautiful You mini kit up for grabs.
    Traci Sims has a set of 4 doodles on her blog.
    Nana's Attic has added the doodles and frames for the Hot Summer Days kit.
    Eva has An Inspiring Woman add-on for you.
    Mellykat has some flower stickers up.
    Sylvia has a template for you.
    RetroDiva has a Bohemian Love Affair bonus pack up for grabs.
    Heather has 2 cool freebies on her blog, a pair of doodle wings and some mom word art.
    Shandy has a Fanciful add-on for you.
    Jessie has a template up.
    Laura P. has a mom's day overlay.
    Please remember to leave some love when you download.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    P.S. Thank you for all the comments on my book. I think it's great, even if I didn't fully read the directions on that cover- LOL! Oh, and thanks for going and wish Jessica a happy b-day.

    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    My Shutterfly book & Jessica's Birthday!! (List too)

    Hi all, it's a big day! First off I got my Shutterfly book and it's so super cool! I think it took less than a week to get and that's awesome! But the book itself is great work! My only problem was on the cover. And it was my problem not theirs, they tell you that the cover gets wrapped over the edge during binding but I didn't double check the instructions they gave as to how much. Oh well, I think it turned out great anyway.

    Here's the front cover you can see that even with my booboo, it looks faboo!
    (I used Traci Sims Shabby Linens QPs and kit for the cover and first page.)
    Here's the full cover and spine. I put Emma's name on the spine but again didn't read the actual size requirements for the wrap over, so it's a bit big.
    Here's the first page, it's us at the hospital for Emma's birth.
    Now here's a look inside at a couple of the LOs. I've shown all of them on here so I won't bore you with all 38 pages. (It comes standard with 20 pages but I had a lot of pages, and the book was on sale so I figured it evened out in the end.)
    Let's see... on the left I used stuff from Barb (Mrs. Miles)-blue paper, ConnyB.-grass and brown paper, Manu-flowers and myself- red, yellow and orange papers & template No 24.
    On the right I used Manu's- Grungy Scribbles kit, Seebee's Freebies- alpha, Christina Renee- Tab and ribbons and cookie doodles by Barb (Mrs. Miles).

    Just another shot of the book itself, so small I can fit lots of these in the space a normal scrap book fits. The cost when you figure it out to print a bound book like this versus a normal one where you still have to buy the book and sleeves then print the pages is actually cheaper. I think I'm hooked.


    Okay, now then today is my good buddy Jessica's Birthday! So I'm throwing her a little party. I made for you this cute little ricrac party favor, that I stapled flowers onto.
    It's funky and bright just like Jess!
    This little baby is yours, all you have to do is...
    go over to Jessica's blog and wish her a very happy birthday!

    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Thursday's Freebies:
    Valinda has a pretty all purple QP up.
    Sabine has part 2 of Flowers for My Mother up.
    Mrs. Miles has the next installment of her Heavy Metal kit up.
    Jessica (the birthday girl) has a gift for you, some pretty buttoned flowers.
    Tracy B. has some cool scalloped borders on her blog.
    Lindsay Jane has part 2 of The Outback up.
    Mollie has some killer MOD buckles and ribbons.
    Christine has Grungy Athlete papers up.
    Karla has a cute embellished slide freebie.
    Leah has a new Funky Dot Preschool alpha.
    Bannerwoman has a beautiful QP for her Unconditional kit.
    Manu has a Good Old Days ad-on for you.
    Please remember to leave some love!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Welcome to Wednesday!

    Hi everyone! Sorry about the lack of a list yesterday but sometimes life gets in the way of scrapping. Don't you hate it when that happens? LOL!

    Okay, here's today's freebie list:
    Rachel has s cool template for you.
    Cintia has a beautiful Mother's Day kit up.
    Mrs. Miles has added to her Heavy Metal kit.
    Misty has some Metal Trim for you.
    Denise has a Be Free add-on pack up for grabs.
    Traci has a cute Adorned Frame.
    Stop by Nana's Attic, she has some elements and papers up for her Hot Summer Days kit. So cute!
    Kris has two cute mini kits Gruny Daisy and American Beauty.
    Lindsay Jane also has a new cute mini kit The Outback, and scroll down for Pink & Blue Candy.
    Christina has some Urban Stems on her blog. (Get the matching Urban Buds here.)
    Amanda has some cool flowers up for grabs.
    Schmoopy has a funky alpha for you.
    Laura has a sampler of her two new kits on her blog.
    Don't forget to share the love!

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Just sharing the love!

    Hi there everyone. Sorry but no list today. I've been out running errands all day and now that Emma's napping I have housework to do along with getting dinner ready.

    BIG NEWS!!!
    I have some stuff up in the shop at DigiByDesign!!! We're spacing out uploading our kits and collections into the new shop so as not to overload our admin. So if there's something of mine you want but it's not up yet be patient, it will be soon. It's a lot to get so many designer's full catalogs worth of products in all at once. But I'm so excited to be in a shop once more!!!

    Oh, and I'm working on some viewfinder stuff for all of you who've been wanting it and I'll show it to you soon.

    Here's a LO I made from our vacation to California. It's Emma and Uncle Brent at the park. Credits:
    Athena's Fenway QP (Grab it here)
    font- Avant Garde

    Here's a little goodie I made a while ago for a color challenge over at Let's Scrap. I used it in my wedding LO but I figured someone else might have a use for it too. I'm just doing my part to share the love.

    Sorry, this is no longer available.

    Have a lovely day and if you need some freebies stop by the Ikea Goddess!
    (It's Template Tuesday on her blog!)

    P.S. Let me know what you think of Athena's name for her blog.

    Monday, May 07, 2007

    Hello, it's Monday

    Hi there y'all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We didn't do much except church and some shopping, but it was still fun. I bought a new toy, technically it's for Emma but it was really for me. I got the Crayola sidewalk paint. It's liquid chalk pretty much. Emma and I had fun painting the driveway. Oh and Emma pulled out the big guns by learning a new word... "Musketeers". I mean that's pretty big for my not quite 2 1/2 little girl. Especially since she said it very clearly. (We were watching the 3 Musketeers with Mickey, Donald and Goofy.) Okay, enough about me.

    I hope everyone enjoyed my mini tutorial. Thank you everyone who gave me feedback on it. I also hope everyone had a good NSD! There were so many goodies and so little time. Speaking of goodies let's see what freebies we can find today!

    Monday's Freebies:
    Sabine has a bright new kit, Flowers for my Mother.
    Tracy has a Funky Town add-on.
    Mrs. Miles has a cool paper pack called Heavy Metal.
    (Also scroll down for the last few items from the Judy's Blue kit if you missed them.)
    Saab has 3 shadow boxes up for grabs.
    Jessica has a freebie from her new kit A Mother's Love.
    Misty has a Funky Frame for you.
    Acorn Designs (TJ & Beth) has part one of their Morning Glory kit on their blog.
    Digiscrap.ch has a killer template.
    Kristy has a cute mini kit called Hibiscus High Homework.
    Anita (Nana's Attic) has the papers for her latest kit Hot Summer Days up. (Looks super cute!)
    Christy has a beautiful Mother's Day word art.
    Kara has a new kit, A Little Buggy.
    Have you been by Tracy's blog for her killer Candy Bit alphas?
    Jen has 2- 8.5x11 QPs from her Just the way you are kit.
    Lindsay Jane has a new mini kit up, Blue Candy.
    Tahera has a sampler of her new kit Rainy Season.
    Luiza has a Her Day freebie for you.
    Please remember to leave some love!

    Scraps For Charity have their new kits out to benefit the Humane Society. They are so cute and for a great cause, go take a look.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone!

    Saturday, May 05, 2007

    Amy's mini font/text tutorial

    Okay, I was giving some advice to a friend today on making the letters of her preview closer together and she was like, "You can do that?" So, I went and made her a mini tutorial. I mentioned it to another friend and she didn't know you could adjust it either so here is a mini tutorial for adjust the space in-between letters for both PSCS2 and PSP10. I assume it'll be the same in similar programs but I have no clue.

    First here's an example of what I'm talking about. The example below is the font Blackjack at the same font size (24pt) but with different kerning/spacing between the letters. It goes 50, 25, 0, -25; from top to bottom.
    Can you see how the word gets a bit scrunched together as I change the spacing? As the kerning number gets higher, the farther apart the letters get and conversely the lower the number, the closer together they get.

    Now we'll start with PSCS2. When using the Text tool make this adjustment either before you type or after with the text highlighted/selected.It the top tool bar on the right hand side is an icon called "Toggle the Paragraph and Character palettes". Click on that and you'll get a drop down menu. 3rd down on the right is how you adjust the spacing/kerning of your text/font. (See my handy red circles below)

    Okay, now for PSP10. Again, when using the Text tool make this adjustment either before you type or after with the text highlighted/selected.In the text tool bar at the top right is the Kerning adjustment. (See handy red circle below)
    Play around with it to get the desired effect on your writing.

    I hope this helps everyone in their scrapping!
    -Amy W.

    Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

    I have no clue if this truly only in the US or what but it's Scrapbooking Day! It seems everyone is having a super-de-duper sale, give away crop, random drawing, contest or blog freebie. So I'm not listing all that I've found, I really don't have that kind of free time, just the ones that I think are totally neat-o! (On a side note I actually have no freebie since I gave away two over the past two days. However, they are still up for grabs if you didn't get them already)

    Amy's totally awesome tips for Saturday:
    Kris has a B-E-A-U-tiful mini kit called Carambola.
    Misty has a mini kit Beauty Within.
    Athena has a couple of QPs from her new kit Fenway. (Made by yours truly.)
    No-syl has a template up for grabs.
    Leah has 3 versions of her Preschool alpha up for grabs.
    Lindsay Jane has a pretty new mini kit Grungy Pastels.
    Scrapdragon has wonderful 3 QPs made from FernLili's kit Fresh.
    Christy has a lovely new template for you.
    Valinda and Momof2monkeys both have pretty floral polaroid frames up.
    Seebee's Freebies has the Dream Trip ribbon pack up.
    Nancy has a set of stick pins that are very elegant.
    Nana's Attic has some more parts to her Bloomers kit up.
    Please, today of all days, leave some love when you download.

    Happy Scrapping Everyone and I'll see you Monday!
    * Since I'm on their CTs I should mention that Jessica, Manu and Tania are all having sales today for NSD. Go check out their awesome deals!

    ** Found a new site for listing freebies, DigiScrapDepot. Shows previews of various Freebies around the web. There's no hotlinking but sends you to the designer's blogs. It's all organized by designer or theme. Puts my little list to shame.

    Friday, May 04, 2007

    Friday's List & a call for stickers

    ~If you don't have a kid/grandkid skip to freebie list below~

    Ok, first if anyone has a child who want to be part of a sticker exchange please email me your address.
    It works kind-of like a chain letter/pyramid. You send out one pack of stickers to Emma's little buddy, then take the letter and remove their name and add your kid to the bottom and mail it on to 6 more kids. In theory you'll receive 36 packs of stickers in exchange for only sending out 1 and 6 letters. Mind you it only works if you and those you forward it to do their part. I still need 2 names so if you have a kid or grand kid who likes stickers and you're willing to take part shoot me an email. awatson8@nc.rr.com
    *I only need two(2) names so it'll be first come first serve, thanks.

    Now then, on to the freebies:
    Valinda has some wonderful polaroid frames if you scroll down a bit.
    Did you grab the Crazy Paisley QP off Manu's blog?
    Michaele has a pretty wordart up.
    Mrs. Miles has a Judy's Blue handle, I'd call it a drawer pull, but I don't want to nit pick.
    Saab has a cool shadow box and an alpha up for grabs.
    Mira has a killer new kit In The Medow for you.
    Seebee's Freebies has a couple of Mouse Charms for her Dream Trip collection.
    Badcandy has flowers (and few other) freebies up.
    Pamela has 2 cool freebies on her blog, a Ladybug mini kit & template and a Baseball mini kit.
    Miss Mint has her May kit Lilac Garden up for grabs.
    (I'd been checking everyday this month waiting for her wonderful kit- must go thru shop.)
    Ksharonk has a new mini kit Taking Notes on her blog.
    Momof2monkeys has a pretty polaroid frame for you.
    Sylvia has some Fancy Flutters (aka butterflies) up for grabs.
    Jenna has some pretty dotted swirls elements up.
    Scraps for Charity has a QP for you.
    Monic has a Denim element pack on her blog.
    Audrey has a cute mini kit Round 'n Round.
    Lindsay Jane has a cute mini kit called Playtime- great for toddlers.
    Bob has neat-o synonym brushes up.
    Jassie has a Baby's first Haircut kit. (Where was this yesterday?)
    Emily has a great add-on(mini kit) for her kit My 3 Sons: Chip.
    Angela has a template up for grabs.
    As always please leave some love when you download.

    * Don't forget, tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day, so just about every shop is having some kind of sale, promotion or giveaway. If you've been on the fence about an item/kit you want check tomorrow and see if it's on sale, or just look for all the great freebies.

    **Don't forget to scroll down for my Friday freebie, or the one from Thursday for that matter.

    ~On a sidenote I sent in for my Shutterfly book. Except upload time it was so super easy and I can't wait to see what it really looks like! (Upload time wasn't bad, I'm just impatient.)